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Chapter 80 You Are Not Dead?

After Su Fei finished her song, the audience burst into huge applause.

Especially the Korean exchange student Kim Woo, who clapped his hands until they beat red.

“Her voice was so pleasant to hear! Compared with our Korean singer, her song is even more beautiful! He must have our Korean descent in her blood. Don’t you think, En Xi?”

The adjacent Han Enxi, who already heard such beautiful voice on other occasions, believed that the girl must have had professional vocal training. Otherwise, why else could the girl sing so good?

Su Fei slightly bowed her head to present her compliments to the audience under the stage. When she swept her eyes to the audiences, the corner of her eyes caught a glimpse of a man who wore blue security uniform that sat on the edge of the Auditorium.

That man seemed to notice her eyes. He immediately raised his hand to wave at her.

Su Fei rolled her eyes, turned around, and returned to her position. She ignored that man.

However, Su Fei was wondering to herself, ‘How come he was in a sorry state like that, with clothes that were torn and dirty? What happened outside? I just vaguely heard a loud noise from the outside.’

Thinking about this, she shook the nearby Qin Ling.

“Xiao Ling, ask Chu Shan about what was happening outside.”

“Yes, Director Su.”

Qin Ling picked up the walkie-talkie and inquired about Su Fei’s question. After getting the reply, she turned and said to Su Fei.

“There were five armed killers out there. But, Qin Chao single-handedly got rid of them all. One of them even threw out a hand grenade that fried the thrower’s bones.

“Grenade!?” Su Fei was shocked, “How could they have such terrible weapon!? Was Qin Chao injured?”

“Chu Shan said Qin Chao seemed to be hurt, but, it’s all bruises.”

“How can this be okay!” Su Fei frowned, “He was wounded, yet, he still came here to watch. Tell Chu Shan, quickly get Qin Chao to the hospital.”

“Director Su, I thought you were angry at him. It appears that you were still concerned about him.” After saying a few words on the intercom, Qin Ling teasingly said to Su Fei.

“Who cares about him!?” Su Fei’s eyebrows immediately jumped, saying, “I’m just afraid he will have an accident because of his injury. By then, the school will have to take out more money to pay for the doctor’s bill!”

Qin Ling was silent, thinking, ‘Director Su still did not want to admit her feeling.’ Actually, how could someone like Qin Ling, who has been working with Su Fei for a long time, did not know how Su Fei really feel?

Su Fei, on the outside, seemed indifferent and strived to excel. However, her heart is actually really soft.

“Director Su, Chu Shan said that Qin Chao refused to go to the hospital. He must stay here to ensure your safety.”

“This guy…is too willful…” Su Fei sat there motionlessly. She hung down. Her seemingly indifferent eyes slowly shed two lines of tears.

The lively celebration continued. Qin Chao, who was somewhat exhausted, sat on the last row of the Auditorium. Although he received slight injuries during the battle, he cannot relax just yet. Because he always feels that something was not quite right. Even though he has killed the five assassins, his sense of impending crisis was not over.

Two pieces of shrapnels still embedded at his shoulders. Right now, Qin Chao was still recovering his energy. He doesn’t even have the strength to pull the shrapnels. Waving at Su Fei just a moment ago was already very tiring for him. The Yinyang bell, although powerful, it was still an artifact that correlates its capability with the user’s power. Qin Chao simply did not have enough power to bring out its full potential.

This was the first time Qin Chao directly fight with firearms. Although Qin Chao had successfully killed the five enemies, he also came close to being killed. Firearms were still powerful enough toward him. Although small guns like pistol weren’t going to hurt him much, the heavy weapons were still able to put a lot of pressure to him.

Qin Chao began to reflect on this last battle and found out that he was a bit careless. Thinking that he can easily flush down the small fries, he underestimated their resourcefulness, making him spent his energies and received some wounds.

If he were killed by that grenade, he would become the laughing stock in the cultivation world

Qin Chao sat on the last row by himself. His eyes were staring at the stage.

Qin Chao was enjoying the show while he recovered his energy. By this time, his long awaited show was finally on stage. He saw his girl, Su Ji, dressed in a sexy leather outfit, stood in the middle of the stage. Hu Lili and Fang Wen, the two beautiful sisters, were standing on the opposite corners of the stage separately.

“Look, they are going to perform our Korean hot dance!” Kim Woo pointed at the dancer girls on stage, saying, “Although these women are beautiful, I think they still cannot dance as beautiful as our Korean hot dance.”

“This will not hold us back in appreciating the beauty!” Another Korean exchange students laughed and enthusiastically clapped his hands.

Han Enxi ignored her brawny schoolmates. She leaned her chin on top of the chair. In this crowded environment, she felt an inexplicable irritability.

Seeing Qin Chao was watching her from the back row, Su Ji beckoned with her hand. Although the whole audience were looking at her, she ignored them all. In her eyes, she only cared about the appreciation from Qin Chao alone.

She happily dances this hot dance. The audience atmosphere was picked up. Especially the men. There were even salivas on the corners of the mouth of the several Japanese students.

This Su Ji was indeed a little witch, to be able to elicit such response from the audience. Qin Chao suddenly remembered the night when Su Ji gave him a private lingerie show. That show almost made him spray nosebleed.

Qin Chao was leaning forward. He cannot help but fell into nostalgia. At this time, a woman’s exclaim suddenly came from his side.

“My god! You have searched the mulberry!”

“What?” Qin Chao awoke from his reverie and turned around. He suddenly saw the Korean girl that he met at the reception ceremonial the other day.

Today, this young woman has changed her attire. On the upper body part, she wore a small shirt underneath her sweater. On her lower body part, she wore a cotton skirt that accentuated her slender legs.

