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Chapter 72 This Is The City Of Suzhou

Han Enxi is a top student at the Seoul National University. Young and beautiful. She is the teacher’s pet. So, for this occasion of students exchange with China, her mentor especially left a quota for her.

Therefore, Han Enxi with her several classmates and their leading teacher took a plane to fly to China. In their view, they would come to a country of villagers.

When they get out of the plane, Han Enxi and her classmates all had the same expression, that was, full of surprises. On the television, they always saw China as a backward country, full of mountains. The students who want to go to school have to pass through the mountains. The condition is tough.

But, this time, they saw with their own eyes various high-rise buildings. Typical for highly developed cities.

“Are we really in China?” Han Enxi’s friend, Kim Woo, mused.

Kim Woo is also one of Seoul National University’s outstanding students. He is the top student in the department of physical education. Although he is still young, he already mastered the Tae Kwon Do black belt. He once tried to woo Han Enxi to no avail. Because she dislikes simple-minded boys who only rely on brute strength like Kim Woo. In her opinion, fighting is a barbaric act.

She thinks that her future husband should be an engineer or a magazine editor. The kind of gentle elegance, with gold-rimmed glasses, and body that exudes a deep sense of elegance and air of scholarly refinement.

“Could it be that the plane had a problem, therefore it turned around and took us back to Seoul?” While crossing his arms in the back seat, Kim Woo said with a trace of sarcasm.

“Students, this is the city of Suzhou, China.” The leading teacher stood in the front, seemingly wanting to answer the previous question, “Although it appears that this city is glamorous, we should not be deceived by its appearance! China is a very backward country. Their people are also below the average in quality. We came here with a sacred mission to advance the state of civilization of this country. Making them know our Korean national culture is outstanding!”

“Yes!” Ten students replied in unison.

The bus soon pulled into the outskirts of the Suzhou City. Seeing a piece of farmland as well as a distance cottage, the leading teacher then said.

“You guys can see for yourself. This is the real face of Suzhou City. As you can see, there are quite a lot of modern cars on the roadside. In this country, the ones who can afford to drive a modern car are powerful and rich people.

At this point, a tractor, with a ‘chug-chug-chug’ sound, appeared before them, blocking their path.

“Enxi, look!” Kim Woo immediately pointed and said, “This must be the transportation for the common people here in China!”

Just then, a silver Mercedes-Benz E300 drove past them. These several South Korean students were somewhat dumbfounded.

“This should be their city leader’s vehicle.” Kim Woo was pretty sure of his assessment.

Twenty minutes later, the bus finally reached their destination, Guangyuan College’s gate. Three other busses have stopped by the side. It appears that the South Korean representatives were one of the last to arrive.

Han Enxi got out of the car and looked at the front of this Chinese University. She suddenly thought that this school’s appearance is not that much different than her Seoul National University.

“This should be China’s top University.” Kim Woo put out his own view again.

“You look at their security guard.” Kim Woo pointed at the security guard at the entrance, and said “Look at this guy. He must be around 40 years old. What are they going to do with this ‘uncle-level’ character? How could he possibly able to protect the safety of the students here? In our Soul National University, such a thing is impossible.”

Han Enxi shook her head; she did not speak. At this time, the teacher began to lead everyone into the school. Inside the college bus, they slowly drove toward the school’s outdoor auditorium.

Although Guanyuan School is not a top-rated university, its building and hardware are absolutely among the first class in China. This is one of the reasons why the Suzhou City leader agreed for the students exchanges to be held here.

Therefore, these South Korean students were bedazzled. They all felt as if they were back in their Seoul National University.

In the auditorium, Kim Woo pointed at the beautiful principal that was sitting on the podium, exclaiming, “That woman is so beautiful! She must have our Koran blood. Enxi, you can speak Chinese, right? Later on, you should talk to her. Ask her if one of her parents were born somewhere in Korea.”

Han Enxi shook her head again. She didn’t like it. So, she looked around a bit and found out that there was a crisp young security guard that stood nearby. Therefore, she approached him, then, with a half-cooked Chinese, asked.

“Excuse me, the welcoming ceremony….’die’ (when) will it ‘stay overnight’ (begin)?” (TL: the sounding of these words is almost the same in Chinese)

Qin Chao froze for a moment, thinking, ‘what did this Korean chick talk about?’ Before him stood a pretty Korean girl, who wore a white trench coat with a mohair scarf wrapped around her neck. The typical Korean dress.

Qin Chao was also unsure what to make off with this chick. She didn’t have the sesame seed cake face that is typical for the Korean girl. Moreover, her eyes are large.

Qin Chao touched his nose and said, “I’m sorry, could you say it again?”

“Excuse me, the welcoming ceremony, die will it stay?” Han Enxi was very patient. She seemed to know her Chinese proficiency is not that good. So, she asked again.

“Ooo, you want to ask what time the ceremony will begin.” Qin Chao suddenly enlightened. He loudly whispered using proper Mandarin, “I don’t know. It’s probably in an hour.”

“Oh…” Han Enxi frowned while thinking in her heart, ‘why wouldn’t they just immediately started the ceremony?’ “Thank you.”

