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Chapter 58 Meeting The Enemy On A Narrow Road

The interior of this splendid Grand Hotel was decorated with an elegant Western architectural style.

When they entered the Hall, a beautiful waitress soon came forward and asked them politely: “Sir, excuse me, do you have a reservation?”

“Ah, reservation? No, I didn’t.” Qin Chao touches his nose. Whenever he went out to eat, he never needed a reservation, this classy place is troublesome.

“Sir, I’m sorry, the Hotel’s seats are full. However, next time you can book a place in advance, then we will leave a spot for you.” The friendly waitress politely said. But Qin Chao vaguely saw a trace of disdain from her eyes.

“Even if we don’t have a reservation, you won’t let us eat?” Su Ji came out and joined in the fun. While holding Qin Chao’s arm, she said to the waitress,

“Give me a VIP location by the window.”

“Young lady, I’m really sorry.” The waitress could not help but laugh, and said, “VIP places can be enjoyed only by our VIP members.”

“VIP members?” Qin Chao felt that this hotel put up too much trouble. Just for eating people had to become a member. “How could someone become a VIP member?”

“Sorry, VIP membership card is only issued by our Chairman.” The beautiful waitresses discourse seemed to have a hint of impatience, “I’m really sorry, but the two of you are not VIP members. Please make a reservation in advance next time. I’m sorry, but I must receive other guests.”

“Go ahead.” Qin Chao didn’t want to pester other people any longer. After all, these are the rules of this family Hotel.

“Wait!” While holding Qin Chao’s arm, Su Ji pulled out a pure gold card from her pocket, and shook it in front of that waitress, “Which one of your eyes saw that we were not VIP members?”

Seeing the card, the waitress’s complexion substantially changed. From shock to disbelief, then become full of smile, and enthusiastically said.

“So the two of you are VIP members. Then please come with me, I will arrange a place for the two of you.”

The small waitresses of this Antony Hotel are all somewhat rich, because their VIP guests usually leave them with generous tips.

This waitress feels really lucky today because she actually meet with a VIP member. The tipping is definitely lavish.

“Never mind, we don’t want to trouble you. Please call your lobby manager to attend us.” Su Ji bluntly dismisses her.

“This…” The waitress looked a little embarrassed.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?”

“Please, wait a minute…” The waitress had no choice but to resentfully back down.

“Come to this, this fellow was still thinking to get a tip.” Su Ji sweetly smiled to Qin Chao, “Although money is not that impressive, without money, it is hard to move around.”

“Huh? When was the time you had no money?”

“Of course, our Su family was previously in a dire strait. The wealth that we have now was the result of my father and sister’s hard work. Therefore, I have great respect for both of them.”

This chick said while pulling Qin Chao’s arm, then laughed, “So, I was very careful in spending money. I never drive BMWs or wear fancy clothes. Especially since I am a cultivator, all these things are only ephemeral to me.”

“If I achieve great success in my devil cultivation, perhaps I can help you break through your ‘foundation building’ stage. So that you can continue to move towards a higher stage.”

Qin Chao confidently said.

“All right! But first, you need to breakthrough to the ‘divine concentration’ stage first, then you can talk again!”

The two people were quietly chatting. This time, a black-uniformed lobby manager came over while looking sorry in front of Su Ji.

“I’m sorry Miss Su, that was a newcomer. She didn’t know you; please forgive her.”

“Forget it, I’m not angry. I’m here to eat, not to get angry. Please help me arrange a spot for me.” Su Ji waved and said to the lobby manager.

“Of course, the old location has always belonged to Miss Su. Please come with me.”

The lobby manager lead the two of them to a location by the window on the third floor. The third-floor decoration was even more lavish compared to the first floor. The ambiance was also quieter.

In the middle of the third floor, a Western-styled band was currently playing a slow serenade.

The lobby manager arranged a waitress for the two of them – a beautiful girl, probably a working female student – She handed them the menu.

“What do you want to eat?” After they had been seated, Su Ji pushed the menu to Qin Chao, “My Savior! Order anything that you like.”

“One meal is enough to repay me?” Qin Chao looked at the menu, that was all in French, and didn’t understand a single word.

“Then, which one do you want?” Su Ji animatedly looked at Qin Chao.

“How about this one?” Qin Chao pointed to one of the choices in the menu. The waitress smiled, “Sir, this is the music selection. You can select what kind of song the band will play by selecting one of the choices here.”

“He, he, then just let me choose it.” Su Ji took the menu from Qin Chao’s hand. Qin Chao’s face is somewhat flushed. The phrase ‘let my girlfriend choose the menu,’ was swallowed down back to his stomach.

Looking at Su Ji’s otherworldly beauty, Qin Chao became a bit discouraged. The differences between their status are too disparate. Himself is just a young ‘tempered qi’ cultivator; How could he have the means to pursue her?

She loves to eat French food, while he likes to eat the street-side roasted meat. The two of them are radically different. Forget it! Do not indulge in flights of fancy.

