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Chapter 44 Everyone Will Do the Running Exercise

“Qin Chao gege! Open the door!” Very early in the morning, when Qin Chao was still sleeping in a daze, someone called out his name from the door.

“Who is it…it’s still early in the morning…” Qin Chao is having a wet dream, the lead couple in the dream is him and Su Ji. This guy reluctantly crawled up, hearing the voice, he know the person who knocks the door is Li Na.

Thinking about last night’s charming and gentle, for the first time in Qin Chao’s life, he blushed, then he hastily opened the door.

Li Na is wearing a clean school uniform, with tight denim pants that perfectly wraps her buttocks and legs.

“Why did you call for me, it’s early in the morning!” Qin Chao held back his saliva, then asked.

“Qin Chao gege, the parent-teacher conference is today!”

“Parent-teacher conference?” Qin Chao suddenly racks his brain, “Oh, oh, I remembered it now. How, when will this event start?”

“After school hours in the afternoon, you must remember it!” Li Na whispered to Qin Chao, “and don’t let my mother knows! I don’t want her to worry about this!”

“Relax, I’ll handle this matter.” Qin Chao thought in his heart, ‘this is a trivial matter, much simpler than killing Fang Hua.’

“Ok, Qin Chao gege, you must remember this, I’m going to school now!”

Then, this little girl shakes her small bag while walking briskly then disappear in the stairways.

Qin Chao sighed with emotion, ‘this is what it’s like to be a youth’. Back then when he was in the high school, the most annoying thing was this ‘parent teacher conference’ event. His performance was a mess, and his mom was too ashamed to attend the event.

But that doesn’t mean anything because he now has a minimum monthly salary of 4000 yuan, his condition is much better than those students who graduate from prestigious universities. Many fresh undergraduate student set their starting point salary that is too high, they won’t take low paying jobs or jobs that require hard work.

But most of the high paying jobs, particularly requires high qualification candidates and or long time experience in said jobs. These fresh undergraduate candidates were just putting up a tall wall for themselves, nothing more.

Just after graduation, Qin Chao applied for a job in a fairly good big company, as a regular office worker. The wage in this position is not very high, after adding it up with the bonuses and whatnot, it barely reach 2000 yuan a month. However, there were still many people who applied for this job. After the written test, came the interview, there he was pitted against other candidates relentlessly.

If that person did not appear, quite possibly he would have been a regular office worker on a large company, doing a white collar job. Luo De would not have appeared and he would not enter the path of an immortal cultivation. He would never have met Rosy either, as for Su Ji….

Fate is really marvelous.

Daydreaming aside, he finished up his preparation to go to work. Qin Chao is riding his old lucky bicycle to his workplace, Guangyuan Institute for International Economics.

This fellow Wang Wenkun is holding his electric baton while taking a stroll at the school gate. He is blocking the return of the students who went out last night but did not come back to sleep at their dormitory. When he saw Qin Chao came, he did not even say a single word. He just put up a cold face, while secretly glances at Qin Chao twice.

When Qin Chao looked back at him, this electric baton Wang immediately bowed his head and stood aside.

In electric baton Wang opinion, Qin Chao is a troublemaker. ‘Even if I cannot provoke you, I can still work against you behind your back. I’ll wait for an opportunity to directly expel you’.

Qin Chao doesn’t know what’s inside electric baton Wang’s mind, at this time he is also in a lot of messes.

After he gets down from the bike, Qin Chao found out that his bike’s chain is somewhat loose, he then bent down to fix it, which makes his hands greasy. At this time, a team of freshman are coming from afar, they were doing the running exercise on the playground while their mouths are shouting out a slogan that is not so neat.

The freshman morning exercise are usually practiced by a few Northeastern Universities. Although it would make you a little tired, but it’s really good for the body. Qin Chao laments, when he was still in the freshman year, he would often go back and forth to his 6th-floor dorm room and never feel tired. Until his senior year, when his room moved to the 3rd floor, he felt tired just to take a trip there.

Now his overall health is only subpar.

Finished thinking, the lead female teacher of this running exercise, immediately attracts the attention of Qin Chao.

That female teacher wears a red tracksuit. Although this tracksuit is loose, it actually cannot hide her figure. Especially when she is running, her buttocks would be wrapped quite tightly by the tracksuit. Like a perfectly split two-halves of watermelon, perfectly round as if made in heaven.

The students behind her, most of them are dripping with saliva. Running together, dripping together. Running together with such beautiful female teacher, even though they are dead tired, but they also enjoyed a beautiful scenery.

“Hey!” That female teacher is in a good mood. When she saw Qin Chao from afar, she immediately beckons with her hand to him.

“Teacher Wang Feng, could you please continue to lead them in this running exercise? After two more laps, you can disband them.” She said to the nearby male physical education teacher. That teacher is demonstrating his magnificent physique, occasionally he would pull himself slightly to the front side of that beautiful teacher, in order to show his strong pectoralis major muscle (across the top of the chest).

Hearing the words of the female teacher, this male teacher who is called Wang Feng immediately slapped his chest, then with a thick manly accent, he said, “You can count on me, teacher Su, I’ll handle them!”

“Students! keep up with me, we’ll talk again after five laps!” To show off his masculinity, this teacher Wang Feng loudly shouted, then, with a crowd of grieving students, they continue to run on the playground.

“Morning!” Qin Chao locks his bike then greets this teacher Su smilingly.

“Morning!” Although she already ran several laps, but there was no sweat on Su Ji’s forehead. She went to the front of Qin Chao and start doing a stretching exercise, occasionally she bent down, with her fingers touch her toes. That perfect curve of her immediately makes Qin Chao’s eyeballs fly out.

