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Chapter 74 Night Chase

Qin Chao turned his head. Seeing Su Ji, who was lying at his bedside, in a deep sleep, his heart felt as if he was in a dream.

‘Did I foolishly confess my feelings to her? Did she dauntlessly accept me?’

‘I, I’m not dead, right?’

Qin Chao pinched his cheek. But, perhaps because his skin was too thick, he didn’t feel any pain.

At this time, it was around ten o’clock in the night. Although the outside was so dark, the hospital was still brightly lit. Per Su Fei’s arrangement, Qin Chao was placed in the intensive care room. So, the only patient in the room was Qin Chao; It was extremely silent.

“Smelly guy, cook something for me!” In her dazed, sleep state, Su Ji suddenly shouted out a sentence. It gave Qin Chao a scare.

“I don’t want scrambled eggs with tomatoes! I want to eat sweet and sour short ribs…” After saying that, she buried her head on her arm.

“This chick, every day thinking about food.” Qin Chao picked up his coat and covered Su Ji’s back.

At this moment, the ward door was suddenly pushed open. A man in a white lab coat and doctor’s mask came in. His hands were pushing a cart that was filled with drugs.

The doctor went to Qin Chao’s side, picked up a syringe, and slowly extracted the medicine from a bottle.

“Why do I have to take an injection so late in the night?” Qin Chao was somewhat puzzled. The doctor did not pay him any attention. He went over while holding the needle.

“Doctor, can you tell me what is this medicine?” Qin Chao felt somewhat strange, so, he cannot help but ask.

The doctor seemed impatient. He continued to walk over while ignoring Qin Chao’s question.

Qin Chao suddenly felt that something was wrong. The one who are responsible for giving out injections are the nurses. There’s no way a doctor would personally handle this kind of treatment.

But the doctor suddenly, viciously, jabbed Qin Chao’s neck with that needle. Before Qin Chao’s eyes, he saw the speed of that man’s hand was as quick as the lightning, it ripped through the air.

When Qin Chao stretched out his hand to stop it, the needle in the man’s hand had already reached Qin Chao’s neck.

Feeling the tip of the needle, Qin Chao’s neck went cold. At this critical juncture, a black light suddenly burst out from Qin Chao’s body. Followed out by an enormous bell-shaped smoke. It unexpectedly bounced out that doctor’s body.

To the astonishment of the two people, the smoke slowly condensed and turned into a black bell and floated in front of Qin Chao.

The doctor immediately stood up. When he dropped off the mask, it revealed a familiar foreign face.

“You’re the daytime killer!” Qin Chao suddenly jumped out of the bed. But, the latter sneered, and then leaped out from the window of this four-story building.

“Damn, this guy is not an ordinary man.” Qin Chao stretched out his hand and pointed at Su Ji, “Yinyang Bell, guard her.”

After that, the Yinyang Bell, which has its own intelligence, automatically floated atop of Su Ji’s body and protecting this sleeping girl for Qin Chao.

As for Qin Chao. Dressed in a hospital gown, he poked his head through the window.

Under the boundless night sky, all the patients were already asleep. Besides the street lights, there was nobody on the outside lawn.

When he felt suddenly felt cold on the back of his neck, Qin Chao subconsciously, quickly, retracted his head back. He saw a figure in a white lab coat, in which the hands were apparently a pair of hairy animal claw, fell from the upstairs.

Qin Chao no longer hesitated. He immediately jumped out of the window. At this time, he was no longer the simple basic shape stage little devil chief, but a divine concentration stage devil intelligence. His body has reached the peak of human performance.

The assassin was running on the ground with both his hands and feet. His body now was quite large, with beastly fingernails, pointy ears, and face that was unusually long.

Especially his shocking green eyes that exuded an eerie gloominess, as he coldly took a glance at Qin Chao. He then reached out his claw and climbed to the top of the roof.

While his hands were still holding onto the window, Qin Chao changed into his devil state. With his beastly claw’s fingernail, he easily climbed the wall, which has become like mud to him. He then pursued the killer werewolf to the roof.

Before he arrived on the roof, he felt a surge of chill air coming toward him. Qin Chao immediately tucked both of his feet into the drainpipe in front of his body, his whole body attached to the wall’s surface.

A gust of wind swept the roof. The werewolf’s right paw maliciously swept back. But, it only scratched empty air.

Taking advantage of this gap, Qin Chao turned up and jumped to the roof. He saw the werewolf standing there, with the right paw outstretched. He coldly watched Qin Chao, as if he was staring at a dead man.

Qin Chao also stared at the werewolf. After squeezing his joints, which issued ‘ka-ka’ sound, he asked. “The skeleton has such monster?”

“Compared to me, you are the one who’s a monster.” The other side finally spoke. Unexpectedly, he spoke fluent Chinese. “The great skeleton has the force of darkness.”

With that, he reached out his sharp finger, pointed it at Qin Chao, and said, “In the face of the darkness, you and the two women can only die.”

“I don’t think so.” Qin Chao turned out his hospital’s gown pocket, only to find it filled with chewing gum. After unable to find the smoke and the lighter, he could not help but shrug his shoulder, “After provoking me, I think you were the one who are going to die.”

