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Chapter 73 Be My Girlfriend

“Just give your life to me.” A man dressed in black stood across from Qin Chao. There is a little black bell, which is engraved with a seal script, floating in front of his body. The bell moves around left and right as if it has its own intelligence.

“Who are you?” Qin Chao doubtfully looked at the man in front of him with a somewhat panicked look, only to find that the man exuded a powerful aura that oppressed Qin Chao’s body.

“Who am I? You actually asked me who am I?” The man burst out in laughter that shook the clouds and tumbled the sky. “You think of me so many times. Yet, you don’t even know who I am. This is so funny, so damn funny.”

“You are Luo De?” Qin Chao was surprised. He always thought that Luo De was just an empty shell, a residual trace. How could he have a conversation with him today?

This feeling was similar as if you bought an inflatable doll. When you were happily having sex with it, the doll then suddenly speaks; that would shake you up.

It felt pretty weird.

“There is nothing surprising about this. I am only a wisp of residual soul right now.” Luo De coldly stared at Qin Chao, and said, “In the devil cultivation realm, I am the strongest Devil God. Even if you add your natural born devil body, who has a powerful soul, with the Buddhist incantation beads, it is impossible to completely destroy me. But, just relying on this residual soul alone, I cannot take over your body. At most, I can only affect your mind.”

“No wonder….” Qin Chao suddenly said, “Recently, I became more and more bloodthirsty, and more going along with my nature.”

“Hahahaha! You, this kid, don’t shit on my head, will you. That’s just the side effect of practicing the devil cultivation method. It didn’t have anything to do with me.”

“This wisp of remnant soul is severely damaged. I, Luo De, have freely crisscrossing the world for a millennia. But I ended up barely managing to maintain a feeble existence. Now, I have accepted the situation and want to move on. Taking advantage of this time, when you are in your weakest state, I want to completely give you this thread of residual soul of mine.”

“You, you want to devour my soul?” Qin Chao’s whole body felt scared.

“If I had the strength, why would I argue with you?” Luo De glared at him. “In my, Luo De, famous years, there is an artifact that I was most proud of. It is called the Yinyang Bell. It is a very powerful defensive artifact. But, the moment I fell, the Yinyang Bell was also broken. Now, I will use the remaining of my remnant soul’s power to recast this instrument. I want you to use this bell; every day you will slowly quench it; making it more powerful as your power grows. In time, I will be able to return to this world again, in the spirit form.”

“When you come back, what are you planning to do?” Qin Chao asked him warily.

“What am I going to do? Perhaps I once had this big desire for revenge. But for now, I just want to come back.” Luo De’s drifting eyes had a trace of desolation in it, “This artifact is entirely controlled by its host. If you do not agree, there is nothing that I can do. I, Luo De, have only one purpose: survival.”

Survival is a fundamental human instinct. Even the thousand years old Devil God is no exception. Qin Chao looked at this Devil God in the eyes. He weighed a bit. In the future, he will have many life and death battles. Currently, what he lacked was a powerful artifact. If he had used this defensive artifact, perhaps he wouldn’t have fallen so hard today.

“Okay, I promise you.”

“Good, you are indeed worthy to be called the successor of the devil path. I’m glad.” Luo De laughed again. The elegant demeanor of the powerful Devil God has returned, “Then, receive my spirit! Yinyang Bell, GO!”

When Luo De’s voice fell, he suddenly turned into a black smoke and drifted into the floating bell.

The bell immediately, shook violently and began to rotate around Qin Chao. It suddenly jumped a bit, then with a howl, crashed into Qin Chao’s body.

“Ah!” Feeling a severe pain, Qin Chao was kicked out from his mini universe.

With a cold sweat, Qin Chao suddenly opened his eyes and sat up from a soft bed. White color was all around him. There was also the smell of disinfectant floating in the air.

He was in the hospital.

Through her glasses, the eyes of Su Fei, who was sitting on the side, became big. She was surprised.

Her hand was still holding a white towel. She seemed to wipe away Qin Chao’s sweat just now.

“You’re awake!” Su Fei felt the huge rock that was pressing on her heart suddenly fall to the ground. To save her, Qin Chao had blocked the shot that was meant for her. It really frightened her.

When Qin Chao collapsed in a pool of blood, she went so far as to feel colic. It was as if the bullet had hit her, instead of Qin Chao.

“You and Su Ji are alright?” The meaning of these words was clear. Qin Chao cares about her sister’s safety. This made Su Fei’s heart simultaneously feel warm and a bit sour. At the end of the day, Su Ji is still in his heart.

“It’s okay, don’t worry.” Su Fei gently replied.

“What about the assassin?”

“When his shot missed, he ran away. The cops haven’t caught the killer.” Su Fei shook her head. When she saw Qin Chao was going to speak, she suddenly stretched out her finger to press his lips.

“Don’t talk anymore. The doctor said you needed to rest.” She blushed a little and retrieved her finger. In order to cover up her embarrassment, she picked up an apple on the table and slowly started to peel it. Unlike Su Ji, she peels the apple carefully. She can even maintain an even cut on its skin.

Qin Chao really wanted to nip her fingers in his mouth. But, before this evil idea took form, he immediately withdraws it.

