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Chapter 55 The President’s Arrogance

The next few days after Qin Chao was framed has been uneventful. Qin Chao took a mental note about this incident and promised himself to one day pay it back to Li Chao.

Everyday Su Ji will help Qin Chao trying to get into divine concentration stage. But Qin Chao was obsessed with seeing the appearance of the great devil god Luo De. Although Su Ji was angry with Qin Chao’s foolishness, she admires him for his perseverance.

Su Fei did not seem to know the matter about her sister lived in Qin Chao’s home. She has been really busy recently and become somewhat muddle-headed.

Because of her various arrangements, BOE (Bureau of Education) finally decide to take GIEI (Guangyuan International Economics Institutes) as the pilot for International Academic Exchange. GIEI is now busy preparing the necessary arrangements to receive some exchange students from another country.

Meanwhile, GIEI students can also apply to study abroad as an exchange student.

The reputation of GIEI is at stake here. They could enter the elite university club, but they could also become second-rate university in one fell swoop.

Therefore, Su Fei has no energy to deal with her mischievous little sister.

Su Ji herself has not been idle

But Qin Chao, as a security guard is impossible to know what Su Ji’s daily activities are. He only knows that, when he picks her up from work every day, this chick is alway very excited. Back home, this chick will often play loud music in the bedroom, making him feel that spring has arrived.

When he asked her, she would always smile without saying anything.

Or, she would just say these strange words.

“Young man, you don’t understand, it’s the youthfulness! ”

After thinking about these events, Qin Chao just shrugged his shoulders and continued to smoke while leaning on the security office’s door. Recently he always wants to smoke, his craving has become somewhat uncontrollable. Generally, under the oppression of electric baton Wang, security guards are not allowed to smoke while at work. But Qin Chao is the only exception.

“Good, you’re actually hiding in this place to smoke!” A pretty girl, wearing a coat with a white shirt underneath and blue jeans pants, abruptly showed up, pinched her waist, and stood in front of Qin Chao.

“Hmph, hmph, I on behalf of Director Su, deducts your wage! Otherwise, you’ll have to ask me out to eat!”

“Schoolmate Hu Lili.” Qin Chao snuffed the cigarette in his hand, looked at the somewhat brusque little girl in front of him, said, “I just went to work for a few days, so my first-month wage haven’t been received yet. How could I ask you out to eat.”

“I don’t care. Either that or I’ll report you to electric baton Wang.” Hu Lili continues to pester him.

“Then go, you little tattletale.” Qin Chao waved indifferently, “turn left into the security office, the first large office is his. However, don’t forget to knock on the door. Our security director always like to stay in his room, exploring life’s issues with our security team leader.”

“Stop! I’m not going to do it!” This little girl’s suddenly change her tone, “you must invite me to a meal!”

“Enough, Lili, don’t be an annoying troublemaker.” At this time, Fang Wen’s soft voice rang. This mild-mannered girl, dressed in a long white dress, like a lotus flower without a trace of dirt, stood before the two of them.

“In any case, big brother Qin Chao is my savior, so it should be me who invites you guys to eat.” Fang Wen is grateful to catch a glimpse of Qin Chao, her deep eyes got a bit complicated, “Big brother Qin Chao, tell me, what do you want to eat?”

“Enough, eating out every day is boring.” Qin Chao patted Fang Wen on her shoulder and said, “I would be satisfied as long as I see you’re all right. This asking out to eat is just a small talk. Moreover, it’s full of greasy food out there.”

“Oh…” Fang Wen lowered her head, seems to look a little dejected.

Qin Chao didn’t notice the change in Fang Wen, but the nearby Hu Lili saw it clearly. She appears to collect herself, then suddenly rolls her eyes and said.

“In that case, why don’t you come with us and watch our dance performance?”

“Dance?” Qin Chao touches his nose, “lap dance?”

“Colorful fart dance, and striptease too!” Qin Chao‘s indecent suggestion makes Hu Lili unbearably angry.

“Oh, really? Does our school have such compelling entertainment?”

“You go to hell!” The veins in Hu Lili’s forehead seems to have jumped out. The nearby Fang Wen covers her mouth, secretly happy.

“Big brother Qin Chao, it’s like this.” Seeing Hu Lili for the first time become mad until she is unable to speak, her nearby friend, Fang Wen, gloated for a moment, then explained on behalf of her, “The celebration for the student exchange program as well as our campus anniversary is near. Our dance club is required to perform on both of these occasion. So, recently we are rehearsing our line dance, not some lap dance or something like that.”

“That’s right, we’re all will be wearing revealing clothes!” Hu Lili moves her eyebrows, making a provocative look at Qin Chao, “Such as a small vest and mini skirt. Do you want to see it in advance?”

“That’s not revealing enough. But I’ll bite the bullet and take a look!” Qin Chao acts like the typical playing-hard-to-get guy, making Hu Lili’s eyes bulge.

“Then quickly come with us, big brother Qin Chao.”

The two chicks in front are leading the way. Because there are two special celebrations on campus, the big and medium campus organizations are starting to get busy. The dance club, as a pure performance organization, is no exception. To this end, the dance club has been specifically granted the permission to use a large gymnastic room, so that they can practice there.

It’s just that this warehouse has been used by the gymnastic class for a long time, so there are many wooden frame and other sporting goods laying around.

