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Chapter 49 Li Na Is In Love

The students in this second middle school are consist of the high achiever and the well-off. The behavior of the well-off students is usually not that good, but they were tolerated by the school because their parents paid a large sum of money to the school.

From this parents-teacher conference, one can see the differences in the family background of these two type of students.

Many parents are driving in a nice private car, then park at the school’s parking lot. The men are wearing suit and leather shoes, the women wearing mink cashmere. Perhaps the Southerners feel that woman wearing a mink cashmere is somewhat vulgar, but in the north, this style of dressing is popular among the women.

Of course, some of the men didn’t necessarily come with their wife.

In contrast, Li Na’s family situation is not very good right now. But because this chick study diligently, she becomes the teacher’s pet.

Therefore, in this parents-teacher conference, Li Na’s 40-years old homeroom female teacher paid particular attention to her parents.

But she immediately stunned when she sees that the one who came is a couple of young man and woman.

“Li Na, these two are?”

“Hello teacher, I am Li Na’s brother.” Qin Chao quickly went over and cordially shook hand with the homeroom teacher, while his mouth didn’t forget to flatter, “I’m sorry for troubling you with this child Li Na’s studies.”

The homeroom teacher quickly waves her hand and said, “It’s nothing, it is all because of her diligent study, us teacher were basically not worried about her.” Then, seeing the beautiful woman behind Qin Chao, she could not help but ask, “this is?”

“I am Li Na’s sister in law.” Su Ji covers her mouth while showing a happy expression in her eyes. The nearby Li Na immediately angry, she secretly gave Su Ji a stare several times.

“This is not right….I don’t remember Li Na has an elder brother…isn’t she an only child?”

“This…” Qin Chao was shocked, it seems like this homeroom teacher knows about Li Na’s family situation very well.

“Half-brother, half-brother.” Su Ji rolls her eyes and quickly added, “Li Na’s mother is quite busy running her business. Her father did not have time to come, so they let the two of us came to this parents-teacher event.”

“Oh, it turns out to be like this.” The homeroom teacher nodded, “I had wanted to have a talk with Li Na’s mother, but since she didn’t have the time, I would want to discuss it with you. First please have a seat, we’ll talk privately later after this parents-teacher event is over.”

“Good, Nana you can go home now, I’ll go back to look for you later.” This parents-teacher meeting doesn’t allow students to participate, so Qin Chao sent Li Na to go home first.

“Ok, I’ll be waiting for you at home!” After saying that, Li Na grabs her bag, took three steps back and walks out of the door.

Then the two of them looking for a place to sit down. At this time, others parents start to come to the room in droves and find a seat. This meeting hall was soon full, with the majority of the parents are 40 years old middle-aged men and women. In contrast, the two young people, Qin Chao and Su Ji were completely stand out.

Qin Chao’s condition is quite OK; he doesn’t attract too much attention. But that is not the case for the outstandingly beautiful Su Ji, with her excellent shape, her allure is not that much different than the legendary nine-tailed fox. She quickly captured the attention of many of the male parents. If they haven’t been a father, it’s entirely possible that their saliva would flow out very long while they ran over to pursue her enthusiastically.

Seeing these many ‘fathers’ lecherous look, Qin Chao could not help but shakes his head. The source of the trouble, Su Ji, is definitely a disaster level beauty (beauty that can destroy a kingdom, like Helen of Troy). No wonder the Trojan War were fought for so many years, it seems an unparalleled beauty will undoubtedly provoke a state-level war.

Sure enough, before the conference even begins, there is a man that succumb to the temptation. He came over looking for ‘food.’

“This beautiful young lady, if you have the time this evening, I would like to invite you to a dinner.”

Su Ji and Qin Chao have been bickering with each other in small voices. Hearing these words, they quickly look up. They both thought, ‘Oh, what a nouveau riche!’ In front of them stood a man dressed in full black mink fur, with a bit of tan line around the eyes, clamping a small leather bag under his arm, and a gold watch on the wrist.

The most striking part of him is his hair; that has been combed exquisitely shiny. Nobody knows how much oil needed to make that perfect comb.

“My name is Zhao Long, and this is my name card.” The man held out his hand and gave his business card. “Zhao Long, Chairman of Jin Gui Entertainment Center,” was printed on it.

“My husband, someone invited me to dinner!” Su Ji rolls her eyes and immediately hangs a broad smile while her body has been leaning heavily sideways toward Qin Chao, “do we accept this or not?”

Seeing Su Ji acts like a spoiled brat, Zhao Long brows wrinkle. But he quickly looses it down, ‘hmph, as long as this chick entered my night club, I have a way to make you sleep with me! As for the husband, making him see his wife on top of me is simply too exciting!’

Although he doesn’t know Zhao Long’s dirty thought, Qin Chao still subconsciously hate this man.

“Ok, you can go.” Qin Chao said with a shrug. This sentence makes Su Ji startled for a moment, while Zhao Long’s face lit up, “But, I will cook white meat with pickled cabbage this evening. If you’re not there at that time, then I’ll just eat it myself!”

“Why it’s white meat with pickled cabbage…” this chick pouted her mouth, but was soon smiling and said, “but I want to eat it!”

