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Chapter 51 I Am A Monk, You Are A Nun

When they arrived at the apartment building, from downstairs Qin Chao can see that Li Na’s home kitchen light is on. Thus, there is no hurry to find her. He and Su Ji then returned to his room.

Since other people have already promised to reveal the secret after they eat dinner, Qin Chao wholeheartedly did his best to cook the legendary white meat with pickled cabbage.

“Don’t think you can use only this white meat with pickled cabbage to smother me!” While sitting on the couch watching TV, Su Ji didn’t forget to shout at Qin Chao who is busy in the kitchen, “I prefer Sichuan food! At least four dishes and soup!”

“Excuse me! You really put me as your chef are you!?” Qin Chao is helpless, who’s to blame if the other people is a beautiful woman? Fortunately, there are some ingredients in his kitchen. Qin Chao just took out altogether and started to get busy according to Su Ji’s request.

Luckily, Qin Chao’s ex-girlfriend is also very greedy about food and likes to eat Sichuan cuisine. Using the available ingredients, Qin Chao made three dishes. Namely, Boiled meat, Mapo tofu, and Chili chicken. The soup is an ordinary seaweed and egg drop soup. Because there aren’t that many ingredients left, so Qin Chao cannot make his best-assorted soup.

However, these dishes were already very sumptuous. The ingredients to make them are enough for him to eat for a month. The remaining ingredients would only enough if he were to ration it. Luckily, there is still a box of instant noodles and the half bag of potato left.

Otherwise, he would probably starve to death by the second half of the month. Such a big university like Guanyuan school shouldn’t possibly hold back wages….

While daydreaming, Qin Chao got the four dishes and one soup to the table in the living room. Su Ji’s red trench coat is hanging on the wall, leaving her body wrapped in white printed t-shirt and short pants, while her legs were fitted with black silk stockings, completely accentuate her figure.

Qin Chao puts considerable effort to recover his eyeballs and then greets her, “Quickly come and eat it. This Sichuan food is best when you eat it while it’s hot. It would not be too delicious if it gets cold.”

While the two of them sit on the table, Qin Chao watches Su Ji as she make a clean sweep of the food. Qin Chao is wondering, how could her flat belly hold so much stuff in it.

Moreover, Qin Chao also discovered that recently his appetite has got much bigger. His need for food is also much higher than before.

“Are you wondering why I can eat this many foods but still not get fat?” Su Ji wipes the oil from her lips with the table tissue, and then laugh, “and you find your appetite recently got bigger, correct?”

“Well, yes, how do you know that?” Qin Chao swallowed his third steamed bun, blinking his eyes, and asked.

“The explanation is quite simple actually. As a primary practitioner, our energy intake is huge. Because we haven’t reached the Yang-God stage, most of our energy intake can only come from food.”

Seeing Qin Chao’s somewhat blank look, Su Ji smiled, lifted up her wrist, and showed him her strings of Buddhist prayer beads.

“This Buddhist bead is a talisman from our Baotai Temple of Song Mountain. This is especially given to us, an outer court disciple, to protect our self.”

“Baotai Temple of Song Mountain? Outer court disciple?” Qin Chao puts down the bread in his hand. His interest is piqued. Sure enough, this chick is not an ordinary person.

Su Ji reaches out her hand, picks up a clean chopstick, knocks Qin Chao’s head with it, and said.

“Hmph, looking at your face, you must be a newbie on this immortal cultivation world and no one has guided you yet.”

Qin Chao curls his lips, ‘who said I don’t have a teacher? I have! It’s just that, she is a beautiful devil woman.’

“The immortal cultivation world is not as simple as you imagined. In this world, there are eight famous upright schools, known as the big eight school. They are the pillar of the cultivation world. The majority of cultivator come from those eight schools. Of course, in addition to them, there is a Devil sect. This devil sect was jointly formed by a lot of really crooked cultivator, but they don’t have the necessary unity to compete with the eight big school.”

“Can you name me the name of each of those schools?”

“Of course. Among these eight, the most powerful one is the Zu Magic Mountain of Sichuan. Their students like to walk around carrying a long sword, each and every one of them is terrifying. And then there’s Baotai Temple of Song Mountain, Yimei Path of Wudang Mountain, Fenmo Valley of Emei Mountain, Qinghong Association of Wuji (a county in Shijiazhuang), Piaomiao Sect of Tian Mountain, Tianren School of Kunlun Mountain, and Yujian Peak of Hua Mountain.

“Wow, there are so many schools….” Hearing these many exciting words, Qin Chao thought that he had entered into the magical world.

“That’s right. If I’m not mistaken, what you’re practicing is called ‘nine secret law.’ This is the treasured cultivation method of the Luocha Sect, which is one of the six sects in the devil’s path. Practicing cultivation based on this rare book-I don’t know if it would bring you luck or curse. However, because your natural disposition is good and you also have entered this immortal cultivation world, as an outer court Buddhist disciple, I should guide you in the right direction.”

“Yes yes yes, if there is such beautiful Buddhist nun that is willing to teach me, I would certainly study diligently.”

“Hey hey, what’s with this nun thing, are you a monk! I’m just an outer court disciple, with limited achievement. In this road of immortal cultivation, I can only help you reach ‘foundation building’ (fourth) stage. The future path, you need to explore it yourself.”

“How could you become an outer court disciple?” Qin Chao is somewhat puzzled.