The girls from the dance club have been quite busy cleaning up the place.

The only drawback to such a big school is the time wasted on walking back and forth. After walking for ten minutes, the two girls and Qin Chao arrives at their exclusive organization’s classroom.

“Oh, the two big Missy, finally came back!”

A tall and ordinary-looking male student was standing at the door, expressing some dissatisfaction towards Fang Wen and Hu Lili, saying, “everybody has been rehearsing for quite some time, except for the two of you. We must perform well in this activity; the school expects a high standard from us.”

“We understand, president.” Fang Wen nodded and replied.

“Rest assured, we have performed many times in these last three years, there shouldn’t be any issue.” Hu Lili carelessly said.

“It’s you who are making other people worry!” This dance club president gave Hu Lili a stern look, trying to drill her. When he saw the nearby Qin Chao, he suddenly froze for a moment.

“Excuse me, we have been granted permission by the school to use this room.”

This president thought that Qin Chao, as a security guard, wanted to expel them from the classroom.

“You do your jumping, I only came to see.” Qin Chao answered him.

“This will not do!” The president immediately pout, and coldly said, “dance rehearsal have never been open to an outsider. I’m sorry, please go back.”

“Hei, Sun Xiaofeng, what do you mean!” Hu Lili didn’t accept that. This wild and courageous girl holds her arms, stands in front of her president, speaks with particularly vigorous tone, “As the president, you think you’re so great huh? You even dare to stop my friend! Believe it or not, this old lady will not dance?”

“You, Hu Lili!” Sun Xiaofeng was shocked because Hu Lili was one of the few principal dancers in his dance club. If she doesn’t dance, their performance would indeed become affected.

“Lili, you can’t do that!” Fang Wen immediately chimed in.

Sun Xiaofeng relaxed, Fang Wen is still the reasonable one. Who knew, Fang Wen then said.

“If you don’t dance then what about me? Alright, I won’t dance either.”

“You two! You really don’t take me as your president aren’t you!” Sun Xiaofeng put on his president’s arrogance, sternly said, “believe it or not, I can criticize the two of you in front of all the students!”

“Oh my president!” Hu Lili rolled her eyes and said, “All the third year students, who doesn’t know each other? If you want to criticize, then go ahead. At worst, I’ll just quit this dance club!”

“Count me too.” Fang Wen backed her friend.

Sun Xiaofeng is furious, his chest fluctuates high and low as if he is a fan.

“Quit, quit, if you want to quit, just quit! I don’t believe this dance club won’t manage without both of you!”

Sun Xiaofeng threw caution to the wind and stopped them in front of the class, saying, “Today, I stand here. Other than the members of the dance club, nobody else is allowed to enter! If I see one leg pass this door, I’ll break off that leg!”

“Oh!” Qin Chao cheerfully said, “nice, a dance club president can also talk big.”

No wonder Chen Yingyang said there are many ‘crouching tiger hidden dragon’ in this GIEI, you wouldn’t know the background and capabilities of these students. This Sun Xiaofeng seems to have such background. But, in front of Qin Chao, who even dared to kill Fang Hua, can this be counted as something?

With Fang Hua dead, Chen Si can be considered to have enmity with him, and Li Chao is also eyeing on him. This is called ‘no point in worrying about one debt when one has so many others.’ In any case, himself is just a bachelor. As a proud and independent cultivator, what is he afraid of?

He walked over and stood in front of Sun Xiaofeng, asked.

“You said if my leg steps over the door, you’ll break my leg, is that right?”

“Correct!” Relying on his height and his Taekwondo skill, this Sun Xiaofeng crossly said, “I’m telling you, I’m a black belt in Taekwondo. If you later meet with some mishap, don’t blame my viciousness!”

“Excellent.” Qin Chao nodded, and then under the gaze of Sun Xiaofeng, he strolled and stepped into the classroom door.

He didn’t forget to turned around, and make a ‘come at me’ sign at Sun Xiaofeng, “I already came in, now it’s your turn.”

“Damn, I think you’re seeking death!” Sun Xiaofeng completely enraged. He raised his right leg to whip down fast and hard toward Qin Chao’s head.

“Yo, you said you’re going to hit the leg. How come you changed the target now, you’re such an unreliable person.” With just lightly swinging his body, Qin Chao has evaded Sun Xiaofeng’s kick.

This dance club president Taekwondo skill haven’t been shown yet. This one kick was not slowing down, it kicked the door frame beside Qin Chao. That door frame was made of wood and was quite old. Many broken wooden chips flew out because this kick broke part of the door frame.

“Aa!” Hu Lili and Fang Wen called out in alarm, then Hu Lili angrily said, “Sun Xiaofeng, are you crazy!”

“You bitch, go to hell!” Although Hu Lili has made Sun Xiaofeng furious, the other party is, after all, only a woman, he wouldn’t just shamelessly hit her.

But if he doesn’t break that pesky security guard’s teeth today, he is not surnamed Sun!

“Ha!” Thinking about this, Sun Xiaofeng make a turning side kick. His Adidas wearing feet, kicked toward Qin Chao.

At this time, an amazing scene emerged. Fang Wen who originally stood behind Hu Lili, unexpectedly, recklessly rushed out to stand in between Qin Chao and Sun Xiaofeng.