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Chapter 66 Sun Xiaofeng Run Away

Like a flash of lightning, Jiang Dong dodged Qin Chao’s fists, then came behind Qin Chao using his Bagua movement. Simultaneously, his left hand turned into a palm and struck Qin Chao’s lower back.

After entering the ‘divine concentration’ stage, Qin Chao’s whole body has entered into a state of awareness. Even before he turned around, Qin Chao already felt goosebumps and a chill on his lower back.

Like a scorpion wagging its tail, Qin Chao kicked his foot backwards. His calf is like a war ax, creating a whistling fierce wind while it moves.

Jiang Dong was shocked. He subconsciously withdrew his palm and ducked the kick.

But, the wind created by that kick brushed off his hand and unexpectedly tore the cuff section of his suit. Leaving it loosely dangling down.

“How is this possible!” Jiang Dong’s eyes almost jumped out. What kind of Kung Fu did this Qin Chao learn, so that he can create such fierce wind, just by casually kicking his leg?

This was fiercer than his Master. Although his Master is very strong, his still hasn’t reached this level of terror.

“No! Today I must get rid of you no matter what!” Jiang Dong knew that he cannot beat Qin Chao. Therefore, he took two step backs and pulled out a machete from under the Mercedes-Benz’s seat. Whistling winds emanated from that machete when he brandished it a couple of times.

“Qin Chao, you better admit defeat. Or else, my machete can be ruthless!” Jiang Dong fiercely said. It appeared that he was ready for any sacrifice.

“Jiang Dong, are you crazy!?” Qin Chao frowned, “Are your Steward responsibilities so heavy that you even bring a machete out here?”

“You’re just a small security who only knew about not getting hungry. You will not understand this.” Jiang Dong coldly snorted a couple of times, “Moreover, the relationship between you and the second Miss is impossible. She is the daughter of the Su Family while you’re, at most, just a someone who has some skill in Kung Fu. What kind of future can you possibly have with just that? If the second Miss marries you, what can you give her? Are you going to bring her back and forth to work using your bike? Don’t kid yourself. Do you think this kind of love, which doesn’t rely on materialistic things is romantic?”

Qin Chao was silent. He just lit a cigarette and quietly stuffed it into his mouth.

He remembered his ex-girlfriend. When she left him, she also said the same thing.

“Is there really no such thing as pure love?”

“We live in a materialistic society. This kind of ‘pure love’ thing has not existed for a fucking long time!” Jiang Dong couldn’t help but burst out some foul words. It seems he also experienced the same thing in the past.

“I don’t care! The more impossible the matter is, the more I, Qin Chao, will strive to achieve it!” Qin Chao suddenly growled. The river behind him also roars along with him a bit. “Going against the Heaven’s will is exactly what I, Qin Chao want!”

Qin Chao didn’t know that his attitude now is in accordance with the strongest principle of the Devil’s path.

Jiang Dong froze for a moment. He felt that Qin Chao, a man in a security guard uniform, was suddenly exuding an unstoppable momentum. Making him somewhat afraid to face up to Qin Chao.

“Cut the crap! You opinionated guy. Beat me first, and then you can talk again!”

Jiang Dong gave a loud shout to regain his momentum, then pounced toward Qin Chao with his machete.

“Come on! Come at me!” Qin Chao sneered. He drew out his ASP tactical baton from his arm, extended it, and welcomed the attack from Jiang Dong.

“Swish!” With a piercing wind, Jiang Dong wielded the machete to slash Qin Chao’s shoulder.

“Clang!” Qin Chao put his ASP baton horizontally in front of him to block Jiang Dong’s slash. Creating a big spark.

“Release!” Although his hand was holding a sharp weapon, Jiang Dong’s fighting power is still two ranks below Qin Chao. Qin Chao flicked his arm and greatly wielded his ASP baton upward. Jiang Dong was pushed back by this powerful force. The machete also flew out from his hand.

“Jiang Dong, the self-righteous person was not me. It’s you!” Seeing that Jiang Dong wanted to rush toward him again after picking up his machete from the ground, Qin Chao simply threw out his leg and upwardly kicked Jiang Dong’s Mercedes-Benz E300.

“Bang!” The silver car was sent sideways a few meters away, drawing four black tire marks on the ground.

“Fuck….me…” Jiang Dong was scared silly. The machete in his hand fell down with a clatter and almost embedding in his foot.

“Are, are you still a human?”

“Of course I am a human.” Qin Chao put away his baton and dismissively said, “But we’re not the same kind of human. Now, do you still want to fight me?”

“Forget it…You are a monster. I am not your match.” Jiang Dong looked a little lonely. He finally threw in the towel, “but I still want you to stay away from the second Miss.”

“Why are you so dense!” Qin Chao put his foot next to the Mercedes, making Jiang Dong shiver in fear.

“Big brother, please don’t kick this car. This car’s repair expense is high!”

“Who’s going to kick? Quickly send me back. I have to go to work.”

“What happened today was because of my bad impulse. Why don’t I treat you to a meal as my apology? But, I will watch over you. If you dare to use force toward the second Miss, I will risk my life to perish together with you.”

“Fine, fine, fine. From now on I’ll consider you as my big brother ok? Now, about that treat. Let’s go to Antony Hotel to have a French feast.”

“This….I only have two days salary…”

“Fuck! With your grand appearance as the great Housekeeper of the Su Family, you still pretended to be poor in front of me? Then, where is the place that you want to take me out to eat?”

