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Chapter 64 Yanluo Sect

“I know a thing or two about these matters. If you want to know, I’ll tell you.” Rosy nodded and said, “The power of the upright sects were too strong. So, to be able to contend with them, the devil sects could only unite among themselves. Even then, they could barely withstand the might of the eight upright sects. The current devil sect was the result of the unification of the six biggest devil sects.”

“These six big sects are Luocha (Rakshasa) Sect, Yanluo (King of Hell) Sect, Xiuluo (Shura) Sect, Wuji (Limitless) Sect, Yaoshou (Demon Beasts) Sect, and Huangji (Mighty Sovereign) Sect. Luocha Sect is the most powerful among them, but Yanluo Sect is the most bizarre.”

“The practice method of this Yanluo Sect can be said to be against the Heaven’s will. They usually wander around cemetery grounds and absorb the souls from the dead. They practice their skills by exercising control over these souls. One of the most noteworthy skills is: They can put these souls together and make them fight among themselves. The winner absorbs the power of the loser, and so on. Eventually, the last winner’s final form is called the King of Ghosts.”

“Soul control…” Qin Chao pondered. Then, he remembered the fight between him and Zhou De. He saw Zhou De swallow the blue flame. Then, like being given Chicken blood, the strength of his body increased several times. Lastly, when he tried to capture him, the blue flame turned into a ghost and detached from his body, like a gecko’s tail; Almost injuring him.

“No wonder, no wonder…” Qin Chao’s eyes suddenly lit up. He remembered the day when he watched Su Ji’s dance practice in the gym room. That day the shelve suddenly fell down and narrowly missed Su Ji.

“I knew it!” He screamed and jumped out of the bed, “That day in the gym room, Zhou De must have used a ghost to possess one of the students and then by using the ghost’s ability, he dragged down the shelves. I was completely blind to Zhou De’s plot that day.”

“The skills of the Yanluo sect are indeed perfect for assassination. No ordinary human can guard against it.”

“But, using this kind of magical skill to kill a human, aren’t they inviting Heaven’s scourge?” Qin Chao cannot help but ask.

“That is why the Yanluo sect is in a state of decline right now.” Rosy shrugged her shoulders, “A lot of its disciples choose not to advance to the ‘foundation building’ stage, (Refer to Rosy’s last speech about foundation building on the previous chapter) so that they can enjoy life as a mortal. The result is that there are almost no experts on their sect. As far as I know, there is only one ‘Nascent’** (Six) stage expert in their sect, which is their Sect’s Leader.”

(TL note: the author previously named ‘Huaying’ as the six-stage, but now it turned into ‘Yuanying’ – Nascent. So I’m just going with the author’s convention here.)

“Let me think…Who among the students, that moved the hand that day…” Qin Chao was lost in thought. He is thinking about the scene in the gym room that day. That day, all the girls were dancing. Either in the middle room or by the side. So, in all likelihood, they were all innocent. In that room, there were two that were idle. Him and….That’s right! There was also the great president Sun!

“Sun Xiaofeng!” Qin Chao gritted his teeth, “I never thought. Turns out it was you!””

“You should look at your own furious appearance.” Rosy laughingly said, “When someone is possessed by a ghost, that someone would lose his/her own consciousness.”

“So that’s how it is.” Qin Chao took a deep breath and relaxed himself. “Well, Rosy, do you know of any method that I could use to force out the ghost from Sun Xiaofeng?”

“I can’t help you with this because his body was possessed by a King of Ghosts.” Rosy threw up her hands, but said, “If only you make a wish to me. Such a small wish like this, for a devil like me, I can definitely help you achieve it!”

“Forget it. I can still research it myself.” Qin Chao doesn’t want to waste the wishes. He waved his hand and then lay down on the bed, “Rosy, thank you for your help. You can go back now.”

“Oh, you’re a heartless guy. After extracting the information you need, you immediately drive Renjia away.”

“How about the two of us sleep together then?”

