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Chapter 46 Little King Of The Road

This international gesture, even if chairman Yang is ignorant, he should understand it. Thus, under the influence of alcohol, and the urging of the nearby flirtatious secretary, his face became flush with anger, he then raise this Cayenne’s gear once more.

This Porsche Cayenne is like a fierce tiger that just released from its cage, it screamed out a howling wind on this public road, in the blink of an eye, it already overtake that old bicycle.

“They’ve surpassed us!” Su Ji immediately patted Qin Chao’s shoulder, and loudly shouted, “chase them, quickly chase them!”

“OKOK!” Qin Chao also becomes warm-blooded, after all, there’s a big beauty that is sitting behind his back, so the man’s desire to show off is making him lose his mind a little. He lowered his upper body and goes all out to pedal his bike, this transformed old lucky bicycle is displaying its full potential. Looking at the tires, it already changed to become like the red planet (mars), if it were not for this bike already become an artifact, this bike tires would’ve been burning waste.

After a moment of effort, this bicycle has gained a lot of speed. Su Ji feels that there’s a powerful pulling force, that is pulling her body. To counter this, she tightened her grip on Qin Chao’s waist and attached her upper body on Qin Chao’s broad back.

Like the wind, this bike is bringing with it two dazzling red planets, dumbfounding the passerby, and once again overtakes the Cayenne to leave it behind by a wide margin.

Su Ji once again launched a contempt for the Cayenne, this time, Chairman Yang finally discovered that the female is the same female that he met previously at Zhaoyang Park! (See Chapter 1)

‘Fuck!’ Chairman Yang yells, he must let this beauty in awe at the power of this Cayenne, he must let her know how strong is the power of money!

So, Chairman Yang push the gas pedal to the max…this Cayenne is approaching 200 mph (~322 km/h), it’s howling continuously, tightly close to the rear of that old lucky bike.


Liang Xiaochen is the female police officer of the traffic police brigade, because she is young and impetuous, and had a quarrel with the captain, she was assigned to the road section where the bird does not take a shit.

Her daily task is riding on her Wuyang Honda 125, and using the speed detection devices to check out the speed of the vehicles that pass back and forth on the road.

The reason why this female police officer and her captain had a quarrel is because she is an avid racer. The funny thing is, when she becomes the traffic police officer, it doesn’t hinder her passion for racing. When she first took office, she was often seen on the road, riding her modified Wuyang Honda 125, madly chase those sports car who violated the traffic regulation.

“Tch, this road section is lame, nobody even tried to over speed a little bit.” Liang Xiaochen is lying lazily on her bike while holding the speed gun in her hand. That police uniform outlines her perfect curves.

In her bored state, a gust of wind with a powerful suction force, suddenly slamming pass through her side.

“What happens!” Ling Xiaochen jumped out of her skin, she looked at the speed gun on her hand. 190 mph (~306 km/h)! Nice, speeding! This chick immediately excited, she immediately mounted her motorcycle, then roared along the road to pursue that speeding car.

‘There is definitely a group of cars that are drag racing on this suburban road!’ This is Liang Xiaochen first judgment. Looking at the speed, there are certainly two speeding cars!

Wuyang Honda 125 top speed is around 110 to 130 mph, when someone drives it to that speed, they would feel they were floating on the air. However, this racing fanatics Liang Xiaochen uses her monthly wages to extremely modify her bike. So much so that even when she rides her bike to 180 mph (~290 km/h), there would be no problem.

At this point, she already increased her bike speed to nearly 200 mph. Her motorcycle emits a tiger roar and spewing thick smoke.

The agile and fierce Liang Xiaochen doesn’t even bring the goggles. She still continue to pursue even though her eyes were overflowing with tears. At this time, she discovered there were two people who are racing, including one Porsche Cayenne SUV.

But the other one, is making Liang Xiaochen speechless.

Turned out the other ‘speeding car’ is an old lucky bicycle! With two people on top of it! Oh, Heaven, this isn’t a dream isn’t it!

She acted decisively, immediately she took out her radio and reporting what she saw to her superior.

“Report, in the new city district road section S1, I discovered a Porsche Cayenne with license plate number XXXXX, are racing together with e…..em, an old bicycle….the speed is 190 mph…I’m not kidding!”


Inside the Cayenne, chairman Yang began to feel something was wrong, it seems that he was being surrounded by more and more vehicles, and many of them are flashing the red and blue lights. There are a lot of police that are riding a motorcycle, seemingly escorting him.

One of the police cars also broadcasting a sound from a speaker.

“Stop immediately! Porsche Cayenne! And the….em, the bicycle! Immediately pull over!”

“My goodness, there is a lot of police cars!” When Su Ji looked back, she found out there are many police cars that are unceasingly pursuing them. She could not help but panic and said that to Qin Chao.

“Relax, leave it to me!” Qin Chao smiled, then his whole mind suddenly calms down, he focused on watching the traffic around them.

There is a forked bridge ahead. The lower bridge leads to downtown Suzhou city, the upper bridge leads to the nearby Jingyang city. Qin Chao put a smile on the corner of his mouth. Riding the bike, he rushed to the bridge.

Cayenne and a large number of police cars also rushed up. This chairman Yang is ready for any sacrifice, he must decide a victory and defeat with that bicycle! In any case, he has been targeted by the traffic police. Big deal, he will just spend large amount money to settle the case!

