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Chapter 48 A Ball To Decide The Fate

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The two sides agreed to one-on-one basketball battle. With a proud smile and a hint of disdain in his eyes, Wu Bin glances across Qin Chao.

The important factor in playing basketball is height. The differences between Qin Chao’s 1.78 m height and his height is not small. Considering the height alone, he has an absolute advantage.

Moreover, he plays the basketball game with the seeded players of city basketball team since childhood, so his skill is extraordinary. If not for his father who simply not let him become a professional basketball player, he would’ve become one of Suzhou’s seeded player.

His father meant for him to focused in studying, and then he can go to college. After that, he can work at the Bureau of Education. Although he doesn’t like this arrangement, for a child like him, their future has been arranged appropriately by their parents.

Before that, his father did not stop him from playing basketball. But, this can only be a hobby and can never become a professional career.

This doesn’t hinder Wu Bin’s basketball talent. His motor neuron develops so much so that whenever he play, he always attract the attention of many young girls.

Whenever Wu Bin comes out to play basketball, there will be a large group of young girls who cheer for him from the side. Unfortunately, none of them warrant his attention.

The physical education teacher also comes to join in the fun, in any case, this one on one duel can also be counted as a game competition, so the teacher must support it. He stood in the center of the basketball court, bringing with him the ball. The game started when he tossed the ball up.

Compares to Wu Bin, Qin Chao appears more relaxed. He leisurely stands there with his eyes not looking at the ball but on the surrounding basketball court.

“Hey, be serious!” Seeing Qin Chao’s nonchalant attitude, Su Ji could not help but waved her fist and shouted, “if you lost, I’d deduct your salary!”

“Don’t worry!” Qin Chao beckons with his hand, signaling that he will be alright.

“Wu Bin, Jia you!”

“Wu Bin, we love you!”

“Wu Bin, destroy that uncle!” the group of young girls consistently voicing their encouragement and enthusiasm in front of their prince. Under this cheering, Wu Bin becomes prouder. He did not put Qin Chao in his eyes anymore.

In particular, Qin Chao’s posture is obviously a layman. Wu Bin feels it would be beneath him to fight with this amateur.

He is looking forward to seeing the facial expressions of Li Na and that blue-eyed beauty when they see Qin Chao kneeling in front of him and calling him ‘grandpa’.

“Begin!” The PE teacher is certainly favoring his student. When Qin Chao’s eyes swept the other side of the basketball court, this PE teacher suddenly blew his whistle and then threw the basketball high in the air.

Wu Bin jumped up. This boy’s jumping ability is good, he directly took off the ball from the air. He intentionally playing tricks on Qin Chao by moving to Qin Chao’s side while throwing the ball under Qin Chao’s crotch, then catch it again from his back. This classic bounces between the legs pass are making these young girls screaming again.

Qin Chao didn’t stay idle, but when he stretched out his hand and turned around, he saw Wu Bin already holding the basketball, leaping through the air then slammed hard the ball into the basket.

The backboard shivers, Wu Bin arrives at the ground and slowly growls. The surrounding students shouted with excitement, especially the several bolder one.

If not for the presence of the teacher, they would have taken off their clothes and doing the sexy dance.

Although this is a public school, many students paid a lot of money to enter here. This kind of ‘key’ public school usually accepts the not so brilliant students who have wealthy parents. By doing that, they can collect a large amount of fees from their parents.

After easily obtaining the first score, Wu Bin becomes complacent, he then walks back while holding the ball.

“I’m waiting for you to call me ‘Grandpa.’” Wu Bin said. He then extends his hand and making a thumbs up, only to flip it and becomes a thumbs down.

Qin Chao did not mind that a little bit, he just lightly smiles. He receives the basketball from Wu Bin, bounced it twice on the ground, then hold the ball in his bosom. In front of Wu Bin, he makes a ‘come at me’ hook finger movement.

Wu Bin’s previous gesture was to show his contempt, but Qin Chao’s hand signal is clearly a provocation.

Wu Bin immediately moves, he held out his lightning hand to grasp the basketball in Qin Chao’s bosom.

But Wu Bin misses the ball, because, like a ghost, Qin Chao’s body already moved two steps backward. At the same time, he raises his hands and throws the ball into the ring.

“Haha, can this guy play this game!”

“He thinks he is Reggie Miller! A three point shooter!”

Everyone laugh hysterically, including Wu Bin, who sneers again and again. But soon, they will no longer laugh because the ball curved elegantly in the air, then, as if the ball have a self-guided system, it accurately enter the center of the basket, making everyone’s eyeballs almost did not fall out.

“Fortunately, I still have the ‘touch.’” Qin Chao clapped his hands. Although his basketball skill is not much, as an immortal cultivator, his human senses have been pushed to the limit, whether it is visual, auditory, or other senses. To play such a thing as basketball is simply a piece of cake for him.

“Not bad!” Wu Bin took the ball from the other student and stood in the center of the basketball court, sneered, “but there will be no second chance…”

Before he even finished his sentence, like being blown by a strong wind, Qin Chao has rubbed his shoulder and run. The ball in his hand has been grabbed by Qin Chao. He did not even know when that happen.

