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Chapter 37 I Only Asked For A Lighter

Seeing how Young Master Fang handles the matter, the manager fast becoming a yes man. He then lowers his head and back out quietly. But after a while he comes back again, making Fang Hua unhappy.

“Damn, can’t you see that the master is working, tired of living aren’t you?”

“Young Master Fang, it’s like this….” The manager waves his hands repeatedly, and explains, “the brothers at the front of the club told me that there’s a sneaky little fat man on the parking lot of our club, asking around about Young Master Fang’s affair.

“D*mn, what little fat man…” Fang Shao is a bit confused cooly replied while breathing heavily, “this, this little thing, why do you need to tell me, you do, whatever you think is appropriate…hmm, comfy…”

“Yes, Young Master Fang, I know what to do.”

The manager went out slowly and carefully shut the door. Outside of the room, the cool face that he had before completely change into smiles, he beckons, immediately two little brothers come over.

“Brother Li, what’s the matter?” One of the little brothers hands him a Huang He Lou (TL: cigarettes brand, literally means Yellow Crane Tower), that manager Li received it and put it in his mouth.

Another brother comes forward, holding a lighter to light the cigarette on manager Li’s lip.

“Give the boy outside a beating, throw him out to the street. Make it clean, don’t bring Young Master Fang any trouble.”

“Rest assured brother Li, we’ll take care of it.”

The two little brothers nodded while a mean color flash past through their eyes. Such matter, do not know how many times have they done that.

At this time, in the parking lot outside the club, a not so high little fat man, carrying a small black leather bag in his hand, grimy looking around like a thief.

This guy runs over and asks the two bouncers at the entrance.

“Hello, I would like to ask, is Fang Hua inside?”

These two bouncers just folded their arms, coldly took a glance at this little fat man, as if looking at a dead man.

The bouncers ignored him, Liu Chuan can only lean on top of the car, trying to wait for Fang Hua to come out.

He tightly holds that small black leather bag, which contain a ‘seven holes machete’ that he bought from a Tibetan peddler. This machete, with seven holes on its back, when it enters the human body, it can leave air bubbles, it is said to be a vicious tool.

For revenge, Liu Chuan did not give that much of a thought.

He didn’t realize that the hand that is holding the black leather bag have started to tremble.

At this time, there are four punks from four directions humming a tune while smoking cigarettes, as if by chance coming closer at him.

Liu Chua’s two eyeballs are staring at the entrance of the club, for fear he would miss out Fang Hua. He doesn’t aware the four punks that are slowly encircling him.

Only when one of the punk threw a cigarette butt at him did he become aware.

“You, you guys, what do you want?” Liu Chuan had a scare, he found out there are four dyed hair punks around him. These punks all giving off ominous smiles, looking at his nervous body.

“What do we want?” One of the punk stretched out his hand and patted Liu Chuan’s face, “boy, do you know who own this place? Looking for trouble here, you do not know your own strength.”

After that, a ‘smack’ sound, that punk gave Liu Chuan’s face a big slap. Liu Chuan is a typical college student, he rarely if ever exercise, being slapped in the face makes him see the stars, the corner of his mouth reveal a trace of blood.

“Beat him! give this boy a lesson!” These punks immediately get closer to beat him, they were careful not to make him bloody. But this boy is unyielding, he just hold his black leather bag, not saying anything.

“This boy probably put a lot of money in that bag!” A punk seeing Liu Chuan tightly held his bag immediately speculate.

“D*mn, give me that bag!” The lead punk suddenly tried to snatch Liu Chuan’s bag.

“No!” Liu Chuan is like an enraged beast, his eyes immediately become red and started to fight back these punks. Although he didn’t exercise, but with his body fat, he has some strength. He fights back to hold his black leather bag from the lead punk.”

“D*mn, still dare to resist!”

“He definitely hides a lot of money in there! Quickly grab it!”

These punks are excited, they increase their effort to take the bag from Liu Chuan’s hand. Liu Chuan finally reach his limit mentally, he doesn’t wait for Fang Hua anymore, he quickly pull out the ‘seven holes’ machete from the black leather bag, this shining metal is reflecting the light under the dim light of the night and hit the face of these punks.

“F*ck, he has a machete!” These few punks were shocked, this red-eyed Liu Chuan is waving the machete in front of him to cut down one of the punks.

“Aa!” That scared punk sat on the floor, his crotch is wet. Liu Chuan’s machete swing out again, his target quickly moves behind one of the cars to obstruct him.

“Clank!” That Toyota SUV was slashed, sparks flying everywhere, creating scars on its surface.

“F*ck, this boy is crazy!” Liu Chuan is indeed crazy, waving the ‘seven holes’ machete, mouth shrieking unintelligible profanities, he chased these punks around to cut them down. The two bouncers guarding the entrance finally reacts, they each pulled out an ASP tactical baton from their clothes, then slowly walked toward Liu Chuan.

These two bouncers were different compared to those punks, they were professionals. Although that Liu Chuan is holding a ‘seven holes’ machete, but in their eyes, he’s just like a small child holding a knife.

