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Chapter 41 The Magical Speed Of The Investigation

Fang Hua has died. This news spread like wildfire in the city of Suzhou (TL: previously used Southern Jiangsu or Sunan). Overnight, It has spread all over the street.

Ordinary people on the street could care less about the death of this young master of a large conglomerate group, because to them there is no difference between his death and the death of an ordinary people.

But the Suzhou city’s leadership obviously doesn’t think that simple. They feel like there seems to be an invisible hand that severely slap their mouth.

A priority order from the top is to find this heinous murderer as soon as possible.

Because the case occurred on October 13, therefore this case become known as ten-one-three big case.

Obviously, there was a big shock inside the Fang Conglomerate Group. The group’s shareholder who also served as the group’s vice-chairman Fang Baize was angry while at the same time he also continue to put pressure on the Suzhou municipal government. This makes the Suzhou city officials, big and small, feel a headache. Because according to the evening police report, the suspect wore a black mask, so they simply cannot identify who he or she was, let alone determining his or her whereabout.

The lady from the nightclub who was inside the Audi A6L also has woken up, but she said she was asleep the whole time and did not see anything.

The most shocking evidence to the police is the shattered bulletproof window and the crumpled door of Audi A6L. According to the expert judgment, the car’s frame should be subjected to a high-intensity blunt force, resulting to its deformation.

But in the crime scene, they cannot find any blunt instrument. Including the river, they can only salvage the soaked and somewhat bloated corpse of Fang Hua.

The police are unable to find out how could, or with what, this fierce bandit able to severely damage this Audi. Moreover, they also found on the front part of the car, a thin hole that passed through to the bottom of the car, as if a sharp object has pierced through it. This Audi has received car modification, the interior is mixed with kevlar fiber, with a strong bulletproof material.

But such strong bulletproof material unexpectedly has been passed through by a sharp object.

This makes the forensic team become mad as they felt that they have fallen into a dead end.

Fortunately, at the same time, a team of Criminal Investigation Brigade made a breakthrough. They trace back to the place where Fang Hua originally came. They found out that there was a fight on the parking lot of that nightclub, with the criminals using a sharp weapon intent on killing Fang Hua, but in the end, the criminal was able to be subdued by the nightclub security. But then, the criminal seems to have accomplices that made the nightclub security

Like the housefly smelling out the honey, the forensic team immediately launched a thorough investigation. From the ‘seven holes’ machete they found a person’s fingerprint. This person is Guangyuan Institute for International Economics first year student, Liu Chuan.

Therefore, the police quickly take the action, they arrested this major suspect in Liu Chuan’s home. Sure enough, they found out that Liu Chuan’s body is badly bruised, and he readily confessed to having bought the machete with the intention to attack Fang Hua.

Moreover, the police also learned that Liu Chuan’s former girlfriend had broken up with him and, later on, fall in love with Fang Hua. Thus the police
concluded that the suspect became angry because of this humiliation, so he was set out to kill the victim.

Although they did not find the type 54 pistol’s bullet wound in Liu Chuan’s body, but officer Luo Hao quickly admitted that he might not have hit the suspect that night because of the dark circumstances.

Thus, in less than a day this ten-one-three big case have been unraveled. The city leaderships are very satisfied with the speed of the police investigation and intentionally carry out an award ceremony. As for the suspect, Liu Chuan has been thrown into the detention center and soon will be punished by law.


“Go!” Inside Suzhou third detention center, Liu Chuan was thrown into a large cell that are filled with violent criminals. The detention center personnel’s eyes are glittering and while looking at those criminals, he dropped these phrase, “new people, take care of him.” Then he turned around and left.

Liu Chuan’s heart is shivering with fear, he leaned over that cold steel door, looking at the dozen men dressed in sky-gray prison uniform in front of him.

“O, this little guy has plenty of meat.” A man that seems to be the boss is sitting on the bunk bed with a cigarette dangling at his mouth; He is looking at the newcomer, that is leaning against the cell door, with interest.

“What crime have you commit?”

“Ho…Homicide…” Actually, Liu Chuan has yet to understand, he clearly did not have anything to do with Fang Hua’s death, why they charged him with this homicide.

“Oh?” Everyone’s face suddenly become serious, that boss knitted his brows, “you mean you’re the one who killed Fang Hua?”

“No….no…but they said I did it…” Liu Chuan desperately shaking his head while still leaning against that cell door, with his tears drip down to the

“Hehe…” The boss squeezed his fist and discards the cigarette in his hand, said, “brothers, this person is quite interesting, you guys must taste him. The one that is the most ruthless will be rewarded with two packs of Chunghwa (TL: Premium cigarette brand).”

In the detention center, smoking is a matter of luxury. These violent criminals were all excited because they were about to molest this boy, they licked their lips in anticipation.

This makes Liu Chuan even more frightened. These several violent criminals came forward, while their boss pulls up a cigarette, lit it up and prepare to watch a good show.

Violence soon committed against Liu Chuan, they savagely beat him right in the face. The pain, the shame, constantly stimulates Liu Chuan’s heart.

‘Why, why am I so unlucky?’ Yu Qian has died and he is now in jail. Somehow, while he was being charged with a crime that he didn’t commit, he also has to suffer a brutal beating like this.

