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Chapter 40 The Power Of A Bullet

At this time, it’s still unknown whether that Bai Jiaojiao’s boast was adorable or not. In the eyes of Qin Chao, that shining double-edged sword had already cut a few tens of meters (~33 ft) distance and finally arrives before his eyes.

“Gongzi?” Hua Niang who is flying above the river was surprised, she no longer tries to save Fang Hua from drowning in the river and immediately turn around to save Qin Chao.

“Swoosh!” She wields her cloud catcher sleeves while she is still in the air. That spacious sleeves suddenly brings out a burst of strong wind that swept across the entire river banks. Bai Jiaojiao has been practicing snake demon cultivation for five hundred years, but she is still in the foundation building stage and only by using her sword that was gifted by her master did she occasionally won against some ‘divine ability’ (Lvl 5) stage expert.

However, Hua Niang current level is way beyond ‘divine ability’ stage, so her burst of wind instantly throws both of Qin Chao and Bai Jiaojiao to the air.

Although it was a burst of wind, but Hua Niang has no intention to kill. Thus, the two people only thrown to the side but not injured at all. Qin Chao spit out two breaths then meaningfully took a glance at Hua Niang.

Indeed, this flower snake demon is kind of scary. But at least, she did not cling to her stubbornness to the point of idiocy. This time, he took a gamble with his life, fortunately, he won the bet.

What if he lost the bet? Qin Chao has not thought about this issue.

After rescuing Qin Chao, Hua Niang then goes back to look for Fang Hua, but she found out that on the surface of the river this young master has nowhere to be seen. Songjiang river surface is calm, like a beast sleeping under the night sky.

“Gongzi, you have committed a murder.” Hua Niang looked at Qin Chao then sighed, “There is one greatest taboo for cultivator like us, that is murdering a mortal human. It doesn’t matter who’s the one who died, but this murder will be recorded in your head. Gongzi actually has a bright future, but now, it will be full of twists and turns.”

“Twists and turns are fine.” Qin Chao did not take that to heart and waved his hand deprecatingly, then following the way of the ancient people, he bowed with hands clasped toward Hua Niang, and said, “Thank you for saving my life. But my life is inexpensive and does not need for Hua Niang fairy the trouble to think about me. You are kind-hearted, but there are many things in this world that you do not understand.”

After that, he reached out with his finger and pointed at the black river water, “the animal that just died, his crime is sufficient for him to be executed a hundred times. But why such man is receiving the strongest protection? If a cultivator killed a mortal human, Heaven will intervene. But if a human kills another human, who will come to manage it?”

“Human’s matter, naturally will be managed by the human.”

“Correct! Heaven and earth ( nature) are not benevolent and partial, it treats all things on earth the same and fairly (Originally: Heaven and earth are ruthless, and treat the myriad creatures as straw dogs).” Qin Chao snapped, “I know that you would like to say to me this, and then told me that this is the Heaven’s law! But, I AM a Devil Cultivator, its purpose is exactly to go against the Heaven! If The Heaven are ruthless, then don’t blame my Qin Chao’s injustice.”

“Ka-Boom!” This cloudless sky, without knowing why, all of a sudden give off a dazzling lighting and strike that crooked tree on the riverbank. The whole tree turned into a coke (fuel).

Hua Niang and Bai Jiaojiao as a snake demon, the most feared thing to them is the power of lightning. When a lightning strike down, even though their power has reached foundation building stage, inevitably their whole body tremble and their face pale with fear.

But when they look at Qin Chao again, he still proudly standing there, unperturbed, as if this lightning strike is just the same as when someone drop down a garbage can.

“You see, Heaven was just scaring people, nothing more.” His mouth evokes a hint of sneer. Hua Niang and Bai Jiaojiao two people become a little bit silly, thinking that this man dare to standoff in front of the Heaven’s law, isn’t that too bold, too idiot.

If you switch to the previous Qin Chao, he definitely would not go against the heaven. But unconsciously, he was being influenced by the residual memories of that devil Luo De (The devil that possessed Qin Chao in chapter 1).

“Gongzi, nevertheless in the future it is still important for you to handle the matter without resorting to murder…” Hua Niang sighed, she looked at Qin Chao’s eyes with a somewhat complex look. Her memory flew back five hundred years ago, she seemed to see a man dressed in black, who was a disciple of a devil sect, proudly stood in front of her.

“Hua Niang, don’t worry, with me here, no cultivator would dare go against you! Even if Heaven want to collect your life, they have to pass through me first!”

Unfortunately…five hundred years later, his bones were already cold…

“Jiaojiao, let’s go…” At this moment, Hua Niang facial expression is somewhat desolate. She waved her cloud catcher sleeve, her body turned into the multicolored ray of lights, then disappear into the air.

“You’re really good.” Bai Jiaojiao leaves behind these words to Qin Chao, afterward, she retrieved her double-edged sword, changed into a white ray of lights then went to chase her elder sister.

“I also think I’m pretty good.” Qin Chao touched his nose and chuckled twice.

After killing Fang Hua, he doesn’t feel any psychological burden. Just as he said, even if such person was killed for a hundred times, it still doesn’t deserve pity.

“It seems that I have to clean this battlefield.” Qin Chao looked at that Audi A6L, he is going to pull out the beauty from the inside then sinks the car into the river.

But at this time, he suddenly surrounded by the sound of police sirens. Qin Chao was surprised and he immediately changed into his devil state, making his face covered with black scales.

If he let the police see his face, then his life will completely finish.