“Sure, why not.” Rosy giggled, flicked her body, floated, and lay beside of Qin Chao. Her huge chest was on top of Qin Chao’s arm, “Well, do you want me to get down on you?”

“Rosy, quickly go back! You little hussy!” Qin Chao’s face got the feverish blush. Rosy’s tender flesh made his heart beat faster. Seconds before he lost his control, he immediately pushed Rosy away.

“I’m a devil, not a hussy. As a devil, I can help you achieve your evil desire.” Rosy chuckled, “Well then, sweet dreams.”

When Qin Chao turned his head again, Rosy’s shadow was not to be found. This night, Qin Chao slept by himself. Nobody accompanied him.


When Jiang Dong appeared before Su Fei in the Su residence, his look was quite crumpled. Moreover, there was also a bloodstain on the corner of his mouth. Su Fei asked in surprise, “Jiang Dong, who turned your appearance into this?”

Jiang Dong is a professional steward with strict training. Not only he is good at managing day-to-day household affairs, he also has a business degree. Besides that, he knows Kung Fu, and is quite proficient in firearms. When there is danger, he can ensure the safety of the master of the Su residence.

Su Fei fails to not be surprised when she saw the usually aloof Jiang Dong turned into like this.

“Big Miss, It’s okay. I just bumped into an expert.” Jiang Dong was reluctant to mention his own embarrassment. Su Fei didn’t pursue it either.

“What about Qin Chao?”

“He went home.”

“On the road, he didn’t try to get in touch with Su Ji?”

“Sorry…Big Miss, I lost him.”

“You lost him?” Su Fei was surprised once again. She unblinkingly stared at Jiang Dong.

Jiang Dong’s face blushed, and said, “I’m sorry Big Miss. I, I was beaten by Qin Chao. That’s why I appeared like this.”

“Ah?” Su Fei pushed the glasses on his nose. She knew Qin Chao had some skill. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to save her sister from the few bullies in Chaoyang Park.

However, Jiang Dong is not an average person. As far as she knew, Jiang Dong is the disciple of Bagua School that learned some internal Kung Fu set. Ordinary people cannot possibly hurt him.

“I’m sorry, Big Miss. This was my fault. I will make it right!” Exclaimed Jiang Dong. Su Ji waved her hand.

“Forget it, Jiang Dong. It’s enough if you just closely watch him. Don’t let him get close to Su Ji.”

“Protecting the Lady of the House is the responsibility of a good Steward. Even if I sacrifice my life, I will not let Qin Chao get close to the second Miss.”

Jiang Dong firmly said.

“Enough, go and rub some iodine into your wound. Don’t let it become infected.”

“Yes, Miss.”

After Jiang Dong left, Su Fei blankly sat on the sofa. She was thinking about the words that Qin Chao said to her that night.

“I’m also very disappointed in you…”

‘He is disappointed? What was he disappointed about? This guy, who did he think he was!? Wasn’t he just a small security guard!?’

Su Fei was getting angrier, but, another scene suddenly reappeared in her mind.

In the seven-storey building, in order to save a girl, Qin Chao did not hesitate to jump down. At that time, his action indeed shocked her.

The words that Qin Chao shouted at her in her office that day, “I, Qin Chao, am a bachelor. I’m not scared of anything. Since you’re not willing to help Yu Qian, I’ll help her!” Seemingly floated into her ears. The most frightening thing is: Fang Hua died a few days later…

This was also one of the reasons she didn’t want Qin Chao to have a relationship with her sister.

‘What kind of person was this guy?’…Su Fei took the pillow on the sofa and hugged it. She was silent for a very long time.


“Brother Qin, you also want to watch the dance rehearsal today?” Zhang Li (The youngest security guard, 18 years old) pulled out a lighter and lit the cigarette in Qin Chao’s mouth. Qin Chao came early this morning. The previous night duty, Zhang Li, opened the gate for him.

“Mm, this time, I must.” Qin Chao said in his heart, ‘Before I save her from the King of Ghosts, I have to follow Su Ji.’