Qin Chao moved passed Wu Bin, standing in the center of the court; He throws the ball again to the basket. Although his shooting posture is not the standard basketball shooting stance but, the ball that was shot by him seems to have an eye, once again, it smoothly entered the center of the basket, and it’s not even touching the basket ring.

Everyone was dumbfounded. When he scored the three points hit for the first time, they can chalk it up as a fluke, but when he did it the second time, even if he were lucky, his luck would have been too ridiculous.

“Just consider that you can shoot accurately! But I’m not going to give you an opportunity to shoot anymore!” Wu Bin is somewhat cranky; he brings back the Basketball and bounce it twice on the ground. He feigned a movement and then do the crossover. The basketball rookie Qin Chao took the bait, and his body leans in the other direction.

As if to prove that he is also a sharpshooter, after shaking off Qin Chao, Wu Bin jumps and shoot the ball. His movement is beautiful, and his posture is a standard basketball shooting stance. This time, he feels good, judging from the ball’s arc, he is confident that this three points shoot will definitely hit the target.

But sometimes fate always like to tease people. When the ball just flies out half of the distance, a nightmare figure is leaping high, alarmingly high, trying to intercept the ball in the middle of the air.

In the midst of the air, Qin Chao extends his hands and grabs the basketball with both of his hands, emitting a loud noise. Then he lands on the ground while holding the ball.

Copying Wu Bin’s act, he spins the ball on his finger, then said with a smile, “sorry, you won’t have that chance.”

Then, while holding the ball, he bent his knees, seemingly trying to shoot a three point once again.

“Damn, I won’t let you shoot!” Wu Bin was anxious, he immediately rushes and make a giant leap. His lifts up both of his hands, trying to disrupt Qin Chao’s shooting.

But in a surprising move, Qin Chao did not jump. He bent his knees, bent his waist and dribble the ball to move past Wu Bin. Impressively his target is the backboard of the opposite party.

“Not good!” Wu Bin knew that Qin Chao has made a very simple feigning movement. And he is the basketball player, how could he fall for this trick!

Qin Chao runs very fast, like a gust of wind. Soon, he dribbles the ball until he arrives under the opponent’s backboard. He grips the ball, jumps up, and do the classic tomahawk dunk. The ball fiercely pounds into the net.

“Bang!” The basket seems unable to withstand the ravages of that violence. It even collapse along with Qin Chao’s dunk, emitting a loud crashing sound. That basketball stand breaks off around the middle, and its backboard falls to the ground and split up.

Qin Chao also falls to the ground; the ball bounces twice on his side and fall among the debris.

Then he turned around, coldly looking at Wu Bin, who just a moment ago was full of bluster, but now has turned pale like a wax.

There is a total silence following the collapse of the basketball stand. Everybody is looking at Qin Chao as if they’re looking at a monster.

“How about that, I’ve scored three times.” Qin Chao raises up three fingers, reminding Wu Bin, who is somewhat in a daze, “we have an agreement, the loser will kneel in front of the winner and call the winner ‘Grandpa.’”

“I’ll remember you; Just wait for it!” Who knows, Wu Bin put up a cold face, flings his arm, and left the basketball court.

With their prince gone, these bunch of female fans was also in disarray.

“See, I’ve won, don’t forget to give me a raise!”

“Give you a raise?” Su Ji innocently blinks her eyes, saying, “I’m not the University Director, how could I raise your salary? I’m just a gymnastics teacher!”

“You’re so shameless….” Qin Chao was speechless. At this time, the PE teacher actually came over excitedly, and enthusiastically asked.

“Buddy, what school are you from? Is it one of those sports college? Do you interested in coming to our school to teach basketball? Your skill in basketball is really great!”

“Sorry, I’m just a security guard. Moreover, I do not understand basketball, what you just saw was me playing around.” Qin Chao hastily declined, and then he pointed to the broken basketball stand, saying, “also, you should change your school’s basketball stand, that one was not strong, it could potentially injure your students.”

“This…” That PE teacher blinked, he said in his heart, ‘this is the new basketball stand, a strong one at that, so obviously it’s you who are the monster here. When was the security guards become this vigorous? Just playing around can casually crush the basket and break off the basketball stand?’

Without knowing the PE teacher reasoning, Qin Chao has been pulled away by Li Na. This little girl is chirping, she is arguing with Qin Chao to let him teach her basketball.

Qin Chao was helpless, without any other option, he said, “You little girl, I came here today to attend your parents-teacher conference. If you argue with me again, I won’t attend this event.”

“Fine…” Li Na pursed her small mouth and looking at Qin Chao as if she was suffering injustice, “Renjia won’t argue anymore, forget it. Let’s go to the school building, the class has finished for quite a while now, perhaps my homeroom teacher already waiting for us!”

After Li Na reminded them about the parents-teacher conference, she leads Qin Chao and Su Ji walks toward the classroom building. Leaving behind a PE teacher who is in a little daze and a messy basketball court.

This time, the PE teacher remembers a problem.

“Shit, who’s going to compensate for this basketball stand?”