“The street-side grilled stall in Dong street…”


Qin Chao was made speechless by this suit wearer, Mercedes-Benz E300 rider, Jiang Dong. But, after some consideration. He decided it was fine if they are just going to eat at the street-side grill stall. After all, his knowledge of French cuisine is rather limited.

But at this time, the phone in his chest pocket suddenly rang.

“Hello. Who is this?”

“Qin Chao gege, it’s me!” A greasy male voice came from the phone. It was Chen Yingyang’s voice, “I covertly followed Sun Xiaofeng for some time. Just now, when he attended a class, he suddenly left the classroom, then made a turn toward the direction of gym room, where the dance club was doing their rehearsal dance.”

“Tie him down. I’ll be there soon.” Qin Chao frowned and put down the phone.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Dong casually said while he drove the car. “Sorry, I’m a slow driver. We probably arrive at Dong Street in two hours. So, you don’t need to worry. If you feel tired, you can just sleep. I’ll wake you up when we arrive.”

“You better hurry. Your second Miss is in danger.”

“What!” Jiang Dong’s eyes bulged out. He was shaken by the news. Immediately, he put his foot on the gas pedal.

With a rumbling sound, like being splashed by chicken blood, the car sped away on this road to rush toward Guangyuan College.

Meanwhile, after putting down the phone, Chen Yingyang bitterly sighed.

“This guy! He only remembers me when he has a problem. Humph!” He adjusted his uniform, quicken his pace, and pulled up in front of Sun Xiaofeng.

“President Sun, Renjia have something to tell you. Could you please do me a favor?”Unexpectedly, Sun Xiaofeng, whose eyes were now gray, flung Chen Yingyang’s hand to the side and coldly said. “Get away from me…”

When Chen Yingyang looked into his eyes, it was as if his body was frozen. They were surprisingly cold. He shivered, thinking ‘What’s wrong with this Sun Xiaofeng? How come he became a bit strange?’

“Handsome, don’t be so heartless. Help me okay?” Remembering the important task that was given to him by Qin Chao, he tried to block Sun Xiaofeng’s path.

“Leave!” Sun Xiaofeng suddenly stretched out his hand and pushed out towards Chen Yingyang. A massive force was swiftly dealt on Chen Yingyang’s shoulder as if he was being gored by an ox. He immediately flew upside down and hit the wall on the adjacent building.

“Oh, the pain is killing me!” Chen Yingyang softly fell off the wall. Definitely feeling that his pain must have been because his back was broken.

At this time, Zhang Li came from the side. He had just woken up. Seeing Chen Yingyang’s distressed appearance, he was frightened and hastily asked, “Brother Chen, what happened to you?”

“That student hit me!” Chen Yingyang gracefully raised his hand and pointed his finger at Sun Xiaofeng, saying, “Quickly block him! Qin Chao said there is something wrong with him.”

“These was brother Qin’s words? OK!” Knowing that this order came from Qin Chao, Zhang Li did not hesitate any longer. He quickly rushed toward that weirdo Sun Xiaofeng.

He threw himself toward Sun Xiaofeng, firmly holding this student’s body. Chen Yingyang also came over and put out his own unique skill. Which was to cling on Sun Xiaofeng’s leg.

“Damn it! Why are these two guys so, so annoying.” Standing on top of the nearby roof, Zhou De, whom eyes were closed, suddenly coldly snorted, “King of Ghosts, get rid both of them.”

“Roar!” Sun Xiaofeng suddenly growled. He waved his palms against the two security guards.

An invisible force suddenly wrapped around Zhang Li and Chen Yingyang and flung out both of them.

“Shit, what the hell is this!” Zhang Li, after all, was still young and vigorous. After rolling on the ground, he quickly got up again and depressedly (originally: head and face filthy with grime) looked at Sun Xiaofeng.

The latter face was shrouded in a layer of blue light. This haze was similar to the layer of light that appears when a corpse just crawls up from the grave.

Watching Zhang Li rushed toward him, he just wielded his palm.

Zhang Li, who was still more that ten meters away from him, immediately flew out and fell to the side again.

The two security guards were a bit silly, they both thought, ‘What is this? Magic?’

While the two of them were in a daze, Sun Xiaofeng quickly moved sideways and dashed toward the gym room, where dance club rehearsed their dance. Chen Yingyang lacked exercise. His arms and legs were not flexible. So, he can only watch when Sun Xiaofeng ran away.

Despite the fact that his body was burning with pain, Zhang Li immediately got up from the ground and gave chase toward that Sun Xiaofeng.

Sun Xiaofeng was running as fast as a typical sports athlete. In a flash, he arrived at the entrance of the gym room.

“Bang!” He waved his hand. Like being kicked, the door was pushed heavily to the side. Inside, the dance club member girls, who were rehearsing their dance, somewhat confusedly looked at their president.

‘Why was the president looked strange today?’ They all thought.

“Go to hell…” Sun Xiaofeng suddenly growled, stretched out his hand and pointed at Su Ji. He was trying to control the several heavy sports equipments to pound this girl into a meat pulp.

At this time, Zhang Li suddenly leaped up from behind to hugged him. Accordingly, both Zhang Li and the beast fell to the ground.

“Are you possessed by an evil spirit?” After unexpectedly throwing Sun Xiaofeng to the ground. Zhang Li rode on Sun Xiaofeng’s body and tightly pressed it with both of his hands.

“Roar!” This time, Sun Xiaofeng did not have his previous gracefulness. He was like a crazy wild animal. An enormous power then burst out from his body. Forcefully blowing Zhang li off his back.

At this point, he refused to care about anyone else. In his eyes, there was only Su Ji.