“Hehe, brother Qin, are there any pretty girls there?”

“They are all pretty girls.”

“Ah! Then I also want to see it! Brother Qin, take me there with you, okay?”

“Enough, I’m afraid your resulting nosebleed would make you bleed to death.” Qin Chao hammered his shoulder, “You were up all night. It’s better for you to just rest today. Go home and go to bed. If you want to see pretty girls, you can search for AV girls on the internet.”

“Ehem, it cannot be compared to watching it live.”

“You brat! Go to sleep inside the security office.” Qin Chao kicked his foot and scolded him a little.

“Of course, of course! Then we’ll meet again, brother Qin!” After staying up all night, Zhang Li’s eyes were slightly red. He bid farewell to Qin Chao, turned around and went back to sleep in the security office.”

If after taking the night shift, the security guard continues to work the next day, he will get a bonus at the end of the month. Relying on his youthfulness, Zhang Li has the energy to collect this bonus.

After sending Zhang Li to sleep, Qin Chao took out a chair from the security office and placed it in front of the School’s entrance, then sat there to smoke.

Sun Xiaofeng is a junior year college student. He rents a house with his girlfriend outside the campus. The reason Qin Chao came early in the morning and sat in front of the entrance was to wait for the arrival of this boy.

This boy had a morning class today. Moreover, the professor of this compulsory subject usually calls his students name one by one. This boy won’t dare not to come if he doesn’t want to fail on this subject.

Of course, he got all these information from Hu Lili.

Soon, the students came to school in droves. Since the previous ‘jumping from an upper story building’ event, many people are aware of this legendary security guard. They would often greet Qin Chao when they pass the school’s entrance.

“Good morning brother Qin!”

“Brother Qin, come smoke. I have a Chunghwa here, do you want one?”

“Brother Qin, did you eat yet? How about we go out to eat together?”

All these students requests were replied by a smile from Qin Chao. Wang Wenkun also came to the school. His belly is bulging, his hand is clutching an electric baton, and his face is as long as Changbai Mountain.

This guy gritted his teeth. He worked here for about three to four years. There were no students in this school that he didn’t recognize. Yet, they didn’t even greet him.

With Qin Chao’s outstanding abilities, as long as he was still in this school, he felt that his security director position would never be secure.

Electric baton Wang has tears streaming down his face. He felts a little regret for not coming earlier.

Suddenly, a beautiful figure came from outside the school. Electric baton Wang quickly pulled up his smiling face and went to greet her.

“Good morning teacher Su!”

“Good morning director Wang.” The latter seemed to not be in a good mood. Her speech seemed to be a bit tired.

Qin Chao froze for a moment. When he turned his head, both of them suddenly looked into each other’s eyes.

Qin Chao cannot betray a hint of yearning that appeared in his eyes; This thing can be clearly seen by Su Ji. Her previous ugly mood suddenly turned cheerful.

Sure enough, he still misses her. This guy likes to sleep late. How could he come this early today, if not for wanting to look at her? Humph, this smelly guy.

Su Ji took this explanation for granted. Although the somewhat plainspoken Qin Chao did not think about this, the main reason he came to school early was indeed for Su Ji.

To be precise, it was for her safety.

“Good morning, comrade Qin Chao!” This young girl hung up a pretty big smile. Seeing this familiar smile, a sudden burst of warmth emerge inside his heart.

“Good morning, teacher Su.”

“Do you still want to see the dance rehearsal today?”

“Of course! As long as you’re there, I will certainly come.”

“Humph, smooth talker!” Su Ji turned away. But, she could not conceal the indescribable happiness that appeared on the corner of her lips.

From the side, Wang Wenkun looked silly at their exchange. Damn this Qin Chao! He unexpectedly dares to flirt with teacher Su in front of this crowd of students! This guy indeed had an affair with Su Ji. If that guy said some malicious words about him to Su Ji, how could he have a good future?

Be wise, later on, do not mess with this guy.