“Qin Chao, who exactly are you? The doctor said you’re a miracle in the medical world. That bullet went through your lung. To the average person, even if they somehow survive, they would, at least, be badly hurt. But, it turned out your lung healed itself. As long as you recuperate well, you can recover your health. Later on, it will be as if you were never shot.”

“Of course, I want to be alive and well.” Qin Chao laughed, “Otherwise, how could I protect the two of you? This security job really put one’s life on the line.”

When Qin Chao just sighed with emotion, the front door of this hospital ward was suddenly shoved open. Su Ji this chick, dressed in the red windproof coat, hurriedly walked in.

“Qin Chao, you woke up!” Seeing Qin Chao sat on the hospital bed, Su Ji was pleasantly surprised. She swooped over, grabbed him, and put her head on his chest rather hard.

“You fool! You almost scared me to death!” She punched Qin Chao in the chest several times. The bullet wound in his chest has not healed completely; He immediately bared his teeth in pain.

“Su Ji, be easy on him. He hasn’t recovered yet.” Su Fei’s face went white. The apple that she was peeling was cut in half.

“It’s okay, sis. This guy here is strong. This is nothing to him.” Su Ji said. In order to confirm this, she put out her hand and punched Qin Chao twice in the chest again.

“Don’t, don’t put too much force!” Su Fei hastily said.

“Sister, what are you afraid of?” Su Ji turned her head and rolled her eyes at Qin Chao, “tell me, did it hurt?”

“It didn’t hurt,….” When Qin Chao looked at Su Ji, his eyes suddenly became very gentle. Su Fei gave him the feeling of breathtaking while Su Ji gave him the feeling of warmth.

When he and this little girl were together like this, it was as if he will never feel sad.

Su Ji stared at Qin Chao’s eyes and said, “Hmm, your eyes doesn’t seem quite right. Speak! What wretched things were you thinking about!?”

“Su Ji, do you want to be my girlfriend….?” Mysteriously, the words that were in Qin Chao’s mind, were suddenly blurted out in the open.

The three people in the room were all petrified. The atmosphere became somewhat strange.

“Ahem…” Qin Chao can feel his face blushed. He coughed a couple of times to break this awkward situation.

Su Ji also woke up from her trance. This chick’s face was red, but she still fiercely said, “Before the age of 30, this young lady will not be dating anybody!”

“Ah?” Qin Chao was taken aback. Could it be this chick really wanted to become a nun? Is he going to be like a lone star, forever lonely and only be accompanied by his right hand for his entire life?

“However, recently, my Gemini horoscope told me that if I found my love one then dating him, it would bring me even more luck. Since that was what my horoscope said, then, I will reluctantly accept you.”

“Ah!” Qin Chao went silly again. This excuse was a little bit too much.

The pain in his chest was gone. It was now filled with surprise.

“However, there is one caveat.” Su Ji pointed Qin Chao’s chest and said with a threatening tone, “If you don’t agree, we go our separate ways. You go across the log bridge and I will pass Yangguan Road (Southern Pass on the south Silk Road in Gansu).”

“Why not you the one who go across the log bridge? Moreover, we could have just gone to Liangshan City (City in Shandong Province) together. Your tone felt really weird.”

“Enough talk. I ask you, do you agree with this caveat or not!?”

“Tell me first, what is your condition?”

“Hmph, hmph, I want you to become this young lady’s chef. I dare you to reject this again.”

“Oh, this? That’s easy. I’ll cook you anything you want, every day.”

“Really? You won’t get paid, you know!”

“It’s fine If I don’t get paid. This elder brother is not short of money.”

The two people happily sweet talking each other. But, the nearby Su Fei felt sour in the pit of her stomach and stifled in the chest. She gently put down the peeled apple, walked into the outside hallway and leaned against the cold wall.

Tears, that was uncontrollable by her, suddenly drip down her face.

‘Why would I feel sad?’ Su Fei took off her glasses and covered her face with her hands to cry in silent. ‘I only met this man a few times. Why would his position in my heart suddenly become so heavy?’

‘Su Fei, oh Su Fei. Why won’t you get angry? Why would you cry yourself over a man? It’s not worth it!’

‘He is just an insignificant security guard. He has nothing. You simply felt safe around him, making you cannot help but to rely on him.’

‘Such men are everywhere. Correct, they are everywhere!’

Who knows, even after this, Su Fei’s heart actually became even sadder and sour. The tears kept flowing nonstop.

The noise from the two people bickering vaguely coming out from inside the ward. This is the first time Su Fei felt so envious of her sister.

“Qin Chao, if you dare to mistreat my sister, I’ll definitely won’t let you off!” Su Fei clenched her fists, wiped away her tears, and calmed herself down.

“Big Miss.” Jiang Dong came up from the stairways. When he saw Su Fei’s eyes were red, he was immediately taken aback, and hastily said, “Big Miss, what’s wrong with you? Who bullied you? I’ll kill him!”

“It’s nothing. Some dust entered my eyes; that’s all.” Su Fei indifferently said and waved her hand to Jiang Dong, “Prepare the car. We’re going to school. The school must be in a mess right now.”

“Yes, Big Miss.” Jiang Dong beckoned with his hand. A few bodyguards dressed in suit immediately came from behind him and stood around Su Fei. At this time, because of safety concerns, Su Fei cannot refuse these bodyguards anymore.

Looking at the bodyguard’s cold as weapon demeanor, Su Fei suddenly sighed. If only Qin Chao were by her side, that would be great.