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Chapter 35 The Calm Before The Storm

This Electric baton Wang wants to vomit blood, Qin Chao is now his direct superior, he can only bite his teeth and swallows his scolding words to his belly.

His small eyes looked back and forth at Qin Chao and Su Ji, who stand together in front of him, trying to think a way to attack him, suddenly an evil trick floated in his mind. Hmph, even though I can’t face you directly, but I certainly can deal with you behind your back.

Thinking of this, he turn around his plump physique and swinging around to run toward the administrative building.

“Hey handsome, why don’t you come with me to the athletic faculty office!” Su Ji suddenly threw a coquettish look at Qin Chao, quipped, “there are lots of beautiful female teacher there!”

“Forget it!” Qin Chao shakes his head like a rattle-drum, “after I enter it, I’m afraid I won’t want to come out.”

“Hmph, pervert!” Su Ji gave him an eye, then like a red cloud, this chick float toward the building of the Department of Physical Education.

The back of this chick is so good; Qin Chao looks at this beautiful girl’s back for a long time before moving his reluctant eyes. Indeed, Su Ji is a superb girl, if she is to be his girlfriend, then even his ancestors would be jealous of him in their graves.

But he did not dare to think about making his ancestors jealous, he adjusted his clothes, ready to return to his duty.

At this time, a man wearing a blue police uniform, accompanied by a man and a woman, two young police officers, walked out from the administrative building from afar.

Qin Chao immediately recognizes that the leading police officer is called Xie Jun, he is the police captain in charge of investigating Yu Qian suicide case.

Qin Chao immediately moves to greeted them, Xie Jun also recognize him as the school’s security director.

“Good morning Captain Xie!” Qin Chao greeted them, then pulled out a red river from his pocket and offered it to Xie Jun. The latter waves his hand to pulled out a four yuan per box white Zhongnanhai cigarette from his bag and offered to Qin Chao instead.

“I still prefer this, strong but also cheap.”

“Thanks, Captain Xie, I would like to inquire about Yu Qian’s case, what’s the outcome?” Qin Chao pick up the Zhongnanhai and slowly lit it. Before this, he had also smoked this cigarette, he felt this four yuan Zhongnanhai was very easy to flush, lit up one and before you know it, you already finished the whole pack.

“Our superior did not let us investigate.” The beautiful policewoman indignantly said, “someone has suppressed this case, the victim’s family have only got 100000 as a compensation…:”

“Quiet!” Xie Jun immediately coughed and glanced at that policewoman. The latter just shrugged her shoulders, no longer talk.

Qin Chao frowned, he can figure out the ballpark. Sure enough, just as Su Fei said, this case has been pressed down.

“This is something that we cannot help.” Xie Jun saw Qin Chao unusual mood, patted his shoulder and said, “we can only follow the order from our superior. Moreover, we also don’t have anyone who can testify against Fang Hua. Yu Jian committing suicide is basically an iron-clad case. The autopsy report is wrong; Yu Jian has not been pregnant. Therefore, you cannot prove Yu Qian had been sexually assaulted by Fang Hua.”

“Oh…” Qin Chao crossed his arms and sneered. It seems that this Fang Hua’s background is truly big. Moreover, even if Qin Chao had known what really happened, he cannot become the witness. After all, he cannot just shout in the court that Yu Qian’s ghost has had confessed to him that she was raped by Fang Hua.

“Your Director has admitted that this was the school’s responsibility, and willing to cover half of the compensation.” Xie Jun put out the cigarette and patted the shoulder of the Qin Chao, apparently trying to console this man.

“I’m sorry, but we have to get back to the bureau, there is a missing person case we have to handle.”

“Is this the ‘five-day’ case?” The policewoman asked.

“Correct.” These police then leave, leaving Qin Chao stood alone, smoking in silence. The whole pack of red-river was soon used up by Qin Chao. He frowned, made a decision and started to walk toward the administrative building.

In front of Su Fei’s office, he met with electric baton Wang. This fat man came out triumphantly from Su Fei’s office, he raised his chin and took a glance at Qin Chao.

The later gives an ice-cold look, his mood is bad, he snorted.

Electric baton Wang was shocked, he did not dare to raise his head again, his arrogant look was gone, lowering his head, he scurrying out quietly from Qin Chao’s side.

“Secretary Qin, is Director Su here?” Although Qin Chao is in a bad mood right now, he still ask politely toward the beautiful woman in front of him.

Today Qin Ling dressed in a black suit and white dress. The dress collar is somewhat low, revealing a deep ravine, full of temptation.

“Yes, wait here while I help you ask for an audience.” Qin Ling picked up the phone on the table and quickly said to Qin Chao.

“I’m sorry, Director Su said she is very busy right now and can’t see you.”

“I want to take a look, just how busy she is!” Anger started to burn in his heart, and despite the blocking of Qin Ling, he pushed open the office door and went in.

“Qin Chao, what do you want!” Inside the office, Su Fei is finishing a report file. When she saw Qin Chao bursting in, she immediately frowned and put up an ice-cold face, her sound is like the winter’s wind.