“Enxi, why would you be courteous toward a security guard?” The nearby Kim Woo, although he doesn’t understand Chinese, he knows the two words ‘thank you,’ asked.

“This is just a courtesy.” Han Enxi gave him a look, “I don’t want anybody to think that we, Korean people, are rude.”

The reception ceremony is very straightforward. The main event is when the Guangyuan School’s Principal and the few city leaders gave their speech in turn. After that, each country’s delegate will be given the chance to make a statement, and then it’s over.

After giving the several city leaders their chance to finished their speech, Su Fei straightened her collar, pushed her glasses and stood in front of the podium.

Qin Chao found out that this chick’s eloquence is so good. She often used Japanese, English, and Korean supplements in her speech.

The exchange students were already gripped by Su Fei’s breathtaking beauty. Coupled with her cleverly used foreign languages, their admiration level increased to the level of foolishness.

Su Fei did not know how long this welcoming ceremony should last. Her speech took more than ten minutes. Moreover, she answered a lot of questions raised by the students.

There was a thunderous applause following the completion of her speech.

From the British students delegation, a foreigner with a large nose and blue eyes walked to the podium while holding a bouquet of flowers.

Seeing this man, the leading teacher from the British student delegation whispered in English.

Hearing this, Han Enxi, who has a good understanding of English, frowned.

This scene caught Qin Chao’s attention. He quickly asked her, “student, what was that guy talking about?”

“He ‘at’ (said), he seems to have never seen this individual.” Han Enxi politely responded to Qin Chao.

Qin Chao’s eyebrows jumped. Qin Chao saw that British man was holding flowers, with a faint smile, slowly stepped onto the podium. Qin Chao suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

“Not good!” Qin Chao screamed. He immediately separated the crowd and rushed to the podium.

Seeing Qin Chao’s anxious look, Kim Woo asked, “That security guard went crazy?”

“I don’t know. But he seems to know about something.” Han Enxi was also confused.

Since the one who brought the flowers came from the British delegation, Su Fei naturally politely accepted it. But, at this time, the scene quickly changed. The man suddenly pulled out a silver pistol from the flowers and, with a trace of a satisfactory smile, pointed its muzzle at Su Fei’s forehead.

Seeing this scene, everyone was stunned. The faces of the several city leaders were white with fear. The student exchanges program was their initiative. If Guangyuan School’s Principal was killed by the British representatives, they would probably be implicated.

Su Fei was also stunned. The face behind her glasses revealed a panic look.

“Sister!” Su Ji, who was sitting in the nearby seat of honor, turned pale. She held up her wrists, which showed her Buddhist prayer beads. At this time, she doesn’t give a damn toward any rules or custom. Her elder sister’s life was on the line.

At this critical juncture, a blue tiger figure suddenly jumped on to the two-meter high podium, grasped the British man, and threw him on the ground.

“Bang!” At this time, the man pulled the trigger. Its bullet fired into the sky.

The whole venue then went into a riot. Anxious about their own safety, the students quickly cleared the place.

Han Enxi was also pulled away by Kim Woo. This young Korean girl glanced back twice. On the podium, the young security guard was still struggling with the gunman.

She said to Kim Woo, “He is very bright and courageous.”

“Damn, damn you Skeleton! Keep on coming on and on aren’t you!?” Qin Chao said to the British man, who was pinned to the ground by him, and slammed with his fists, pounded the guy’s face.

“Peng!” To Qin Chao surprise, the later actually able to block his fists by clasping it with his palm.

The opposite party’s strength was obviously not on the same level as an ordinary people.

The moment Qin Chao became startled, the man on the ground simultaneously threw out his foot to push Qin Chao, who was pressuring him on the ground, to the side.

“Bam!” Qin Chao fell to the side and quickly stood up.

The killer jumped up and tried to pick up the pistol that fell to the side just a moment ago.

“Plop!” At this time, someone’s foot, who wore high-heeled shoes, came and kicked away that pistol.

After kicking that pistol, Su Fei quickly stepped back, clutched her chest, and heavily breathed cold air several times.

Qin Chao was shocked. He did not expect this chick to be so bold. Although he was surprised, his movement was without any hesitation. He dashed to leap toward the killer.

“Bye-bye!” That British man sneered facetiously; He no longer tried to kill Su Fei. He turned around and ran like a speeding bullet. In an instant, he vanished among the campus buildings.

Qin Chao did not try to pursue him because the repression that he felt in his heart has not dissipated.

After entering the divine concentration stage, whenever there was a danger nearby, he would feel this kind of oppression.

He concentrated his qi and looked around. The surrounding students were gone, leaving nobody on the square. When he turned around, he suddenly found a flashing of faint white light from a nearby roof.

“Su Fei, look out!” Qin Chao was full of horror. He almost subconsciously threw himself to the front of the somewhat startled Su Fei.

Tearing pain came from his chest. A rotating bullet pierced through Qin Chao and pinned him to the ground. In the midst of the screaming voices, Qin Chao felt as if he was immersed in the ocean’s wave. He saw the two lovely sisters, Su Ji and Su Fei, run towards him. His awareness continued to fade. He then thoroughly succumbed to the darkness.