The kidnapping of the young master of the Fang family is making the police handle the case with speed. In just a few seconds the police siren already closing on him. A dozen police car pulls up one by one, encircling this riverbank.

Dozens of heavily armed police jumped out of the car then pull out their respective guns and aimed it at Qin Chao.

Luo Hao is the captain of the police squad, he’s almost 40 years old with a calm mind. He has received a direct order from above which is to rescue Fang Hua. Rescuing Fang Hua also gave him the opportunity of rendering meritorious service. His superior intend to cultivate him so they let him become the team leader in charge of rescuing Fang Hua.

At the same time, the special police team also arrived. Several snipers already find a good location, each lying in wait for an order.

Luo Hao looked at Qin Chao who is standing beside the Audi A6L, then he picked up the police speaker to shout at Qin Chao.

“You have been surrounded, immediately release the hostage in the car so you can get leniency! If you’re willing to release the hostage, at most you’ll only be charged with attempted kidnapping…”

To be honest, being surrounded by so many police car, Luo Hao’s speech really have strong deterrent force. Unfortunately, he misjudged one thing, Qin Chao already get rid of Fang Hua, so this hostage release, in any case, cannot be done.

“Team leader Luo!” At this time, a young police officer ran over in panic and whispered in Luo Hao’s ear, “the snipers have found out that there is no Fang Hua inside the car!”

“What!” Luo Hao has a bad feeling about this. He raised the police speaker again and said.

“Leniency to those who confess! Resistance will be treated severely! Where have you put the hostage?”

Looking at the flashing red and blue lights while facing the pitch-dark gun’s muzzle surrounding him, Qin Chao’s mind actually really calm and not afraid. He slowly raises up his hand and pointed at the vast river water.

For a while, the police officers in an uproar. So ruthless, even directly kill the young master of the Fang family? Didn’t he kidnap so that he can become rich?

“Damn it!” Luo Hao has gotten angry, thinking that they have sent so many people and spent so much effort, is it only to receive Fang Hua’s corpses? Moreover, the death of Fang Hua, how could he report it to his superior? How could he explain it to the City’s leadership and the Fang Family?

At this moment, Luo Hao feels that his own future is difficult to predict!

But in that moment when Luo Hao is distracted, Qin Chao already ran a few steps, with the intention to escape through the river.

“Where are you going to run!” Luo Hao raised up his familiar type 54 pistol. Although the type 92 has supplemented the type 54 in the police corps, but he has used this type 54 for over twenty years and has become accustomed to it.

Luo Hao is a famous sharpshooter in the police academy, he aimed his pistol and pull the trigger, the bullet hit the upper part of Qin Chao’s shoulder. He could have aimed it at his head, but he wants to catch him alive so that he can report it as his accomplishment to his superior.

But he neglected the powerful force in Qin Chao’s body. This type 54 bullet has strong penetrating force, it directly passes through Qin Chao’s shoulder. Blood spray out of Qin Chao’s shoulder, but he just shook it a little without slowing down his footsteps.

Luo Hao frowned, he lifts his pistol again. This time, his aim is Qin Chao’s calf.

At the same time, however, sounds of gunfire come from his side.

“Bang bang bang!” Three gunfire in a row but all was aimed at the ground. This attracts all the police attention toward Ai Xiaoxue, the policewoman in training. She appears to be sorry for blowing up her pistol and just shrugging her shoulders toward the angry Luo Hao.

When they look at Qin Chao again, his shadow was nowhere to be seen.

“Dispatch the patrol boat! Search the river!” Luo Hao bites his teeth in anger, he began to issue the search order. Anyway, the suspect has been shot at the shoulder, in this cold river water, how far can that suspect escape?

“Little Ai, aren’t you an expert marksman, why your aim was so poor?” Xie Jun quietly asked his nearby policewoman in training.

“It was so dark, I cannot see clearly.” Ai Xiaoxue blandly replied, then put her gun inside the holster.


In this cold river water, Qin Chao feels several bursts of severe pain on his shoulder. His shoulder continues to spill blood, but he refuses to see the
injury. His body is like a torpedo in the water, rapidly swims away toward the distant place.

In his devil state, he can hold his breath under the water for a long period of time. Using this advantage, in less than two minutes, he already swam out very far. After not seeing the shore for a time, his head finally emerged from the water.

“Whoosh…” The autumn breeze blowing over his head, making him doubly sober. In this boundless river, there is only a moonlight that reflected at its surface.

He faintly saw a river bridge in the distance. This river bridge was just recently completed and operational, named Songjiang river bridge. Qin Chao endures his pain and rapidly swam to approach that river bridge.

Soon, he arrived at the underside of this river bridge. He dragged his body and climbed on top of that bridge’s foundation, separating him from the icy-cold river water.

Leaning against the bridge’s foundation, he spit out a long sigh of relief. He touched the cigarettes on his pocket, but it already soaked with river water. He had no option but to thrown it out into the river.

Tonight was really dangerous. If he had not run fast, perhaps his hundred pounds body would be drowned in the river. He did not want to be buried beside that animal Fang Hua, not worth it.

After leaving the river, his shoulder wound is rapidly healed. Fortunately, that type 54 bullet just passed through his shoulder and not embedded in his flesh.

It seems that his ability is still too weak, he doesn’t know which cultivation grade that would make him not fear the bullet anymore.

After a period of time when his bullet wound is almost healed, Qin Chao uses his boundless qi to evaporate the water on his body. Then he pulled out his old lucky bike from his ring.