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Chapter 70 Spend The Night With Su Fei

Before this time, Qin Chao saw this device only on television. The device appeared similar to a small TV screen. It showed a traffic map of Suzhou city with a flashing little red dot on top of it.

“The red dot is their Citroen car. Quickly pursue them,” said Rosy, and then she suddenly leaned closer and left a sweet kiss on Qin Chao’s lips.

Rosy’s kiss is always a little overbearing. Even the somewhat experienced Qin Chao had a feeling of suffocation.

“This kiss was to complete your transaction.” Rosy blinked, “Incidentally, this also left a mark on your 1/10 soul.”

“No wonder the kiss felt a little strange…” Qin Chao touched his lips. The upper lip seemed to retain Rosy’s residual warmth.

“Quickly chase. If they get off their car, you may lose them.” Rosy urged him. After that, her body turned into a cloud of black smoke and dissipated from the roof.

Qin Chao fixed the GPS navigator on his bike. He increasingly feels like his bike is even more unusual.

“Let’s go, my lucky artifact!”

With that, he pedaled his bike. It roared and fell on top of another building, then disappeared into the darkness.

At this time, in Suzhou city. Two men are in the middle of a conversation inside a black Citroen.

“Okay, the superior has changed their plan. It doesn’t concern us anymore.”

“Damn, I don’t believe it.” The driver gnashed his teeth, “We almost killed that woman.”

“Don’t worry about it.” The other man said dismissively, “The opposite party has a strong bodyguard. It doesn’t matter we failed this time.”

“He’s strong and doesn’t seem to fear guns!” The man on the driver seat sneered, “If I ever saw him again, I mustn’t not shot him to death.”

When he finished his words, a loud sound suddenly came from the car’s roof. It was as if a heavy object fell on top of them.

“WTF!” The two men were jumped out of their skin when the car’s back window suddenly shattered and, with a hissing sound, a dark figure flew in.

When they looked back, they became so frightened that they started to drip cold sweat. They saw the parking lot security guard sat in the back seat. He slowly pulled out a cigarette and lighted it with a lighter.

“Click!” The flame illuminated his somewhat gloomy face.

“Hey, guys. Long time no see.”

The two assassin were shocked. They quickly pulled out their gun and pointed at Qin Chao.

“Pa!” With just a wave from Qin Chao, the two guns were disposed from their hands and hit the front windshield.

The two killer were silly. They did not understand why their guns left their hands.

“I would appreciate if you guys don’t direct that thing at me.” Finishing his words, Qin Chao stretched out his hand and strangled the assassin who doesn’t sit on the driver seat. The killer felt his neck was tightly grasped. His face became blue; he simply cannot breathe.

He waved his arms in horror, to no avail. Qin Chao spat out a smoke ring and then made a twist. With a crisp clicking sound, the killer’s neck immediately fractured. It crooked to one side in a strange way. His eyes were staring with fear.

Qin Chao knew that it would be difficult to make these assassins speak. So, he killed one of them to scare the other one.

“Now you can tell me. Who order the assassination?”

After this scene, the guy in the driver seat became distressed and said, “You’ve killed the contact person. I’m his partner and my responsibility were only for the killing.”

Qin Chao was depressed. The person he chose to kill turned out to be responsible for the liaison.

“Continue your car. You just need to answer a few of my questions.” Qin Chao blew the smoke through the pop-up window and coldly asked, “Who are you? What organization were you from?”

“The only thing that I can tell you is that I belong to an international organization, Skeleton. You’ve provoked the Skeleton. They certainly would not let you off, hehehe…”

After that, the killer slammed the gas pedal and then turned the car facing the nearby building. He intended to crash the car toward that building.

“I’ll be damned!” Qin Chao underestimated the killer’s determination. He can only watch as the car slammed the wall of the more than ten-story building.

“Bam!” There is no doubt that the front part of this Citroen car directly hit the wall; The result was that the entire car’s frame was distorted

At this late at night, there was no pedestrian around. So, no one noticed this terrible scene.

“Bang!” With a loud sound, the car’s distorted rear door was kicked from the inside. Then, the devil state Qin Chao awkwardly climbed out of the car.

“Unbelievable, this group is crazy.” After he had dispersed his devil state, Qin Chao reached out his hands to pat the dust on his clothes, “Skeleton huh. I’d like to see what kind of organization it is.”

To kill a killer and forced the other one to commit suicide, Qin Chao doesn’t feel the least bit concerned. He summoned his bike from his storage ring and floated away.

Su Fei has been sitting on the living room couch. To counter her fear of dark, Su Fei has turned on all the lights in the room

When she could not bear not to call Qin Chao, the front door suddenly transmitted the sound of someone unlocking the door.

Like a frightened chicken, Su Fei immediately jumped up from the couch, picked up a cup on the nearby table and held it in her hand.

Could this be the killer? If these international killer were very powerful, they probably would already found her here.

The moment the door was opened, Su Fei immediately threw out the cup in her hand. This cup was made from tempered glass. If it were to hit someone’s head, perhaps it has the same effect as if someone’s head were to hit by a wooden scoop.

