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Chapter 75 Leave This One

“We have not finished our fight yet, why do you need to run for so long?” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders and entered the devil state. He moved forward to welcome the werewolf’s claw; they crashed into each other.

“Bam!” The werewolf’s strength was clearly inferior to Qin Chao. With a swipe of his black claw, Qin Chao ripped open the billboard behind the werewolf. A hole immediately smashed through the billboard, with the werewolf on top of it. The werewolf suddenly jumped down and, with a loud roar, pulled up this ten by five meters huge billboard by the side. He then vigorously wielded it at Qin Chao.

The incoming billboard was like a sharp blade; even the air was torn out with a whistling sound.

Without the slightest bit of fear, Qin Chao gave a loud shout and then proceeded to hold his ground by taking a heavy step forward. The whole building seemed to tremble a little. Before that huge billboard hit his body, he stretched out his black claw and, with a snap, caught this gigantic sweeping signboard.

The huge billboard was severely grabbed by Qin Chao, an enormous friction came to the web between his thumb and forefinger. Meanwhile, the powerful inertia relentlessly pushed him back two steps. Qin Chao’s feet nearly pushed the concrete floor two feet deep before he can stabilize himself.

A cool breeze was felt by Qin Chao coming from his front. Turns out it came from the movement of the werewolf, who was leaping silently toward him.

A couple of sharp bone edges popped out of the werewolf’s arm. Under the curtain of the night, it glittered with murderous intention.

“Swish!” The werewolf rotated his body; the sharp bone blade in his arm also made a circular movement to cut Qin Chao’s neck.

Qin Chao’s heart skipped a beat. But, he quickly stabilized his mood and launched his ability.

“Go!” Qin Chao proceeds to extend his palm forward and used his power toward the werewolf before the bone blade reached him. Although his telekinesis cannot push out the werewolf’s body, it actually hindered the werewolf’s offensive rhythm.

Taking advantage while the werewolf’s movement was stopped, Qin Chao quickly got away from under the edge of the bone blade while simultaneously hiding his body in the darkness.

This was the other ability that he absorbed from the ghost in the school’s abandoned room, invisibility.

After entering divine concentration stage, the amount of time he can stay invisible was extended to one minute. This made Qin Chao become almost like an assassin type character in a game. In the course of the fight, he can always enter stealth mode anytime he wants.

The werewolf was surprised after he found out that his target was missing. He quickly made a combat stance to lie above the ground, with both of his ears cocked upward. It swayed back and forth from time to time as if it was a small radar that was inquiring the sound of Qin Chao’s movement.

But, Qin Chao stood on the nearby building all along, the corner of his mouth hung a sneer. He summoned his soul binding chain from his storage ring. He has quenched this chain to become a grade 5 human level artifact. Although its rank is higher now, its abilities didn’t increase.

“Go!” He lightly boomed out. The chain immediately moved. Like a roaming dragon, the chain writhed, floating in the darkness.

The chain’s ‘hissing’ sound immediately attracted the werewolf’s attention. The hair on his body trembled. He sprang up and made a cutting movement with both of his bone blades on his arms.

“Clang-clang!” With a two snapping sound, large red sparks emerged out of the soul binding lock. But it only hindered the chain a bit; the chain was unscathed. It soon entwined with and tightly tied, the werewolf’s body.

“I want to see how are you going to run this time.” Qin Chao flung his soul binding chain. The chain immediately pulled the werewolf into the air in a circle, before slamming it hard into the concrete floor below it. The werewolf contorted his face in agony. The floor behind him was cracked.

“You monster! Just kill me!” Although the werewolf was caught, he still stubbornly resists.

With a smile, Qin Chao walked toward him, crouched by his side, stared at the guy’s long face, and said, “Look at your own appearance. Who do you think is a monster between the two of us? Come on, cooperate with me. I only want to ask you a couple of small questions.”

“Just kill me. Among the Skeleton, there are no traitors!” The werewolf simply closed his eyes and prepared himself to die as a martyr.

“Damn!” Qin Chao was furious. He shot out his palm to the spot adjacent to the werewolf’s face. It made a deep handprint on the ground. “Do you think this father won’t dare to kill you?”

“Kill me, and my soul shall return to the embrace of the darkness.” This werewolf remain indifferent. He was unmoved by Qin Chao’s threat.

Qin Chao knows that he doesn’t have any means to force the werewolf to talk. Therefore, he can only kill him.

He extended his hand to strangle him with his telekinetic.

The werewolf immediately felt his neck was tightly choked and began to suffocate.

“Young master, leave this man to me!”

At this time, a sharp treasured sword suddenly fell from the sky. Perceiving the risk, Qin Chao immediately get away.

“Clang!” The sword punctured the position between Qin Chao and the werewolf, it shined particularly dazzling.

A beautiful woman in white clothes fell on top of that treasured sword and raised her chin to look at Qin Chao.

“Damn woman, are trying to kill me again?” Qin Chao was exasperated.

“Of course. You guessed it right.” Bai Jiaojiao unabashedly admits, “Do you want to request me to kill you this time?”

“Go die yourself. Only a fool would ask you that.”

The two people were quarreling when a beautiful woman, who wore colorful clothes, gently fell on the roof and stood across from Qin Chao.

