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Chapter 78 The Killer In The Night

A group of bodyguards crowded around the two departing beautiful women. Leaving Qin Chao just lifelessly standing there. He thought that Su Fei’s attitude toward him just now was colder than before. What is happening here? When did he annoy her?

“Qin Chao, this is your assignment document.” The beautiful secretary Qin Ling twisted her waist and came to him. She pulled out a piece paper from her briefcase and handed it to Qin Chao.

“Assignment Document?” Qin Chao received the file. It was written impressively in it that, Qin Chao has been appointed as a senior security at the Blue Shield Security Company.

“What, what is the meaning of this?” Qin Chao was thoroughly confused.

“Blue Shield Security Company is actually one of the Su Family’s Industries. It was previously under the responsibility of Mr. Su Xianqin. But, now is in the hands of Director Su. Therefore, there was no problem with this appointment. You can just report yourself to the Blue Shield Company next week, and that’s it.”

“I’m not going there!” Qin Chao pushed the document back to Qin Ling’s hand, “I don’t want to go. I want to stay as a security guard here.”

“You fool!” Qin Ling gave Qin Chao a stare and smacked his shoulder with the folder. Because Qin Chao failed to grasp the intent of this assignment (originally: to hate iron for not becoming steel), she somewhat heatedly said, “Do you still not understand Director Su’s intention? Do you really think that, with your current background and income, Mr. Su Xianqin will agree with your relationship with teacher Su Ji? Director Su has arranged to give you the necessary background by enrolling you to the Blue Shield Security Company. Being one of Blue Shield security’s employee, your salary and bonus will be different than just being the security in this school. Occasionally you will receive a special assignment. Your chance for promotion is high!”

“Turned out to be so…” Qin Chao somewhat understood. But, he was still hesitant, “But…but, I don’t want to leave this place….”

“I said you’re a pig-headed man (an idiot)!” Qin Ling was exasperated. She rolled her eyes and said, “When you become Blue Shield security, Director Su will be able to assign you on a mission to protect Guangyuan School! You, you, you pig-head! I have nothing to say to you!”

Qin Ling, panting in indignation, flung the document back to Qin Chao and then turned away back, leaving the crowd in the back to drool at her rearview beauty.

“I see…” Qin Chao was holding the document. It appears that Su Fei was still concerned with his well being. For the sake of him and Su Ji, she painstakingly arranged this opportunity. At least she didn’t try to block his relationship with Su Ji. Instead, she attempted to assist them covertly.

“Qin Chao, from now on, we are our own people!” Chu Shan is an open-minded person. Although he was beaten by Qin Chao, he knew first hand about Qin Chao abilities. Therefore, after hearing that Qin Chao was assigned as a Senior Security at Blue Shield, he could not help but be happy for him. He came over and tapped Qin Chao on the shoulder.

“If you had a problem or need something in the future, don’t be afraid to ask for our help. After all, we were brothers now.”

“Then….sorry, I may be a bit too hard on you guys just now.” Seeing the other people were friendly to him, Qin Chao was somewhat embarrassed. He touched his nose and laughed awkwardly.

“What is brother Qin talking about!” Lei Ze also came over. He smiled and said, “Wasn’t there a saying that said, ‘an exchange of blows may lead to friendship?’ Brother Qin is now one of us. Later on, when you have the opportunity, you must give us brothers some pointers, right guys?”

“That’s right, that’s right. You must give us, good-for-nothing fellows, some pointers. Hahaha.” Chu Shan laughed, “After this mission is over, we’ll go drinking in a street-side stall on Dong street okay! I, Chu Shan, cannot defeat you. But, in the liquor store, I must turn the table on you!”

“Certainly, certainly!” Qin Chao quickly nodded.

After talking for a bit, because they were still on duty, they quickly dispersed and returned to their respective posts.

Although there were many responsibilities as a Blue Shield senior security, Qin Chao was still worried about Su Fei’s safety. Because the killers from the Skeleton are high level. Just like the previous Lederman the werewolf, who can take down these fierce and high-quality securities.

Moreover, the enemy also uses firearms. His chest was still aching because of that sniper shot. He must carefully watch over the gathering place.

“Damn, this old one stinks!” Under the curtain of the night. Somewhere in the corner of Guangyuan School. A man in a black suit pushed out an underground well’s shutter and crawled up from the inside.

“His grandma! Wtf with this suit! It’s really uncomfortable.” He stood on the ground and smelled his underarms. Suddenly he frowned, “Damn, it stank to the high heaven!”

“Big brother, the employer have said that we wore this dress to hide our identity.” Another four people crawled out from the sewer one after the other. Their whole bodies were reeking a horrible stench.

“Fuck, second brother, you stay away from me! You, kid is so damn stinky!” Seeing his second brother come to him to talk, the big brother immediately pushed his brother away and cursed out.

“Big brother, just bear with it! After getting the ticket, we brothers will go on a vacation!” Another person started to talk.

“That’s right! This ticket price is enormous. The family actually spent a million to buy this chick’s life. Ahem, looking at the picture, this girl is fucking pretty! This old one is horny. I really want to fuck this young lady. Before we kill her, can you guys let me have my way with her?….Ahem….”

