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Chapter 79 Massacre

(TL note: these five assassin brothers are not real brothers. They call each other brother because they work together. The big brother is the oldest and also their leader)

Qin Chao immediately bounced out from that statue. Like a wuxia hero that came from the sky, Qin Chao rushed back and forth by stepping on the relief along the Auditorium’s wall.

The five brother’s each fired three to four shots in succession. Only to hit the reliefs, which splashed out stone chips to the ground and fell on top of the head of those five people.

“Big brother, this man knows qing gong (Lightness Kungfu)!” A little brother exclaimed in surprise.

“Light your grandma’s legs!” The big brother hit the little brother’s head using the pistol’s butt, “You watch too much wuxia movies! Quickly beat him when he get down!”

The big brother has given his command. The five brothers immediately lifted out their front suit piece and pulled out their pistols from their waist. They actually didn’t know where they get their firearms. All they know was to continuously aim and shot their type 54 black star guns toward Qin Chao’s figure.

But, like a ghost in the night, Qin Chao used his stealth ability to make himself in and out of the darkness; flickering in the dark along with his rapid movement. The whistling bullets never brush with his rushing body. Wherever he moved, not a single bullet hit its target.

“Big brother, this man is really evil!” The second brother asked with a somber look, “Why don’t we splash him with some dog’s blood (In Chinese superstition, dog’s blood can ward off evil spirit)!?”

“Fuck! You’re an assassin, damn it! Do you think you’re a Taoist priest?” The big brother yelled and hurriedly changed his magazine. When they run out of bullets, these several men touched their bodies to look for magazines. At that time, Qin Chao stopped his movement and stood on top of the eagle’s head once again. He condescendingly looked at these several violent criminals who have run out of bullets.

“What kind of hero, who only jump around on top of the building, are you!?” The second brother tried to goad Qin Chao, “Come down here and fight like a real man!”

“Okay. Here I come.” Qin Chao’s mouth evoke an arc. These ruthless criminals did not have time to prepare themselves. They saw Qin Chao quickly jumped down from that ten-meters high eagle head.

His body did a somersault under the moonlight and then his feet heavily landed on the ground.

“Bam!” The ground seemed unable to withstand the load, it trembled. Several impressive cement’s cracks appear under Qin Chao’s feet.

The several fierce bandits looked silly. But, that seemed-like-a-devil man slightly smiled, and then his body suddenly leaped up.

“Damn, this old one am going to kill you!” One little brother went somewhat crazy with fright. He raised his pistol toward Qin Chao and fired several shots.

Qin Chao comfortably closed his eyes. Using only his body’s senses, he dodges the bullet left and right. He easily escaped the bullet hit.

“Come on! Let’s shot him together!” The big brother, who has become a little scared, loudly shouted, “I can’t believe he can dodge all of our bullets!”

Then, each of the five people unexpectedly pulled out an Uzi submachine gun from their waist and fired it at Qin Chao like crazy.

“Aaaa!” That big brother’s eyes were red. The Uzi in his hand was constantly sprayed out red flames, mopping up every piece of space in front of him. “No matter if you’re a ghost or not, this father don’t believe this will not kill you!”

For a time, it was like a rain of bullets. Although Qin Chao has telekinesis ability, his power was not enough to catch a speeding bullet, let alone these many. But, that is not to imply that he will let the bullets pierce through him.

“Sorry, I need a shield!” Qin Chao put out his hand, and, using his telekinesis, immediately pulled out one of the brothers. He placed this brother in front of him, using this brother as a human shield.

“Ah!” That violent criminal can only scream before he was shot. Bullet holes appeared everywhere on his body. There was confusion in his eyes. He died without never knowing what had happened to him.

“Fourth brother!” These ruthless criminals eyes were red; they were both angry and afraid.

“Do not use guns! Take the axes and hack him!” Seeing this bizarreness, the second brother quickly shouted.

The several violent criminals were in action again. They withdrew their Uzi and pulled out two red small axes from their waist.

Qin Chao was greatly surprised, thinking, ‘Did these guys each have Doraemon’s pockets that they can pull out anything from it?’

One little brother came to him. This fierce bandit stature is huge. With his strength, he wielded the heavy axes with both of his hands. With a hissing sound, his tiger body pounced at Qin Chao.

He wielded his axes as if he was dancing, creating a whistling wind. His imposing manner was actually very scary.

Qin Chao, with his shorter stature, evaded the swinging axes twice. Then, he suddenly jumped up, stretched out his palm and hit the violent criminal on his nose.

A loud crackling sound was heard. The nasal bone of this violent criminal fractured. The bone directly jabbed into the head. He immediately fell down to the ground with blood poured out of his orifices.

“Fifth brother!” These violent criminals were frightened. Among them, their fifth brother has the best physique. He was also a former soldier. In essence, he is their best personnel.

But, he was killed by this eerie and evil security guard in just a brief blows exchange moment?

“Big brother, this man is too strong. Let’s withdraw first!” The second brother immediately urged their leader.

“That’s right, big brother. Where there is life, there is always hope!” The one that should be the third brother also spoke out his advice, “Brothers, you guys go first. I’ll cover your back!”

With that, this third brother pulled out his Uzi again and crazily flushed it at Qin Chao, while his mouth uttered a growl.

Qin Chao immediately grabbed the two bodies on the ground and kept them both before his body.

“Brothers, quickly leave!” The big brother was still shocked because of their failure. So, the second brother immediately pulled out his hand and turned around to run.

