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Chapter 76 I Want To Eat Sweet And Sour Short Ribs

When Qin Chao returned to his hospital ward by the window, Su Ji was still asleep. The small black bell dedicatedly floated by her side.

Afraid of waking her up, Qin Chao quietly crept up to the bed.

When he lifted up the quilt, it accidentally pulled Su Ji’s hand with it, thus, waking her up. This chick rubbed her eyes then pouted her small mouth to ask Qin Chao.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, go back to sleep.” Qin Chao lovingly rubbed her red hair and then reached out to recover the floating bell. If a nurse, who inspect his ward in the night, see this floating bell, she would probably faint because of fright.

Su Ji was indeed very sleepy. After asking the question, she quickly fell back to sleep again. While Qin Chao was lying on the bed, unable to sleep.

The Skeleton was like a snake that is lurking in the darkness. Nobody knows when it will suddenly show itself to bite its target.

He knew there were definitely powerful assassins within the organization. But, other than that, he was completely clueless about the skeleton organization.

If would be nice if he had the supernatural power like Hua Niang. Regardless of the killer, if they dare to come, he would kill them all. Speaking of which, to be able to wield such supernatural power, Hua Niang must be at the very least, a divine ability stage cultivator.

To be able to cast a spell through the fingertips, and then transformed it into rays of light. She is the genuine cultivator. Oh, when would I be able to reach such state?!

Qin Chao has a new goal. That is, to reached the divine cultivation stage, so that he can learn magical spells.

But, Su Ji didn’t know that her man has such an ambitious goal. Her dream of Qin Chao was entirely different. With an apron and the appearance of a family man, Qin Chao continues to bring to the table plate after plate of delicious food for her to enjoy.

“Here it comes, the final dish, sweet and sour short ribs!” Qin Chao smilingly walks over. His hands are carrying a dish that makes Su Ji eagerly wait.

“Give me a kiss, and then you can eat it.” Qin Chao holds the plate in front of him. He doesn’t let her eat it.

Su Ji’s anxious eyes were green with lust for the food, “Okay then, come over here, I’ll give you the kiss!”

Hearing that, Qin Chao immediately stepped forward and leaned his face closer to her. Su Ji chuckled a couple of times and, taking advantage of Qin Chao being near her, took the plate from his hands.

“Humph, piece of cake! Want to fight me? You’re still not this lady’s match!”

She smirked in triumph, grabbed the hot short ribs directly from the plate and sent it into her mouth.

“Turned out it was a lie.” Qin Chao angrily glanced at Su Ji, “I curse you unable to eat that!”

“We’ll just have to look then!” Su Ji defiantly shook a couple of ribs, then sent it into her cherry mouth.

At this time, a voice suddenly resounded near her ear.

“Little girl, quickly get up!”

“Why? Renjia am going to eat this ribs…”

“Greedy cat, get up!” Before she took the ribs a bite, Su Ji was pushed awake by Qin Chao. She rubbed her eyes and saw that she was in the hospital. The short ribs turned into the floating clouds. She immediately pursed her mouth and fiercely said.

“You! You made my short ribs disappeared! You must pay it back to me!”

“What? What ribs?” Qin Chao replied with a misgiving look, “Were you dreaming about eating short ribs?”

“Humph, It’s you! You were the one who curse me unable to eat! It turns out, I was actually unable to eat! No, tonight, you must give it to me!”

“Okay-okay, as you wish.” Qin Chao doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “But, you need to wait until my payday. Presently in my place, there was only potatoes. For the time being, I can’t make the sweet and sour short ribs. If you really want it, I can make you sweet and sour potatoes.”

“Sly guy.” Su Ji bared her fists, ready to beat up Qin Chao. That is when she found out that the guy has wore his work clothes. A blue security guard uniform was neatly set around his body.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Su Ji immediately exclaimed, “Your body hasn’t healed yet. Are you going to leave the hospital? No, you need to go back to bed!”

“Don’t worry, my body is quite sturdy!” Qin Chao said while mimicking bodybuilding moves a couple of times, “Moreover, I don’t have the time to rest now.”

“No can do, no can do! You, as this lady’s boyfriend, you need to listen to this lady! If I told you to lie down, then you must lie down!” Su Ji overbearingly said.

“Girl, stop making trouble okay? Listen to me.” Qin Chao walked over and suddenly held down Su Ji’s shoulders before him. The previous fearless Su Ji suddenly reddened in the face. Her heart started beating faster and she was unable to speak.

“We are now were being targeted by an international assassin organization. Forget the two of us for a moment, because we are both cultivators. But, your sister, Su Fei, is in risk because she’s just an ordinary person. Those bodyguards could not guarantee her safety. I just got an information that they will make a move on Su Fei today. Therefore, I have to be by her side, all day long.”

“Turned out to be so…” Su Ji nodded her head. Her voices were weak. A complete reversal from her earlier fierce demeanor. “Okay then, I’m going with you. Today is the student exchange celebration fair. I’ll be performing a dance there. You have to watch me.”

“Em, I’ll definitely see it.” Qin Chao nodded. While his heart thinking, ‘luckily, the coaxing method is still working.’

Suddenly, he sternly asked.

“Su Ji, as an outer court Buddhist disciple, do you have some kind of defensive artifact for protection? I don’t feel at ease if I can’t protect the both of you. But, to ensure you and your sister’s safety, I can’t just tie the two of you in the same place together, right?”

“Mm, I know the recent incident was not quite right.” Su Ji said, and then pulled several strings of beads from her bag, “These are my defensive artifacts that I brought back from Mt. Song. It was entrusted by the masters there for their disciples. This was imbued with a strong defensive spell. In times of crisis, it can protect the wearer one time. After that one use, the beads will be destroyed.”

