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Chapter 65 I Am A Man, Not A Gay

After Su Ji left, the silver Mercedes that she came in did not leave. Before long, its door opened, and a person jumped out from the inside.

“Qin Chao, we need to talk.”

With a new suit, Jiang Dong’s mannerism was as haughty as before; Making the several female student emit ♥ symbols from their eyes. Driving a Mercedes, wearing an expensive suit, but also handsome and aloof. Aren’t these the typical traits of a college girl’s Prince Charming?

Ahem, to be more appropriate, he should be called the silver car Prince.

“Sorry, I have something to do. You can stay there if you want to wait.” Qin Chao casually dismisses him, making Jiang Dong feel helpless and he has to withdraw back to the car.

Electric baton Wang was silly again because he recognized this man in a suit inside the silver Mercedes-Benz. That man is Jiang Dong, the Housekeeper of the Su Household. It can be said that he is the person in charge of the Su Family. Sometimes his words even have more authority than Su Fei’s words. Because he is the direct Steward under Su Xianqin, his right is especially big.

‘This son of a bitch Qin Chao just put that Jiang Dong off with a wave of his hand?’

Wang Wenkun cannot help but begin to reassess Qin Chao’s capabilities once again. He increasingly realizes that he is not Qin Chao’s match.

Qin Chao didn’t bother with any of Wang Wenkun’s thoughts, because he finally found Sun Xiaofeng’s figure among the crowd of students.

This tall man was hugging a clean-cut-pretty-looking girl and swaggeringly walking into the school.

Qin Chao immediately opened his devil eyes to observe this dance club’s president.

He actually couldn’t see the ghost!

Qin Chao froze for a moment. According to what Rosy said, a King of Ghosts was hiding inside Sun Xiaofeng’s body. This ghost is actually very strong because this ghost can conceal itself from his devil’s eyes using Sun Xiaofeng’s Yang Qi.

“Hey You! Student! Your disheveled appearance is undermining our school’s image. You need to come with me.”

“Damn it, who are you talking to!” Sun Xiaofeng was hurt by Qin Chao yesterday, and his leg has not healed yet. Moreover, last night he cannot sleep well because his girlfriend would often unconsciously kick his injured leg during her sleep. Being picked on by a security guard in the morning, he immediately became infuriated.

Who knows, when he turned his head, he found out the security guard who called him turned out to be Qin Chao. A sharp pain immediately came from his calf, followed by weakness in his knees. If not for him leaning against his girlfriend, he would almost slump on the ground.

“What…What…What do you want?” Sun Xiaofeng’s look is somewhat panic stricken. He tried to seek help from the nearby electric baton Wang.

“Director, director Wang, he, he…”

“Qin Chao, if you have something to do, just go. I’ll help you watch over here, hehe.” Who knew, that electric baton Wang politely said to Qin Chao with a smiling face.

Qin Chao nodded his head, stood up from his chair, then walked over to put his arm around Sun Xiaofeng’s shoulder, saying, “Look how scared you are. What do you think I will do to you? This pretty woman can stay here for a while. I’ll bring your boyfriend back to you soon.”

The girl was unaware of Qin Chao and Sun Xiaofeng’s previous encounter. When she heard they wanted to go for a talk, she assumed they would talk about their menfolk problems.

So, she happily said, “Okay.”

Sun Xiaofeng became despaired because Qin Chao forcibly took him into the security office.

Inside the security office, there were no other people besides Qin Chao and Sun Xiaofeng. There was only Zhang Li, who was currently sleeping in the next room. So, he too, cannot disturb them.

“Big, big brother, yesterday it was me who wronged you. I was wrong. Let me go, okay. I’m still a boy who doesn’t understand anything.”

Qin Chao was sitting on the sofa while Sun Xiaofeng gingerly stood opposite of him. He even slapped his face twice while his tears ran through his nose.

