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Chapter 32 Be My Chef

“Aaa!” In the morning, Qin Chao was awakened by a loud piercing scream.

“It’s early in the morning, stop making trouble!” The next door couple protests immediately. The young husband elegantly shouted back loudly.

And his wife was very swift and fierce, patted the wall and roared.

“If you’re f*cking watching porn, can’t you be quiet!”

“You’re the f*ucker who watch porn!” Qin Chao suddenly got furious, he jumped up from the sofa and shot his palm toward the wall.

Only to heard a ‘bang’ sound, a piece of the wall suddenly smashed by his palm, a big chunk of its surfaces splashes out, it also makes Qin Chao dusty.

“My grandpa! how did this happen?” He looked at the wall’s surface that was carved out with his own palm print; he was happy and amazed at the same time. He looked at his hands and immediately understand. His body had completely absorbed the ghost’s soul and finally had a breakthrough; he has reached the ‘refined qi’ stage.

From now on, he can be considered to be a true cultivator, a devil spirit. Later on, even if his body did not transform into the devil state (TL: beastly scale and all), he can still produce its strength.

He did not look surprised when a moment later, his bedroom door was flung open with a bang. Then, a pretty girl wearing pink underwear, covered with a red trench coat, clutching a pillow, rushed out from the inside and hit Qin Chao’s head with the pillow.

“Beast, you’re a beast!”

“And so on, and so on!” Qin Chao was suddenly beaten savagely right on the face, around and around. He stepped back again and again to escape the attack of Su Ji’s crazy pillow.

“What are you doing? What have I done to you!”

“You animal, unexpectedly you took advantage of me while I sleep, do…doing that kind of thing!” On Su Ji’s face hung two line of tears, no matter how many times she waves her hands, she seems to have unlimited energy, desperately beat Qin Chao with all her might.

If Qin Chao could have a respite, he can explain everything clearly to her.

“Hey, you think too much!” Qin Chao became exasperated, suddenly snatched the pillow, but he hadn’t thought about the tightness of Su Ji’s grasp on that pillow, and because of that, he inadvertently flung her to the sofa. Her trench coat was lifted up, exposing her white skin, and making her big breasts jiggle.

“Ahem…” Qin Chao restrains his own desire, forced himself to turned away.

“Playing stupid aren’t you!” Su Ji also realized that she has been exposed, blushing, she wrapped the trench coat again and sharply asked.

“If you don’t like to look, why’d you took off my clothes?” After saying that, her face seems to be even more red, her sound become tiny, just like a mosquito.

“Also, also…there are bloodstains in the bedroom, how could this…”

“Bloodstains?” Qin Chao had a scare, thinking, it can’t be that thing!. He ran and bounced into the bedroom. Seeing the bloodstains on the ground, he immediately doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Big sister, that was my nosebleeds, ok!” Then he withdraws from the bedroom and looking at the apple-like blushing Su Ji, “I swear, I did not take advantage of you. You were unconscious after I saved you yesterday. About your clothes, you were the one that changed it. Don’t you know that you’re a sleepwalker?”

“Oh…right, I’m a sleepwalker…” Su Ji’s little mouth is open like a letter “O”, suddenly enlightened. Touching her own smooth and delicate face, she said, “how can I forget this, really sorry, I misjudged you…”

Suddenly she remembered something, with a scarlet face, she jumped up and kicked Qin Chao with her foot, and then she rode his body, trying really hard to strangle him.

“Speak, how much have you seen!”

“Ah ah…” Qin Chao was suddenly attacked by the ignorant Su Ji, making him infuriated, he hoarsely shouted, “I, I didn’t see anything…I’m an honorable gentleman.”

“I don’t believe you!” Su Ji swung her fists, ruthlessly beating Qin Chao’s chest a few times. Not to mention this chick is pretty powerful, she might have been a karate master. Unfortunately, Qin Chao has a cultivator’s body, if it were other people, they were quite possibly already spit their blood three times. But to Qin Chao however, this doesn’t feel hurt at all, more like flirting.

“Really, If I lie, I’ll be impotent…” After Qin Chao swore a heavy oath that most men are afraid of, Su Ji becomes doubtful, she reluctantly believe and stop beating Qin Chao ruthlessly. “I haven’t seen the most important thing; that’s all…” Qin Chao added in his heart.

“Em…could you let me stand up…” Qin Chao pointed to Su Ji that is still riding him. Although this soft feeling is really good…but, ahem, eventually it will look awkward.

Su Ji’s face also become red, like being pricked by a needle, she bounced up from Qin Chao and jump to the nearby sofa. “For such a vicious oath, I believe you this time.”

When Qin Chao had just got up, this chick suddenly exclaimed, “That’s right!” Qin Chao immediately falls down to the ground in fear. Seeing this, Su Ji muzzled her laugh, said, “What happened to you? I’m not a devil, why do you have such a scared look on your face?”

“If you were really a devil, I wouldn’t be so scared…” Qin Chao remembered that girl Rosy, got up and said, “you are my leader.”

Then, seeing Su Ji having a strange look, he immediately realized. Ah, this word ‘Leader’ is too ambiguous.

“Ahem, I mean, you’re my boss.”

