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Chapter 60 Don’t Mess With Me

The VIP Hall on Antony Hotel was made into a confused mess by Zhou De and Qin Chao. After hearing Li Chao’s wailing cry, the lobby manager finally came up.

That black suit dressed man, timidly looked around the almost ruined VIP hall; His expression is quite splendid. Probably it’s not that far from crying.

“I’ll reimburse all of today’s lost.” These few words from Su Ji makes the lobby manager visibly relax, leaning himself against the wall.

“As for young master Li, he was injured by the thug. Quickly report it and don’t forget to call an ambulance.”

Qin Chao also gave himself a piece of red river cigarette and patted the nearby Li Chao, who was lying curled up on the ground, saying “Isn’t that right, great young master Li?”

“Yes….right….” Li Chao’s blood was drained from his face. Perhaps he finally understands that, in this world, there are some people he cannot affront. Today, these two individuals, Zhou De and Qin Chao, have more than a hundred ways to kill him.

“Ah, ok! I’ll go!” The lobby manager then discovered that there is a bloodstain on Li Chao’s hand and asked in panic, “Young master Li, are you ok?”

“Don’t worry, he isn’t going to die.” Qin Chao laughed, “but if you don’t find an ambulance, he might bleed to death.”

“Damn it, why are you still standing here!” Hearing he is going to die, Li Chao’s heart grow cold with fear. He growled at the lobby manager, who stumbled to run down the stairs.

“Young master Li, don’t forget of what we have agreed on today, ok?” Qin Chao squatted down, endured the smell of urine, reached out with his hand, and patted Li Chao’s face.

“The person who hurt you was not me, but the one who you called an expert. Alas, how could you not recognize that he was a thug?”

“I…” Li Chao have some resentment, ‘my hand was clearly stabbed by you, yet you want to put the blame on someone else.’ When was this great young master receive this kind of injustice? A trace of malice suddenly appeared in his eyes.

“Oh, you seem a bit dissatisfied.” Green flames suddenly exude from his eyes while Qin Chao’s whole face also covered with black scales. Meanwhile, his hand that was placed on Li Chao’s shoulder turned into a horrible beastly claw.

“Then there’s only one way left.” Qin Chao spookily said, “I’ll just have to kill you and simply put the blame on that other guy. In any case, a dead person cannot tell a tale, that’ll make me relieved.”

“Don’t, don’t kill me!” Li Chao, who already felt that Qin Chao was enveloped by a murderous aura, was scared and back away. Leaning against the wall, he shouted, “I, I will absolutely not tell anyone else!”

“Compared to your promise, I still believe with a dead person.”

Qin Chao gloomily said. He suddenly leaped up and punched down Li Chao’s head.

“Ah!” Li Chao unconsciously shrunk his neck, leaving Qin Chao’s fists landed on the wall on top of his head. With a loud thud, Li Chao, who already in a state of distressed, was covered with a layer of clay dust.

The entire wall has been punched through by Qin Chao; Li Chao can even feel the icy cold air on top of his head.

His crotch suddenly became a bit damp.

“Too bad it missed….” Qin Chao drew out his arm from the wall, his fist sounded out a knuckle sound, “Let’s try again. This time, be a good boy, don’t move, just like this. A head being exploded by a fist is really cool, almost as cool as a crushed watermelon. In a moment, your head will be slammed, and your brain, as well as your blood, will be scattered all over the floor. Don’t be afraid, it’s actually kind of fun. Have you seen how milk spread on the ground? Yes, just like that. But don’t worry, it will not hurt; Are you ready? I will start soon!”

Then, Qin Chao wiped his fist and gave Li Chao a big smile.

At that moment, Li Chao threw out the little dignity that he had; His courage was completely terrorized. He pleaded with a strained voice.

“Please spare me, I don’t know anything! I, I don’t know who you are; I never even met you!”

“Excellent, keep it up.” Qin Chao nodded with satisfaction, “If the police were looking to trouble me again, believe me, I have more than a thousand way to escape from them. And then I will find you and make you enjoy the feeling of your head being split open.”

“I swear by my family, If I speak out, my whole family will die like a dog.”

Although Qin Chao didn’t really like this kind of oath from Li Chao, nonetheless, Qin Chao was satisfied with it. He stood up, clapped his hand, and said to Su Ji, “Done.”

“Alas, I haven’t enough to eat, but this meal was already ruined.” Su Ji is touching her flat stomach while pouting her mouth.

“Take me out to dinner somewhere else,” Qin Chao smiled and said, “How about the street-side grilled meat on Dong Street? A hundred yuan is enough for both of us to eat until full.”

“Okay then! Let’s go to Dong Street!”

The two of them ignored Li Chao, who was limp on the ground, went downstairs to take the lucky old bike, and gracefully left the mess at the Antony Hotel.

Soon, the ambulance and the police cars arrived to surround this Antony Hotel.

Police Captain Luo Hao personally led the investigation on the crime scene in Antony Hotel.

“Little Chao, what happened to you?” Luo Hao knew Li Chao since the latter was still a child when he first joined the police. At that time, Li Fumin (Li Chao’s dad) was the police captain.

His personal relationship with Li Chao was also good; Seeing Li Chao appeared to peed on his pant and the distressed look on his face, Luo Hao cannot help but frowned.

