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Chapter 56 Su Ji’s Dance

Sun Xiaofeng is simply too late to retract his kick because his move had been halfway to its target. Moreover, part of this turning sidekick’s power was its inertia. Once this move began it was difficult to stop.

“Wenwen!” Hu Lili stared with wide eyes because she didn’t expect Fang Weng to be this reckless.

Just as Sun Xiaofeng’s kick about to hit Fang Wen, without knowing how, Qin Chao unexpectedly appeared beside Fang Wen and embraced her waist with one hand. His other hand stretched out and grasped Sun Xiaofeng’s kicking leg, then pinched it.

“Ah!” Sun Xiaofeng wailed like a pig that was about to be slaughtered. He felt as if his leg was being clamped by an iron vise; the pain penetrating down to his bone..

“Beautiful side kick, too bad your behavior is impolite.” Qin Chao still pinching Sun Xiaofeng’s leg, was looking at the opposite party, whose forehead is full of sweats, with a smile. It didn’t seem like he intended to easily let go of this impertinent dance club president.

Fang Wen, who was being hugged, was affected by Qin Chao’s masculine breath. Unexpectedly her face was blushed and she was unable to speak. Her heart felt like it was carrying a small rabbit, jumping up and down incessantly.

Sun Xiaofeng seemingly starts to cry, he touched his leg and wildly shouted. “Let it go! Let it go! My leg is going to break ah, ah!”

“Alas, big president Sun.” While still pinching Sun Xiaofeng’s leg, Qin Chao loosened Fang Wen’s waist. The latter feeling at a loss and was pulled by Hu Lili to the side.

“Didn’t you said you wanted to break my legs? Do you want to break your promise?”

“Let, let go of my leg…” Sun Xiaofeng’s face was pale with pain, and his other leg was trembling.

“If you apologize to these two pretty girls, I’ll release your leg.” Qin Chao made an invitation gesture.

“An apology?” Sun Xiaofeng stares. From the moment he was born he was always spoiled by his parents. When was there ever a time when he apologized?

“Don’t want to apologize?” Qin Chao chuckled and then increased the strength of his grip.

Sun Xiaofeng wails several more times until he doesn’t care about saving his face anymore. He hastily apologizes to Fang Wen And Hu Lili again and again.

“I, I was wrong…”

“Put some more sincerity into it.” Qin Chao slightly increased his strength again.

Sun Xiaofeng felt an extreme pain and simply howl. “I’m sorry! I was wrong!” His powerful voice resounded throughout the corridors.

“This is more like it.” Qin Chao nodded with satisfaction, then loosened the calf of president Sun.

Sun Xiaofeng grimacing with pain, sat on the floor and rolled up his trouser to inspect his leg. My goodness, his whole calf was swollen with a purplish color.

Sun Xiaofeng is rubbing his leg quietly. But his eyes flashed a sinister and ruthless intent.

“I have lost the mood to watch the rehearsal.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, surprising the two girls, who have not regained their composure yet.

“What’s wrong? Did you know that I’m the lead dancer? Couldn’t this raise the interest of the great security guard Qin Chao?” A familiar voice came from behind him, making Qin Chao jerk his head to look. Astonishingly, one who spoke was Su Ji, Qin Chao was rooted to the spot.

This chick is wearing tight black leather clothes and black mini skirt that wrapped a black trousers-sock, with black leather boots that reached her knees. This typical hot chick all-black appearance accentuated her perfect S curve.

“Well? Is it eye catching? Is it sexy?” Instead of looking after Sun Xiaofeng, who was still sitting on the ground, Su Ji turned around on her spot, making Qin Chao’s eyeballs jump out.

“It is! So, you’re the primary dancer? Then indeed, I’ll have to take a look.” Qin Chao said in his heart, ‘I already saw you dance without your clothes on. I haven’t seen you dance wearing a costume yet.’

Of course, these words can only be said inside his mind. If he were to say them out loud, it was possible that Su Ji might beat him to death with her Buddhist spell.

The four of them left Sun Xiaofeng behind and walked into the big gymnastic classroom. Everywhere he looks, all Qin Chao could sees are beautiful girls. There are a couple of somewhat fat dancers, but they’re also trying hard to lose weight.

Although this classroom is big, the surroundings were piled with shelves and some obsolete sports equipment or something. The girls were practicing their dance moves in the center of this classroom.

Although Sun Xiaofeng is the dance club president, this time, he didn’t participate in this dance rehearsal. Because the majority of city leadership, who are going to see their performance, are male; The all-girl dancers will be more pleasing to the eyes.

That is why, even without him, they can still rehearse this dance. In this regard, both he and Qin Chao are redundant.

“Alright girls, continue.” Su Ji claps her hands, walks to the front of the classroom, and continue rehearsing with the other girls.

She began with a slow rhythm, guiding these beautiful girls to learn those beautiful but hot action movements. This hot dance is suited for those beautiful girls that have the good figure as well as know how to dance. Making Su Ji, who has perfect curve and dance skill, as the lead dancer, is absolutely eye-catching.

Hu Lili and Fang Wen also joined the rehearsal. This hot dance had a total of six beautiful dancers. Although the other girls didn’t participate in this practice, they were also learning this dance from the side, and not just being idle.