Qin Chao didn’t want to argue with this annoying guy. His bicycle suddenly flung out, leaving a large trace of the red planet’s afterimage, magnificently pass through the side of that bridge. This bicycle drew a curved trajectory in the air and cross over this 10 meters (~33 ft) high bridge. Then, accompanied by the screaming of Su Ji, ‘bang’, this bike landed on the lower bridge.

After the transformation into an artifact, this kind of ‘small’ jump is an easy thing to do for this bicycle. Su Ji only feels this ‘jump’ for a little while, by then this bike already landed on the ground, then it roared off, bringing the red planet once again.

The people on the bridge, all looked stupid. Chairman Yang also could not help but slow down and staring away at that old lucky bicycle.

What is this, a bicycle or a Transformer?

Liang Xiaochen also looked silly. She boasts herself as being the crazy racer, unexpectedly, today she met with the son of Yama (king of hell). However, this girl makes a firm resolution in her heart, one day she will certainly meet with this guy again, at that time she must ask him his driving skills!

Besides that, she also wants to ask how that person modify his black ordinary bicycle until it’s able to perform such feat!

Liang Xiaochen glance at her own speed gun completely feels a little dizzy.

“You, get off the car!” But she did not forget her duty, after calling this many back up, she can only catch up with the Porsche Cayenne.

After the disappearance of the bicycle, chairman Yang sincerely follows the police order, he obediently parked the car by the bridge, then accepted the inspection of the traffic police.

Looking at the red faces of the secretary and chairman Yang, Liang Xiaochen knows that these two must have been drinking.

“Blow this instrument.” A senior police officer came over, offering him the alcohol testing instrument.

Chairman Yang is somewhat hot tempered, he pushed that instrument, exclaiming, “I, I did not drink!”

A! the smell of wine permeated these police officer’s nose, making them cannot help but covered it. Liang Xiaochen’s eyes glares, then she tenderly reprimands him.

“And you still said you did not drink, your smell are no different than an open wine jar! You are charged with DUI (Driving under the influence), show me your driver’s license!”

“I said I didn’t drink…. that, that means I didn’t drink!” Chairman Yang indeed had been drinking. After racing with other people, his blood flow increased, making his masculine cell stimulated.

“You, you’re just a little girl, what are you shouting about. Be, believe it or not, I can find people, that will skin you alive!”

Chairman Yang shouts, he believes that money talks, so as long as he is willing to pay, he certainly can make this beautiful girl expelled from the police force.

“This man drank too much, I’ll handle him.” A team leader came and patted Liang Xiaochen on her shoulder.

Several experienced traffic police take over the questioning of chairman Yang. Liang Xiaochen is standing on the side, panting with rage.

She expressed deep disdain toward chairman Yang.

What kind of awesome thing you’re pretending to be, huh? If you’re awesome, how could you lose the race against a bicycle while you’re driving a Cayenne? In this world, there are so many pretentious bastards like you!


Qin Chao doesn’t know the bridge has become a mess, he leisurely riding on his old lucky bike while carrying Su Ji behind him. The bicycle speed has slowed down, now they are moving on the normal speed on the open road.

The original 15 minutes distance is now over in 5 minutes.

The two people entered the downtown area and soon arrived at the school gate of the second middle school.

“Whir….” Su Ji jumps off from the bike, she feels both of her legs were a bit numb. She pulls Qin Chao with one hand, while her other hand gently massaging her leg, saying, “It was really exciting, the speed was at least 200 mph.”

“That is nothing.” Qin Chao took a glance toward the gate of that second middle school and found out the two of them came too early, the school hours have not finished yet. “Li Chao’s Audi Q7 can also reach such speed.”

“Hmph, you cannot say such words like that.” Su Ji’s mouth pouted, she rolled her eyes at Qin Chao, “It’s true that people can drive that Audi Q7 till it reaches 200 mph. But not everyone can reach that speed using a worn-out bicycle.”

Qin Chao gives Su Ji a profound look and knew that she must have feel pins and needles all over her body, likewise, this chick must have known that he knew her feeling of numbness. Damn, he must have been flushed with too much adrenaline, how could he race with a Cayenne while bringing along other people. Fortunately, she didn’t complain about it.

“Hurry up, walk with me to take a look inside this school!” Su Ji were a little excited, she pulled Qin Chao’s arm and walk toward the school, “my high school was in the private school, so I never had any contact with this kind of public school!”

“There’s nothing attractive to see in this kind of school.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulder. When he was in the senior year in public high school, the main focus of the study is to read and memorize. With that kind of method, the graduation rate is indeed high, but the majority of them can only spend money to enroll in the third-grade universities.

The so-called key institution (public school), is in fact just a name only.

“Visitors registration!” This key high school is the semi-enclosed type, it doesn’t allow free access for the visitor. A security guard is standing at the gate, he patted the registration book on the table and said that sentence.

Qin Chao writes his and Su Ji’s name on it, then said.

“We’re here to attend the parent-teacher conference.”

“The parent-teacher conference?” That security guard was surprised for a moment, he is watching the young man and woman in front of him. The handsome young man was ignored by him. As for the beautiful woman, her figure is extremely good, it makes him look at her several times, he cannot bear to divert his attention.

Su Ji smiles at that security guard, that smiles suddenly makes him feels like he is bathing in the spring breeze. The man begins to feel high and not until the two young man and woman enter the school ground did he come to his senses.

That security guard then remembered a problem, is there a parent that is so young like that?