“Oh, why would you do that? I brought you here just to ask you a couple of questions. Now, sit.”

Observing Sun Xiaofeng’s plead Qin Chao didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but he quickly ordered Sun Xiaofeng to sit on the sofa.

“Do you want some water?”

“No, no need…”

“Want a smoke?”

“No, no…” Sun Xiaofeng was like a bullied daughter in law. For fear that Qin Chao would suddenly raise his hand to slap him upside down, he fidgety sat on the sofa, with his ass ready to jump at any moment.

But his calf is still aching.

“Look how scared you are. Here, let me ask you something, but, you must tell me the truth.”

“I tell you, I tell you. My name is Sun Xiaofeng, male, 21 years old. I had seven girlfriends. I had told two among them to have an abortion. The three among them are studying abroad, so I only get in touch with them occasionally. There are also two that are not in this school but still live in this city. I would sometimes look for them…”

“Damn! Who asked you about that!” Sun Xiaofeng’s words are making Qin Chao bewildered while saying in his heart, ‘You bastard! Are you trying to explain yourself or just to show off!’

Sun Xiaofeng was terrified. He hastily closed his mouth and dared not to utter a single word.

At this time, the security door was opened and Chen Yingyang walked in.

“Qin Chao gege, you’re here! Are you waiting for Renjia?”

“I’m waiting for your uncle!”

“Still dreadful as ever. I like it!” Chen Yingtang threw a coquettish look at Qin Chao. But, upon seeing Sun Xiaofeng on the sofa, this fellow eyes suddenly lit up.

“Yo, isn’t this our school’s dance club president Sun? How come you had a free time to visit our security office?”

“Are you interested in this kid?” Qin Chao wagged his eyebrows, “Would you like me to leave to create a private space for the two of you?”

“Really? That’s great!” Chen Yingyang was overjoyed. He sent his grateful look toward Qin Chao. Chen Yingyang’s meaning was clear: ‘Relax, I will not favor one and discriminate against the other.’

“Don’t leave!” Sun Xiaofeng appeared to also know about Chen Yingyang’s backdoor hobby, because he quickly pulled Qin Chao’s arm, “Whatever you want to ask, I’ll tell you. Just don’t leave me here.”

This fellow was going to cry. His heart is saying, ‘How could I end up in this kind of situation?’

“Ok, then. Let me ask you. Did you ever think that your behavior is quite strange recently?”

“Strange?” Sun Xiaofeng gawked. He doesn’t know why Qin Chao would ask him this question.

“Yes. I mean your behavior that is different from before.”

“This…I…” Sun Xiaofeng seemed to have thought of something, but he unexpectedly a bit reluctant to say it.

“Say it!” Qin Chao yelled. Sun Xiaofeng awoke because of the scare and hurriedly say.

“It’s like this. All my girlfriends said that when I was in bed with them, I would sometimes all of a sudden become very violent. They would say that I became like a different person, with an aggressive personality and sudden increase of strength and stamina…”

“Shit!” Qin Chao could not help but rolled his eyes, “Boy, you took drugs didn’t you!?”

“Absolutely not!” Sun Xiaofeng immediately said, “Taking drugs will certainly increase my power temporarily. But, it also damages the body. This kind of ‘slaying the goose to take the egg’ thing, I’m definitely not doing it!”

“So it seems…” Qin Chao touched his nose, suddenly said, “Well, I can forgive you for your previous offence. But you have to promise me one thing, otherwise, humph…”

“What thing? Just tell me…”

“From now on, you cannot go to the dance club’s dance rehearsal.”

“Ah? This can’t be good. After all, I’m the club’s president!”

“Cat president! You don’t participate in this dance rehearsal! There’s already Su Ji there. No need for you to supervise it!”

“How, how about this. What if I only go there for a couple of times?” Sun Xiaofeng kept thinking about the several beautiful girls in the dance club. Seeing them dancing can still be counted as a joyous occasion.