“Doing this running exercise every day is so boring. I prefer doing a gymnastic exercise, unfortunately, only the boys who are willing to learn, none of these female students likes it.”

“Hey, if you’re not the one who teach, I’m afraid those boys wouldn’t like it either.” Qin Chao smiles, trying to recover his lost eyeballs and said, “The charm of teacher Su Ji is unstoppable!”

“Hmph, if your sweet talks are sincere, you would’ve accepted my offer to be my chef.”

“Ahem, this is a matter of principle. By the way, concerning Liu Chuan’s matter, I must say thanks to you, if not because of you, I’m afraid his life would be finished.”

“You want to pay this big favor just by saying ‘thank you’?” Su Ji mischievously pouts, she stretched out her fist and hits Qin Chao’s shoulder, “invite me to eat!”

“Fine, KFC, McDonald’s, take your pick!”

“I don’t eat those junk food! I want to eat at your apartment, I want you to cook me a great meal!”

“Fine, fine.” Qin Chao nodded, suddenly he remembered Li Na’s parent-teacher conference, so he said, “We’ll meet in the evening. This afternoon I have to go to the central district to attend Li Na’s parent-teacher conference.”

“Yo yo!” Su Ji immediately staring curiously at Qin Chao, it’s like she is thinking that there were flowers that would soon grow on his face. “Li Na, your neighbor little sister, is indeed lovable. But what count you as her parent? Hm, let me guess…you’re her ‘dearest gege’?”

“Hey hey hey…don’t talk nonsense!” Although blessed with thick facial skin, Qin Chao’s face nevertheless still blushes, “I am not a lolicon! It’s just that her mother was often busy. This child doesn’t want for her parent to worry, that’s why she went looking for me to attend this event. She is a good student, so this parent-teacher conference should be alright.”

“Yo, looking at your expression, it seems that you care so much about her.” Su Ji rolled her eyes, “and you still said you’re not a lolicon.”

“Its really not like that…her parents were divorced early, so she was raised in a single parent family. Her mom also frequently travel, so this child always comes to my apartment to look for a meal. I treat her like my own little sister.”

Su Ji coldly stares at Qin Chao’s eyes, thinking, ‘hmph, other people don’t consider you as the older brother.’ She rolled her eyes, and suddenly smiled then said.

“Let’s do it like this, I’ll accompany you to attend this parent-teacher conference. In any case, I have nothing to do this afternoon.”

“Em…this doesn’t seem right.”

“What’s not right about this, when teacher meet with the parents, naturally two parents are the best.”

“Then what kind of relationship should we tell the teacher about the two of us?”

“Of course as a colleague! Tsk-tsk, this guy, you must be thinking of taking advantages of me as my husband, right? Ahem, the last time was the last resort, I was forced by the situation. This kind of good thing is unlikely to happen again!”

“Of course, of course, you’re her highness, the princess, you already have his highness prince Li Chao, this lowly person did not dare to have such thoughts.”

“Enough, enough, this has nothing to do with that Li Chao, I don’t like him.”

“But other people likes you, he even brought you fresh flowers and calling you princess.”

“In fact, every time I heard him call me that, it makes me nauseated, hehe…but this person facial skin is thicker than you, I can’t do anything about that.”

There is a saying that said, one cannot mention the people’s name in the day, one cannot call a ghost in the night. The two of them were chatting about Li Chao, this eldest son of the secretary of the municipal party secretary, drove his black Audi Q7 and stopped at the entrance of the school.

“Secretary Li!” Almost all the people in Suzhou city more or less recognize this Q7 with police license plate. This self-proclaimed king of the electric baton is no exception.

Seeing Li Chao got out of the car, he immediately greet respectfully.

“None of your business.” This secretary Li simply ignored him, he waves his hand and threw the car door. Hanging a genial smile, he walks toward Su Ji.

Electric baton Wang becomes a little embarrassed, he rolled his eyes, pinched his waist, then shouted to the several security guards.

“You guys, look after the secretary Li’s car, don’t let others approach! Zhang Li, you come here, guard this car! If I found a single scratch on this car, I’ll deduct your bonus this month!”

These several security guards can only act accordingly, even though their heart was reluctant to do this. This electric baton Wang, he wanted to lick Li Chao’s ass, but he tosses the job to other people, he is really an asshole!

But Li Chao doesn’t appreciate this kindness, his eyes are only focused on Su Ji this beauty,

“Her Royal Highness, I have booked the best location at Anthony Hotel, please give me the honor, let me take you out for a romantic dinner?”

“Aiya, really sorry, this evening I already have an appointment with other people.” Su Ji shook her head, really expressing her regret.

“Appointment with other people?” Li Chao immediately frowned, and said, “appointment with whom?”

“Qin Chao, he had invited me to dinner at his house, and I already give my promise to go to his house to eat there, he he.” Su Ji simply pulled Qin Chao to the front of her, making him her shield again.

“Oh?” Li Chao picked up his eyebrows, he sees this man who stands beside the timeless old lucky bicycle, that is Qin Chao with the hands full of grease.

“This is?” As the saying goes, ‘an eminent person has short memory’. After only a few days, Li Chao already forgot about Qin Chao. Doesn’t know if it’s because he was busy, or he selectively ignore.

“Hello, my name is Qin Chao.” Qin Chao actually chuckled, he deliberately stretched out his hand full of grease and affectionately patted Li Chao’s spotless shoulder twice. “this buddy looks quite familiar, do you remember where have we met? The school entrance is a forbidden spot for a car to stop, if you don’t mind, please move away the car, thank you for your cooperation.”