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Chapter 43 Crossroad Devil

“Swoosh…” Qin Chao is sitting on the sofa inside his apartment, deeply breathing out white gas. At this time, black smoke poured out of his body to form a sinister skull, leaping up back and forth within his apartment.

According to the ‘nine secret law’ training, he has entered the ‘tempered qi’ stage. However, the state has seemingly stopped here, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot find a way to enter the ‘divine concentration’ stage. This ‘nine secret law’ book that Rosy gave him is a residual volume, it only explains how to cultivate according to each stage.

This residual book did not contain the method on how to break through each of these stages.

The present Qin Chao is eager to quickly become powerful. Although he already several times stronger than the average person, but he still cannot withstand the power of the gun. Last time near the Songjiang river, the police type 54 pistol almost took his life.

At that time, if the police aimed his shot not at his shoulder, but at his head. This future devil god was afraid that his life would be taken away by a bullet who only cost a dime.

If this were to spread out, it’s quite possible that the cultivator’s community would laugh their ass off.

At this time, Qin Chao realized the importance to have a good teacher to guide him.

Thinking of this, his mind suddenly appears that great temptress-confusing figure. Yes, she is the devil woman from hell, Rosy.

But he doesn’t know why, for several days, Rosy the beautiful devil woman have never shown herself, it’s as if she has never appeared. Qin Chao no longer smells that familiar scent again.

Is this chick angry with him? Is she ignoring him?

“Luósī yī dé qiàn!” Qin Chao is shouting, very loudly.

The air in the room suddenly cools down, making Qin Chao breathing out a white mist. The mirror in the room starts to frost while, at the same time, the lights are also flickering, as if there were a concentration of energy that gathers here.

A slab of black door suddenly appears in front of Qin Chao. A blonde woman wearing leather pants, with an extremely slender waist, quickly walks out of that door.

“My dear Mr. Client, did you call an emissary from the depths of hell?”

“You’re not Rosy!” Qin Chao has narrowed his eyes, suspiciously watching this devil woman whose beauty is comparable to Rosy.

“Oops!” that devil woman twists her body and immediately rolls into Qin Chao’s arms; Thick earthy fragrance wrapped up Qin Chao’s nose. “Renjia is more gentle and soft than that ‘girl’ (deprecatingly) Rosy. Dear client, I can grant you anything you want, so long as you are willing to sign the contract with me!”

“Sorry, I only spoke with Rosy.” While holding such a tender body in his bosom, unexpectedly not a single lecherous thought appears in Qin Chao’s mind. Although this beautiful devil woman doesn’t have any flaw, but there’s a conflicting feeling inside Qin Chao’s heart.

He doesn’t know, Rosy already planted herself deep inside his heart.

“Tsk tsk, how good could she be.” That devil woman rolled her eyes and said, “Didn’t you hate her? You even use an expulsion incantation on her. In order to satisfy the client, we have exchanged the emissary.”

“That is a matter between the two of us, I just want to see her.” Qin Chao said dismissively.

“It’s just the same with or without Rosy, don’t you want a breakthrough in your training, so long as you wish it to me, I can satisfy it!” Although that devil woman is wearing a big smile on her face, but inside her heart, she actually curse endlessly.

That whore Rosy has given this boy too many benefits free of charge.

“Oh…” Qin Chao suddenly sneered, he spits out a single word to this devil woman, “leave.”

“Dear client, don’t be so heartless…”

“Want me to say the expulsion incantation?”

“Hmph…” That devil woman finally restored her original countenance, the face with indifference and disdain. She stood up from Qin Chao’s arm and said, “Stupid human, since you’re looking for that whore, better wait for her then.”

Having said this, she waved her hand and call out the gates of hell, then disappeared from Qin Chao’s room.

The room falls back into silent, Qin Chao gently heaved a sigh. It seems that he gets a little emotional. But he doesn’t know why, he is unable to let go of that girl Rosy from his mind.

“Knock knock knock!” At this time, someone suddenly pounded the front door. Qin Chao immediately stood up and went to the door.

“Who is it!”

“Qin Chao gege, it’s me!” A sweet and tired sound of Li Na came from outside the door.

‘Why is this Li Na looking for me in this middle of the night? Was her mother went out for a business trip and she came here to look for a meal to eat?’

For that little girl, Qin Chao had no other choice, he had to open the door.

“Little girl, is your mother on a business trip again…”

What he saw at the door almost makes Qin Chao’s eyeballs did not fall out. Li Na wore a loose sleeping robe that expose half of her shoulder, longingly looks at Qin Chao with coquettish glances, with cheeks that are incomparably red, and with a trace of innocent temptation.

“Qin Chao gege, Renjia wanted you to have me!”

Qin Chao grabbed this ready to eat aphrodisiac little girl into the room, then slammed closed the door.

“Qin Chao gege, don’t be so anxious…”

Qin Chao did not speak, with a cold face he pressed Li Na on the sofa, raised up his hand then slapped hard on her upturned pretty buttocks.

