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Chapter 33 Posturing

Su Ji tried to coerce Qin Chao with carrot and stick approach, only to be swiftly turned down by Qin Chao, preferring to be a security director rather than a chef.

“Hmph, you wait, I’ll go to school to find my sister, let her make your life difficult every day!”

“Don’t forget to put on your clothes.” Qin Chao tidies up the bowls and the plates, shrugged his arms, indicating that he doesn’t care, “otherwise they wouldn’t let you enter the school.”

“Ahem, in short, we’re not over with this matter.” Su Ji rolled her eyes, feeling angry at this guy who has no ambition. But then she saw Qin Chao leisurely, humming a tune while washing the dishes, she couldn’t help but ask.

“Do you always prepares food for yourself? Come, report to this leader, all this time on the campus, have you gotten a girlfriend or not!”

“What kind of leader are you?!” Qin Chao brought up a steaming hot cup of tea and placed it in front of Su Ji. “You’re just a school gym teacher.”

“Hmph, I’m also a part-time honorary Director!” Su Ji is feeling full of herself, blowing the hot air from the tea and said, “why don’t you make yourself a cup of tea?”

“Ahem, men did not drink this kind of thing.” Qin Chao dryly coughs twice, sitting across from Su Ji. Looking at her beautiful face, Qin Chao couldn’t help but starts to have lewd thought. If he could have a girlfriend such as her, it can be counted as a blessing for several lifetimes.

“Oh?” Su Ji laughed, her eyes formed two beautiful small crescents, “since you don’t drink, then how come you have this in your room? Confess, did you keep these place for your mistress?”

“How could I!” Qin Chao waves his hand, “not enough money.”

He remembers the landlord, previously had brought a middle-aged man and his mistress to see the room. Indeed, this room almost become a mistress place. But other people are rich while he is a poor man, even the room rent are still owed, who wants to look up to him.

“This was for my previous girlfriend, she likes to drink this, so I bought a lot as a stock.” Qin Chao starts to reminiscing. He remembers the first time he moved to this city with his girlfriend; both have committed to living together in this little apartment.

After a period of time, his girlfriend cannot put up with such a poor life anymore. Less than a month, she moved out of this place, following their former classmate who is a long-distance runner champion.

Their former classmate has a little background, he have a small company, so he can be considered much better than Qin Chao’s condition.

He remembers when his girlfriend moved out, Qin Chao did not say a word. He just thought that maybe after leaving him, she will live a better life.

Also, Qin Chao’s financial condition at the time has been bad, not enough to support his girlfriend who has been accustomed to a lavish lifestyle.

“Oh no, we’re going to be late.” Su Ji is very clever, she has seen everything by looking at Qin Chao’s vacant eyes. However, she did not point that out, she just put down the tea cup and exclaimed loudly, making Qin Chao awake from his recollection.

He looked up and glanced at the clock on the wall, suddenly exclaimed, “bad, it’s already 7 o’clock! Hurry up hurry up, I’m going to be late for work!”

“Oh, our security guard director also afraid to be late?” Su Ji covered her mouth, laughed mirthlessly.

“What are you gloating about? Aren’t you working too!”

“I have classes in the afternoon, besides, I wouldn’t get a wage cut.”

“My uncle….quickly get dressed, are you going to work topless like that!”

“You pervert! I obviously wear a trench coat!”

“You wear a trench coat? How come I did not see…”

“You bastard…”

The two of them seems like an enemy, noisily quarreled, and then tidied up respectively. Su Ji put on her T-shirt, pants and black stockings.

Both of them looked like a young couple who have been living together for a long time, went out the door together.

“Oh sh.., I forgot, I have to wear a uniform!” Before reaching the door, Qin Chao slapped his own forehead, alarmed, “you wait for me first, I have to change my clothes. Wait at the door and no peeking!”

“Chances are, you also saw me changed clothes yesterday, now it’s my time to return the favor!” After that, this chick started to drag Qin Chao’s arm, pulling him inside.

Qin Chao immediately becomes nervous, thinking in his heart that this chick is too tough. He repeatedly pushed Su Ji out and shouted, “Young Miss, you let me off, I’ll invite you to dinner next time okay?!”

Then, he fled, leaving Su Ji laughed a heartless laugh.

That silvery laugh soon attracted the attention of another family.

“Clack!” Qin Chao neighbor’s door opened loudly. A fairly delicate-looking woman, wearing decent clothes coming from the inside. However this woman’s figure is somewhat slightly fat, her look is also not that good.

“Qin Chao, you bastard, can’t you watch porn quietly, the noise is making this old lady unable to sleep!”

This woman is the wife of that newlywed couple, named Wang Yan. Her husband’s name is Tang Chuan, a clerk at the prosecutor’s office, although his salary is not very high, as a civil servant, he is quite respected. The two of them live frugally, bought a 100000 yuan Haval SUV using a mortgage.