Could it be that he will soon go to accompany Yu Qian?

‘No, I am not willing!’ The scene from last night suddenly appears on Liu Chuan’s mind. That man in black…Standing proudly under the night sky…Like a hero sent by God.

‘I, Liu Chuan have to become like that man!’

The gay prisoner started to take off Liu Chuan’s pants. At this time, Liu Chuan suddenly exudes an inhuman-like roar, with red eyes, he threw himself at that guy and bite his ear, then viciously tore him down.

Flesh and blood flying in all directions!

“Aaa…” That guy is covering his bloodied ear while wailing mournfully and continuously rolling on the ground. The bloody half-piece meat is on Liu Chuan’s mouth and while his eyes are red, the corner of his mouth appears a trace of strange smile, he is sneering.

All the inmates look silly, they stare at that guy who is lying on the ground, rolling back and forth. One of the clever ones quickly patted the door, shouting.

“Guards, guards, quickly come, somebody is going to die!”

That half-ear-guy was then sent to the hospital, while the instigator, the biting-half-of-the-ear Liu Chuan was sent to the small dark room.

“Hahaha….haha…haha…” In this small dark room, while one cannot sit comfortably, he suddenly laughed. This laughter cannot explain the happiness in his heart, it also cannot explain the bitterness that he felt. In this dark room, time moves slowly but passes quickly.


At this time, in Guangyuan Institute, Qin Chao who has just come to work, is staring at the beautiful Su Ji dumbfoundedly.

“What did you say? Liu Chuan was arrested?”

“That’s right.” The red tracksuit that Su Ji is wearing cannot conceal her graceful figure. She strangely look at Qin Chao, then said, “yesterday Fang Hua was killed, don’t you know?”

“Fang Hua?” Qin Chao doesn’t react to the news, he just folded his arm and said, “that kind of person, if he’s dead then so be it. I just want to know why Liu Chuan was arrested?”

“There are witnesses that said Liu Chuan tried to attack Fang Hua with a machete yesterday.” Su Ji shrugged her shoulder, “my friend from the police station told me about this, he said that this time Liu Chuan is certainly doomed because the top wants this case to be quickly closed.”

Qin Chao rolled his eyes and start thinking. The power of Liu Chuan’s family certainly not enough to defend Liu Chuan in court. In this case, it is cheaper to just kill him.

If he surrenders himself, Liu Chuan will be released. With his ability, the police cannot do anything to him. At worst he can just escape into the wilderness and concentrate in practicing his cultivation there. After a hundred years, it is estimated that this matter will fade.

“What do you think?” Su Ji’s big blue eyes are fixed on Qin Chao’s face; She almost attach her body to Qin Chao’s, with her fragrant breathing, she seems like she is trying to see through Qin Chao’s innermost feeling, “you’re not thinking something bad aren’t you!”

“Ah, I just thought about how to rescue Liu Chuan. I thought that he definitely does not murder Fang Hua.”

“I also thought that he is definitely not the killer.” Su Ji nodded, “I have asked a friend, we’re going to see him.”

When they were talking, An Audi Q7 which use a police license plate stopped at the gate. A handsome man wearing a suit, with a touch of Gulong perfume, elegantly step out of the car while holding a bunch of red roses. He approached them and bring the flowers to the front of Su Ji.

“My beautiful princess, the prince has prepared a horse-drawn vehicle for you.”

This handsome man suddenly noticed the nearby Qin Chao, his brows immediately wrinkle, but his self-control is very good, still with a smile on his face, he asked.

“Is this your colleague?”

“No, he is my good friend.” Su Ji did not pick up the flowers, but took Qin Chao’s arm and said, “he is going to accompany me to the detention center.”

“So it’s like that.” The man nodded graciously, then with one hand holding the flowers, he extended his other arm to the front of Qin Chao’s, “Hello, my name is Li Chao, Su Ji’s fiance.”

“What?” Qin Chao was shocked, his hand only halfway extended, stranded there.

Su Ji glared at Li Chao and said, “do not listen to his nonsense, he gave himself that identity, I have not agreed to it. Li Chao, if you talk irresponsibly again, I may ignore you.”

“Haha, this is exactly what I like about you, your willful personality.” Although Li Chao’s eyes seem flashes with anger, but he still said this with a smile.

Qin Chao realizes that Su Ji was forced to marry Li Chao by her family. But considering Su Ji’s rebellious character, she definitely rejected it. He doesn’t know why, it seems like a huge stone has fallen down to his heart.

“Hello, my name is Qin Chao.” Finally, he extended his hand and shook hand with Li Chao twice.

After this introduction, Li Chao pulled back his hand. He put the flowers into the car, and pulled out a white handkerchief then wiped his hand with it. He said to Su Ji.

“My princess, on boards, I have arranged the meeting on the detention center.”

Qin Chao frowned, this time, Su Ji gently squeezed his hand and gave him a look.

She then took Qin Chao to sit on that luxurious Q7.

“Your highness the beautiful princess, I’m curious as to why you would be interested in this case.” That Q7 is very stable, Qin Chao did not even feel that it already moves. While driving, Li Chao asked that question.

“He is my student.” Su Ji replied.

“If you want to save him, I only need to say a word.” Hearing Li Chao’s word suddenly makes Qin Chao’s heart beating twice faster.