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Chapter 53 To Enter A Palace

Every morning, Qin Chao has two additional task to do. One is to cook for Su Ji, the other one is to send Su Ji to work.

If he only lives by himself, in the morning he can just hurriedly soak a pouch of instant noodles, or he can just chew it while he goes to work. But now he have additional mouth to feed, a very picky one at that. So, Qin Chao, without any other options, has to wake up earlier to help Su Ji boil porridge.

Qin Chao did not know why he didn’t feel upset being this busy in the morning. Instead, he feels an inexplicable satisfaction. Could it be that he had a masochist tendency? This made Qin Chao quite confused.

After eating breakfast in an awfully strange atmosphere, the two of them readied themselves to go out. Just when Su Ji left the house, she saw Wang Yan (the wife of the newlywed couple), dressed in thermal underwear. She looked at Su Ji with some lingering fear but failed to say any words.

Previously, when Su Ji counter-attacked her malicious accusation, she lost all her face in front of all of the many residents of the apartment complex.

Therefore, although this time she’s full of anger, she doesn’t dare to provoke this female Asura again.

But Su Ji provocatively looks at Wang Yan, who quickly put away the garbage and bitterly return to the house.

This makes Su Ji loudly chuckle. At this time, Qin Chao came out from the house, already dressed.

Then the opposite house’s door opened, an astonished Li Na stepped out of the door.

She noticed that Su Ji came out from Qin Chao’s apartment once again. Her pair of big beautiful eyes filled with surprise and bitterness.

“Sister Su Ji? Qin Chao gege? The two of you….”

“Li Na, let me introduce you, this is my tenant.” Qin Chao pointed to Su Ji, and said, “O, right, I need to tell you about the content of yesterday’s parents-teacher conference, when you have the time.”

“What? What is it?” At this time, Li Na’s mom, Xu Mei, walked out of the room, staring at the three of them and asked.

“Oh, nothing, I said our school will soon open its gate.” Qin Chao hurriedly waves his hand, fearing that Xu Mei would know the matter about yesterday’s parents-teacher meeting.

“Yo little Qin, is this your girlfriend?” As a middle-aged woman, Xu Mei had an exceeding interest in the gossips news, “You have a good taste, she is really beautiful.”

“Ahem, thanks for the compliment, sister Xu.” Like a bastard holding onto a small advantage, Qin Chao touches his nose and shows a smug smile. The nearby Su Ji gave him a pinch and wanted to explain, but seeing Li Na’s resentful eyes, she changed her tone.

“Sister Xu!” Su Ji immediately said, “I have heard Qin Chao talk about you. You are indeed a beautiful Mom. I will be living here too. We’re gonna have much interaction in the future, because we’re neighbors!”

“Good, good, more contacts!” Xu Mei’s smile blossomed, as long as this boy didn’t hook up with her daughter, she doesn’t care who he chose as his partner. Even if he brings home Jolin Tsai, that is not her problem.

“Hurry up, we’re gonna be late for work!” Su Ji pulls Qin Chao’s arm and intimately whisper in his ear, “Today you must cycle a little faster, if we’re late you’re gonna have wage deduction.”

“No problem, I guarantee we’ll arrive on time!” Qin Chao nods and goes downstairs with Su Ji to get the bike. All this time, Li Na has been looking at their direction with hidden bitterness that is difficult to endure.

“Nana, quickly go to school!” Xu Mei pats her daughter, and said, “or you will be late.”

“I know, mom…” Li Na purses her mouth, and then goes downstairs carrying her bag. Looking at her daughter’s back, Xu Mei suddenly sighed and muttered.

“Nana, you still have a long way to go…”

When was the time a mother didn’t know about her daughter’s mind? But Xu Mei is a person who always strive to excel. The hardship that she endured all this time, is so that her daughter can have a better future. Although Qin Chao is a good person, he is too poor.

Moreover, Li Na is too young, she’s only 16 years old. She still have a long road ahead of her. Perhaps when she graduates from University, there will be a son of a wealthy family that takes a liking for Nana, marry her, and then they can enjoy happiness together.

Therefore, Xu Mei rarely lets Li Na interact with Qin Chao.

Without knowing what’s inside Xu Mei’s mind, Qin Chao is riding on the road that leads to the suburbs while carrying Su Ji. This time, Suzhou city is just waking up from a deep sleep. A lot of people are busy preparing for today’s work.

Some old people also come out during this time to move their hands and legs by practicing Tai Chi.

Because there is still time, Qin Chao doesn’t ride too fast. At this time, a middle-aged woman suddenly rushed out from the nearby sidewalk and ran toward the front of the bike.

Qin Chao was shocked, he immediately put out his feet on the ground, while simultaneously twisting the bike’s body, drawing a deep tire track on the road. With this beautiful drift, the bike stops exactly a few centimeters in front of the body of that frightened middle-aged woman, who has stopped in her tracks

“Phew, that was close!” Qin Chao and Su Ji were relieved. This lady is too fierce, how could she just run into the middle of the busy road!

“Ai yo!” Who knows. that Aunt eyes suddenly rolled, her body plop down on the ground, then she wails while patting her thighs, “Someone hit me! Everybody! I am hit!”

