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Chapter 77 Fighting Badly

Qin Chao and Su Ji were severely depressed. After rustling through the autumn winds with considerable difficulties, they finally arrived at the school entrance. But, they were stopped by a group of unfamiliar security guards.

These securities were obviously not the school’s staff. Their uniforms were grey and black, with concealed arms, and a logo that was printed across the chest. The logo was blue shield, with ‘blue shield’ character printed below it.

“We are the school’s security guard and teacher. Why are you stopping us?” Before Qin Chao stood an over than 1.8-meter height tower-like, strong man.

“We are the Blue Shield Security Company’s employees. By the school’s arrangement, we are now taking over the school’s security.” An inverted-triangle eyed man that stood in front of Qin Chao, coldly said, “Guangyuan’s security guards are on a day off right now, so, you can go back to your home. Regarding the teacher, please show us your work id.”

“Who’s going to bother bringing their work id with them everyday?!” Su Ji immediately fumed. This stipulation seemed to be set just yesterday. But, She has been accompanying Qin Chao, who was unconscious for a day and night, in the hospital all this time. How could she be aware of this new situation?

“Then, you are not allowed to enter!”

The inverted-triangle eyes man crossed his arms and accompanied the two people by standing in front of them.

“I’m the school’s security guard. This is my work id. I’m on duty today, so, I need to get inside. Thank you.” Qin Chao took out his work id from his uniform’s pocket and shook it a bit in front him.

“For the second, and the last, time, I said, Guangyuan security guards have a day off today.” The inverted-triangle eyes man raised his head. He did not even try to look at the two people in the eyes.

Qin Chao put away his id card, frowned and said. “Why do the school’s security guards have a day off?”

“Do you even need to ask this?” The nearby thick eyebrowed blue shield security could not help but sneer, “Your boss hired us naturally because your people were just a bunch of trash who happened to wear security guard uniforms.”

Before Qin Chao was about to lose his temper, the inverted-triangle eyed man bump his partner’s shoulder, “Lei Zi, don’t talk nonsense. This truth can only be kept in your heart.”

Qin Chao grinned, waved his hand to make Su Ji stand aside, and said, “I also know that, although I’m quite like a waste wood, I think, it would still be easy for me to deal with you two.”

“A garbage, in the end, is still garbage. Talk without thinking.” The so-called Lei Zi laughed his head off and patted the shoulder of the inverted-triangle eyes man, “Brother Shan, this man is hilarious.”

“Hehe….” Qin Chao chuckled a couple of times, pulled out a cigarette from his pocket, put it in his mouth, and then lit it.

“Actually, for people like you, I only have one statement to make.”

After saying that, Qin Chao extended his right hand’s fists and then erected the middle in front of Lei Zi.

Lei Zi’s smiling face quickly dispersed. His skin and flesh were trembling with anger. Qin Chao purposely angered the guy. He could see that, compared to the brother Shan, this Lei Zi is more impulsive.

Sure enough, he could not repress his anger. He moved his feet to come over to Qin Chao.

“Lei Zi, don’t use an underhanded method.” The brother Shan seemed to not want to manage this matter. He just offhandedly said this, and then turned his face to the side.

“Boy, what did you mean just now?” After getting the connivance from brother Shan, Lei Zi became confidence. He walked over and loudly asked. His sound was like a clap of thunder (TL: a play of his name, Lei means thunder). If other people saw Lei Zi’s imposing manner, perhaps they would get cold feet even before they started the fight.

But, Qin Chao was not an ordinary man. Even a werewolf was caught and beaten by him. How could the so-called the imposing manner of this blue shield security frighten him?

“My point is very simple.” Qin Chao was casually smoking a cigarette, and said, “I said, you are even more trash than me.”

“Damn, let this father substitute your parents in teaching you a lesson!” That Lei Zi said. He then launched his palm toward the side of Qin Chao’s face.

As the saying goes, ‘to expose a man, do not reveal his shortcomings; to beat a man, do not hit his face.’ Lei Zi’s first move was a slap to the face. If it was to hit, it will absolutely inflict tremendous physical and mental damage to the opponent.

But, how could Qin Chao let himself be slapped? He casually held out his hand. The moment it connected with Lei Zi’s huge bear-paw palm, Qin Chao’s hand quickly swept it aside.

Then, he bent his waist and, taking advantage of the height differences, heavily slammed his shoulder into Lei Zi’s chest.

That Lei Zi’s face suddenly went white. He felt the oxygen in his lungs being squeezed out. This bump in the chest is like being kissed by a car. Lei Zi’s body turned around and fell back to the ground. He cannot crawl up for quite a while.

“Lei Zi!”

The facial expression of the inverted-triangle eyes man, called brother Shan, changed. Before joining Blue Shield security, this Lei Zi was a special force guy. Among the Blue Shield security, he is also one of the best.

It can be said that he, alone, can take down five to six men with ease.

But, how could he, when facing this small security guard, fall flat on his back after just a brief altercation?

“Who the hell are you?” The brother Shan turned his face. He was carefully watching Qin Chao.

“I already told you. I’m just a small security guard. And I work in this school.”

“I think, you’re more likely the killer that was sent by the skeleton!” The brother Shan suddenly pulled his radio and shouted out twice, “Trouble at the school gate, quickly bring the men to handle this!”

