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Chapter 42 An Episode Of Turbulence

“This fellow who called Li Chao, who is he?” Qin Chao secretly asked in Su Ji’s ear.

“He is the eldest son of Li Fumin family, whose current position is the secretary (vice or deputy) of Suzhou Politics and Law Committee Secretary Zheng. He can wield enormous power; If he says a word, the police chief must give him face.

“Oo, so it’s like that…” Qin Chao nodded, turns out this Li Chao is the son of an official. However, he is very curious about Li Chao and Su Ji
relationship; ‘When did they first met?’… ‘What are they feeling for each other?’… ‘Have they ever go out on a date yet?’

Driving with the white license plate of the police feel really different, even though this Q7 continuously speeding through the red light, not a single traffic police dare to stop them.

When Qin Chao was still daydreaming, this car has arrived at the detention center. With Li Chao on the driving seat, nothing obstructs them while they were on their way.

“Secretary Li!” This big secretary of Politics and Law Committee Secretary Zheng can also be regarded as the eldest son of the deputy chief of Public Security Bureau. Captain Song Xunwen from the detention center quickly recognizes when Li Chao came, he immediately piled up a smile on his face, collected himself and come over to offer Chunghwa cigarettes to Li Chao.

“Thanks, but I don’t smoke!” This Li Chao is also a heavy smoker, but in front of the beauty, he choose to keep the appearance of a man’s elegance.

“Secretary Li, whom do you want to see today?” Song Xunwen knows how to talk with a hidden agenda. This big secretary Li cannot possibly come here just to take a shit, he also cannot possibly come here just to chat with him.

“Bring out the prisoner, I want to see him.” Li Chao casually said.

“Secretary Li can just make a phone call, no need to personally come over here.” Song Xunwen said with a smile, “who is this person that secretary Li wish to see, I’ll send my man to fetch him.”

“The suspect of ten-one-three big case, Liu Chuan.”

“Em….” Song Xunwen stood there with a blank look, he did not notice that the Chunghwa cigarette that he holds has fallen to the ground.

Soon, the captain of this detention center said in distress.

“Secretary Li, you see, you can’t just bring out this person…this Liu Chuan was personally named by secretary Yang (from chapter 41) as the suspect…”

“Smack!” Li Chao did not say anything, he just directly slap Song Xunwen’s big mouth, making Song Xunwen looks silly, but also scaring Qin Chao and Su Ji.

Song Xunwen covers his mouth, he doesn’t dare to say anything. Li Chao is very satisfied with this result, he wiped his hand with a handkerchief then dismissively said.

“You cannot forget, although secretary Yang’s word is powerful, but my dad has more authority in here. Becoming a captain is not easy, do you believe that if I’m not happy, I can easily dig up your skin?”

“Yes, yes, secretary Li, I was wrong…” That Song Xunwen nodded while covering his face, he did not bring up secretary Yang’s name anymore.

Although secretary Yang’s reputation can deter most men, but in here, Li Chao is a local bully.

“Brother Qin! Teacher Su!” This Mr. Li has shown his power; The three of them did not need to wait for a long time in the visitor room, the murder suspect, Liu Chuan has been brought into the room accompanied by two guards.

Qin Chao did not believe the scene that he saw, when this little fat guy saw them, Liu Chuan burst into tears and hold his thigh.

Although Liu Chuan’s face is swollen and bruised, but there is a hint of determination in it. Qin Chao and Su Ji’s faces did not look too surprised, on the contrary, their faces were plastered with the wry smile.

Qin Chao even saw a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.

“This prisoner is very dangerous and violent.” Song Xunwen brought Liu Chuan to the seat, then tried to flatter Li Chao by reminding him that, “Secretary Li, you must be very careful. If not, I can just stay here to accompany you.”

“No need.” Li Chao waved his hand and with a perpetual faint smile on his face, said, “you’ve worked hard today, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Yes, yes, as long as secretary Li happy, that would be enough!” Song Xunwen nodded again and again like a dog, bent over then went out from the visitor room.

“They beat you up?” Su Ji is frowning while looking at Liu Chuan’s bruised body. These detention center guards are too ruthless, how could they put a student inside the violent criminal’s cell. It’s only been a day, but they already turn this guy into this.

“At first, they did.” Liu Chuan is sitting on the chair, he did not deny Su Ji’s question, “but now, none of them dare to offend me.”

While saying these words, Liu Chuan’s eyes seem to reveal a mean streak. This was caught immediately by Qin Chao, a haze flashed pass through his heart.

Detention center indeed is not a place where a normal person can enter. It seems that even after Liu Chuan got out, he will not be the same plain peasant boy as before.

He began to somewhat hate himself; Because he did not handle the matter cleanly, Liu Chuan was dragged into this, making him took the blame for the crime that he did not commit.

“They have gone too far, capturing innocent people while also making him look like this!” Su Ji is very angry, she pulled out her handkerchief for her pocket then stood up to rub Liu Chuan’s wounds.

“Aiya, my princess!” Li Chao immediately stood up, “how can you do things like this by yourself, let me do it for you.”

Then he gracefully replaces Su Ji to rub Liu Chuan’s wounds. But the strength of his hand is obviously bigger, he directly rubbed Liu Chuan’s open wound, making Liu Chuan subconsciously pull back his head.

“Brother Qin, teacher Su, I did not kill anyone.” Liu Chuan unexpectedly fished out a pack of Chunghwa cigarette from his bosom, takes a butt, put it in his mouth, then slowly lit it up.

