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Chapter 45 I Want To Drive The Cayenne

In front of the beautiful woman, big secretary Li doesn’t want to lose face by going angry. He just acts cool, simply take off his coat and casually throw it on the ground.

The two man’s eyes become icy-cold, mutually looking at each other. Li Chao believes that, considering his own capacity as a son of the police deputy director and the secretary of municipal committee party secretary, this powerful aura, nobody should dare to meet him head on.

But the man opposite of him, actually doesn’t fear his aura and dare to spread his greasy hand on his coat. He even disdainfully gaze back at him. This makes the favored one, the arrogant one, Li Chao, a little bit unable to bear.

“Teacher Su, you need to come here!” When the atmosphere seems to be somewhat awkward, teacher Wang Feng suddenly shouted from the distance, “you have a student that suffer a foot cramp!”

“Okay, wait for me!” Su Ji deeply looked at these two man’s eyes, then ran toward the playground.

When Su Ji walks away, Li Chao immediately changed his countenance. He raises his chin, stares at Qin Chao, then suddenly asks him one question.

“Speak up, how much money do you want?”

“What?” For a while, Qin Chao did not react.

“I mean, how much money do you want, so that you can leave Su Ji.” This big secretary Li pulled out a small checkbook from his pocket, and said, “you say the number, took the money, and quickly leave. Leave Guangyuan College, the money will be enough for you to live comfortably in any place you want, for a lifetime.”

“Oh…” Qin Chao understand the meaning of this, he folded his arms, and sneers, “this money thing is very good, I also like money.”

“I thought so, I recognize face such as yours.” The corner of Li Chao’s mouth is showing a trace pride and disdain, “just tell me, how much do you want. I don’t like people who talk big, people have to behave with integrity and have the self-knowledge.”

“You’re right, one must have a self-knowledge” Qin Chao nodded, seems to be agreeing with Li Chao, “If you have self-knowledge, you should know from where your money came from. Although my clothes came from the vendor’s stall, not some kind of famous brand such as yours, but these clothes were bought using my own earned money and I feel very comfortable wearing it, no pressure at all. Although my ride is only a bike, but I bought it using my own salary, in a clean and honest way. I’m not afraid someone would stab me in the back.”

“You threw this expensive international brand on the ground casually, you drive an impressive Audi Q7, and you gracefully pulled out a checkbook. Unfortunately, all of these were beyond your paycheck. Your father’s monthly salary is several thousand yuan and your salary cannot possibly be higher than that. Did you combine both of your salaries to bought this Audi Q7?”

“Humph…” Li Chao’s eyes are flashing with anger, he sneered, “what’s the use of having a sharp tongue, even if what you said were true, in the end, you were still a garbage security guard. Mark my words, if you keep on entangling with Su Ji, you will have no ‘good fruit to eat’. As long as this Suzhou city still have me, Li Chao; You, Qin Chao, would not have ‘good fruit to eat’.”

“Come at me then, I’ll like to see how you’ll make me have no ‘good fruit to eat’.” Qin Chao stood there, did not feel the least move by Li Chao’s threat, “but big secretary Li please remember these few words. ‘When an ordinary man angry, blood will splash after five steps’.”

“Then we will wait and see.” Seeing Su Ji walked back, Li Chao looked at Qin Chao, and then turned and drove away.

“What did you guys talk about?” After finished with her student and came back, Su Ji asked Qin Chao because she was very curious.

“Nothing, we just have a heart to heart conversation.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, “looks like this friend of yours, was giving me some advice.”

“Don’t mind him.” Su Ji said, “he grew up in a honeypot since childhood, typical dandy. I met him when I was studying abroad, since then he has been bugging me to establish a relationship with him. Humph, I don’t like this kind of precious but shabby rich son of an official.”

“Then you don’t want BMW? Villa?”

“Idiot, of course I like these fine things!” Su Ji rolled her eyes, “but, I already have all of those.”

Su Ji is staring at Qin Chao’s two eyes, suddenly said, “As a matter of fact, these things were only an illusion of the eyes. However rich a person was, that person will still die empty handed. So, in my opinion, these things are the things that I should not seek.”

“Then what is the thing that you seek?”

“Do you believe in cultivation?” Su Ji suddenly asked. Qin Chao’s heart suddenly skips a beat, he looked at the beautiful girl Su Ji, then subconsciously nodded his head.

“I’d knew you believe. Oh, well, let’s not talk about that here, you go to work first. Remember, you must pick me up this afternoon to visit Li Na’s school together.”

Su Ji spoke without head nor tail, then she leaves Qin Chao to run to the office. Making Qin Chao standing alone on the edge of the playground, without having a clue about what’s going on.

Why Su Ji suddenly asked about this cultivation thing….could it be this chick knows something about it?


“Captain Luo, it’s me, Li Chao. Do me a favor…”

Inside the Audi Q7, Li Chao has put down his cell phone. He remembers Qin Chao repugnant face, he cannot bear not to sneer.

“A small security guard, I’d like to see how you’re going to play against me!”

After working on Suzhou city for less than a month, Qin Chao already has so many enemies. But he still as blissfully happy as before. After finishing his work, he is riding his bike in front of the school gate, waiting for Su Ji.

“Brother Qin, going home?” Zhang Li is on duty today, he stands in the entrance and greet Qin Chao.

“Mm, I have to care some personal matter first.” Qin Chao offers Zhang Li a cigarette to smoke. Zhang Li is somewhat flattered by that offer, he then express his thanks again and again.

