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Chapter 71 A Mistake

Qin Chao was lying on the sofa. Although Su Fei was lying in the adjacent room, he felt very weird. It was as if that extraordinary beauty was lying by his side.

In less than a month, his bedroom has been occupied by three beautiful girls. The two Su sisters as well as his neighbor, little Li Na.

Could it be that his ancestors had heard his difficulties, therefore, they are sending him some luck?

In the dark, Qin Chao gave himself a slap in the mouth; castigating himself for having such thoughts. Whether it’s Su Fei or Su Ji, they are not his dish. As for Li Na, she was too little. He cannot go after such a young girl.

Otherwise, even if Xu Mei could forgive him, he can’t forgive himself.

At the minimum, he must wait until this chick enters the college.

“Plak!” Qin Chao gave himself a slap.

Rosy silently appeared behind Qin Chao and then suddenly said, “Aiya, stop hitting yourself. Looking you like this, Renjia’s heart is really hurt.”

Without a hint of surprise, Qin Chao buried his head on the pillow and muttered.

“Rosy, what are you doing coming this late at night?”

“In hell, Renjia was thinking about you. Seeing your tangled look, Renjia felt really bad. How about you make a wish? I’ll immediately make Su Fei become proactive! She will be your tripod furnace for your cultivation practice. If you absorb her Yin element and combine it with your Yang element by making love with her, you can enter the fourth stage, foundation building, really fast.”

“I don’t need it!” Qin Chao pushed aside the devil woman that was leaning by his side, “I already told you, regarding cultivation training, I want to rely on my own ability. Moreover, could you please stop enticing me to be a criminal? Every time there was a girl that slept in my bedroom, you always come out to lead me astray.”

“This is Renjia’s responsibility. As a devil, it is naturally my job to guide you to do sinful things. Otherwise, did you expect me to lead you to do good deeds? You have to look for an angel for that job.

“Well, I implore you, please let me off. Since I already made a wish, give me face and let me sleep, okay? I have to send Su Fei to work tomorrow morning.”

With that, Qin Chao turned his head and ignored this attractive devil woman. On this day, he was really exhausted. Before long, he fell into a deep sleep.

“Qin Chao, I’m sorry, this is my fault. I hope you can find a better woman than me.” A beautiful woman in a beige trench coat, who is carrying suitcases, stood across from Qin Chao with an indifferent look.

“Shanshan! Where are you going?” Qin Chao, who just came back from the outside, happen to stop his girlfriend at his apartment entrance.

“I cannot go on like this….I’m sick of eating instant noodles everyday. I cannot stand the stare that other people give me. My friends around me already bought houses to get married. But, my boyfriend doesn’t even have a job.”

She took a deep breath to calm down, and said, “We are all adults, therefore, we should behave like one. We became a couple in a proper way. So, I want us to separate in a civil manner too…”

Then, carrying all her luggage, she left the completely silly looking Qin Chao and went downstairs without even giving him a single glance.

“Shanshan, don’t go!” Hearing the corridor door being shoved open, Qin Chao immediately recovered from his stupor and ran down the building with fear that is continually knotting his stomach. When he opened the hallway door, his girlfriend was already sitting in a Nissan car. In the driver position, sat one of his college classmates.

This man is so fat, so much so that his facial features were almost unrecognizable. But, his family was quite wealthy. Now he works in some institution with 8000 yuan monthly salary. His other details were only vaguely remembered by Qin Chao because this is the information that stood up whenever his girlfriend occasionally brought it into the conversation with him.

Those two were already in contact for some time. But he was like a moron that was smothered with grain, completely oblivious.

Those two people were talking and laughing while ignoring the one that was standing nearby. Like a gigolo that was struck by lightning, he stood there while the car drove away, leaving him in a cloud of dust.

“Was this what you were dreaming about?”

A warm embrace suddenly hugged Qin Chao gently from behind. His whole body shook. He cannot help but wake up; coming back from the dreamland.


“Can you smell me even in your dream?”

The beautiful devil woman gently went over to the front of Qin Chao and stared into his eyes, “She is your former girlfriend, right?”

“Why are you asking me these questions?” Qin Chao looked away, “Moreover, why did you spy on my dream?”

“Renjia was just bored. When Renjia strolls around, Renjia got lost and came into your dream. Don’t be angry, Renjia didn’t do this on purpose.”

Regarding this persistently unreasonable devil woman, Qin Chao actually can’t bring himself to be angry at her.

“Just forget this dream.” Qin Chao became somewhat frustrated. He didn’t know where to hide from this woman.

“Might as well have a sweet dream….” Rosy’s fluttery eyes unexpectedly have a trace of sympathy and affection in it. With a wave of her hand, Qin Chao once again plunged into the dreamland. But, this time, it was a sweet dream….or, to be precise, it was a wet dream.

The next morning. Qin Chao woke up early to make the breakfast for Su Fei and him. Different than Su Ji, Su Fei doesn’t like to wake up late. She woke up very early, washed herself, and went into the kitchen to make breakfast.

“Are you awake?” Su Fei smiles at Qin Chao. Her body was wrapped around by a cute apron that once belonged to his ex-girlfriend.

“Breakfast will be ready soon. Wash your hand first.”