Seeing this, Qin Chao just shook his head. Liu Chuan becomes like this, he did not know if it’s good or bad. But, just like he said, he only has the
ability to kill, not the ability to save.

“I know you’re not a murderer.” Qin Chao was the only human who knows the truth. He patted Liu Chuan’s shoulder and said, “Don’t worry, I will not let you die.”

At worst, he will just surrender himself. Qin Chao thinks like that because he just a bachelor, he doesn’t have any burden.

“Liu Chuan, teacher also believe that you are not a murderer.” Su Ji can firmly say that because, as Liu Chuan’s teacher, she knows all about her students character. He is the school’s most famous honest eggs, he even often bullied by other students in the dormitory, how could such person capable of doing a murder.

“Thank you brother Qin, Thank you teacher Su.” Liu Chuan’s lung suddenly choked with smoke, he coughed up in pain, while his facial expression showing that he tried to pushed it down. He soon able to withhold his cough, sighed and said, “but the man who died is Fang Hua, y’all cannot help me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this.” In order to win the smile of the beautiful woman, big secretary Li, Li Chao immediately pats his thin chest and said, “in less than a day, your teacher Su can come to take you away.”

“Then I thank big secretary Li in advance!” Su Ji immediately grins. Her beautiful smiling face immediately makes Li Chao a little smug. This big secretary Li suddenly thinks that he would do anything for Su Ji, even if he have to kill his dad.

Qin Chao, Su Ji, and Liu Chuan chatted some words, then, after comforting Liu Chuan a few times, the three people comes out from the detention center.

Inside the Q7, while driving, Li Chao called out a number from his phone.

“Hello, Dad, my friend was arrested. Em, homicide and quite serious too. The name em, Liu Chuan from the ten-one-three case. What? Is it really hard? No, you have to help me on this case, can’t you just make a few phone calls!”

“Hello, Secretary Zheng, I’m little Li! Sorry to bother you with this phone. I have investigated a little, that Liu Chuan is an ordinary university student, he cannot possibly kill people. That’s right, there’s a lot of questionable evidence on this case, we cannot wrong an innocent person, right. That’s right, I know a lot of this questionable points, I’ll call you back!”

“Secretary Zheng of Politics and Law Committee and Secretary Yang of Municipal Party Committee were rival…” while Li Chao was on the phone, Su Ji whispered in Qin Chao’s ear, “perhaps taking advantage of this case, Secretary Zheng can topple Secretary Yang ……”

Regarding these political things, Qin Chao understands none of it.

“I do not understand this…” Qin Chao also whispered, “but as long as Liu Chuan can be saved, whether its secretary Yang or secretary Zheng, even if a scavenger who sat on top, I do not care.”

“Fortunately, you are not a politician.” Su Ji rolled her eyes at him, “don’t worry, although this guy’s character is not good, but in our Suzhou city, he
can still wield some power. He is willing to help us this time, Liu Chuan will have no problem.

“He is doing this for a beautiful woman, how do you plan to repay him?”

“This is just a small effort, moreover, this also benefits him, and I already said thank you.” Su Ji said that sentence carelessly, then shook Qin Chao’s
arm, “btw, have you considered it?”

“Considered what?”

“Be my chef!”

“Not interested, I cannot cook good food for you, but if you want, I might be able to eat food for you.”

“Go to hell, I won’t spend my money to pay for your food!”

While those two people quarrel in a low voice, Li Chao suddenly put down his phone and said to Su Ji.

“Your Royal Highness, I have helped you with this big matter, you must reward me by accepting my invitation; I want to take you for a dinner at Antonio Hotel! The Australian’s abalone there is pretty good.”

“Ahem, I’ll think about it.” This little lady smiled, a textbook sly smile.

“Ok-ok!” Li Chao is crazy about sex, thinking about this implication, he immediately said, “It’s settled then, I’ll take care of this matter!”

With Li Chao’s phone call, the entire public security systems up and running again. Soon, the investigation team will have a new discovery. Although Liu Chuan indeed tried to attack Fang Hua, but after his attempt was foiled by the nightclub security, he went back to his dormitory. The school security guard and his dormitory roommate can be used as witnesses.

Moreover, the police also quick to noted that there’s a famous psychopath murderer that recently fled to Suzhou city. This murderer psychology is not normal, he has a serious tendency to take revenge on society. It is possible that he had a connection with this ten-one-three big case.

As a result, the original murderer now only charged with ‘breach of the peace’ and sentenced to fourteen days of imprisonment.

The originally ironclad case was now overturned just like this. The Municipal committee party secretary Yang consequently, implicated by this, reportedly he was detained and interrogated because of accepting huge bribes from the Fang Conglomerate.

The Politic and Law committee secretary Zheng immediately obtained the provincial nomination, making him the number one official in Suzhou city, become the Party Secretary. Li Chao’s status also increased due to secretary Zheng’s promotion, becoming worthy as the Suzhou city big secretary.

(In china, the position of “Party Secretary” is the highest official post in all level of government, whether it’s the village, city, province, etc)

Regardless of how big the turbulence in Suzhou city, Qin Chao, at least, can drop off one worry from his mind. Liu Chuan was released, but the whole NPC (National People’s Congress) so radically change that Liu Chuan was forced to arrange a quick college transfer. This raises the alarm in Qin Chao’s mind. If he wants to quietly punish someone, not only he need to use his power, he also must use his brain. Otherwise, even if nothing happens to him, the people around him will surely be implicated, something that is far from good for him.