“A French pigeon meat tarts, a black truffle tomato with fresh oyster, a rose salmon with caviar. Qin Chao, I remember you like to eat mutton. Then, add a French cheese baked lobster with vanilla lamb chops, served with vanilla cream vegetable soup. I don’t think we need the expensive wine, just bring me a bottle of 86 Lafite.”

“Yes, please wait a moment.” When the waitress withdrew, seeing Qin Chao looking at the window with a somewhat desolate look, Su Ji cannot help but blink.

“Hey, handsome, what’s going on with you?”

“Nothing, I just feel bad for having such an expensive meal.”

“What is this?” Su Ji smiled, “You’re an immortal cultivator with natural born devil body, one day you will hold such wealth. So long as you have the power, money and status will follow. You look at the monks of our Baotai Temple of Song Mountain. Even though they just chanting ‘Amituofo’ every day, there are still some people who scurry to waste their money to those monks.”

“Mn…” Holding the empty glass in front of Su Ji, Qin Chao is a little preoccupied. ‘I just hope that when my glory days arrive, you have not married yet.’

French cuisine is the world first in the Western world. The ingredients are extensive, the processing is fine, the cooking is elegant, the taste is strong and light, the color and variety are many. This is the first time Qin Chao ate French cuisine. Although the taste is excellent, he still wanted to eat the street-side grilled meat.

There is also the wine, a liquor that he doesn’t familiar with. As a school security guard, he can’t imagine why this bottle of wine was worth tens of thousands.

While eating, Su Ji introduced him to many French dishes. Previously, Su Ji studied in France, therefore, she is quite familiar with French cuisine.

While the two of them was enjoying their sumptuous meal, a very discordant voice suddenly flew from the side.

“What did you say? My favorite position has already been filled? ”

“I’m sorry, young master Li, we can give you a better location. ”

“I’m used to sit there. I don’t care who are sitting there now, quickly move them away. I’m inviting my friend to dinner, don’t make feel bad.”

“Young Master Li, this…”

“What’s wrong? Do you want something bad to happen to this establishment?”

Soon, the lobby manager, with a pained look on his face, came over beside Su Ji’s table and cautiously said.

“Miss Su, I’m sorry, we become a bad host today. These meals are for free. However, if you want to help me, please consider swapping places. I will arrange for a better location.”

“No need.” Su Ji beckoned with her hand, “It’s Li Chao isn’t it? Just bring him here, I’ll talk to him.”

“Good…” Listening to these words, the lobby manager said in his heart, ‘I cannot stir up trouble to the two of you. Better let the two of you resolve this among yourself.’

“Later, if that Li Chao wants to bully me, you’ll have to protect me.”

Su Ji took a sip of the red wine; Her cheeks are slightly pink, exuding a matchless allure.

“This Li Chao, relying on his position as a secretary of MPCS (Municipal Party Committee Secretary), and his father as the Deputy Director of Public Security Bureau (Deputy chief of police), really thought of himself as the king of Suzhou city.”

Qin Chao can also see the familiar figure in the distance. The scene where he spent hours being detained in the police station emerged in his mind.

“Don’t worry, I’m one of those invisible people, a bachelor. This is called I have nothing to fear (Originally: Barefoot men are always not afraid of the men who are wearing shoes). If he dares to annoy you, I will make him pay the price.”

Qin Chao casually enjoys the lamb chop. His talks seem to be random.

But Su Ji, who was sitting across from him, felt the hidden intention to kill deep inside his heart.

‘Is this guy only a security guard? I’m probably the only person who knows that, deep down, he is the devil’s sect disciple who has no regards toward a life.’

“I never would have thought, it turns out it’s our beautiful Royal Highness, the Princess.”

After the lobby manager had conveyed Su Ji’s message, Li Chao came over to Su Ji and Qin Chao’s table, together with a man dressed in black.

When Qin Chao noticed the man, his eyes suddenly narrowed.

The man was wrapped in black clothes, his complexion somewhat skinny and pale. His eyes are especially dark, but his sclera is a bit red, seemed like the color of blood.

Qin Chao sensed a trace of blood, coming from this man’s body. There was also a trace of…the rancid smell of evil spirits.

Qin Chao subconsciously opened his devil eyes to check out the man. He was surprised to find out that the man is actually a human and not an evil spirit.

‘Impossible! Will an ordinary people make him so wary like this?’

The man seemed to have realized that Qin Chao has been peeping at him. His body shook; He also coldly looked at Qin Chao.

His glance seemed to be quite mild, but Qin Chao actually felt a sense of hostility coming from him.

This man is remarkable.

“And there’s also…eh? You’re the school’s cleaner, right?” Li Chao deliberately looked at Qin Chao. But he doesn’t know that Qin Chao’s attention was focused on the man in black. Qin Chao did not even took a glance at him.

“Sorry, young master Li, today I took your spot, please find another table.” Su Ji said to Li Chao with just a touch of cold.

“No problem. But since we have met, I might as well introduce you guys.” Li Chao smiled, pointed to the man in black besides him, and said, “This is my recently known friend. He is very powerful and knows kung fu. I would like to ask him a favor.”

After saying that, Li Chao’s malicious eyes swept twice at Qin Chao.