“Go fuck your mom!” The boss stretched out his hand and slapped his younger brother’s head, “Did you know how many bodyguards are around that woman? Damn, I think you’re more concerned with that little thing in your crotch than your life!”

“Big brother, I was wrong…” The man immediately wilted down without so much as a whimper.

“Big brother, the employer said there were many bodyguards around this woman. The only time she will be alone is at six o’clock in the evening. That is when she, as the host’s Principal, will sing a song on the stage. Our brother’s opportunity is precisely at that time!”

“Correct. Right now is 5:40, we need to act fast. The auditorium is quite far away from here. Damn, this school is really fucking huge.”

After talking, relying on the map, these several men started walking toward the auditorium together with their stench.

Although it was already dark and they were walking cautiously, they were still found out by a Blue Shield security that was patrolling in the area.

“You guys, what are you doing here!” That security took out his tactical flashlight and turned on the light at the five men’s faces one by one.

The elder brother’s face slightly changed its color. Murderous intention flashed through his eyes.

The second brother was quite clever. He immediately laughed.

“Brothers, the several of us are the bodyguards of Miss Su.” After that, he pulled out a Chunghwa cigarette from his body and offered it toward that security, “It’s already late, but brother is still on duty. It’s hard for you, brother.”

“It’s nothing. This is our responsibility.” That security subconsciously picked up the tobacco. Suddenly his nose smells something; His eyes became sharp.

“Wrong! How could the bodyguards of Miss Su be this smelly!”

After that, he immediately pressed the intercom on his shoulder.

“You wake up too late.” The second brother was already standing beside him. His fist was clutching a dagger. The edge of the knife was like a flash of lightning. It easily pierced that security’s throat right into the artery on the neck.

This strike was cut-throat and fatal. That security immediately lied down on the ground. His body convulsed a couple of times. His eyes were open wide. He was really unwilling. But, eventually, it slowly closed.

“Hmph, consider yourself lucky.” The second brother wiped his hand on that security’s uniform and then gave a sign toward his brothers.”

“Nailed it!”

“Get over here. Damn it, still like to be clean at this time.” The elder brother bowed his head to check his wristwatch. Because they were delayed for several minutes, he was somewhat irritable.

After a while, under the curtain of the night, the auditorium finally appeared before their eyes.

This Guangyuan Auditorium was built according to Western-style baroque architecture. The construction was similar to a church. The Auditorium’s upper wall was carved with some relief. It appears to be the image of several personage.

Unfortunately, these violent criminals have no culture. They did not recognize any of the figures on the top. What they recognize are money and women.

The corners of this auditorium were fitted with a public address sound system. The voice from the inside of the Auditorium rang out clearly into the night.

“Please welcome our organizers, Director Su Fei of Guangyuan Institute of International Economics, singing an exquisite song, ‘Out of Darkness!’”

Following a round of applause, a graceful and ethereal song came through the loudspeaker. The song sounded as if it was a sound of nature. It penetrated into the night and wandered into the heart of everyone.

“Boss, this chick’s singing is really nice!” One little brother mused.

“Em…not bad…fuck!” This boss flew his leg and kicked the little brother’s body, “What are you thinking? We are here to kill people, not to listen to the song! Wait after we get this ticket, we’ll go to Japan. Listening to the female college students, who sing in the bed with us, will be even better!”

“Elder brother’s dream is perfect!” The several little brothers were full of admiration.

“Brothers, let’s go inside!”

“Big brother, I think something is not quite right!” The second brother, who has always been especially cautious and prudent, suddenly said.

“Second brother, what are you chirping about? There’s nothing wrong here.”

“This school is full of high-level securities. But, why was nobody guarding the entrance to the Auditorium?”

“You guys are too suspicious. How many bodyguards did you think would be guarding in the inside?! Come on, if we miss this opportunity, it’s going to be difficult for us!”

The boss has said. He then leads them to go inside.

“Money, beauty! Here I come!”

When these men arrived at the bottom of the Auditorium, a cold voice suddenly flew down from above.

“Unfortunately, the Gentlemen’s journey will stop here.”

“Who’s that?!” The big brother was taken aback. He looked up and saw, on the upper part of the Auditorium, on the head of an eagle statue, sat a man in a blue security guard uniform. Under the moonlight, the man appeared very dazzling.

“There was obviously nobody there just now. Where did this guy come from?”

The second brother cries out in alarmed.

Actually, Qin Chao has been sitting there all along. He merely uses his stealth ability. When these violent criminals arrived, he happened to be at the invisibility stage. Consequently, these several violent criminals overlooked him.

Moreover, because Qin Chao was focusing his qi into his ears, he was able to hear their conversation. So, he immediately recognized that these people came here to assassinate Su Fei.

“Click!” Under the background of the melodious song, Qin Chao pulled out his lighter and slowly lit his cigarette, “Since several brothers have come here, don’t even think you can walk away from here.”

“Get rid of this kid first!” The big brother ordered his younger brothers while pointing out the opponent.

“Big, big brother, we cannot climb there!”

“Idiot! Use your guns to shoot him!” The big brother scolded his brothers. Then he took out a big type 54 ‘black star’ pistol from his bosom, fitted a silencer on its muzzle, and pointed at Qin Chao, who was sitting on the statue.

“Boy, blame this on your own bad luck!” The big brother laughed sinisterly a couple of times, and then pulled the trigger.