“No, nothing…” To his surprise, this young man, who Luo Hao always knew to be a small minded man, unexpectedly did not spell out the name of whoever the one that humiliated him like this.

This thing is strange; Luo Hao begins to play a scenario in his head. If he can find the culprit who has humiliated Li Chao, Li Fumin will surely appreciate his effort. Perhaps when Li Fumin become the Head of the Police, he will have the chance to become the Deputy Head.

So, he found the Hotel lobby manager and began to inquire about what just happened.

“It’s a thug dressed in black. He hurt young master Li, then jumped out of the window and ran away.”

“Man in black? How could there be a man in black?” This Luo Hao frowns, “does your Hotel frequently visited by an unidentified person?”

“No, he came here together with young master Li. Young master Li said that the man was his friend.”

“Little Chao’s friend?” The more he ask, the more Luo Hao feel confused, and the matter become more complicated, “Apart from him, are there any other suspicious people? Who else came into contact with little Chao tonight?”

“No one.” The lobby manager immediately shook his head. He didn’t say Su Ji’s name because Su Ji has promised him to reimbursed the cost of the VIP Hall’s mess. If Miss Su has had an accident, nobody will pay for the repair cost, and the Hotel Chairman will surely eat him alive.

This responsibility, he cannot afford to take.

“Well, so be it. If there’s anything, or if you remember anybody else who spoke with Li Chao, be sure to inform me immediately.”

Getting such an intricate case while the witnesses refuse to speak, Luo Hao have no better option than hurriedly pull back his investigation team. From the ten-one-three case to today’s incident in Antony Hotel, Luo Hao vaguely feel there’s a devil lurking in the shadow of the city that ready to jump in and set off a storm.

Luo Hao believes that his task is to find out this skulking devil.

The night air is somewhat getting colder; He tightened the collar of his uniform and got into the car.

By this time, the perpetrator and the beautiful girl are sitting in the street-side stall at Dong street corner. He is sipping his beer while the girl is opening her mouth to eat a skewered roasted meat in one gulp.

“It’s better in this place isn’t it? We can eat as much as we like without any pressure!”

“Indeed, I also like this kind of feeling…” Su Ji already drank quite a lot of liquor, her talk becomes more purred, “When, when I was still a child, my brother would often use his daily salary to took, took my sister and me out to eat…but now, now my brother doesn’t like us, sisters, anymore, he even hate us….I, I want to return to that old days….Although we were poor, my brother and sister were very kind to me….Brother, why do you like to gamble now…”

After hearing Su Ji saying these things, Qin Chao cannot help but frown. It turned out Su Ji has an estranged brother. Considering the recent case against Su Ji, Qin Chao becomes, even more, vigilance. On TV, there were already many examples of this kind of ‘siblings fighting for family property’ thing.

There were already piles of iron skewer in front of them. Moreover, Su Ji seems to have drink not a little alcohol. With a heavy blush on her face, she looked more lovely and enchanting.

But, Dong (East) Street at this time of night is not too safe. Su Ji’s beauty and condition have attracted a lot of people’s attention. Their mouth began to drool.

Finally, there are three or four punks that couldn’t control themselves. They put down their beers and laughingly walk over.

“Hey, buddy. I think it’s wrong for you to drink alone with a beautiful woman, this late at night.” A thin person with dyed yellow hair and sour odor of alcohol said to them, “Why don’t you let us, brothers, accompany you?”

“Leave.” Qin Chao dismissively said without looking back.

“Damn, you’ve got a pretty rushed tongue!” That yellow-haired man complained and stretched out his hand to rest it on Qin Chao’s shoulder.


“Ah!” That yellow-haired man screamed; He only saw the iron skewer already stabbed through his hand. While Qin Chao acted as if nothing has happened, he still continue to pour the beer into his glass, then said these words to the stall owner.

“Boss, grill me another ten skewer of not too fat meat and two mutton chops! Also, please heat these skewer too, it’s already cold.”

“O, ok, hold on.” The stall owner also had a scare; he received that chicken skewer apprehensively, fearing that his hand would be the second hand that was stabbed by the iron skewer. Qin Chao gave him a smile and said.

“Don’t worry, I will not make an outstanding account; This was a treat.”

“I’m not worried, I’m not worried.” The shop owner said in his heart, ‘how would I dare?’

“Ah! Ah! This is a murder!” That yellow-haired man’s hand continue to bleed profusely, making him whine because of the pain. The several surrounding punks were panicked, and thrown into confusion. Some say they need to bring him to the hospital, some say they just need to find the nearest clinic to treat him.

“If you guys wait for a while, he will die.” Qin Chao thoughtlessly said to them while receiving the mutton chop from the shop owner’s hand.

At this time, the several punks have discovered that the yellow-haired man has already fainted because the loss of blood. They quickly find a taxi and rushed toward the hospital.

“They’re a well-known local bully. Young man, you’d better leave early.” The shop owner kindly warned, “You have a girlfriend; It would be bad if you entangled with them.”

“Relax, I want to see what kind of thing they’ll use to deal with me.” Qin Chao now feels himself becomes more and more violent, more and more bloodthirsty.

Even his smiles now scare the willies out of the shop owner.

‘Who is this man? Is he an escaped murderer?’