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Chapter 59 I Want To Settle The Score

Qin Chao sneered, the other person is too visible. This man in black was obviously hired by Li Chao to deal with him.

“Great young master Li, I must propose a toast for you.” Qin Chao said while holding up a cup of red wine, “To thank you for giving me a gift that I really like. But, I have a habit of always paying back other people’s favor. Young master Li, this debt, I will give it back to you sooner or later.”

Then, he drinks the cup of red wine in one gulp.

“Humph, who do you think you are. Not everyone can just take a drink for me, Li Chao.”

“Li Chao, you’ve gone too far!” Hearing Li Chao’s last words, Su Ji’s smile faded. She said this to the great secretary Li, “I don’t want to see you, please get out of my sight.”

“Yo! Su Ji, do you really think you’re a princess?” Instead of getting angry, Li Chao unexpectedly laughed, folded his arms, and said, “I only pursue you because you’re good looking, and your family is wealthy, that’s all. I’m telling you, in this Suzhou city, few women dare to speak like that to me! If I want to bring down your Su Family, it’s just a matter of few simple phone calls from me.”

“Oh really? Go ahead then, I’d like to see that.” Su Ji was not afraid at all, “Uu, the great MPCS secretary’s speech was scary; this lowly woman terrified! I’ll be sitting here waiting for you to make your phone calls. If you’re worrying about your phone credit, I can lend you my phone.”

“Good! So you like to play tough, eh? If I’d knew that, I wouldn’t have spent so much effort.”

Li Chao chuckled, he suddenly turned around to face the lobby manager and yelled.

“Get everyone out of here!”

“This…” The lobby manager suddenly became awkward, everyone in this VIP room is rich, he can’t just casually evict these people.

“Are my words not good enough for you?” Li Chao let out a grim smile, making the lobby manager shiver. Alas. what else could he do? How can these wealthy merchants be compared to the great young master Li?

In this Suzhou city, nobody would dare to underestimate the capabilities of Li Chao.

It seemed that Miss Su had had bad luck today. Even if she was taken down by Li Chao, she has nowhere to report this incident.

Here, Li Chao’s father controls the whole city. Moreover, he is now the secretary of MPCS. With just a casual phone call from him, everybody will think that it’s the order from MPCS.

What’s more, Li Fumin (Li Chao’s dad) still has a backer in the Provincial and the Central government.

Actually, without the lobby manager telling them, the various patrons already began to pack up their belongings and quietly leave.

This lobby manager sighed and went downstairs with the several staff.

“See?” Li Chao smiled smugly, “In this Suzhou city, without the need for me to make a phone call, the people already know what to do. Today, I’m standing here with the protection of this man, who will watch over you. I want to see what are you going to do to defy me!”

After that, Li Chao stretched out his claw toward Su Ji to grip her.

A silver ray of light flashed by, followed by Li Chao’s howl of pain. It turns out, Qin Chao had extended his arm, picked up a fork, and stabbed Li Chao’s hand, then nailed it to the table. A dark red blood stained the tablecloth.

“Ah!” Li Chao cannot bear the pain coming from his hand, but he doesn’t dare to touch the fork. Since he was born, he never even got a slap on his face, let alone this kind of punishment.

This time is just letting him taste the pain of bleeding.

“You cannot just randomly extend such a claw to someone else.” Qin Chao picked up a tissue, wiped his mouth and said, “It would be bad if you stretched it to the wrong place.”

That man in black’s eyes lit up, like a machine that was being started, and began to move.

He suddenly stretched out his skeleton-like skinny palm from his sleeve. But,**he ignored Li Chao. Instead, he shot his palm toward Su Ji.

But Su Ji is not an ordinary person, she is a ‘foundation building’ stage Buddhist disciple. She already felt the danger when that man in black made his move.

She subconsciously leaned her head to the side. As for Qin Chao, he absolutely wouldn’t let anyone lay their hand toward Su Ji.

“Bang!” Qin Chao’s fists and the man in black’s palm collided and stuck together. The powerful impacts shocked Qin Chao’s body, surprising him. ‘How could this skinny person have so much strength?’

“Ha!” Qin Chao let out a shout; his arm suddenly turned into a black scaled beastly arm.

Looking at the man in black, there was a trace of drunken-like blushes on his pale face.

“Bam!” This two person table immediately broke into two halves. The glass plate and other things were broken into pieces. Qin Chao was a bit distressed, ‘my uncle, this meal ,worth tens of thousands, spoiled just like this!’

“Apologize to those farmers!” Qin Chao gave a shout. The power inside his body surged out, impacting the man in black’s body.

The flush on the latter’s face became heavier, and his body shot out. His whole body awkwardly fell on a table, overturning the furniture.

The black dress he was wearing became colorful, stained by all the food and wine that was arranged on the table.

“You’re from Luocha (Rakshasa) sect?” The man pushed himself against the chair and stood up. A trace of blood on the corner of his mouth was wiped out by his hand.

