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Chapter 39 Make Sure You Are Not Hurt

“Yu…Yu Qian?” This Young Master of Fang family finally understands why Qin Chao drove him to the death road. Turns out, he wants to take revenge for Yu Qian.

Fang Hua rolls his eyes, immediately said, “Yu Qian’s death has nothing to do with me, I was forced to broke up with her! I love her, but my family oppose our relationship so without any better option I temporary separate with her thus makes her feel wronged. I, I also plan to bring Yu Qian to study abroad with me, I even already takes care of all the paperwork!”

“Fabrication, full of fabrication!” Qin Chao folded his arm and sneered while looking at Fang Hua’s poor performance, “Fang Hua, there is a saying that is really good. ‘If you don’t want anyone to know, don’t do it’. Do you think that with the death of Yu Qian, nobody would know the thing that you did to her? Two months ago you drugged and raped Yu Qian, causing her to get pregnant for two months. A few days ago you find people to gang raped her. All this heinous thing that happened to her is exactly because of you. Now you’re here pretending to be a pure and innocent young master? DAMN YOU!”

Then, he kicked Fang Hua who was lying on the ground, making him roll several times. His branded clothes already full of dirt.

“Mercy…oh…mercy…” Fang Hua is in despair because it turns out Qin Chao already knows everything. It looks like Qin Chao is really going to kill him today.

“As long as you don’t kill me, I’m willing to give you anything you want! Money, women, power, anything!”

For the first time in his life, Fang Hua is being threatened with death. He kneels on the ground in fear while his head continuously knocks the ground.

“Do you know fear? Do you know regret?” Qin Chao coldly watches Fang Hua’s performance.

“I know, if you spare me, I promise to be a good person in the future, moreover, I will surrender myself to the police and admit that Yu Qian’s death is related to me.

Fang Hua is trying as best as he could to calm Qin Chao with his words, but he underestimates Qin Chao’s intelligence, especially he underestimates Qin Chao’s determination to kill him.

“Pa!” Qin Chao pulls out a cigarette lighter and lights a red river cigarette. While holding it in his mouth, he said, “sounds very good.”

He inhaled and walked over then crouched beside Fang Hua. Qin Chao then put the cigarette into Fang Hua’s mouth and patted his face, “My Young Master Fang, I agree with everything that you said.”

Hearing this makes Fang Hua see the lights. But upon hearing Qin Chao’s next sentences, however, he plunged again into despair.

“Too bad, at that time when Yu Qian entreated you again and again, why you are indifferent to it!”

“Bam!” His fist landed on Fang Hua’s lower abdomen making Fang Hua spit out the cigarette butt in his mouth and fall to the ground. Looking at Fang Hua’s condition, he is clutching his stomach while his mouth is spitting foam and his breathing becomes extremely difficult.

He curled up on the ground, like a dried up fat shrimp. The sharp pain immediately made him suffocated. Fang Hua feels the air in his lung was squeezed out, making him breathless.

“Don’t worry, I will not make you die so easy.” Qin Chao took out his soul binding lock and bind up both of Fang Hua’s leg, then he hangs him on the neck of a crooked tree in the riverside. He then ties the other section of the chain on the front of that Audi A6L.

The crooked tree trunk that elongate to the top of the river is exactly what Qin Chao had envisioned in his mind. He has planned this for several days and finally found such a perfect spot for Young Master Fang’s final destination.

Qin Chao got into the car and looked at the back seat. This Fang Hua is really powerful, that red-naked beauty is still lost her consciousness and in a deep sleep. Vaguely, Qin Chao can also hear this beauty slight snoring sound.

“If you tired then sleep well.” Qin Chao then looked at Fang Hua that was hanging on the tree like a dead pig and sneered. He starts the car and moves it forward. ‘Splash’, the chain moves, making Fang Hua’s whole body soaked into this icy-cold piercing river water.

“Gluk…gluk…” Fang Hua seems to be shouting something, but the cold river blocked his words. Only a great heap of bubbles that appears on the water surface.

After a while, Qin Chao drove the car backward, simultaneously pulling Fang Hua out of the river. His body continuously dripping river water. Fang Hua’s cold pale skin and red eyes are trembling all over.

“Help…help me…”

Then, Qin Chao drove the car forward, making Fang Hua plunge into the river once again. He is making this Songjiang river water wash away Fang Hua’s filthy soul.

“Gluk….” A big pile of air bubbles rise. This time, the air bubbles took a longer time to rise and then Qin Chao pulls Fang Hua up again.

“I, I fuck your-mom..I, I’m going to kill you! You’re a…”

“Gluk..gluk…” Obviously, Qin Chao did not like Fang Hua’s greeting thereupon he put him into the river.

“I was wrong…I beg you…let me go…I beg you, I’m begging you! I…gluk…gluk…”

“Sorry, I can’t let you go because I have yet to answer to Yu Qian, Liu Chuan, and also that old husband and wife.” Qin Chao drives the car back and forth, continuously torturing Fang Hua. Either physically or mentally, Fang Hua already close to collapse.

“Kill…kill me…” Fang Hua finally lost the strength to fight back, his body is like a corpse, quietly hanging upside down by the chain above the river.

“Very well, I’ll let you die then.” Qin Chao already saw Fang Hua being tortured. He smokes a cigarette then prepares to start the car. This time, he is going to make Fang Hua completely sink into the river.

At this time, a white double-edged sword suddenly fell from the sky and nailed on top of the front part of that Audi A6L, making the car firmly nailed to the ground.

Then, a beautiful woman wearing a white robe arrives like a fairy, floating on top of that sword hilt and looking at Qin Chao with an ill intention.