In particular, his monthly salary as a small civil servant is not high, the bonuses are woefully low, 2000 Yuan a month. In which, 1000 yuan had to be paid for the car. It can be said that he is the type who want to save face at all cost.

This Wang Yan is pinching her waist, posturing like a squalling bitch, ready to teach that jobless Qin Chao a lesson. As a civil servant Lady, she feels entitled to this sense of superiority.

Especially because Qin Chao has no job and no girlfriend, he has been the subject of ridicule from everyone. But today, Wang Yang was dumbfounded, she pinched her waist, stood there, watching a great beauty leaning on Qin Chao’s doorway.

That beauty is wearing a red trench coat, her chest visibly protrudes, although Wang Yang accepts that she is fatter than her, comparing both of their chests, Wang Yan feels a sense of inferiority.

Wang Yan’s mind has been drifting all this time, thinking that this brat, has now become rich, in which nightclub he found such attractive whore?

“Aunty, whom are you looking for?” Su Ji raised one of her eyebrows, she has already seen that this woman has an ill intention. She often travels extensively, had encountered all kind of people, naturally she will not be polite.

“Aunty?” This one word is making Wang Yan angry. Herself is only 24 years old, unexpectedly she was called ‘Aunty’ by this young girl. This, this cannot be tolerated!

She immediately took out her bitch face and called out Su Ji again.

“You people have no manners, how could you called people like that! Look at you dressed so sexy, like an enchantress, which nightclub are you from? I heard that the Capital was doing a countrywide raid, you must be hiding from that! Told you, our southern Jiangsu is strict, it would be wise if you immediately go to Dongguan!”

“Aunty, your husband must have been a regular customer***, how can you be so knowledgeable?” Su Ji was not someone to be trifled with, this young girl crossed her arms, sneered at Wang Yan.

“Fart!” Wang Yan’s eyes immediately stare, although she hasn’t had time to brush her teeth in the morning, she cursed, “my husband works in the prosecutor’s office! Told you, if you are sensible, quickly disappear, otherwise, I’ll make my husband put you in jail!”

“Hahaha…” Su Ji laughed heartily, rubbed her belly, and said, “Aunty, you are so funny. Even if there is such young lady here, your husband could not catch her. So what if he is a prosecutor, do you think your husband is superhuman?”

“You…” This Wang Yan’s anger erupted, roared, “Tang Chuan, quickly come here! Your wife is being bullied, come and help me at once!”

The entire building has been alerted by this big fight. The sound insulation on the floor is very bad, someone watching porn on the first floor can be heard up to the fifth floor. This Wang Yan big fight was very loud, people living in the upstairs and downstairs quickly run out to watch.

Li Na, who lived on the other side of Qin Chao, also opened her door, when she saw a big beautiful woman leaning against Qin Chao’s door, she suddenly become startled.

Thinking about last night, Qin Chao firmly not letting her get inside his room, could it be because there was this pretty sister in the room?

Qin Chao gege…finally have a girlfriend?

Li Na suddenly feels a bit sad, her eyes were red, but she actually doesn’t make a sound, she stand at her doorway, watching the show unfolded.

“What is this?” At this time, a clean-shaven man comes out from behind Wang Yan. His stomach is bulging with a beer belly, wearing a prosecutor’s office blue uniform, carrying an official manner, he raised his head high, standing in the corridor.

“Female comrade, what’s the matter with you, how can you make a scene in the corridor. The effects are bad, look, everyone has been awakened by your noise, be careful someone would report you for causing a disturbance.

“The comrade looks very familiar….” Su Ji rolled her eyes, suddenly smiling at that Tang Chuan and said, “Oh, I just remembered, I’ve seen you on TV, seems like it’s a prostitution raid show, you got caught in a nightclub! Yes, I remember, I was impressed!”

“What!” That Wang Yan was enraged, a small flame slowly burning her heart, hurting her dearly. She immediately turned around, viciously looking at her husband, Tang Chuan. The latter had lost the blood on his face because of fear, the heart almost jumped out.

He swept Su Ji’s pretty face several glances, especially at her protruding chest. Thinking, this girl is actually very attractive, but when he was ever get caught? He has always been very careful.

“You’re shameless, even go to such place!” Wang Yang is very fierce, she pinched her husband’s ear and shouted, “this old lady has always been good to you, unexpectedly you still looking for those whores! You heartless, I’m going to fight you!”

These crowds of onlookers now have plenty of gossip material. Everyone knows that in this building, Tang Chuan has the best condition. Working as a civil official who also has a car, every day free and unconstrained, everyone who had no idea about what is his real condition envies him.

Who knows, this civil servant, also suffer hardship.

“I did not…”

“What ‘did not,’ still denying, other people already recognize you! Tang Chuan, you’re very good, every day at five or six o’clock, you often told me you were busy doing night meeting, turns out you were doing this thing!”

“Be careful about disturbing other people!” “Be careful about disturbing other people!”

“Be careful about what?! I have seen the real you, I, I, I don’t want to live anymore!” After that, she sits on the floor and cries loudly.