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Chapter 47 One on One Challenge

Qin Chao and Su Ji two people are walking toward the school building, through the school playground.

Some students are moving around in the basketball court, apparently they are taking advantages of the physical education class to play basketball.

“Wu Bin, Wu Bin, we love you!”

“Handsome Wu Bin! Wu Bin jia you (TL: cheering ‘you can do it’)!

A bunch of cheerleading girls is straining their voices madly shouting.

In the middle of the basketball court, a very handsome young man, with the sweat all over his body, is holding the ball while jumping high in the air with a very standard posture, then turn around and do the slam dunk.

The sweat and the basketball hoop shiver together, then the female fans suddenly go crazy, they were screaming one after another.

“Teacher Su, weren’t you this crazy when you were younger?” Qin Chao playfully pushes Su Ji with his arm, and teasingly smiled at her.

“I did not!” Su Ji gives Qin Chao a big glare, “The man I worship not only knew how to play basketball. BTW, can you play basketball?”

“Me? I don’t play basketball.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders.

“Then what can you do?”

“I can play video games!”

“You guys…are you an otaku?!”

“Teacher Su, I am indeed a hundred percent genuine otaku.”

“Otaku is the most cursed and disgusting fellow, every day they just sit at home and be fat.”

“You’re wrong, I do exercise regularly.”

“You also do exercise? What kind of exercise?”

“I do the cooking, washing dishes or something. ”

“You call these exercise?”

“Isn’t these involve physical activities…”

The two people are watching other people playing basketball in the playground while bickering.

Wu Bin is an outstanding third-year student (senior year), not only he is handsome, he also come from good family, diligent in study, and blessed with special motor neurons. Externally, Wu Bin has been called as the two hit little prince, he likes his female fans to form a phalanx formation.

Wu Bin himself is also widely known as a player. There are many female students that were forced to take an abortion, who was pregnant because of him. But the school did not give him any punishment, just because Wu Bin’s father is the chief of the bureau of education.

This is their physical education class-sponsored basketball game. For Wu Bin, this kind of game is simply a piece of cake. Those screaming girls make him feel very satisfied. Unfortunately, none of them were able to pique his interest. All the attractive who also not too arrogant female students have been toyed by him.

His vision would frequently visit the female student who is sitting silently in the corner while reading a book. This girl is called Li Na, she is his
classmate and is also the school’s beauty queen.

Li Na is a talented little girl, she has won all the school’s key competition and ranking fair and square. Wu Bin himself is hovering between the second or the third winner.

Wu Bin is very interested with this girl and has repeatedly trying to woo her. But this little girl was like stone, blind to his passion. In all of his
history in wooing girls, there is only one girl that always rejected his advances, that girl is Li Na!

This textbook slam dunk from him have attracted the attention of the audience, but Li Na never gives it even a single glance. Wu Bin could not help but feel a little angry, he growled, in his anger he launched a sharp attack on his opponent once again.

Those girls screamed again. This is the first time Wu Bin felt those voices were particularly grating, letting him become agitated.

“Li Na! Look at here!” In the noisy crowd, suddenly there was a shout that was not too loud. Although this shout is not big, but it seems like it was
wrapped inside a diamond, it penetrates everyone’s ears.

Everyone cannot help but turn they head to look at the outside of the basketball court, there stood a pair of young man and woman.

The handsome male is surrounded with some kind wild aura. The beautiful female is like a blossoming rose flower, making all the male concentrate their vision on this beauty.

“Bang!” A male student was preparing to catch the rebounded ball, but because he is too focusing on seeing Su Ji, he doesn’t realize his movement anymore and hit his head at the backboard pillar.

No one laughed at him because all the people’s attention have been attracted by that beauty. Especially Wu Bin, because he thought he had played with many beautiful women, but this is the first time he meets with the best quality woman.

“Qin Chao gege?” To Wu Bin surprised, this aloof little lady Li Na actually jumped up cheerfully and moves like a bird of joy, then she bumped into that man’s arms.

The beauty’s eyebrows creased, Su Ji secretly thought in her heart, ‘hmph, little girl, you’re showing off your intimacy in front of me aren’t you.’

“Qin Chao gege, you came!”

“Em.” Qin Chao touches Li Na’s head and said, “the matter that I had promised you, how could I not do it.”

“Isn’t this the beautiful elder sister from that day?” Li Na cocked her head as if she had just noticed Su Ji, “you also came.”

“Yes, I came here to accompany Qin Chao.” Su Ji sweetly smiles, she put her hands out and pinches Li Na’s face, “isn’t this for your parents-teacher conference! Of course, two people must attend. My name is Su Ji, you can call me my name, or just call me sister, that will do too.”

Li Na, after all, is just a high school student, her discontent is visibly shown by her pursed mouth. ‘Hmph, what count you as my parent, hah.’

Although she really dissatisfied with this arrangement but seeing Qin Chao and Su Ji act as a couple, she could not say anything else. Although she looks dispirited, but she still tightly clinging onto Qin Chao’s arm.

