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Chapter 38 I Come To Take Your Life

Young Master Fang’s car has never been locked because nobody would dare touch the car of the Young Master from Fang family. Once there was an individual that come over from another region, a little thief who lacks knowledge, succeed in stealing Fang Hua’s Audi A6L.

Afterwards, that thief cut off both of his hands, then he knelt in front Fang Hua to apologize to him.

Not to mention that Fang Hua is the Young Master of Fang Conglomerate, the Southern Jiangsu Municipal party committee Secretary Yang is also looking after him. People also said that his godfather is Chen Si, the leader of Tian Long conglomerate whose real name is Long Tian Zheng. This Long Tian Zheng is also being revered by the underworld gang as Chen Si Ye (TL: Chen Si Ye can also be translated as Old Gentleman Chen the four).

This Chen Si Ye’s influence is really big, not to mention this Southern Jiangsu city(TL: Suzhou), even the entire northern part of the country trembles at his feet. Anybody dares to mess with his godson is like someone lighting the toilet lamp, looking for shit (TL: looking for shit is homonym with seeking death).

“Go to, An, Anthony Hotel!” Fang Hua’s speech was already slurred because of too much drink, but that doesn’t diminish his ability to enter the car in a crooked angle while embracing the beauty and put her on top of him, letting her moves up and down.

That bouncer seemed unalarmed by this strange sight, he enters this Audy A6L’s gear and moved out of the parking lot of this nightclub.

Shortly after they left, Manager Li found out that something was amiss. This manager waited in his office for quite some time, but the few brothers who were sent out a moment ago never came back.

“These wastes, even such a trivial matter they are unable to accomplish.” Manager Li frowned and walked out of the club.

Who knows, when he came out, he knew something was wrong.

Because the two bouncers were gone.

“Bad…” Cold sweat drips out of Manager Li’s forehead. Because he was an underworld veteran, his mind seems like a clear mirror, he correctly assumes that these two bouncers must have been put down by someone.

He quickly went to search for the brothers in the parking lot. Soon, he discovered the two bouncers as well as the four punks. They’re all laying on the ground unconscious, but he immediately noticed that one of the bouncer’s uniform was missing.

“It’s finished…” Manager Li sat on the ground, it is really obvious that the target is Fang Hua.

If something happened to Young Master Fang on his place, Chen Si Ye certainly would not forgive him.

“Quick, quickly raise the alarm! Young Master Fang is in danger! Also, contact the police, the person who can get rid of Scar is definitely not simple, perhaps there were several of them! Tell all the cops to watch the street, if they see Audi A6L, immediately stop it.

This Manager Li thought that Young Master Fang have been abducted by some people and they are preparing extortion to ransom some money. But how could he know that the kidnapper simply doesn’t want money, but Fang Hua’s life.

This evening, the underworld gang and the police were all alarmed. Why? Because Young Master Fang have been kidnapped! This feeling is like someone deliberately poke a hole through the Heaven, after all, who wants to lose their own life?

In this Southern Jiangsu, if Chen Si is the big Master, then Fang Hua is the little Master. Perhaps the kidnapper are vicious criminals from other provinces who wants to squeeze out a huge amount of ransom from Young Master Fang’s body?

The police have also immediately launched a surveillance, they found out that Fang Hua’s Audi has pulled out to the suburbs. They have no traffic camera there, but the car seems vaguely drove toward Songjiang (TL: ~100 km or 62 miles from the city centre).

Party secretary Yang’s secretary has politely expressed the intention of party secretary Yang over the phone, that is, he was very concerned about this kidnapping. Fang Conglomerate is the largest foreign investor group that invest in the Southern Jiangsu city, but now their Young Master has been kidnapped. In this harsh investment environment, they must quickly address the Fang Conglomerate’s concern.

Therefore, the meaning of party secretary Yang’s word is to have this case solved within 24 hours!

“It’s just a case about an evil young master being kidnapped, why must they dragged in lots of people!” The policewoman Ai Xiaoxue (the policewoman in Yu Qian’s case) is putting her newly allotted type-92 handgun into its holster while rolling her eyes.

“Let’s just did according to the order from above.” Her boss, Captain Xie Jun, who is checking his pistol, dismissively said, “our mission is to coordinate a mobile team. The kidnappers have gone to Songjiang, we must ensure Fang Hua’s safety.”

“Hmph, it’s better to just let such a worse than a beast person, die.” Ai Xiaoxue speaks out her mind with a hint of disdain. After Captain Xie takes a look at this young policewoman, he cannot help but smiles bitterly.

Although this Ai Xiaoxue is just a new recruit, but her background is actually really good. How would she know the suffering of a small police officer? In the past, when he first took the badge, he is also very passionate. But after a long police career, he became more and more sophisticated, more and more indifferent.

What is the requirement for the above to increase the level of priority in handling a case? Well, you can say that the death of 1000 Yu Qian is less
important than a single kidnapping case of Fang Hua. But he cannot explain this logic clearly to Ai Xiaoxue and only hope that this stubborn policewoman will slowly understand it.

“Enough with the nonsense, quickly moves.” Captain Xie put away his gun, and together with another criminal investigation team, they go out to drove on the road with the 4WD police car.


Without realizing that he had created such a huge stir, Qin Chao is driving that Audi A6L steadily and slowly moves toward Songjiang under the curtain of the night. Qin Chao doesn’t have a driving license, but his uncle is a taxi driver and had taught him how to drive.