“Excellent. How many did you bring with you?” Qin Chao thought, ‘Turned out; there exists this kind of ‘one-time use’ artifact. Cultivation world is getting more interesting.’

“Only three. These things are precious. It cannot be mass-produced.”

“Em, keep the two with you and give Su Fei the other one.” Qin Chao quickly allocated these artifacts.

“I only need one. You can keep the other one for yourself.” Su Ji’s face was red. This act made Qin Chao happy. Although they just officially become a couple yesterday, he didn’t expect Su Ji has thought about him even before that, by bringing three, not two, defensive artifacts.

Su Ji shook the beads in her hand. With bulging eyes and sharp words, she said, “Do you want it or not?! If you don’t want it, then, forget it!”

“Of course, of course I want it.” Qin Chao immediately received the beads while simultaneously catching Su Ji’s petite hand and then earnestly wore the Buddhist beads on her wrist, “But, I want it to be able to protect you.”

“One is enough for me.” Being held on the hand by her sweetheart, Su Ji began to whisper softly, “What about your safety?….. If they use sniper again, how can you evade?”

Qin Chao said, “It’s okay. You see, I have this now,” and then held out his palm. The little black bell immediately flew from his hand, hovering in the air.

“Wow, what a cute little bell!” Su Ji blinked, “Is this your artifact? It doesn’t seem to be a low grade. It’s probably a ninth grade, earth level artifact!”

(Artifact level: Human-Earth-Heaven, with Heaven being the highest level. Each level consist of nine grade, with ninth grade being the lowest. For comparison, Qin Chao’s chain is human level, fifth grade artifact.)

This bell turned out to be an intermediate level, ninth grade artifact….Qin Chao clearly understood. This bell is worthy to be called Luo De’s proudest artifact. Even if it was destroyed, it can still maintain such high level and grade.

“This is called Yinyang Bell. A defensive artifact with strong defense. So, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“Well, in that case, I feel relieved!” Su Ji beamed, “Come on then, let’s go to school.”

The two people tidy up a bit and then did a simple wash. After that, they went downstairs to go through the hospital’s discharge formalities.

“You were shot by a bullet from an anti-material rifle. Yet, you wanted to be discharged after only two days in the hospital?” The doctor in charge of Qin Chao shook his head like a rattlesnake, “No-no-no, I’m a doctor. So, I’m responsible for my patients. I want you to stay under observation for a couple more days. If, after two days, and no problem arises. You can be discharged.”

Qin Chao said, “Doctor, I’m fine. Look, I’m bursting with energies!” With chin up and chest out, he showed the doctor that he is healthy.

“That’s right, he is very healthy. If you don’t believe it, just look!” Su Ji immediately sent out her palm and slapped Qin Chao on his chest. Although it hurts, Qin Chao endure it while also showed the doctor his smiling face.

Seeing this, the doctor was alarmed. But, because the patient insisted on leaving the hospital, there is nothing he can do about it.

“Very well. But, when you go back, you have to take care of yourself. Don’t do anything strenuous. It is best if you rest in bed for another 2-3 days. Also, don’t let the wound get wet…”

Although he ordered a bunch of things, Qin Chao and Su Ji nodded their heads. It was as if they earnestly listened to him.

The doctor then proceed to approve the discharged formalities.

“Oh, I forgot to tell them to not forgetting to take the anti-inflammatory medicine.” The doctor was very responsible. He opened the window and stuck out his head. He wanted to shout at them so that they remember.

The result was, his head immediately started to sweat.

He saw Qin Chao pedaled his lucky old bike while carrying the red hair beauty behind him. The speed of the bike was like a gust of wind, it roared out of the hospital gate. Several of the young nurse’s skirts were pulled up because of it. They were shocked and screamed simultaneously.

This is not the appearance of a sick person. Even a healthy person is not necessarily as lively as he is.

The doctor was stunned. He helplessly watched his patient discharged from the hospital and roared off.

At this time, Qin Chao was suffering from Su Ji’s abuse. The young girl pinched him by the ear and loudly asked.

“Tell me, did you just do that on purpose?! So many young nurses skirts were pulled up by you. You must be doing it on purpose. You pervert!”

“I swear I didn’t mean it….” Qin Chao wanted to cry, but no tears would come out, “If I really want to take a look, I will see it while you were not by my side.”

“You! You finally told me the truth! Take my ‘big six bright incantations!’”

“No! Big Miss, we are on the road right now. Do you want us to have an accident?”

“Why not? We’re all going to die anyway!”

The two people continue to bicker all the way until they arrive at school.

At this time, Su Fei was being protected by a large group of bodyguards. She was walking toward the school’s indoor auditorium. After the last attack, she changed the venue to the indoor type. She didn’t dare to use the outdoor auditorium. As for the one who is eyeing on her, she has arranged for Jiang Dong to investigate it.

“Qin Ling, what about the protective measure?”

“Em, this time, we hired 30 men from Blue Shield security company. They were placed around the school’s perimeter. All the guests will be screened by them. This should prevent suspicious elements from coming in. Moreover, in order to avoid the conflict between security guards, I already arranged for our school’s security to take a day off.”

“All right then, good job.” Su Fei nodded. Although this arrangement will sure raise the student’s resentment, it is a necessary measure to ensure that the celebration will run smoothly.

Right at this time, a student scampered over in panic and shouted out his mouth.

“Quickly take a look. There is a standoff at the school’s entrance!”