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Chapter 36 Who’s The Boss

“Qin Chao, you are on night duty today! Everyone else can go home!”

Sure enough, when electric baton Wang came, he immediately picks up on Qin Chao.

“Excuse me, I just finished my night duty yesterday, today is not my turn.” Qin Chao is sitting on the couch, crossing his arms, totally ignoring electric baton Wang’s command.

“This is a direct order!”

“Sorry, you’re just a security director, not a police chief, and I’m not a policeman.” Qin Chao makes a crude gangster hand signal, “I’m not going to do a night duty today, what are you going to do about it?”

“Outrageous! Too f*cking outrageous!” Electric baton Wang is furious, the electric baton in his hand emit a ‘crackling’ electric sound. “Qin Chao, I’m
telling you, I, Wang Wenkun is the Boss here!”

“Boss?” Qin Chao wrinkled his eyebrows, raised his chin and looked at electric baton Wang, “you think you’re a gangster?”

After that, he pointed his finger to electric baton Wang and then pointed to the security office, “why don’t the two of us have a talk inside, to confirm who is the Boss?”

“You…you..” Electric baton Wang complexion becomes white, he then remembered his current rank, his courage become big again, and fiercely said, “Qin Chao, don’t think that I’m afraid of you! I have the Director’s backing; I’m not afraid of anything! Also, don’t think other people wouldn’t know that you’re trying to seduce teacher Su Ji! Perhaps, Yu Qian’s death is because of you; maybe her unborn child is yours!”

“F*ck me!” Qin Chao is finally burning with rage, he bounced up from the sofa, like a whirlwind, instantly rushed to the front of Wang Wenkun. That Wang Wenkun was shocked, he subconsciously smash out the electric baton in his hand.

Just a wave from Qin Chao, that electric baton immediately fly out. This electric baton moves like a meteor, with a ‘crashing’ sound, it hit the wall next to them, a few pieces of the wall’s surfaces fall to the ground, scaring the shit out of the nearby security guard.

Now Qin Chao is a devil spirit, even if he did not change into the devil state, he can still fully utilize his devil power. According to the nine layers of heaven in Buddhist teaching, Qin Chao is now in the tempered qi stage (second layer).

After he had flown out the electric baton, Qin Chao seizes electric baton Wang by the collar with one hand, put this 200 pounds of meat into the air and coldly watching him.

“Electric baton Wang, don’t think becoming security director is so great! Told you, this old man can kill you in 100 different ways!”

Then, with a loud ‘bang’, Qin Chao throws electric baton Wang to the ground. This Wang Wenkun is gluttonous and lazy since childhood, without a bit of exercise, he completely relying on his connection to land the post of security director. Being thrown to the ground by Qin Chao this time, immediately he feels as if his ass was broken into eight pieces, making him grin in pain.

“Qin, Qin Chao, unexpectedly you dare lay your hands on me! I, I’m going to report this to Director Su, wait till you get fired, and then get caught by the police!”

“I lay my hands on you?” Qin Chao smiled and bent over, he then grasp electric baton Wang’s shoulder with one hand and gently patted his plump face. The latter feels that Qin Chao’s hand is like an electric shock, he shivers a bit and then his whole covered-in-fat body tumbles.

“Which of your eyes saw me lay my hands on you? Comrades, who saw me lay my hands on our beloved security director Wang?”

The surrounding security guards have long been harboring a grudge toward this electric baton Wang, and now finally there is someone who can exact their revenge for them, naturally they were all too happy to comply with his request.

So when Qin Chao asked such question, they all shakes their heads. One of the youngest members of the security guard, named Zhang Li coldly said, “Oops, clearly Mr Wang fall down by himself. Director Wang, are you OK? Shall we take you to the hospital? ”

“You guys…you guys…” The situation is pressing, under the muzzle from everyone, Wang Wenkun also knows that this time he has been defeated. It seems that this Qin Chao is truly his arch nemesis.

“You guys wait!” Discretion is the better part of valor, Wang Wenkun comforts himself, and dejectedly escape in silent.

All the security guards laugh, being oppressed by this electric baton Wang for so long. Finally, they can release their resentment today.

“Thank you, brothers.” Qin Chao feels grateful to the several colleagues of his, especially the little guy called Zhang Li. Zhang Li is only 18 years old,
the age where a guy is still full of righteousness.

Qin Chao cups his fists, “After work, I would like to invite everyone for a drink, please accept this invitation, and don’t forget to come!”

“Good, good!” Zhang Li quickly starts to talk, “Brother Qin invite us for a drink, we naturally cannot refuse it. At that time, brother Qin mustn’t be afraid if we go all out to fill our stomach.”

“That’s right! That’s right!” Several security guards are voicing their approval. Although Qin Chao only works for several days, he already made these several people admire him. Even if Qin Chao’s appearance looks more down and out, they will still be able to see the trace of his hidden heroic aura.

Especially because they heard some rumours, that teacher Su Ji has a favourable impression toward Qin Chao. Everyone in the school knows that Su Ji is Su Fei’s sister, and the whole school belongs to them. Perhaps one day Qin Chao will become the son in law of the Su Family, such a good backer, if they don’t establish the connection now, how long would they have to wait then!

“Unfortunately, Renjia is injured, cannot drink.” Chen Yingyang sits there resentfully.

“Best you don’t drink, if you drink too much, we won’t be safe!” Zhang Li immediately joked.

“Drop dead! You small thing, you know nonsense!”