Qin Chao is intensely staring at them. If eyeballs could fly out, it’s possible that Qin Chao’s eyeballs would position themselves under Su Ji’s waist.

With Qin Chao’s attention fully immersed in the girl’s dance, Sun Xiaofeng just coolly stood off to the side. Sun Xaiofeng’s pair of black eyes suddenly became gray.

His eyes closely followed Su Ji, while, at the same time, he extended his palm and moved it along the direction of Su Ji’s movement.

Soon, Su Ji stood under one of the shelves. There are some heavy barbell pieces on top of this shelf.

When Su Ji stood beneath that shelf, the distant Sun Xiaofeng’s eyes suddenly lit up. He raised his palm and dragged it down.

The shelf that was seemingly leaning against the wall, was suddenly pulled away from the wall by an invisible hand and smashed toward Su Ji. The several barbells also rolled down and were about to pound Su Ji’s face. If these barbells directly hit Su Ji, it’s possible that her fragrant jade body will be damaged and completely disappear.

Although Su Ji is an outer court Buddhist disciple, this scene came too suddenly. She didn’t have time to launch her Buddhist spell.

All the girls were screaming while turning their head. It seems as if they were afraid to watch Su Ji laying in the pool of blood.

“Get down!” At this time, Qin Chao, who had been focusing his attention on Su Ji, sprang into action. He summoned the soul binding lock from his ring, and without thinking, he flung it toward the falling barbells.

After entering the tempered qi stage, Qin Chao’s power had increased by leaps and bounds. This soul binding lock also became handier to him.

Like a black dragon, this chain wrapped around Su Ji’s body and dragged her by her waist. In the blink of an eye, with a burst of fragrant wind, she was pulled into Qin Chao’s arms.

The barbells along with the shelf heavily fell to the ground with a loud bang sound, splashing a large amount of dust.

The girls were stunned while Hu Lili mumblingly said.

“How could it fall?…Obviously the stack is really steady…”

“I felt the presence of evil spirit back there…” While Su Ji was still in Qin Chao’s embrace, she stared and whispered to him.

“Do you mean…the shelf did not accidentally collapse?”

When Qin Chao looked around, there were only students and no one looked suspicious.

“Since it was not an accident, later on, you must be more careful.” Qin Chao reluctantly released Su Ji, and then amplified his voice to said, “Students! It’s alright; I will help you clean up. You can continue your practice.”

“Qin Chao, you seem to have a magical chain! Where did you hide it?” At this time, Hu Lili woke up from her daze, ran to Qin Chao’s side, and looked at him suspiciously.

“You just imagined things; there is no such chain.” Qin Chao rolled up his sleeves and began to clean up the barbells and the shelf while ignoring Hu Lili.

“Come on, where did you hide it? I clearly saw it! Wenwen, you saw it too, right?”

“Enough, Lili, quit pestering big brother Qin Chao, let’s get back to practice.” Contrary to Hu Lili’s expectation, Fang Wen actually shook her head and dragged Hu Lili to the side.

“Hey! Wenwen, why did you turn your back on me! I always got your back; you should, at least, told me what you saw! Come on, why won’t you tell me!”

Fang Wen is silent because after her near suicide experience and then seeing today’s scene, she began to understand something. In this world, there are always some things that she is unable to explain. Also, there are some peoples with abilities beyond human imagination. Qin Chao seems to belong to that category of people.

On the side, Sun Xiaofeng’s eyes returned to normal. The previous ‘gray eyes’ were hidden deep inside his dark eyes. He bowed his head and went out from the classroom.


Meanwhile, on the roof of a building not far from here, a man who was wrapped in a black jacket, shook his head, took out a mobile phone, and dialed a number.

“I’m sorry, mission failed. It seems that it was blocked by a cultivator.”

“Mission failed?” An angry voice comes from the phone, “After charging me so much money, now you said the mission failed?”

“The mission was to kill the woman, but you never said that she is protected by a cultivator.”

“I don’t care.” The voice from the other side of the phone was cold, “Surely you know the rules of your organization. As you already accepted the task and received the money, you must carry out the mission until the end. Either she dies, or you die.

“Understood.” The man in black hung up his phone. He stood on the roof while pondering for a moment.

“It seems that it can only happen when that man is not by her side.” That man in black spoke to himself, turned around and left the building.


This time, in a more distant place, at Las Vegas USA. A handsome man, dressed in a top quality suit, smoking a Cuban cigar, is sitting in a casino VIP room with several foreign men and women. They are playing a card game.

Besides him stood an almost naked bunny girl. She is gently rubbing the man’s shoulder with her chest.

“Mr. Su, your card is excellent! You will certainly be able to recoup this round.” She said in that Mr.Su’s ear with a standard American accent.

“Hehe…” This Mr. Su suddenly waved his hand, and then the two men dressed in a black suit came and dragged out the bunny girl.

Then, he looked at the several somewhat panic gamblers, and said in fluent English, “That woman has helped you win my 20 million dollars. Ladies and gentlemen, how about it? Isn’t it the time you spit out the money that you shouldn’t eat?

Seeing the pale faces of the other gamblers, this Mr. Su smiled an evil smile.

‘My dear sisters, don’t blame this brother’s callous heart. Who told that old man to insist on leaving the company to you two?’