Who knew, the dressed in a black leather coat man that entered the door just casually held up his hand to catch that cup.

“Oh, Director Su, was this your method to welcome me?” Qin Chao gave Su Fei a big smiling face. The later suddenly felt relieved and sat back on the sofa.

Qin Chao closed the door then put the cup on the table. When he looked around and found out that the lights were all turned on, Qin Chao could not help but smile.

“I wonder how much electric bill I have to pay later.”

Su Fei rolled her eyes, “If you’re worrying about the electric bill, I’ll take care of it.”

“No need, it’s just for a night. But, my wallet could not cope up if this were to continue everyday.” Qin Chao took off his coat and said, “You haven’t eaten this evening right? I’ll give you something to eat.”

“You can cook?” Su Fei’s expression was strange.

“How could you still ask this? If I don’t cook every day, what would I eat then?”

After saying this, Qin Chao washed his hand, walked into the kitchen, and began to prepare the food.

“Did, did you find those two killers?”

“Yes, I found them.”

“Well, what about them?”

“Dead.” Qin Chao response was brief. Coincidentally, when he said that, Qin Chao happened to cut a potato. The resulting sound that appeared when the kitchen knife met the chopping board made Su Fei a bit jumpy.

“How, how they died?”

“I asked them a couple of question, and then they committed suicide.” Qin Chao said these words as a matter of factly, without showing any expression,

“Although they were dead, I still found out something.”

“What is it?”

“Those two men belongs to the Skeleton. It seems that it is an International Assassin Organization.”

“Skeleton!” Su Fei’s body quiver. She said with a frightened sound, “It turned out to be this organization!”

“You know this organization?”

“Yes, of course I do.” In a flash, Su Fei’s expression became serious. She said, “This organization is notorious. Many influential people have heard of them. Some even came into contact with them. They are well-organized. The killers there received professional training, with the assassination success rate of 90%. It is said that the case of Abraham Lincoln assassination was theirs.”

“So scary.” Qin Chao sneered. ‘If they were that good, how could they die in my hands?’ In the face of absolute power, all of the gods, horses, skeletons, or zombies, must move aside in a flash.

“Otherwise, you can just go and hide in your home.” Qin Chao thoughtlessly said, “Your house should have a lot of bodyguards or something. It should be safe there.”

“No, the ceremonial for students exchange is coming soon. As the School’s Director, I must handle this matter directly.”

“You’re a workaholic madwoman.” Qin Chao shook his head. But, he still admires her in his heart.

Su Fei suddenly looked at Qin Chao with shining eyes and asked, “How about I hire you to be my bodyguard? You will be responsible for my safety 24 hours per day, every day.”

“I’ll Pass. It is too tiresome to become a bodyguard. It’s better to be a security guard. With its not so low salary, I can still live comfortably everyday. If you want to thank me, might as well raise my wage. That would be awesome!”

Being rejected by Qin Chao, Su Fei became annoyed for no reason.

“In your dream!” She pushed her glasses and rolled her attractive eyes.

“Fine, fine, let’s not talk about work related matter. You’re hungry, right? Then eat.” Qin Chao put the food on the table and kindly invite Su Fei to dinner.

Because the pay day has not come, there were limited amount of ingredients in the kitchen. This time, Qin Chao only fried potato chip and made potato soup with spinach.

Unexpectedly, Su Fei ate heartily.

“Not bad. I never thought that you could cook.” Su Fei sighed with emotion. She cannot imagine a man as formidable as Qin Chao prepare his own food.

“It’s just that I can only do simple home dishes. When I was still looking for a job back then, I tried to apply as a chef. But, other people dislike that I knew only a few type of dishes. So, that failed too.”

“Why don’t you try to be the school’s cafeteria chef?” Su Fei could not help but suggest.

“Why would you and your sister urge me to be a chef? This occupation doesn’t suit me.” Qin Chao quickly shook his head. He apparently doesn’t want to accept Su Fei’s recommendation.

“Humph!” Su Fei coldly snorted. As a strong woman, this was the first time she encountered a man that repeatedly refused her proposal. Making her somewhat burning with anger.

She stop talking, lowered her head and continue to eat.

The two of them were a little hungry. With a clean sweep, they soon wiped out these foods.

“Thank you for your hospitality.” After the meal, Su Fei stood up, “you have a good rest. I’ll help you wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen.”

Under the gaze of Qin Chao stunned look, Su Fei went to the kitchen to put the rubber gloves on and then began to wash the dishes.

“You can do housework?” Qin Chao’s surprise was no small. He cannot believe the eldest daughter of a wealthy family would want to do the dishes.

“This is easy.” Su Fei lightly said, “When my family was poor, the housework was done by Su Ji and me. I remember when I learned to cook for the first time, Su Ji had to take the pot, that was burned through the bottom, away.”

“No wonder!” Qin Chao suddenly realized, ‘no wonder that last time when Su Ji was sleepwalking, she can cook her own food.’

“Oh, that’s right. Today was already late. Jiang Dong should be asleep by now, and I don’t want to bother him. Although this is a bit abrupt, can I spend the night at your house?”