“Nothing, I just want to ask something.” Qin Chao casually sitting in front of Su Fei, with a touch of joking tone, he asked, “Yu Qian, a 20-years old girl, is worth 100000 yuan isn’t?”

“Qin Ling, you go out first, and close the door.” Su Fei spits out a cold breath, takes off her glasses, rubbed her temple as if she has a headache, then ordering her secretary with her hand.

Qin Ling took a complicated glance at Qin Chao and closed the door.

“Yu Qian’s parents are over 60-years of age, they’re already old. Now her mother is paralyzed in bed; this 100000 yuan is just a drop in a bucket for her medical bills.

“Well then, let me, on behalf of the school, add 100000 yuan more, so the total of 200000 yuan will be given to the old couple.” Su Fei did not just talk, she immediately pick up the pen, write down a few number in a checkbook, and tear it down to lift it with her hand.

“You send this money to them to express our school’s regret.”

“Hmph…” Qin Chao coldly looks at the check in Su Fei’s hand, “sorry, I think this money is too hot for me to hold. Let alone 200000, even 2 million yuan cannot buy back a human’s life.”

“Qin Chao! What more do you want!” Su Fei also becomes angry, she pounded the table and exclaimed, “Yu Qian is dead, do you want to kill everyone in the school to compensate for her life? That’s impossible!”

“I only want the actual criminal to be punished.” Qin Chao, who was leaning against the chair, coldly said, “I think Liu Chuan and Yu Qian’s parents would also like to see this result.”

“Qin Chao, stop dreaming!” Su Fei tries to calm herself down, righting the glasses on her nose and said, “You should know about Fang Hua’s family influences. Yu Qian is just a college student from the rural area; she had no money and no potential. As for you, you’re just a college graduate, even landing this job is just because of someone else’s gratitude, what have you got to take on Fang Hua?”

“What you mean is, you don’t want to help Yu Qian’s family in seeking justice, right?” Qin Chao is annoyed about what Su Fei had just said; he squinted his eyes to look at this lady from a wealthy family in front of him.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help, but I simply can’t help! Moreover, I don’t need to!” Su Fei has been in the business world for many years; she can clearly differentiate between right and wrong. To offend the Fang family just because of a student? Not worth it!

“Very good.” Qin Chao stood up and said, “it seems our conversation today is not pleasant. Su Fei, I know you have a large fortune, so you cannot afford to go against Fang Hua. That’s okay, but I, Qin Chao is only a bachelor, I’m not scared of anything. Since you are not willing to help Yu Qian, then it’s up to me to help her.”

“Qin Chao, don’t forget your identity!” Su Fei snapped, “you’re nothing but a security guard, and I am your boss! Who do you think you are? The Interpol? Also, you’re not allowed to mess with my sister, you don’t deserve her, she’s way out of your league!”

“My beautiful principal.” Qin Chao suddenly turned his head, looking at this glamorous Director, “I would like you to remember that I did not take the initiative to provoke your sister!”

“Nonsense!” Su Fei’s brows are tightly knitted, breathing anxiously, her chest fluctuates heavily, “From now on, you are not the security director. You’re back to become a small security guard. If you mess with my sister again, don’t you hope to retain this small security guard job.”

“As you wish, besides, the salary for those jobs is not that much different, do you think I care about that?!”

Qin Chao sneers twice, turn around and rush out of the door. Su Fei remains in the office; her eyes were red with anger.

“Aaaaaaaaa!” This beautiful woman is screaming, she pushes all the things on the table to the ground. A crashing sound, things scattered over the floor. The ten thousand blue and white porcelain pen holder has become fragmented.

The noise alerted Qin Ling; this beautiful secretary quickly came, clutching her mouth, she watches Su Fei, who is a little hysterical.

My God, what exactly has Qin Chao done to make the Director became this mad?

“Director, are you all right?”

“Fu…fu…” Su Fei breath a few mouthfuls of air, trying to calm down. “Qin Ling, clean up this place. Also, make the necessary arrangement to appoint Wang Wenkun as the security director. Qin Chao, I don’t believe I can’t make you suffer!”

“Wang Wengkun, become the security director again?” Qin Ling had a shock; this electric baton Wang character is corrupt, how could the Chairman let him be the security director.

“What’s wrong, you don’t like my order?” Su Fei can see the reluctance in her secretary’s eyes and she directed her frustration about Qin Chao toward Qin Ling.

“No! Everything is according to the Director’s order!” Qin Ling shook her head again and again and then began to clean up the office.

Soon the HRD transmit the appointment order of the security director. Electric baton Wang, wearing his electric baton, proudly walking on the campus ground again. Every student who’s not pleasing to his eyes, he gave them lessons, he seems to regard them all as Qin Chao—his own subordinates also did not escape this fate.

This makes all the security guards secretly hate him, electric baton Wang likes to abuse his power, now he became the security director again, who knows when would be their turn to suffer.

“Ai, it’s all because of you…” The bandages-like-a-mummy Chen Yingyang is sitting in the security office, staring at Qin Chao, “you actually have the nerve to quarrel with the Director! It’s okay if you just lose your position, but look at now, Wang Wenkun wants to make trouble with you, what are you going to do about it?!”

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