“Hahaha, Zhang Li, be careful if team leader Chen drunk, he would want to have a heart to heart talk with you!”

“Ah! I’d rather drink to death!”

“You are all bastard! Making fun on Renjia, you must all accompany me to drink!”

The security guards joked with each other; Qin Chao also laughs together with them. But, nobody had discovered that behind Qin Chao’s smiling eyes, there is a deep murderous intention.

‘Although I have no ability to save people, I have enough ability to kill people!’ These are the words that Qin Chao had said to Rosy.

After entering the tempered qi stage, Qin Chao’s alcohol tolerance increased significantly, it can be rated as ‘1,000 glasses but no drunkenness’. After accompanying his security guards colleague drinking in a liquor shop, Qin Chao finally rode his lucky bike back home.

Returns to his somewhat cold apartment, Qin Chao pull out a plastic storage box from under his bed. There is a black leather trench coat inside of it. This black leather trench coat has been in his possession since the year he graduated, when he was going through his first job interview, his girlfriend used their saving to bought him this gift.

Unfortunately, although he ranks first in the interview test, in the end, the job position was given to someone else.

This coat has been used by him only once. With his girlfriend departure, it has been sealed in the box ever since.

“All along, you have followed me through hardship…” Qin Chao hold and smell that black leather trench coat, muttering, “right now, I’m going to start doing something that is earth-shattering. You are the only things from her that still left in my possession; I want you to accompany me to witness it…”

Qin Chao wears this black trench coat, out of the house, and soon disappeared into the darkness.


It’s been half a month since Yu Qian’s death, this half a month, including within Yu Qian’s family, all people get caught up into a very strange

Qin Chao goes to work every day as usual, chatting and laughing with his colleagues, occasionally flirt with Hu Lili and Fang Wen, two beautiful girls. But Su Ji, since the last time they met, she has since mysteriously disappeared, do not know where this girl could have gone. She left no trail.

Fang Hua and Liu Chuan also did not come to school for several days. Listen to the students rumour, Fang Hua has been arranged a School transfer by his parents, he is ready to attend a foreign College.

“Want to escape?” Every time Qin Chao hears this rumour, he cannot help but sneers.

“Looks like he was just blowing hot air.” After observing Qin Chao for several days, Su Fei is sitting in her office, carefully sipping a cup of Ireland coffee, “I’m overly suspicious, after all, he is only an ordinary security guard, don’t tell me a single man could poke a hole through the heaven?”

Unbeknown to Su Fei, Qin Chao is slowly casting a net. He is like a patience fisherman, calmly waiting for the fish to get into his net.

But although he can wait, some people cannot wait.


At this time, in a famous nightclub in southern Jiangsu.

“Young Master Fang, we went looking for almost a month, but still couldn’t find Hou Tian.”

(TL: Hou Tian is the nose-ring leader that Qin Chao killed on Chapter 9)

A manager in a black suit stuck standing in a KTV room, talking to Fang Hua, who is sitting on the sofa while enjoying the service of a beautiful woman.

“What a waste!” Fang Hua is enjoying the stimulation from his lower body part; his brows wrinkled rigidly, “how big is this southern Jiangsu that even the individual that you guys are looking for cannot be found? What’s the use for me to keep you, might as well keep two beautiful girls, at least, they can pleasure this young master.”

“Young Master Fang, don’t get angry.” The manager hastily said, “we went for a stake out at Hou Tian’s home for a long time. This Hou Tian is a dutiful son; his frail old mother is also living at home. If he’s alive, it’s impossible for him not to come back to at least take a glance.”

“Hmph! A dirty-tricks bully can also be a dutiful son?!” Fang Hua curled his lip, “I guess he’s afraid that I’m going to torture him to death, he must have run away by now.”

“Impossible, I understand this Hou Tian. Although his character is not good, he is very filial.”

“D*mn, you understand ass! You understand him, but cannot find him!” Fang Hua is furious, he picks up the wine glass and throws it at that manager’s face.

“Young Master Fang, don’t be angry, Renjia is afraid!” That pretty girl pulls out her cute mouth from Fang Hua to talk to him.

“Afraid? It’s good that you’re afraid!” Fang Hua laughed, pressed that girl’s head and said, “what kind of people is this Fang Hua, he is the young master from the Fang Corporation! Chen Si is my godfather, I said someone must die, that person will surely die.”

“Yes yes, Young Master Fang is amazing! Renjia really worship you!”

“If you want to worship me, let me ‘eat’ your dessert, if you make this Young Master Fang happy, I will buy you whatever you want!”

“Yes, yes, Young Master Fang, look at me…” after saying that, that beauty sit on top of Fang Hua’s lower body part, and start to work hard.

“Hissing….This chick**is really good…” Fang Hua is enjoying the**treatment, “Oh, that Yu Qian’s small mouth is really good. Unfortunately, that b*tch-is not smart, after a few times enjoying her on the bed, she thought that she could marry to the Fang family, f*cking ridiculous. I heard that she jumped from the rooftop, what a pity, this young master is quite fond of her ventriloquist ability, hahaha!”

“Young Master Fang, Renjia is also very good…” that beauty immediately twisted her ass.

“Yes yes, little baby is not bad!” Fang Hua grins. He suddenly face that manager and said, “then find me that Hou Tian, this young master will fly to the US this weekend. If you can’t find me this Hou Tian before that day, hmph, you don’t have to see me again! Be ready to disappear together with Hou Tian!”

“Yes yes, Young Master Fang! I’ve got it!”