The two people seem to sing a tune, making Zhao Long’s face turn from white to green. Nobody responded to the business card that was handed by him, making him bitterly retracts his hand.

However, this is such a beautiful woman, Zhao Long obviously doesn’t want to let her go just like that.

“What kind of food is this white meat with pickled cabbage.” He proudly said, “you two can come to my private club. All of the world famous meal are there, as long as you can think of it, you can eat it!”

Zhao Long’s lecherous eyes have swept Su Ji’s body several times while saying in his heart, ‘there’s also a human’s body to feast at.’

“I’m very sorry, but I’m tired of eating those meals that you said.” Su Ji also hates this man. She doesn’t want to play anymore. She beckoned with her hand and said, “I really am not interested, just invite someone else.”

“Em….” In front of so many parents, Zhao Long was too embarrassed to say anything else. He withdrew his business card and while still glancing at Su Ji, saying this in his heart.

‘Little Miss, you cannot escape from my Zhao Long’s palm.’

At this time, the homeroom teacher who received all the parents mounted the platform and started the parents-teacher conference.

This parents-teacher conference is nothing but a way for the parents and the teachers to communicate. The teacher would take notice the student’s study situation and inform the parents using this occasion. The teacher would also use this opportunity to talk about details regarding some key issues.

For example, when Qin Chao was in high school, his parents are typical parents who didn’t supervise his study. But, during the parents-teacher meeting, his father was admonished by Qin Chao’s teacher. The teacher reports to Qin Chao’s parents that Qin Chao was a famous loser. He often skipped classes to read novels during the compulsory course.

To that end, his father would often give him corporal punishment. But, after taking many hits, Qin Chao also become thick-skinned. He becomes indifferent (a dead mouse feels no cold), when his father wanted to beat him, he would just run away and continue to doing things in his own way.

Soon, the homeroom teacher started to touches the current student’s examination result that will be given to the parents.

At the same time, she suddenly shouts on the platform.

“Who is Zhao Ming’s parents?”

“Me! It’s me!” That black mink fur wearer Zhao Long proudly lifts up his hand.

“You are Mr. Zhao Long, right? You need to pay more attention to this child Zhao Ming’s learning. He only got 200 points in this diagnostic test; He seriously hold the class back. If this continues, the school might consider to persuade him to give up the college entrance examination.”

“This…this…” In front of many parents, Zhao Long’s face suddenly become black like an eggplant, and then he quickly said, “I’m going to discipline him! That little bastard, I mustn’t not beat him to death!”

“I do not approve the method of corporal punishment in education.” The teacher shook her head and said, “I hope the parents can take time not only to make money but to communicate with their child and cares about their learning. When the students are in school, the teacher will certainly do our best to teach and help them learn. But when they were home, we also want the support from the parents.”

With that, the teacher starts to distribute the student report card.

When Qin Chao receive Li Na’s result, he suddenly startled.

My goodness, from the exam simulation’s maximum 750 points, this little girl unexpectedly got 701 points!

“Li Na’s study was pretty good!” Su Ji cannot help but praise, she then pick up that report and said with envy, “This mock exam is usually much harder than the real college entrance exam, but unexpectedly she had this many points! I envy her, my past college entrance examination result was really poor.”

“Oh?” Hearing Su Ji told about her college entrance exam scores, Qin Chao could not help but become interested, and asked, “Teacher Su, how many points exactly did you got at your past college entrance exam?”

“Oh, don’t mention it, I blew my exam. I only got a little more than 650 points, it made me lost face.” Su Ji waves her hand, “How about you?”

“Ehm Ehm…” Qin Chao quickly presses his belly, saying, “Ow, my stomach hurts.”

“What are you pretending about! You must be embarrassed to admit your low test score right?” Su Ji was a little excited, she deliberately asked, “your score must have been as low as 200 that’s why you’re afraid to say it, am I right?”

“Fart! Back then, I got more that four hundred points!”

“Hmph…” Su Ji finally could not bear anymore, she covers her mouth and laugh in a small voice. Qin Chao’s thick-skinned face become red like roasted sweet potatoes.

The homeroom teacher also said some more words about the communication between the teacher and the parents. Speaking, ‘in this essential stage, the parents must pay special attention to the student’s study and so on.’ One hour after it started, this parents-teacher conference finally ended.

“Li Na’s parents, you both stay for a moment.”

When the parents began to disperse, the homeroom teacher beckoned Qin Chao and Su Ji. The two of them then sits in the front row together with the teacher.

The teacher points her hand to the report card in Qin Chao’s hand, saying.

“As Li Na’s elder brother, I hope that you can communicate with Li Na about her recent state of mind. She only got 701 points in this latest mock entrance exam, lower than her previous result.”

“Are you kidding me!” Qin Chao stares. While holding the report card, he asked, “Teacher, this is 701 points! How could you say this is not her best result?”

“It seems that you are not too concerned about Li Na’s study.” The homeroom teacher shook her head, straightened her glasses and said, “You know, Li Na’s previous score was around 720 points. That child is a genius.”

“….” Qin Chao was speechless.

“Recently I think Li Na’s condition is a little unusual. As her teacher, I suspect that this child may have fallen in love.”