This young Korean girl, although she was not on the same level as Su Fei and Su Ji’s dangerous beauty, she can still be considered as a beautiful woman.

“You…have gathered many mulberries (suffered serious injury)! There was a lot of blood on your wound! I’ll accompany you to the hospital so a doctor can take a look at it.”

If not for a somewhat lisp tongue, this girl’s Chinese can be considered pretty good.

“Thanks, but I’m okay.” Qin Chao whispered back, but, he also heavily breathed a couple of times.

“You already mulberry like this, but you still talking that you are okay. Were all monks really like to act tough like you?”

(Replace ‘mulberry’ with ‘injury’, ‘monks’ with ‘men,’ to get her meaning)

The young girl frowned. She seemed somewhat indignant. Under her Chinese’s sharp tongue, Qin Chao became helpless, so, he said.

“I’m a school security guard. My responsibility is to ensure your safety. Therefore, I cannot leave here, yet.”

“But your mulberry were quite heavy…my god, your shoulders were mulberry. There seemed to be forest fragments that were embedded in it!”

“These shrapnels were from a grenade.” Qin Chao laughed and tried to touch the wounds. Only to suffer a jolt of pain, making him grimace.

“My god…” Han Enxi covered her mouth in surprise. She sucked down a cold air. ‘Did this man just run away from Syria? How could he have shrapnels on his shoulders?’

“You, you’re not dead….” Han Enxi continuously inhaled cold air.

(replace ‘not dead’ with ‘alright’)

“Of course, I’m not dead!” Qin Chao rolled his eyes, thinking in his heart, ‘this girl, how could she curse other people to be dead? Really rude.’

“No dead, no dead! I undead that! I dead, you are not dead?”

(replace ‘no dead’ with ‘not that,’ ‘undead’ with ‘didn’t mean’ and ‘dead’ with ‘mean’; not dead is as previous)

“Yes, yes, yes… I am not dead. I’m still breathing, you see? Inhale, exhale!” Although she was a bit rude, she was still a guest. So, Qin Chao was very patient with her.

“I undead all of that…. I mean dead. You received this heavy mulberry…. you are not dead?”

“I am really not dead…” The more the two of them tried to explain, the more confused they became.

“I, I….oh god, I, I really-really undead that….” Han Enxi was almost crazy. She spoke seven to eight Korean words in quick succession, making Qin Chao even more bewildered.

After explaining for a long while, with the help of body language, Qin Chao finally understood what Han Enxi had tried to say to him.

“So, you actually mean that I am alright….this tongue…gee.”

Qin Chao shook his head, and said, “Don’t worry, my bleeding has stopped. As soon as I recovered a little bit, I’ll pull out these shrapnels. There would be no problems after that.”

After saying that, Qin Chao already felt that his strength has somewhat come back. He stretched out his hands to pull out the pieces of shrapnel that embedded his shoulders.

Then, under Han Enxi horrified eyes, with a small grunt, Qin Chao swung out his hand. He had pulled out a piece of shrapnel on his shoulder. These piece of shrapnel have traces of flesh and blood on it.

“Ci!” A small stream of blood shot out from the wound and fell to the ground. The floor was painted with what seemed like a blooming red rose. Han Enxi was silly. This girl, although she was not born from a rich family, her family condition was quite good. Meaning, she was pampered since she was a little. She never even saw how chickens were killed, much less this bloody scene.

Her body shivered unceasingly. Her lips were pale because of bite.

“What? Why are you so scared? You’re not the one who’s hurt.” Qin Chao said while grimacing. While the iron is hot, he pulled out another bloody shrapnel from his shoulder. With a ‘clutter’ sound, Qin Chao threw it on the ground.

Han Enxi felt somewhat dizzy. She swayed in her place twice and then fell down into Qin Chao’s arm.

“Hey, hey, hey, are you alright?” Qin Chao was shocked, thinking, ‘how come this girl’s psyche was so weak?’

“So, sorry…” Han Enxi felt that her face was flushed. She was embarrassed to find out that she was hugging a stranger. She scrambled to get up, but, who knew, her high-heeled shoes slipped, making her fell into the arms of Qin Chao once again.

This young girl’s chests were not small. It felt really soft on Qin Chao. But, at the moment, the pain was greater than the pleasure because this young girl’s hand was pressuring on Qin Chao’s wound, making him felt piercing pain.

“B…beauty, can you please get up…” Qin Chao struggled to speak, “If you put more pressure on your hand…I, I am really going to die…”

“I’m sorry….I’m sorry….” Han Enxi scrambled to climb up. She was blushing like a persimmon…. {mmm, such a tender and fresh sensation}

“I undead that on purpose…. I really undead that on purpose…” Han Enxi bowed. She apologized over and over again. Her tone was anxious and chaotic.

“Die die die, I know….bah, I know you did not mean it.” Qin Chao’s tongue was becoming lisp like Han Enxi. He waved his hand, saying, “It should be me that apologize to you. I made your clothes dirty.”

“Ah?” Only now did Han Enxi notice that her clothes were already stained with blood.

This chick seemed to be somewhat lightheaded because of blood. Qin Chao quickly pulled her to the seat next to him.

“I’m sorry, I make a fool of myself….” Han Enxi seemed a little embarrassed. She lowered her head and didn’t dare to take out her tissue to wipe the bloodstains on her clothes. Toward the man that sat together next to her, she felt dizzy and wanted to lean on his shoulder.

Perhaps such arms are really sturdy.

A scene suddenly emerged in her mind. Which was when Qin Chao rushed to the podium and fought with the gunman alone.

‘This…this is what they called a real man….?’