“Hey, I didn’t hit you!” Qin Chao jumps out from his bike and asks her with a frown. Did I bump into a ‘porcelain’ today? This is really a bad luck.

(TL Note: A porcelain is someone that commits fraud by jumping in front of vehicles and then claim/pretend to be hit so they deliberately demand compensation.)

“Oh…I am hit….” The Aunt body, lying crookedly on the ground, groaned

At this time, the surrounding onlookers, that started to gather, immediately pointed their fingers at Qin Chao one after another.

“This man is too outrageous, he hit people just like that.”

“Ai, today’s morality has gone down compared to the old days!” An old man said while patting his thigh.

“Where did I hit you! Do you want to blackmail me!” Qin Chao’s brows furrowed. When he stopped his bike on her side and tried to pull that Aunt up from the ground, who would have expected that she would fling his hand to the side, refusing to get up.

“Who, who hit someone?” At this time, several police officer dressed in police uniform separated the crowd and walk over.

“Police comrades! Police comrades!” That Aunt energetically pointing at Qin Chao, loudly said, “That’s him, that’s the one who hit me!”

“He owes me money, but he doesn’t want to pay up. That’s why he want to kill me!” That Aunt also said.

“Nonsense, we never met you before!” Su Ji cannot help but interject, “Which mental hospital did you run out from? You’re the one who ran toward the vehicle, and now you want to make a false accusation? If you want to die, you can jump from the top of the building, don’t stain us with your blood!”

“After hitting people, still being unreasonable…” That Aunt’s crying tears unexpectedly even flow through her nose, “This is an injustice! Police comrades, you should back me up!”

“You, are you the one who hit people?” A deadpan police officer walked over, took a glance at Qin Chao, and coldly says, “You need to come with us, we now suspect that you tried to do a premeditated murder.”

“Premeditated murder?” Qin Chao looked at the police officer while pointing at himself, “don’t joke with me, I never knew this lady! Moreover, I didn’t even hit her!”

“Cut the crap! You can explain yourself in the police station!” That police officer immediately waved his hand. Several police officers quickly came forward and pressed Qin Chao to hold him down. One of them took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Qin Chao’s hands on his back.

It is easy for Qin Chao to kill these several police officers. But if he gets rid of these few police officers, he probably needs to live in seclusion deep in the mountain.

“Hey, what are you guys doing!” Su Ji pushes the police that cuffed Qin Chao’s hands. This chick, being a Buddhist disciple, is surprisingly strong. This push even makes that police officer take three to four steps backward, and almost sat on the ground.

“You, you dare to assault the police?” A policeman immediately came and bluntly said to Su Ji. He also took out a pair of handcuffs and seems to take away Su Ji together with Qin Chao.

“Wait!” An Officer immediately stopped that young policeman, said, “The suspect of this premeditated murder has been identified, and this lady has nothing to do with it. Take him back to the police station to record his confession.”

After that, under the gaze of the surrounding onlookers, the cops escorted Qin Chao to the nearby police car.

“I didn’t hit people!” Qin Chao several times sound out his protest but immediately rebutted by the cops.

“All suspects will say that. Now move!”

“Qin Chao, I’ll get you out of there!” After watching Qin Chao detained and thrown into the police car, Su Ji immediately mounts the bike and quickly rides toward the school.

After seeing the cops drive away, the Aunt that was just hit stood up and patted her buttocks. As if nothing happened, she then went to the nearby morning market and started to bargain with one of the fish peddlers.

Qin Chao is in the police car, with two policemen sitting next to him. He doesn’t know that he has fallen into a conspiracy.

He was taken to the police station, and sent directly to the detention room without being interrogated. The police just put him against the heater, then left the room.

For a long time, nobody came to questioned him, which makes Qin Chao knit his brows and starts to ponder the matter.

Even if he knocked the aunt with a bike, it’s highly unlikely the police would come so quickly like that. Moreover, they would even more unlikely to immediately treat him like a murder suspect.

Qin Chao’s head is not stupid. After carefully thinking for a while, he comes to a conclusion.

It is clear that someone intentionally set a trap for him. Moreover, that someone has the ability to manipulate the police. That someone is none other than the big secretary of MPCS (Municipal Party Committee Secretary), Li Chao.

Qin Chao’s deduction is not wrong. This trap to bring Qin Chao into the police station is exactly Li Chao’s idea. He forwarded this idea to his father’s subordinate, Captain Luo Hao of criminal police brigade.

In order to please the eldest son of his superior, who is also the big secretary of MPCS, Luo Hao immediately put the idea into action. Certainly, all the police that was sent were his trusted friends. And he personally leads the operation, in order to make sure they arrest the person, who makes Li Chao’s eyes sore, and bring him into justice.

Moreover, because of the recent ten-one-three case (Fang Hua’s death), Suzhou city is currently doing a crackdown. MPCS Zheng personally ordered the police to crackdown the lawless element within the city and exterminate the criminal syndicate. Qin Chao was the first casualty in this crackdown, he also happened to be the first one that was arrested into the police station by Luo Hao.

Deputy Director Li also decided that they must strictly process such criminals. Personal relationship is not allowed in dealing with them. Everyone must be treated equally before the law.

After keeping Qin Chao in the interrogation room for three hours, someone finally came looking for him. This man was the captain of the criminal police brigade, Luo Hao.