“Hua Niang, do you want to stop me again?” Seeing this beautiful, big breasted, child face, woman, Qin Chao’s anger erupted.

“Hua Niang has no such intention.” This alluring woman gently shook beautiful square face, and said, “This man is merely a dark creature, there is nothing wrong with killing him. Hua Niang come this time was just to prove that I am not young master’s enemy.”

“Prove? How are you going to prove?” To Qin Chao, this Hua Niang is very interesting. Although she looks like a modern AV girl, her thinking was totally old-fashioned, it was a little bit incompatible with modern society.

“Young master, although Hua Niang has few talents, much less abilities, Hua Niang has the skill to make this man talk.” Hua Niang showed a smile to Qin Chao. This chaste and unadulterated smile cannot help but make Qin Chao’s heart beat faster.

“Young master, please look.” Then, from her large ‘cloud catcher’ sleeve, Hua Niang extended out her onion white fingers, with multicolored rays of light brightly shined on top of it. Her nimble fingers fiddled in the air a few times as if she was playing a musical instrument, and then pointed at the tied on the ground werewolf.

“Chi!” Along with a small hissing sound, the multicolored rays of light were like a sharp sword, it immediately pierced through the werewolf’s forehead.

The previously gloomy looking werewolf suddenly seemed a bit sluggish and confused.

“You, dark creature, what is your name?” Hua Niang asked.

“David…Lederman.” The werewolf took a long time to talk. The corner of his mouth was dripping with saliva.

“Excellent.” Hua Niang clapped her hands with satisfaction, and then turned around to say with a smile to Qin Chao, “Young master, you see, you can now ask him anything you want.”

“Hua Niang! You’re great!” Qin Chao could not contain his delight. He rushed over and gave this snake demon a big hug.

“Ah!” Hua Niang was surprised because she has never been touched by a man before. She immediately felt her whole body went hot and limp, and almost fell to the ground.

After showing his gratitude rather enthusiastically, Qin Chao loosened his arms, squatted on the ground, and started to interrogated the bewitched werewolf.

Hua Niang’s cute face was crimson like a beautiful floating dumpling. The nearby Bai Jiaojiao cannot help but look dumbfounded.

‘How come elder sister become this shy? This man is too difficult to deal with. It seems I made a right move in not provoking him.’

“Lederman, let me ask you. What is the true motive of your skeleton organization?” The foul smell of the wolf’s dripping saliva were all over the floor. Making Qin Chao cannot help but to cover his mouth while asking questions.

“We are a professional killer organization. We receive our hit list from our customer through special channels. After that, we carried out the assassination.” The werewolf slowly replied.

“Who else is in your organization?”

“I don’t know…I’m only a junior personnel.”

Qin Chao’s surprise was not little. ‘This powerful killer werewolf was just a junior officer?’ It seems like this skeleton is immeasurably deep…

“What is your next plan?”

“The next plan….I don’t know. I only know this plan.”

“This plan, aside from killing me, what else?”

“The plan this time was to kill you and Su Ji in the hospital. After that, we’re going to attack Su Fei at tomorrow’s conference.”

They want to do a double assassination! Qin Chao’s heart became alarmed. Turned out, they want to target Su Fei again tomorrow. What is he going to do? Su Fei and Su Ji have become their assassination’s target. How could he protect them both just by relying on himself? As the saying goes, unless he can clone himself.

Qin Chao’s eyes suddenly rolled. He asked again.

“What if your plan failed again this time? Are you going to launch the next plan?”

“Not in a short while,” Lederman said, “continuous assassination attempts will only arouse the target’s vigilance. If we failed this time, we would patiently lurk for some time. After the target relaxes its guard, we will inflict the fatal blow.”

“I see.” Qin Chao was relieved. But, he thinks this will be even more dangerous. Who knows when this skeleton will jump out from the dark like a poisonous snake that wants to bite? It seemed like the only way was to completely destroy this organization and its leader.

“Where are your headquarters?”

Lederman only answered with the words, “I don’t know.”

“Who is your boss?”

“I don’t know!”

“Who hired you to kill the Su sisters?”

“I don’t know!”

“Go fuck your ‘I don’t know!’” Qin Chao lost his mind. But, he quickly calmed down. Seeing the nearby still blushing Hua Niang, he rolled her eyes and came up with an idea.

“Hua Niang, could you do me a favor?”

“Young master please speak…Hua Niang will give it a try…” Hua Niang’s voice was as faint as a mosquito. Fortunately, Qin Chao’s hearing was good. Otherwise, he would have thought Hua Niang was just humming a song.

“Can you recover the werewolf and give him some kind of spell. If they are going to launch their next plan, the spell will make him tell us about the plan.”

“Young master, I’m afraid this is impossible.” Hua Niang looks embarrassed, “The soul-sucking technique that I perform just now was extremely overbearing. It has completely destroyed this man’s awareness, making him into a fool that will answer all questions. I think the type of dark organization like the skeleton wouldn’t want this fool.”

Hearing this, Qin Chao was stunned. Snake demon was indeed a snake demon. Compared to Qin Chao, she is more ruthless when dealing with an enemy.

Seeing the giggling foolishly appearance of the werewolf on the ground, Qin Chao shook his head and pinched an empty air. He directly wrenched apart this guy’s neck with his telekinesis.