The third brother continuously spewed out a large flame with his Uzi until it finally runs out of bullets. His ammo was thoroughly spent. He loudly growled, picked up his two red axes, and wildly dashed toward Qin Chao.

With a wave of his hand, Qin Chao threw away the two stinking corpses. Then, he ran toward the violent criminal and stretched out his right hand.

“Crack!” Qin Chao grabbed an empty air. The telekinesis immediately wrung the third brother’s neck. He dropped to the ground, dying with a grievance.

“Sister, look, he has massacre three people!” At this point, on top of the roof of the Auditorium, Bai Jiaojiao pointed at Qin Chao, and somewhat excitedly said, “He really worthy to be called devil path’s cultivator. Although those bandits were really agile, he easily beat them.”

“Alas, young master has killed so many people. Later on, his path of cultivation will be very bumpy.” The nearby Hua Niang was anxious. She was hesitating whether or not to stop Qin Chao. But, when she saw Qin Chao murdered the first guy (Fang Hua), she knew that she was already too late.

She could stop Qin Chao for a time, but, she cannot him stop forever.

“Sister, I don’t know what you are worrying about.” Bai Jiaojiao looked as if she was enjoying a show. She pointed to the slaughter scene below them and commented, “What Qin Chao is practicing was devil cultivation method. So, killing people is necessary for him. Have you ever heard a devil cultivator that never killed people?”

“Jiaojiao, what do you know!?” Hua Niang gave her sister a stern look, “Cultivating for a thousand year is hard, but, it is easy to go astray in just one night. If young master Qin follows the prescribed order and painstakingly training in cultivation method, even if he was now a devil cultivator, in the future, he can enter an immortality.”

“This is really unfair. Those who practiced in devil path, as long as they can pass the calamity, they can move around the world free and unfettered.” Bai Jiaojiao disapprovingly said, “Anyway, in any case, those devil cultivators are better than us, demon cultivator. The demon cultivation was tough. It was like walking on thin ice, really boring! We cannot just casually kill people!”

“Jiaojiao!” Hua Niang was slightly angry. Multicolored rays of light popped out of her pale fingers and fell onto Bai Jiaojiao’s forehead.

“Ouch!” Bai Jiaojiao immediately clutched her snow white forehead, crying, “My sister hit me!”

“This is my lesson for you. You listen to me.” Hua Niang, feeling resentful toward Bai Jiaojiao for failing to meet her expectation, said, “If you go on like this, your five hundred years of cultivation would be loss to a calamity. Let’s see how you’re going to become an immortal by then!”

“Big deal! At worst, heaven would just revert me back to my original form. I can always train again from a simple little snake!” Contrary to Hua Niang expectation, Bai Jiaojiao seemed indifferent toward her warning, “In any case, sister will always be my side to take care of me, right?!”

“You stupid incorrigible girl ……”

The two people sat on top of the Auditorium, quarreling under the background of Su Fei’s singing voice.

But, Qin Chao naturally cannot hear them. In his ears, there was only Su Fei’s singing voice, which made him physically and mentally comfortable. He killed people also with ease.

“Big brother, run!” The second brother glanced back and found out that their third brother was slowly lying down in front of that security guard. He was terrified; He suddenly has the urge to take a pee.

The big brother did not look back. From his second brother’s face, he can also saw that his third brother was definitely killed.

The two people used all their strength to madly run away.

“Want to run?” Qin Chao began to laugh. He waved his hand. The several red axes flew up from the ground and, under the night sky, spun toward the two people who was running away.

“Big brother, watch out!” The second brother looked back and saw the spinning axes that were coming toward them. He suddenly lost almost all his courage. Using the last bit of courage that he has, he pushed his big brother away from the axes trajectory.

“Puff!” Came the sound of a weapon that cut into a flesh. There were a handful of red axes that was on the second brother’s head. He slowly fell down to the ground with his face upward.

“Second brother!” The big brother rolled down to the side. When he saw that, among his brother, he was the only one that still alive, he felt a sudden cramp in his stomach.

He found out that he was caught in a conspiracy. A foreigner spent one million yuan to hire them to come over and kill the woman in the picture. Moreover, that person paid them an advance deposit of one hundred thousand yuan. It seemed like it was a good idea back then.

However, these one hundred thousand yuan have made him lost his brother’s lives!

“You guys cannot die in vain! I want a revenge!” The big brother found his resolve. He rolled around and went over to his second brother’s side. He pulled out something from his second brother’s pocket.

But, by the time he looked up, that devil in a blue security guard uniform, with his arms crossed, has stood before him, blocking the moonlight from his head.

“You’re a devil…you’re a devil…” The big brother, who has gone somewhat crazy, muttered. A green hand grenade suddenly flashed from his hand. He pulled the fuse and said, “You’re a devil. Let us go to hell together!”

Then, with a crazy laugh, he leaped toward Qin Chao.

At this time, Su Fei’s song has reached its chorus part, so, the melody was in high notes. Under the night sky, this piece of music was elusive, making the listener’s heart felt that their heart was being washed clean.

“Shit!” Qin Chao’s pupils were severely contracted. He stretched out his hand to pushed back the incoming big brother with his telekinesis. At the same time, he pulled out his Yinyang bell from his body; It floated in front of him.

“Bang!” This was an anti-personnel grenade. Blazing flashes of lights glittered out. The gunpowder pushed out the shrapnels, making it flying through the air.

“Clang-clang-clang!” There was a shadow of a huge dark bell in front of Qin Chao that blocked the shrapnels. But, because Qin Chao’s own power was not too high, he was still affected by the explosion.

That explosion fried the big brothers body.