Moreover, he found it much easier to steer this Audi A6L, compared to his uncle’s worn out Xiali.

This Fang Hua must have taken some kind of drug because he has been going like this since he entered the car, even though that pretty woman is soaking with her own fragrant perspiration, gasping for breath and already lost consciousness. He is still in high spirits, holding the pretty woman on top of him and continue doing the work by himself.

“Damn, why it’s taking so long today, we haven’t arrived at Anthony Hotel?” Fang Hua didn’t forget the journey so he spewed out some curse.

At this time, the car has arrived at Songjiang. Qin Chao stopped the car, looking at the clear river water under the moonlight in front of him and slowly lit a cigarette.

“Fuck! Why did you stop! Quickly drive, why you’re delaying this young master’s business, do you still want to keep those two hands of yours?!”

Qin Chao leisurely smoking a cigarette and casually said these words. “Young Master Fang, we have arrived.”

“I want to go to Anthony Hotel, what kind of road is this!” Fang Hua shakes this car, yelling in low voices while straining to see a street sign.

“The Death Road.”

Then, Qin Chao jumps out of the car and after opening the rear door, he pulls out Fang Hua’s trouser from the car and throws it into the ice-cold river bank.

In the autumn, Songjiang’s river breeze is sharp like a knife. Fang Hua who currently not wearing any pants is trembling with the freeze to the point that it cured his drunkenness.

Seeing the bouncer’s face, he immediately understands what this is all about.

“You’re the security guard?” Fang Hua is also someone who already seen the world. He calmly put on his trouser and then stood in front of Qin Chao. “Tell me, how much money do you want.”

“I’m sorry, my young master Fang, but I did not come to ask for money.” Qin Chao took a glanced at the unconscious beauty in the car, sneered, “I come to take your life!”

“Ha ha ha!” Fang Hua actually laughed, “want to take my life, relying on yourself?”

He leaned against the door, sneered, “You’re just a small fry security guard, being able to eat is already counted as your blessings. Do you know who I am, this young master is Fang Hua, Fang Conglomerate’s young master, and Chen Si Ye’s godson! All of which you cannot afford to provoke.”

“That’s right, I cannot provoke them.” Qin Chao also sneered, he quickly enters his devil state, his face is covered by the black scales, “but, for me to kill you? That’s really easy!”

“What, what is this!” Fang Hua was startled because of Qin Chao’s appearance, he subconsciously open the car’s door and act as if he wanted to flee into the car.

The special feature of this Audi A6L is its bulletproof glass. Even if Qin Chao is a thug, there is nothing he can use to break into the car. Fang Hua is very smart, he knows that people must have already realized that he went missing, so as long as he can hold on for a while, someone will come to save him.

“Bang!” He fled into the car, shut the door, and flexibly lock up all the doors.

Qin Chao did not stop him, but instead he folded his arms and coldly watching Fang Hua until he finishes his activity.

“Ha ha ha, you idiot! Now I want to see how are you going to kill me! When this young master’s people come, not only I want you dead, your whole family will also be buried together with you.”

Qin Chao shook his head, the man has been crazy. There is a saying that when God wants to make a person dead, it is necessary to let that person descend into madness first.

He knocked at this Audi’s glass, it make a big sound.

From the inside of the car Fang Hua laughs, he lifted up the fainted beauty and continue to work on her. It seems that he already disregarded Qin Chao’s presence.

Qin Chao laughed, his smile was cold, colder than Songjiang river’s breeze.

He wielded his black-scales-covered fist, and vigorously pounds this Audi car door.

“Bang!” Fang Hua had a scare, the car behaves as if it were being pounded by a thousand pounds hammer, it shook heavily. His hard part was not in a very good position, therefore, he almost got a penile fracture.

The car door becomes dented and through the glass, Fang Hua, who is now full of cold sweat, is looking at Qin Chao’s disdainful smile.

“Bang!” Qin Chao threw another fist and smashed the car door. The car’s frame violently shakes, making Fang Hua finally lost his arrogant appearance, his filled-with-fear eyes stares widely.

Qin Chao continues to pound the car’s frame, along with the ‘bang’ sound Fang Hua opened his mouth but unable to utter even a single word. It seems as if the god of death is knocking at his door, the fear already flooded his entire soul.

“Crash!” Finally, that bulletproof glass was torn to pieces. Qin Chao unexpectedly smashed the car door until it crumpled, then with a simple tug, he pulls this scrap metal car door and throws it aside.

“No, do not come!” Fang Hua is like a frightened rat, trying to flee in all direction inside this small space car. He used the almost covered in
perspiration body of that beauty as a shield and shouts loudly.

“Do not come, you’re a devil!”

“Devil? This name is good.” Qin Chao sneers, he grabbed Fang Hua’s leg and dragged him out of the car.

On this dirt ground, Fang Conglomerate’s young master finally experience this kind of treatment. His two legs were dragged while his head rubbed on the ground. Apparently he is being dragged toward the riverside.

Fang Hua’s face is dusty while his eyes filled with panic, his mouth suddenly becomes agile.

“No, don’t kill me, how much money do you want, I’ll give it, I’ll give it to you! One million, ten million, as long as you say it!”

“Money?” Qin Chao folded his arms, enjoying Fang Hua’s disgraceful performance, “Young Master Fang’s money, I’m afraid I’m unable to spend it.”

Then, he suddenly kicks Fang Hua under his chin. This Fang Hua’s body rolls upside down and fell on the ground

“Can your money buy back Yu Qian’s life?”