After saying that, several men, dressed in gray Blue Shield Security uniform, started pouring out from the school. They were all tall and burly, with imposing aura.

These thirty security guards, under the command of brother Shan, encircled around Qin Chao.

“You guys are the securities that were hired by Su Fei, right?” Qin Chao stopped his smoking, smiled, and said, “Since you guys think that you are so great, let this small security guard test your abilities.”

After that, he flicked out his cigarette and slammed his foot forward.

The ground around them trembled. Those Blue Shield securities were startled. Is this man Popeye? How could he have such terrible strength?

“Don’t hold back. Give him all you got!” The brother Shan frowned. He knew this man will not be easy to deal with. He approached Qin Chao first while simultaneously swing his arm to pull out his ASP baton.

“Click!” Some 30 individuals pulled out their ASP baton at the same time. This ASP stick is the Blue Shield Security’s most common weapon of choice. This weapon can even break cement bricks, much less human bone.

Qin Chao just kept his arms horizontally across his body. He let whatever stick that was produced by these guards to hit his arms.

“Clang!” Brother Shan felt like as if he had just hit a steel plate. The web between his thumb and forefinger became numb. His baton was unexpectedly broken into two pieces. The upper half flew out and slammed into the side.

Brother Shan was shocked. He thought that the opposite party’s arms were definitely fractured. ‘This man is crazy! He didn’t even try to escape. He blocked this hit head-on!’

Who knows, Qin Chao calmly shook his arms, swept brother Shan’s right hand to the side with his left hand while his right hand made a fist and then heavily pounded Brother Shan’s belly.

“Puff!” Brother Shan didn’t know how much times have pass since the last time he feels this kind of excruciating pain. This blow was like the culmination of the pain that he received for many years. His abdomen felt as if it was being stabbed and twisted with a knife; his whole intestine was in a mess. He sucked in a mouthful of breath before laying his body down in front of Qin Chao.

“He cheated on brother Shan!”

With murderous intention, they raised their batons and charged together at Qin Chao.

Qin Chao did not hold back anymore. He hated these guys who thought they are a cut above other people. He sincerely welcomed their body. The onlookers on the side saw that all those people that rushed toward Qin Chao, were quickly returned to their previous spot flying upside down. One by one, they awkwardly fell to the ground.

“Why are you guys were fighting so badly?” Qin Chao moved the various joints in his body, which emitted cracking sound, “This fight is so lame. You guys are too weak. It did not even raise my interest even a little bit.”

“Brother Shan…how, how about we bring out more people from the headquarters?” That Lei Zi, who was hit first, already caught his breath by now. With a pale face, he asked his brother Shan.

“Chief mediator!” The brother Shan glared his eyes, saying, “Our skills were inferior to him. This time, we must acknowledge that we were lost!”

With that, he pushed away Lei Zi’s offered-for-support hand, crawled up from the ground, and stood in front of Qin Chao.

“Buddy, leave us your name. So that we would understand from whom we owe this loss to.”

“My name is Qin Chao, and I’m the school’s security guard.” Qin Chao said, “There’s no problem if I’m going to work now, right?”

“Sorry, I still need to check with the boss here.” Brothen Shan smiled, “My name is Chu Shan, Blue Shield Security Manager. I’m responsible for today’s job. If you need something, you can just look for me.”

“You’re really stubborn.” Because other people smiled and not showing enmity, Qin Chao didn’t have the heart to force his way in, “I already told you, I’m a security guard in this place. I also showed you my work id. What more do you want?”

“This is the inherent responsibilities of our Blue Shield Security! Always responsible to the employer!” Chu Shan touched the badge on his chest and said the words loudly and sacredly.

“Always responsible to the employer!” The thirty security guards, no matter if they were standing or lying on the ground, put their hands on their chests, and loudly said as if they were reciting an oath.

Just when the situation became a little embarrassed, Su Fei finally came out from the school with a group of bodyguards.

“Beautiful Principal, If you don’t come, I was going to charge myself inside.” Seeing Su Fei, Qin Chao breathe a sigh of relief. But, Su Fei only took a glance at him. It seemed very strange. She didn’t even utter a single word to him.

Su Ji happily rushed into the team of bodyguards and took her sister by the arm. This pair of sisters were standing side by side. Both of them are an outstanding beauty. Any man who looks at them would drool at their mouth.

“Sister, where did you find this security company? They bullied me!”

“This…” Facing the complaint from Su Ji, the Blue Shield Security member’s forehead dripped with cold sweat.

“These security guards are professional. They were just doing their job. I don’t want an accident to happen in the school again.” Su Fei lovingly touched her sister’s forehead, “I don’t want something to happen to you.”

“Relax, sis. I have this guy, Qin Chao, by my side. Nothing will happen to me!”

“Yes, sister also know about Qin Chao’s capabilities.” Su Fei suddenly sighed, “but he, after all, belongs only to you.”

“What? Sister, what did you say?” Su Fei’s previous words were uttered under her breath. Su Ji quickly asked because she almost did not catch it.

“Nothing.” Su Fei immediately recovered. She tried to erase that figure in her mind. And said to Chu Shan.

“Manager Chu, this person is harmless. You can let him inside.”

After that, she pulled her sister away with her, leaving behind the somewhat dull Qin Chao.

‘Su Fei’s attitude suddenly became colder. What the hell is happening here?’

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