“Qin Chao, after working hours you’re not allowed to dilly dally in front of the gate, quickly leave.” Dressed in a suit, Wang Wenkun is applying oil on his head; He doesn’t know the location of his appointment yet. Seeing Qin Chao, he cannot help but scold.

“Yo. Our director Wang dress up like this, which of the three little comrades you’re going to see this time?” Qin Chao immediately put up a face and sarcastically retorted.

“Crap! I, I want to go home!” Wang Wenkun appears to be somewhat confused but still exclaimed.

“Ooh, go home…I see.” Qin Chao faintly smile, his nose sniffed, then said with a smile, “director Wang is so elegant, even going home he still spray himself a gulong perfume.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Wang Wenkun is clamping his small purse, opens his Chery QQ door and immediately flee.

“Ai, luckily there are you, brother Qin.” Zhang Li laments while smoking the red river, “before you came, this Wang Wenkun is so unscrupulous, all the brothers have been bullied by him. After brother Qin came, things began to improve. Unfortunately, brother Qin is not the director otherwise, us brothers would truly sing ‘the song of the emancipated serf’ (TL: Chinese folk song).”

“Hehe, relax.” Qin Chao patted his shoulder and said, “I’ll cover you guys in the future. As long as I’m still here, I will not let this guy go rampaging again.”

“Em, we’ve been afraid of him for so long, thankfully things have changed here.”

“There is nothing to be afraid of, you have to believe these few words. ‘Soft afraid of hard, hard afraid of fearless, fearless afraid of shameless, shameless afraid to sell insurance’.” Zhang Li is defeated by Qin Chao’s theory, he nodded again and again.

“Mm, brother Qin, later on, I want to ‘mixed up’ (hang out) with you!”

“What’s with this ‘mixed up’ thing, I’m not a triad boss.” Qin Chao straightens up his bike. This time, wearing a red trench coat, Su Ji hurriedly came over, she finally got off work.

Zhang Li was dumbfounded because he saw Su Ji, the school’s gymnastics teacher, the sister of Director Su, sat on the back of his brother Qin’s bicycle, then reach out and put her arms around his waist.

“Drive fast, drive fast! Speed 70 mph (~112 km/h)!”

“This is my bike, not a BMW sports car, OK! ”

“BMW can run 70 mph, can’t you make this bike run as fast too!”

“Then watch how fast this artifact of mine can run!”

These two people were quarreling while cycling away.

“No wonder brother Qin is so kick-ass…” Zhang Li doesn’t realize his cigarette has fallen from his mouth, he just staring silly at the direction where the two people go, “he even take a dip at teacher Su Ji, there’s nobody in this school that he’s afraid of! There will certainly be a development if I mixed up with brother Qin!”

Qin Chao doesn’t have any flashy cycling technique, the two of them just move on the road as fast as lightning.


“Chairman Yang, your new car is really handsome!” On the street, a Porsche cayenne is going steadily. Chairman Yang is sitting impressively on the driver seat. An elegantly dressed charming female secretary sat next to him.

“It even has a GPS navigation, this car is fantastic!”

“Of course, I order this car from my friend, you cannot buy this in Jiangbei (Chongqing)! Xiao Huang, if you follow and mix up with this brother Yang, later on, you can also drive a nice car!”

“That’s for sure…” This young secretary suddenly turns into a soft and beautiful snake, she laid herself into the arms of chairman Yang, then her small hand slip into his clothes, gently touching everywhere.”

“From now on Renjia will mix up with chairman Yang, but chairman Yang must not bully Renjia ok…Also, Renjia want to drive a Porsche too!”

“No problem, ahem…” Chairman Yang felt tingling sensation all over his body, his hands that are holding the steering wheel were somewhat trembling, “look how fast this car.”

Because it was a suburban road, the traffic was sparse. Chairman Yang let loose the car’s speed, in the blink of an eye it quickly reached 150 mph (~241 km/h). This speed is like a gust of wind, making the female secretary excited and scream inside the car.

“Chairman Yang, your car is really fast!”

“It is!” Chairman Yang was elated by the pinching of the small hand of this secretary, he cannot help but laugh. At this time, there is an Audi A6 in front of them. That car only hangs an ordinary license plate, so that car should not be the car of the city leader, therefore, chairman Yang immediately points to that car and said.

“Xiao Huang, watch how your brother Yang overtakes that car!” After saying that, chairman Yang looks at that car as if he is looking at a prostitute, then he steps on the gas pedal, making this cayenne leaped up, similar to the brave fighter who awakes.

Audi A6 is a commercial family car, it can’t be compared with Porsche Cayenne. Chairman Yang easily overtakes that Audi and left it behind their buttocks.

“Ooh, it already surpasses that car, this is out of this world!” That female secretary becomes more excited, she began to twist in the car, then slowly undress.

Chairman Yang’s eyes are red, he opens the speaker that plays awesome hi-tune songs. The two people were feeling somewhat tizzy, it’s as if they already have some wine.

Just as they were preparing to continue overtaking another car, a strange quiet suddenly came at the same time.

Because, in their line of sight, they saw a worn-out bicycle that is carrying a beautiful woman on its back, while emitting fierce creaking sound, is moving like lightning and has surpassed their car.

The beauty that is sitting behind the bike is even hugging the man in front of her using only one hand. Her other hand is directed at the two people on the Cayenne, she is giving them the middle finger.