“How about you? Where do you come from?” Qin Chao hides away his beastly claw. The nearby young master Li looked silly at this. His expression is like someone who is watching an alien attack on earth, very excited

“I’m from Yanluo (King of Hell) sect, one of the six devil sects. My friend from the Luocha sect, please move aside; I have to complete a mission. Otherwise, don’t blame me for not caring that we came from the same path.”

This man’s voice is very hoarse, like the sound coming from an old tape. The people hearing it become uncomfortable.

“Your task is to kill Su Ji?” Qin Chao frowned and stood in front of Su Ji.

“Sorry, no comment.”

“I have no interest in knowing about your mission. But if you want to harm Su Ji, sorry, you have to pass over my dead body first.”

“Luocha sect’s member, are indeed smelly and hard.” That man in black sneered and raised his hand; A Blue flame was floating on top of his palm, “When you die, remember to report my name to Yama (King of Hell’s name). My name is Zhou De!”

After that, he swallowed the blue flame into his mouth. At this time, Zhou De’s complexion suddenly became very grim. A layer of blue flame-like then appeared on the surface of his body, at the same time, his original 1.8-meter height increased to approximately 1.9 meters. Blue flames also emitted from his eyes.

“Possessed by a yin ghost…” Su Ji whispered behind Qin Chao to caution him, “Be careful, although this is the introductory skill of the Yanluo sect, it’s a little abnormal.”

During her speech, the possessed-by-yin-ghost’s Zhou De let out a long howl that sharply cut through the air. Meanwhile, along with that noisy wail, Zhou De’s body directly crossed a more than ten-meter distance and instantly arrived in front of Qin Chao.

Black fingernails grew out from his fingers; contrasting with his white as jade hands.

His palm shot out toward Qin Chao again. The power of this palm was vastly different from his previous palm; This time, his palm was accompanied by bursts of explosive sound in the air.

“Good!” Summoning his valor, Qin Chao immediately entered his devil state; His arms covered in black scales. Then, he heavily took a step forward, followed by a tremble on the ground. Meanwhile, he makes a fist with his right hand, then, using his entire strength, he welcomed Zhou De’s palm with his fists.


“Crash!” The fists and palm intersected; A mass of elliptical airwaves spreaded out. That violent force swept through half of the restaurant. The nearby windows could not contain that much power, forcing them to crack and let the cold autumn wind come into the room.

Qin Chao’s body was pushed back three steps before he stopped himself, leaving three footprints on the ground.

But that Zhou De could not withstand the pressure, his body flew across the room, like a broken kite, knocking a lot of musical instruments and crashed into wall on the other side of the restaurant

When he fell, there was a human shaped hole in the wall.

“Indeed, worthy to be a Luocha sect’s people….really overbearing…” The corners of his mouth bled again; The posture when he climbed up was strange, it seemed as if his right arm was fractured.

His right arm is limply dangling on the side, but he doesn’t appear to mind it. It’s as if the broken right arm has no effect on him.

“I, Zhou De has taken note about today’s matter. In the future, I will certainly repay it.” Right after saying this, it was as if his body is flexible as a monkey, he lightly leap toward the nearby window.

“Want to run?” Qin Chao felt a pain in his abdomen; it seemed like he suffered an internal injury. But, thinking about the conspiracy against Su Ji, he decided that this was not the time to rest. If he let Zhou De escape, Su Ji would still be in danger.

“You must ask permission from my soul-binding-lock chain first!” Then, he took out his soul binding lock from his storage ring and threw it toward Zhou De, who already leaped out of the window.

Seeing the soul-binding-lock chain coming at him, Zhou De’s face, which always as steady as a rock all this time, immediately changed. His body suddenly burst, the blue flames in his eyes dissipated. At the same time, a transparent soul wailed and flew out from his body, colliding with the chain.

“Bang!” The soul binding lock was entangled by that spirit. Seizing the chance, Zhou De jumped out from the third floor.

“Ow!” After that soul was wrapped, it suddenly swelled up, and exploded; A blast of cold air filled with desperation smell flew toward Qin Chao.

At this time, Qin Chao was full of shock. He didn’t know how to deal with this kind of situation.

“Ma!” Fortunately, there was a Buddhist disciple standing behind him. Su Ji raised her prayer beads and starts to chant Buddhist note through her vermilion lips.

A green Buddhist mark came out from her beads, then rotated around them at high speed, dispersing that blast of howling wind.

“Done.” Su Ji withdrew her Buddhist mark then smiles widely at Qin Chao.

At this time, Qin Chao also dispersed his devil’s state. He turned his attention toward the nearby Li Chao and found out that Li Chao, who previously acted so arrogant and flamboyant, had peed his pants.

Smelling this urine smell, Su Ji couldn’t help but cover her nose.

Li Chao’s whole body trembled while he blankly looked at Qin Chao, who is now walking toward him.

“How about it, young master Li.” Qin Chao smiled, pulled out a red river and stuffed it in Li Chao’s mouth, “Come on, smoke, don’t be afraid.”

Then, in a flash, he quickly pulled out the fork from Li Chao’s hand. Li Chao screams out in pain while clutching his trembling hand.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a wound that pierced through your palm, you’re not gonna die.” Qin Chao sneered, “What do you think, young master Li; This gift of mine, are you satisfied with it?”