“Bam!” One of the bouncers makes his moves, he evades sideways to avoid Liu Chuan’s slash and maliciously hit Liu Chuan’s lower abdomen with his ASP baton.

Liu Chuan feels his lower abdomen as if directly being hit by a car, the pain making him unable to breathe. He squatted on the ground, the ‘seven holes’ machete falls from his hand and landed on the ground with a ‘clatter’ sound.

“F*ck, you actually dare to scare me with a machete, hit him!” Seeing the danger was over, these punks immediately swaggering, coming toward Liu Chuan to beat him again.

“Make it clean, don’t leave blood in here.” The bouncer that just hit Liu Chuan lit up a cigarette and said dismissively.

“Brother Scar, rest assured, these several brother’s hand were agile.” Because there is a scar on this bouncer’s face, so these punks are calling him brother Scar.

“That’s good.” The bouncer who is called Scar nods, then nonchalantly stood aside and watches the beating of Liu Chuan.

“Hey, buddy, do you have a lighter?” At this time, a cold voice comes from behind him.

This Scar had a scare, he quickly turn back, but to his horror he see a man wearing a black leather trench coat, the man’s face is covered with black scales, with a pair of freakish green eyes, looking back at him.

“Who are you?!” He was shocked, but simultaneously he swing the baton in his hand to that man’s face.

“Pop”, the ASP baton heavily hit that man’s face, but his opponent’s head is only tilted a little as if not feeling hurt at all, instead that man only gives Scar a disdainful look.

Scar had a foolish look, he was so sure that his hit definitely able to crack open a person’s head. But that wasn’t happened to the mysterious man in front of him.

“I just asked for a lighter, why so violent.” The man sneers, he stretches out his black beastly claws, clutching that Scar by the collar and easily carries him to the air.

“Pa!” The other bouncer is not easy to deal with, he picks up Liu Chuan’s ‘seven holes’ machete from the ground and swing it to chop off that black man’s back.

But the man just uses his left hand…or it can also be said his left claws, to grasp that ‘seven holes’ machete on its sharp edge.

“Prepares to have nightmares!” He muffled a cry, pulling that Scar and pound him with the other bouncer’s head. These two vicious bouncers, pass out at the same time.

The several punks were frightened, these two bouncers are their famous fighter, but suddenly the two of them was being effortlessly handled by other people.

“Run! Quickly go back to Young Master Fang Shao!” The leading punk immediately shouted.

These four punks can be considered clever, they run separately.

That man in black is precisely Qin Chao, he sneers a bit. He just stood there not giving chase, instead, he pulls out his soul binding lock from his storage ring and throws it toward these several punks who were running away.

After this soul binding lock is upgraded to the 6th-grade human level, it’s ability is increased. That chain flew out, circled around these four punks and tied them up, making them trapped together then pulled toward Qin Chao’s side.

“You can also sleep together.” Qin Chao flings his chain and viciously throw them all under the SUV that was previously being slashed by Liu Chuan using his ‘seven holes’ machete.

These several punks called out pitifully and then fainted the moment they hit the car.

Except the lead punk, he was trapped in the outermost position, so he did not pass out, but he did not escape the hit either, and now he is groaning in pain.

Qin Chao went over, grabbed that punk’s hair and asked him in a low voice.

“Which one is Fang Hua’s car?”

This punk is terrified to his core, he pointed to the nearby Audi A6L and said, “that, that one!”

That Audi A6L impressively hang a black license plate. This type of license plate represents a foreign company registered vehicle, a powerful symbol of that company. The traffic cops are generally afraid to stop or give this car a ticket.

“Very good.” Qin Chao nodded, then he pushed the punk’s head so that it hit the SUV’s door, making this punk also faint.

“Who are you?” Liu Chuan was a little confused, he looked up at the tall man in black, he always thought that the man’s voice is very familiar.

Qin Chao looks at Liu Chuan who is lying on the ground, he doesn’t talk, he just points to the street outside. The meaning is clear, ‘leave here at once’.

“I don’t want to leave, I must help Yu Qian get her revenge!” Liu Chuan said, still trying to grab the ‘seven holes’ machete from the ground.

Qin Chao frowned, he kicked that machete to the underside of the car. He then bent over, patted Liu Chuan’s shoulder and put a red river cigarette in his mouth.

“You don’t have to kill him, he’s mine…” Qin Chao speak that words using his rough voice.


Fang Hua didn’t know there was a big fight outside, he is being serviced quite comfortably by the girl that was provided by manager Li. Although he can finish her in this KTV room, but he still likes to find a high-quality Hotel, bathing and playing with the beautiful woman in the presidential suite.

Hence, this guy drank a lot of wine, threw his arm toward the girl and wobbly walk to the outside.

“Young Master Fang, let me escort you!” Manager Li followed hastily.

“No need! The Master…can go by himself!” Fang Hua pushed that manager Li, grabbed the girl’s upturned ass, and walk out of the club.

Fang Hua did not drive, according to the custom, one of the bouncer is supposed to drove off his car to go wherever Fang Hua wants to go.

This time is no exception, a man wearing the bouncer’s uniform already started the car, he opened the car’s door to Fang Hua.