“Aa!” The little girl uttered a painful cry.

“Rosy! Your Uncle! Why you have to play COSPLAY every time you come?”

“He he, really boring, you have seen through me again!” Li Na turns her head and throws a flirtatious look at Qin Chao. Then, her body fluctuate mind-bendingly to become full and stick out, her appearance also completely changed into the appearance of another person.

“You’re such a heartless person, thankfully you still remember me.” That devil woman seems to have no bones, she leaned over and mount on Qin Chao, then both of her hands hold his neck, “last time you spelled out the expulsion incantation, Renjia was really angry. But considering you explicitly summoned me, Renjia forgive you this one time, but…”

She suddenly stretched out her icy-cold finger and gently posted it on Qin Chao’s lips “Renjia doesn’t want to hear those words coming out from your mouth again, otherwise you will never gonna see me again.”

“Done.” The corner of Qin Chao’s mouth curved like an arc. “But in all our future encounter, you are not allowed to command me. The matter that I wouldn’t want to do, you cannot force me.”

“Renjia really likes to make a deal…” Rosy paste her face on Qin Chao’s ear, suddenly, without too much or too light force, she nipped Qin Chao’s ear, then she whispered near his ear, “but I really hate to make a deal with you.”

“Hahaha!” Qin Chao laughed, “Rosy, it’s really hard for us to meet again, as part of a celebration, why don’t you help me solve a tiny problem of mine!”

“Hmph!” Rosy let go of Qin Chao, rolled her eyes then sat on the sofa and complained, “I knew you’re such a heartless person, you probably want to do something bad, that’s why you summoned me this time. Tell me, do you want to seduce your neighbor’s little girl? If so, you only need to make a wish to me, I will immediately grant your wish!”

“No No No, I just want to break through the ‘tempered qi stage’, to become a ‘devil intelligence’. It’s just that, there’s nobody to guide me, so I do not know how to break through to the next stage.”

“Alas, these are other people’s secret, I may not able to help you.” Rosy smiles tenderly, “Renjia is a devil from the western hell, concerning the way of cultivation, Renjia do not understand. However, if you make a wish to me, I’ll be able to help you out!”

“Make a wish…” Qin Chao know, this devil woman ought to lay out her card this time, “what should I pay for my wish, is it my soul?”

Rosy’s face became serious as she stood up, then while facing Qin Chao, she spelled out her words one by one.

“Correct, transaction using human soul is our devil’s ability. I don’t know if you ever heard of the crossroad’s devil. If you hold a piece of cat’s bone as well as your photo, then put them in a box full of soil from the grave, and then buries it at the crossroads, a devil will soon appear to offer you a transaction.”

“When the devil appears, you can make a wish to that devil. The devil will then grant you your desire, you can become rich, powerful, you can even have it all. But only if you paid it with your soul. At this point, you will only have ten years to enjoy your wish. After ten years, there will be hell’s spawns that come to take away your soul.”

“That will also happen to me, right?” Qin Chao deeply look at Rosy, “If I make a wish to you, after ten years, hell’s spawns will come to drag away my soul into hell?”

“You’re not the same.” Rosy shook her head and said, “You’re born with a natural devil body, you soul’s power is unprecedented. Otherwise, did you think that with just a little Buddhist instrument, you’re able to eliminate the thousands of years old devil god? It’s your soul, its power is so strong, the Buddhist instrument is just a catalyst that helped you eliminate Luo De’s soul.”

“Therefore, in view of your soul, our hell have another plan. We can satisfy your ten desires, each time we fulfill your wish, your soul will be traded by a tenth. Until all your ten wishes are fulfilled, then the transaction will complete. By that time, hell’s spawns will immediately come take away your soul.”

“It seems that I am indeed a very special client.” Qin Chao incite his eyebrows and asked, “What if I only wished for nine desires? Never wish for the tenth desire, would you accept such a loss?”

“Trading is a risky business, don’t you think?” Rosy wittily replied. But her eyes actually hide a trace of haze. Wishing is like taking drugs. Human greed, if their first wish is fulfilled they would surely ask for a second wish.

“Now, don’t you want to ask me for your first wish? As long as you make a wish, I can help you break through the ‘tempered qi’ stage, making you enter the ‘divine concentration’ stage!”

“Haha, just forget it.” Surprisingly, Qin Chao waves his hand, “I believe I have a way to enter the ‘divine concentration’ stage, I do not need to use my soul to make a wish.”

In Qin Chao’s mind appears Hua Niang, that big-chested woman-child. This snake demon already practiced for hundred of years, how to enter the ‘divine concentration’ stage should be a no-brainer for her.

However, the difficulty of this is that he doesn’t know the whereabout of this snake demon. But, if there is a fate, they would run into each other eventually.

“One day, you’re going to ask me for a wish…” Rosy looked deeply at Qin Chao, then her body turned into smoke and disappeared from this apartment.