“You should know, these famous eight upright schools, need a lot of material in their immortal cultivation. Moreover, they also need to spend money on food, clothing, housing, traveling and other miscellaneous things. These people were obsessed with cultivation, how could they have the time to engage in business to make money. So, they would find some big businessman and give them some superficial cultivation training so that it can extend the businessman’s life. The price for these businessmen is that they become the pillars of these schools, providing for the school’s living and cultivation expense.”

“So that’s how it is…” Qin Chao nodded and said, “So that’s why you have practiced this Buddhist cultivation method, right?”

“Mn, but the primary power of the Buddhist school, ‘the big six bright incantations,’ need to be launched through this Buddhist instrument.”

After saying that, Su Ji holds out her hand, the beads on her wrist suddenly lit up a bright golden light.

“An!” Her red lips gently recite a cool Buddhist school’s incantation. Qin Chao’s ears seem to hear as if she is chanting the clear heart sutra in Sanskrit, and then something white suddenly come out from Su Ji’s prayer beads. It spins in the air for a moment, and then it smashed into the wall. A big slice of the wall promptly falls down.

“Oh, sh….” Qin Chao was speechless, ‘if this chick wants to show off then just show off, there is no need to take it out in this apartment.’

“The big six bright incantations have a total of six attacks, [An, Ma, Ne, Ba, Mi, Hong], each with different coloring. The longer the chant, the bigger the power of this incantation. Right now, I can only chant until the ‘Ba’ note. My mana is insufficient to continue the chant.”

After saying that, Su Ji withdrew her wrist.

“You have reached the ‘divine ability’ (fifth) stage?” Qin Chao said while swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

“How could that possible? I only practice until the ‘foundation building’ (fourth) stage.” Su Ji rolled her eyes, and said, “how could those gang of old monks possibly teach us the powerful spell on the ‘divine ability’ stage? If a human learns until the ‘foundation building’ stage, which can prolong the life, that human will live for a long time. Moreover, their customs are many, one of which, is, they only receive one outer court disciple for each generation. My brother and sister didn’t know anything about my cultivation, and they always thought I’m weird.”

“The reason that I can release the spell is because I rely on this Buddhist instrument. For a cultivator, there are two methods to release a spell. The first one is to practice until you reach ‘divine ability’ stage. At that stage, you can release all kind of spell relying on you mana. The second one is to rely on a special talisman.”

“My Buddhist beads is a second-grade human artifact. Even if there is a ‘divine ability’ cultivator that wants to pick a fight against me, he or she is not necessarily my opponent.”

Su Ji proudly said.

Qin Chao is somewhat envious glancing at that string of prayer beads. Not wanting to lose out, he took out his soul binding lock from his storage ring, put it on the table, and said.

“Look, this is a soul binding lock that I used as my instrument. Not bad right, I was able to refine it until it reached the sixth grade!”

Su Ji just casually glances at that chain and then drops a word.


Tears are streaming down at Qin Chao’s face.

“Your storage ring is not bad, even in the cultivator world, such ring is very rare. I wonder, where did you get that from, I also wonder about the origin of your ‘nine secret law’ book.”

“Just inadvertently picked it.” After saying that, Qin Chao takes out the ‘nine secret law’ book from his storage ring and puts it on the table, “this book records the practice method of ‘divine ability’ stage, do you want to see it?”

“Are you trying to kill me!” Su Ji picks up the steamed bun and throws it into Qin Chao’s face, “my cultivation method is Buddhism method’s law while yours is the devil method’s law. Both method’s law is simply incompatible with each other, just like water and fire!”

“Oh…” Qin Chao nodded, and then he suddenly thought about his problem. His eyes lit up and quickly asked.

“Btw, little nun, do you know how to breakthrough from ‘tempered qi’ stage to the ‘divine concentration’ stage?”

“Go to hell! You’re the nun!” Su Ji stands up and pinches Qin Chao’s neck, “If you call me little nun again, I won’t tell you the method!”

“Alright, alright, my beautiful teacher, I admit defeat, you’re the powerful one here, teach me, please?”

“There’s no problem in teaching you…” Su Ji sits back, looking with a somewhat complicated look at Qin Chao, and said, “but….”

“But what?”

“Once you broke through to the ‘divine concentration’ stage, the world of immortal cultivation is completely opened for you. At that time, relying on the devil essence of your natural born devil body, your growth speed would be as fast as a rocket. I’m afraid if I teach you now, later on, you will become a big devil god that kills without batting an eye.”

“Do you think that I, Qin Chao, am that kind of person?” Qin Chao asked while looking at Su Ji’s beautiful eyes.

“I think you are not…” Su Ji slowly said, “in Chaoyang Park, you can go all out in helping out a stranger….mn, although this stranger is a stunningly beautiful woman. While riding a bicycle on the street, you also went all out in saving her by grabbing her phone, so that she escaped the crash…hm, although this stranger is a gorgeously hot woman. At school, you also sacrificed everything to save a colleague that was possessed by a ghost…why, this colleague is also a beautiful lady. To sum it up, I discovered that you are not a good person, but, more likely than not, a-pervert!”

“I…this…” Qin Chao was utterly speechless.

“Fine, looking at the good part of your natural disposition, I’ll help you break through to the ‘divine concentration’ stage.”

After saying that, Su Ji stands up and walks to the back of Qin Chao. She then put her palms on both of Qin Chao’s shoulder. A surge of warm air immediately entered Qin Chao’s body.

“Keep the spirit clear, get rid of distractions…Jump in your small world, to see what is hidden in your small world…”