“Bai Jiaojiao?” (White snake demon from chapter 18 & 22) Qin Chao got out of the car, sizing up the woman who currently standing on top of the sword, “Are you here to kill me? If you are please wait a moment, I have to kill this bastard first, after that we can study our affair.”

“Sorry, this miss currently not interested with your broken devil spirit essence!” Who would have imagined that Bai Jiaojiao coldly snorted, pouting out her mouth and said, “Moreover, this miss could care less if you want to kill this bastard. But, my kindhearted elder sister wanted me to stop you doing that.”

“Hua Niang?” (Flower snake demon, Bai Jiaojiao sister) Qin Chao also remembered the woman that dressed in multicolored clothes whose face strongly resemble Kong-kong. Just as his mind conjure the face of that beautiful woman, multicolored rays of light come together from the sky, the same woman that appears on Qin Chao’s mind suddenly emerges in front of him.

There is a reckless courage inside Bai Jiaojiao tender beauty while Hua Niang brings out a virtuous beauty. This female snake demon is really gentle and kind-hearted.

“Gongzi (TL: noble son/You-honorific), although this person is unpardonably wicked, but you are a cultivator, who cannot kill an ordinary human. Otherwise, your hands will be stained with blood, which will inevitably attract heaven’s punishment.”

Bai Jiaojiao shrugged her shoulder and grumbled, “this again…”

“Hmph, if I don’t kill this unpardonably wicked person, he will continue to do evil in the future and there will be more people die at his hand.” Although Qin Chao knows that Hua Niang is well-intentioned, but he still could not help but be angry, “since Heaven is not willing to accept him, then let me took their punishment and receive this animal’s life on behalf of them.”

“Gongzi cannot!” Although Qin Chao treats her with cold and angry attitude, but Hua Niang continues to persuade patiently, “Gongzi is gifted with the natural-born devil body, which contain devil essence inside of it. If you concentrate in practicing, in the future you are bound to become a world class cultivator who is able to move unhindered through heaven and earth. This small person is unworthy for Gongzi to lose your future prospect.

“If he doesn’t die, I’m afraid I and the people around me will continuously having bad luck,”

“Gongzi is a cultivator, an ordinary human can do you no harm.”

“You STUPID girl!” Qin Chao finally could not bear anymore, he snapped, “You’re just a big breasts with no brain aren’t you! This is the human world, naturally has its own method to solve a problem! The things that you said basically won’t work here! If preaching the truth is effective, there would be no one like Fang Hua the beast, Yu Qian also will not die!”

“Gongzi, whatever you said, Qie’s body (TL: I, Your servant; deprecatory self-reference for women) will not let you kill this person!” That Hua Niang is stubborn, she keeps shaking her head and put herself in front of Qin Chao, blocking him.

“Save, save me…I, I can give you a lot of money!” Although Fang Hua did not understand what is happening, but to see there are some people blocking Qin Chao, his desire to live is full again.

“Trying to hinder me, die!” Qin Chao can’t wait to kill that animal, he moves forward a few steps and rush straight ahead. At this time Qin Chao is like a tank moving through the terrain, leaving a cloud of dust behind his shoulder, ‘roaring’, soon to collide with Hua Niang.

This one-who-likes-to-preach Hua Niang, in theory, must have been training as a snake demon cultivator for many years. Qin Chao cannot see her bottom line, indicating that she, at least, has passed through the foundation building stage (level 4, while Qin Chao still in level 2). The level differences are too big, he doesn’t know if he can move pass through her or not. But even if he cannot overcome her, he still need to fight her. Because, if he cannot move pass through her, he doesn’t have the mean to kill Fang Hua with his own hands.

“The Misty Cloud Catcher Sleeve!” Hua Niang cast a spell from an upright sect, Tian Shan’s Misty Peak Sect, two multicolored sleeves dance up together, forming a wall similar to the double iron gate that easily block Qin Chao’s rush.

Qin Chao does not hesitate, he lift his fist and smashes that multicolor cloud catcher sleeve.

Only to hear a sound similar to the sound of monks ringing a bell. Qin Chao feels his ear buzzing the echo sound, his fist become numb and his body cannot help but bounced back.

Sure enough, the level gap is too big. Moreover, the defense of that Cloud Catcher Sleeve is a bit too abnormal!

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough power to cast a spell, so he could not learn any spell yet. Otherwise, relying on his innate devil ability, it’s not that difficult if he want to break this Cloud Catcher Sleeve.

But now he is just at the tempered qi stage, merely a devil spirit level devil cultivator, he is helpless against Hua Niang.

A few moments later he gets a sudden inspiration, he held out his hand and point at his soul binding lock chain.


Soon his whole chain jolt, the binding that tied both of Fang Hua’s legs loosened and then the chain flown into Qin Chao’s ring.


“Splash!” Fang Hua, therefore, falls into the river. Qin Chao already inquired and knew that this young master doesn’t know how to swim. Indeed, this arrogant young master cries out from the water while futilely slap down the water around him then gradually sink to the bottom of the river.

“Not good!” Hua Niang immediately jumps and fly up, trying to save the Fang Hua who is drowning in the river.

“Bai Jiaojiao, come take my devil essence, I’ll let you take it!” Qin Chao unexpectedly behaves like a hoodlum, he opens up his arm wide then rush toward Bai Jiaojiao who currently still standing on top of that sword and tries to hug her.

Bai Jiaojiao’s eyes immediately lit up, although Hua Niang forbids her, but nevertheless, she still covet this Qin Chao’s devil essence.

“Give me your life!” Bai Jiaojiao tenderly shouts and with a kick, she pulls the sword up to the air, catch it then point it at Qin Chao’s direction while not forgetting to murmur at Qin Chao.

“Don’t worry, buddy, you’re this kind to me, I’ll make it quick, you’ll definitely not feel hurt!”