“Li Na, these are your friends?” This time happens to be the basketball game’s halftime. Wu Bin pushed the water that was offered to him by the several girls before arriving at Li Na’s body and wipes his sweat using a white towel. His muscle is glistening with perspiration, it looks glossy bright, like some kind of metal.

All the young lady in the school crazy over him, except for two people.

One is Li Na, the other one is Su Ji.

Li Na doesn’t like this kind of high-profile man, she always longing for a gentle and dependable man to appear in her life.

Li Na’s parents were divorced when she was little. Her father ran with another woman, leaving her and her mother depended on each other, so she grew up lacking fatherly love. Later on, when Qin Chao came to live next to their home, Li Na found herself often visited him to look for a meal there while her mother was away on a business trip. Over time, this act of kindness by Qin Chao made Li Na develop a sense of security around him. The lost of fatherly love has appeared again in the form of Qin Chao.

This is a kind of father worship. There is an inappropriate saying that say, the daughter is the father’s lifetime sweetheart.

As for Su Ji, the outstanding men around her is simply too much. Compared with them, this Wu Bin simply cannot be counted. Therefore, she did not even try to look at this high school’s big boy.

This makes Wu Bin feel a little frustrated.

“This is my gege.” The little girl that is holding Qin Chao’s arm actually said this with some pride.

“How about the two of us play some basketball, brother?” Wu Bin raises his chin, looking across Qin Chao, whose height is less than 1.8 meters (5’11”). His own height is 1.85 meters (6’1”). In his opinion, any man whose height is less than 1.8 m is a third-class handicapped person.

“Sorry, I don’t play basketball.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders. When he was still in his freshman year, he actually quite like this activity. But, he turned into an otaku by the sophomore year. He rarely went outside his room, let alone play some basketball.

The male students around them started booing him while the female students laughing at him. Qin Chao did not say anything, but the two girls were a little angry. Li Na is biting her lips while staring at her classmates.

But Su Ji simply stretches out her hand and carelessly embraces Qin Chao’s shoulder, then said this to Wu Bin.

“It’s just a basketball game, so what!” This chick waves her hand, pointing to a boy sitting next to her, saying, “You, throw me the basketball!”

“A?” That boy froze for a moment, but because the speaker is a beautiful woman, he quickly stood up, grabbed the nearest basketball, then hurriedly hand over the basketball personally into Su Ji’s hand.

“Here!” This chick put the basketball into the arms of Qin Chao, “young man, go, show me what you got!”

Qin Chao winks at Su Ji then whispered, “You’re joking with me right…”

“What are you afraid of!” Su Ji replied by whispering in his ear, “didn’t you have thousands of hours playing video games, it’s just a basketball game nothing to be afraid of! Go, if you win, I will raise your salary!”

“OKOK!” Hearing a salary raise, Qin Chao’s eyes lit up. He did not want to spend all his life in Suzhou in a rented apartment. Because the housing price in Suzhou as a second tier city will become more and more high, converging with the price from a first-tier city, considering the expansion of Shanghai (first tier city that is closest to Suzhou) that will make it more connected to Suzhou.

The prices for houses that are close to the urban area, each square meters is close to the four-digit number. If someone wants to buy a 50-square-meters house (~538 square feet), it will require almost 500000 yuan. Adding up decoration cost, furniture etc., it will reach at least 600000 yuan.

Qin Chao monthly salary is 4000 yuan, that means 50000 yuan per year. This shows that, in order to buy a 50-square-meters house, Qin Chao have to forego eating and drinking for 12 years.

The average Suzhou citizen monthly salary is between 1000-2000 yuan. Some people’s salary is even less than 1000 yuan. So, this housing problem has been in the back of his mind for a long time.

Even now, when he has reached a certain level of income, he still cannot afford a house.

Therefore, Su Ji’s salary raise enticement is making him really excited. Chinese people really put emphasizes on owning a house, especially people from the northern region, Qin Chao is no exception.

If he had a house, his ex-girlfriend would definitely not leave him.

“Good, we play one on one, the first person who scores three times is the winner!”

Wu Bin said, taking back the basketball from Qin Chao’s hand and spin it on his finger, then arrogantly said, “the loser will kneel on the ground and calls the winner ‘Grandpa’ three times!”

“Hehe, do you really likes to call other people ‘Grandpa’?” Qin Chao folds his arms and sneers, apparently the opposite party is thinking that he doesn’t know basketball, intentionally wants to humiliate him.

“Wu Bin, how can you make such excessive demands!” Li Na is like a mother hen, she puts herself in front of Qin Chao to interrogate the little prince of her class.

“What’s wrong, do you dare to accept the challenge?” Wu Bin is quietly annoyed, he looks at Qin Chao with a sarcastic smile on his face.

“Did you hear me saying I do not dare?” Accompanied by the booing sound from the male students, Qin Chao took off his coat and putting it in Su Ji’s hand, “Since you’re so eager to become a grandchild, I’ll help you!”