“Arrogant man. Go to hell!” The werewolf growled, bent his four limbs, and rapidly swooped over.

Qin Chao immediately jumped from the roof. He made a pre-emptive move by throwing his foot and ruthlessly kicking the werewolf’s head.

“Ow!” The werewolf wailed, his whole body was thrown out and he nearly fell from the roof. Fortunately, he grabbed the floor at the last second.

“How was that possible?!” He scrambled up and looked at Qin Chao in horror, “How could a human have such terrible strength!’

“The matter that you cannot think of are many.” Qin Chao immediately rushed toward him. The werewolf now knows that he is no match for Qin Chao. Therefore, he quickly chooses a better tactic, which is escape!

He jumped out from the roof, rolled into a ball, and then crashed into the window of the opposite building.

With a crash sound, he fell into the opposite side’s corridor. A little loli, who wore a hospital gown, stood in the hallway while looking at this ‘fell from the sky’ werewolf with a somewhat dull look.

When the killer werewolf saw that little girl, his green pupils suddenly flashed out an intention to kill.

The little loli shivered, her little body couldn’t help but leaning against the wall behind her.

But before the werewolf made his move, Qin Chao screamed while taking a flying leap. He jumped over to chase the werewolf.

The werewolf gave up the idea to kill the witness. He immediately climbed the wall above him. Using his four limbs, he wildly dashed along the wall.

With another crash sound, Qin Chao shattered the adjacent window and fell into the corridor.

Seeing the panicky look of the little loli, he immediately smiled, squatted beside her, took out the chewing gum from his pocket, and stuffed it in her hands. He also didn’t forget to smoothly pinch her face.

“Little sister be good. Brother gave this candy for you. Remember not to tell anyone, ok!”

After that, he got up and ran away, leaving the little loli cluttered in the hallway.

A woman ran out from one of the wards, took her daughter’s hand, and said. “Little Ai, what are you doing here! The corridor is cold at night. Come home with mama.”

“Mama-mama!” The little girl immediately hold her mother’s thigh, saying, “There was a big scary werewolf, that jumped out of the window!”

While shouting with her mouth, the little girl pointed her finger at the window.

“Little Ai, you have such incredible imagination. Later on, you must learn from your dad. In the future, you can write your own web novel!” The mother touched her child’s hair and then took her into the ward.

The little girl cried, “No, it’s true! Mama, I’m not lying!”

“Uh uh, no lying, little Ai! Go, mama will tell you a wolf story.”

Qin Chao had no time to flirt with the little loli. He was chasing the werewolf, which was running on the wall, in the hallway. This werewolf, although his skill was not too high, his escape velocity was first class.

“Stop! Stop running!” Qin Chao growled twice. While chasing the werewolf, he continued to use his telekinetic ability by throwing the chairs and other things in the corridor, toward the werewolf, who was still madly dashing on the wall.

But the werewolf was really agile, none of the things that were thrown out by Qin Chao hit him.

“I said stop!” Qin Chao has gotten angry. He growled again and again.

“Are you idiot?” The werewolf couldn’t help but reply, “Only a fool would stop!”

After that, he suddenly jumped and leaped out of the window.

There was wood outside the window. After he had fallen onto that wood, he rolled on the ground for a bit, and then he immediately jumped up and ran.

Qin Chao also jumped down and directly fell on the ground. His whole body suddenly shivered after his feet heavily step on the ground. Dull pain came from his chest. It appeared that his injury had not fully healed. But Qin Chao endured. He summoned his lucky old bike from his storage ring and rode it.

The tires gave off red spark on the ground. After laughing in the dark a couple of times, he pedaled his bike and soon almost caught up with that killer werewolf.

The werewolf became depressed. He thought he had escaped. But, when he glanced back, he saw the security guard, who still wore hospital gown, was riding with a whistling speed on top of an old bicycle.

The bike was like a Ferrari; it will soon catch up with him.

“Damn! What is this thing!” The werewolf was surprised. He immediately changed his direction and climbed the nearby building.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Qin Chao did not hesitate even a little. He continues to pursue while riding his bicycle. The werewolf’s eyes almost fell out of its sockets because of fright. He gathered his energy and madly dashed upward.

Qin Chao also pedaled his bike faster, closely followed behind the werewolf. No matter how fast the opposite party ran, he could not escape Qin Chao’s palm.

“Damn, stop chasing me!” The werewolf finally could not resist raging out.

“Are you idiot?” Qin Chao laughed while saying, “Only a fool would stop chasing you!”

The two people were in tandem. Qin Chao was never slowed down. After climbing to the roof, the werewolf started to jump between buildings. Behind him, Qin Chao occasionally acted like a tour guide to him. Telling him the name of the building or that building was the newly constructed International Trade building, and so on.

After a while, that werewolf’s nose crooked. After he jumped to the roof of a building, he suddenly stopped and looked at Qin Chao pantingly.

“Hey, why are you stopping here?” Qin Chao jumped off from his bike and sneered while leaning against it, “If you continue to run, we’ll probably arrive at Jingyang City.”

“Damn it! You, go to hell!” The werewolf loudly roared. Waving his claw, the werewolf pounced toward Qin Chao once again.