“Are you trying to bargain with me?” Qin Chao’s mouth evoke a smile. The murderous intention behind his smile was clearly out in the open.

Sun Xiaofeng’s whole body became cold. He immediately said.

“Ok, Ok, I promise, I would not go to the dance rehearsal!” In front of absolute power, president Sun has to admit defeat.

“Now this is what I want to hear.” Qin Chao was pleased and patted him on the shoulder, “Go ahead. Your girlfriend is waiting for you, best not let her be anxious.”

“Yes, of course!” After receiving the pardon from Qin Chao, Sun Xiaofeng scurried to get out of the room. From the side, Chen Yingyang’s look became foggy while watching Qin Chao and Sun Xiaofeng’s exchange. He interjected.

“That Sun Xiaofeng was usually a very arrogant man. But, just now, he acted like someone’s grandchildren. How could this be?”

“Of course! Who would dare to act like a grandfather in front of me?” Qin Chao smiled. Before he went out of the security office, he threw these few words for Chen Yingyang, “I don’t care what method you use, but, you must help me watch over him. If he’s trying to get close to the dance rehearsal room, immediately tell me.”

There was still a person waiting for him outside the school’s gate. Even if you make him wait until he catches a cold, in the end, you must still give him some face. He is, after all, the Housekeeper of the Su Family Residence.

Sure enough, the silver Mercedes-Benz E300 is still quietly lying there.

When Qin Chao went to the side of the car, the door immediately opened. Jiang Dong was sitting inside.

“Get in the car.” Jiang Dong curtly said.

Qin Chao didn’t mince word himself. He directly sat on the seat beside the driver. Jiang Dong started the car and stepped on the gas. This Mercedes-Benz E300 immediately jumped out.

After leaving the suburban road, the car turned right and finally sailed slowly toward the Songjiang river.

Qin Chao was a bit shocked. Thinking, ‘Isn’t this the place where I killed Fang Hua? Why would Jiang Dong take me here? Did he have some peculiar hobby?’

‘My uncle! If I knew he was gay, I would have brought Chen Yingyang with me so that I can make my escape.’

After the steady ride, the car soon stopped at the edge of Songjiang river. They were near a crooked tree that extended its branches toward the river. Making Qin Chao reminisce about what happened that day.

Fang Hua died that day. He also almost confessed to the authorities about that.

“Bam!” Jiang Dong opened the door, jumped out, and then tapped the car window.

Taking the cue from Jiang Dong, he also jumped out of the car.

Jiang Dong took a deep breath, and then took off his coat and threw it into the car.

“Hey, what are you doing? If you want to do gay things, I don’t want to do it.” Qin Chao could not help but throw out a very crude joke. Jiang Dong’s brows became firmly creased.

“I want to challenge you to a duel. Be a man and accept it.” Jiang Dong pulled out a pair of leather gloves and wore it on her hands. After that, he made a finger hook gesture toward Qin Chao.

Instead of eating the provocation, Qin Chao just lit up a cigarette, stuffed it in his mouth, and asked, “You want to duel with me? On what grounds?”

“If you lose, you will never get close to the second Miss again.”

“Oh?” Qin Chao picked up his eyebrow, “What if I win?”

Jiang Dong hit both of his fists against each other, and said, “Impossible! Even if I die, I will not let you win!”

“Chi, you challenge me to this type of street fight, yet you want to take all of the advantages. Do you think I would just accept it?” Qin Chao said with disdain, “If you lose, you must, at least, accept my condition.”

“What condition?” Jiang Dong frowned, he really never thought he would lose. This time, he plans to sacrifice his life.

“I haven’t thought about this at the moment.” Qin Chao threw the cigarette butt on the ground and stamped it with his foot, “I’ll tell you when I finish thinking about it.”

“Then, come on!” Jiang Dong let out a roaring sound. Like a hungry tiger, his body suddenly leapt up.