“Em, ok….” Qin Chao went into the bathroom in a daze. After washing himself, he sobered up.

‘Holy crap! Su Fei is making him breakfast!’

When he came out again, two cups of brewed coffee, as well as Su Fei’s homemade sandwiches were already set on the table.

After looking at these sumptuous Western-style breakfasts, tears immediately streaming down Qin Chao’s face.

“Never would have thought that in my, Qin Chao, entire lifetime, there will be this day, when my own Boss made me a breakfast.”

“Hurry up and eat. This will get you to shut your mouth for a while.” Su Fei rolled her eyes.

“Em, after this, I’ll take you to work.”

“No need. I already contacted Jiang Dong. He will come to pick me up. To avoid being late, you can come along with me….well, even though your cycling speed is also quite fast.”

After that, she blinked her eyes, then asked with a hint of hope, “Do you really not want to be my bodyguard? The salary is high, you know!”

Qin Chao touched his nose and said, “Just forget it. I always felt that this bodyguard profession is too weird.”

“Hmph, never mind then.” Su Fei no longer brought up this topic. After gracefully cleaning up the breakfast, she dressed herself and went downstairs.

At this time, Qin Chao found out that Jiang Dong was already waiting for them downstairs. The silver Mercedes-Benz E300 sat there quietly. Jiang Dong was leaning against the car, smoking.

Seeing the Su Fei and Qin Chao come out together, Jiang Dong expression was somewhat strange. He immediately dropped the cigarette and opened the car.

This location is where ordinary people live. When a Mercedes-Benz stops by, it immediately attracts a lot of attention.

When they saw Qin Chao go into the car, they were all guessing in their heart. Did this kid suddenly get rich? Or just living off of a rich woman?

“Big Miss, Secretary Qin Ling said that the various exchanges students will be coming soon. When the time comes, you were asked to lead the welcoming party.” Jiang Dong said while driving.

“Mm, I know.” Su Fei went back to her icy demeanor.

“Big Miss, there is also this second thing.” This time, Jiang Dong tone was a little urgent, “Considering the last night assassination attempt, I think Big Miss should return to Jingyang city.”

“No, things will get busy here. I can’t go back.” Su Fei shook her head. She rejected the proposal.

“Then, at least, recall a couple of bodyguards from home so that they can protect you here.”

“No, I don’t like being followed by a group of people.” Su Fei refused his suggestion again, thus made Jiang Dong scratch his head.

“Then, Big Miss, what about your safety? There is clearly someone who is eyeing you two sisters. And I am responsible for the safety of you both!”

“Don’t worry, there are security guards in school.”

“What use of those bunch of useless security guards for!? All that money spent for a bunch of scrap wood!”

“Ahem…” Qin Chao finally could not continue to listen anymore. He coughed a couple of time, “Sorry, what you said make me feel embarrassed.”

“Ah, sorry, I forgot that you’re also a security guard.” Jiang Dong scratched his head again. He was more embarrassed than Qin Chao, “Moreover, I don’t think being a security guard is suitable for you. You’re more suitable as a professional bodyguard. Why don’t you become the private bodyguard of Big Miss now?”

After seeing Qin Chao’s prowess with his own eyes, Jiang Dong was very certain about Qin Chao capabilities.

Su Fei’s eyes teasingly looked at Qin Chao. Qin Chao became even more embarrassed. He coughed a couple of times and simply turned his head to look outside of the car.

“What about Su Ji?”

“She was still sleeping. I’ll take her to school after this.”

“M, pay attention to her safety while you drive. I don’t want something bad happened to her.” Su Fei secretly took a glance at Qin Chao, who was sitting next to her. Thinking, ‘There are two of us sisters. Which one do you want to protect?’

Su Fei did not realize how bizarre her thinking was; That is, trying to compete with her own sister.

The car soon pulled into the school. Guangyuan College was completely different now, with banners plastered everywhere.

“Warmly Welcome All Of The Country’s Delegation.”

“Welcome Students.” (In English)

All sort of banners hung at the school. Making Qin Chao amazed by how quick the preparation was. To tell the truth, in his entire life, he came across a foreigner only once. That was when he was still in college. The foreigner was an African-American that taught spoken English to his class. That foreigner spoke with peculiar accent. Making Qin Chao thought that he must have come from a rural part of USA.

There was no one coming from the security office. So, as the security guard, it was Qin Chao’s duty to open school’s gate.

“O yeah, today should be my schedule to take a time off!” Qin Chao racked his head, cried, “After a week I could have taken a day off. But last night, I even took the Director to sleep in my place. Oh, tragic!”

“Morning, brother Qin!” His colleague soon came one after another. With Zhang Li as the first one who greeted him, “Night duty is quite exhausting isn’t it? Let me take over from here. Brother Qin can go back and rest now.”

“No, it’s ok. I plan to work overtime today.” Qin Chao beckoned with his hand. He vaguely felt something will happen today. “The school will hold the welcoming party today. Pay more attention. Don’t let Principal Su be in any danger.”

“How could there be any danger here?” Zhang Li laughed and said, “This is just a welcoming party, not the United States President’s press conference.”

How could Zhang Li know that Su Fei has been eyed by an International Assassin Organization? One would never know when that organization will attempt to take Su Fei’s life again.