“Bah, you don’t have to tell me that.” Su Ji rolled her eyes, wrapped her trench coat and cheerfully asked Qin Chao, “why are you so timid, weren’t you so powerful when you catched the ghost yesterday? Was there really a ghost yesterday? I just felt stupefied and passed out. Hmm, could it be that you gave me a bewitching potion?

“Fu…,b*llshit!” In front of the beauty, Qin Chao almost couldn’t control his foul language. He coughed twice and said, “how could there be a female ghost, yesterday there were some boys intentionally harassing you, I taught them all a lesson. You were the one who lacks courage, don’t blame others.”

“Whose courage is little?!” Hearing her saying that, Su Ji become quiet, she argued, “my courage is big, larger than most men…tell me, I seemed to remember yesterday I was flying on a bike, is it true?”

“Still claims to have immense courage!” Qin Chao immediately said, “you were scared silly! Can your own bike fly in the air?”

“This….” Su Ji pouted and nodded. But then she realized, she gave a single kick on Qin Chao’s leg, angrily said, “you were the one who scared silly just a moment ago! I’m still a lot more courageous than you.”


“I’m hungry, do you have anything to eat here?” Su Ji suddenly wilted like an eggplant, sluggishly collapse on the sofa, “this Miss is starving, I haven’t eaten anything since last night, give me something to eat, boss…”

“You obviously ate scrambled eggs with tomatoes last night…” Qin Chao had a cold sweat, said to Su Ji.

“You blew it; I don’t know how to cook!” Su Ji rolled her eyes and with her delicate toes, she pulled the remote control, turned on the TV.

“Quickly get the food, this Miss is starving…If because of this hunger my chest becomes small, you have to take full responsibility.”

“It’s okay to let you starve then….” Qin Chao blurted out, smiled wickedly, “when your chest is smaller, I’ll take full responsibility.”

“You die!” Su Ji called out weakly, “I want to eat, I want to eat! Isn’t there a take-out near this place!”

“How could a take-out food be good.” Qin Chao was defeated by this beauty, after all, she is his boss’s sister, if he failed to entertain her he might get a wage cut.

This fellow then went to the kitchen and began to prepare breakfast. Little girls usually like to eat sweet, so Qin Chao began to boil sweet potato porridge.

“Hey, you really cannot cook?” Qin Chao pop-up his head from the kitchen, watching the little Miss, who is sitting on the sofa watching TV, said, “last night you obviously made scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and very skillful at that.”

“Idiot, don’t you know?” Su Ji gives him a look, while took a glance at the remote control, she quickly changes the channel, “even if a woman knows how to cook, she would need to deny her knowledge about it. In this way, after marriage, she doesn’t have to cook.”

“Scratch my ass….” Qin Chao is full of sweat. He did not say a word anymore, directly busied himself on the kitchen.

Among other things, Qin Chao’s parents teach him how to cook a meal. Soon, the smell of sweet potato porridge wafted out from the kitchen and arrived in front of Su Ji. The little Miss sucked it with her nose; she could not help but follow the scent back to the kitchen.

“Hey, don’t you said you won’t come to the kitchen, why come now?” Qin Chao saw this greedy little girl, rolled his eyes at her.

“Renjia can’t help it…also, really famished.” Then, as if her stomach had been wronged, she rubs her smooth belly. Seeing Qin Chao’s peering eyes, little Miss rolled her eyes, picked up the pan next to her and ‘bang,’ swatted him in the head.

“Pervert, watch out where you look.”

“Renjia can’t help it…” Qin Chao smiled, making Su Ji become furious.

“Die! Die!”


He boiled sweet potatoes porridge and fried some eggs. Although this is just an ordinary breakfast, Su Ji did not know why it tastes particularly sweet.

“Not bad…” This little Miss patted Qin Chao’s shoulder, and then while he was not looking, she stole a fried egg from his plate, into her mouth. While eating it, she said, “why don’t you quit being a security guard and work as my chef instead. I’ll pay you….em, 20000 yuan per month (TL: his security guard salary is 4000 yuan)!

“WTF!” Qin Chao directly sprayed out the sweet potato porridge that just entered his mouth. “As a chef, you’ll pay me that much?”

“this is not enough?” Su Ji picked up her glass, drink up, eat a mouthful of porridge, and said, “the chef in my house, all have one million yuan for their annual salary. How about it, don’t you want to reconsider?”

“I’ll pass…” Qin Chao was really tempted, but in the end, he shook his head, “I don’t want to be a chef for all my life, perhaps one day your taste would change, you would fire me for sure, and then I would really be in a big trouble. My security guard job, although salary cannot be compared to your chef, at least, I wouldn’t worry about food, clothes and shelter, and without worrying about being unemployed.

“You! You! You really are an unambitious person!” Su Ji promptly feels resentful toward Qin Chao, who failed to meet her expectations and want to push him more, so, while avidly watching Qin Chao eating his plate of sweet potatoes porridge, she said, “passing such an excellent opportunity, what a fool! I’ll speak with my sister later and ask her to fire you, let see if you still don’t like to be my chef!”

“Ah? Don’t…”

“You think you can order me? Hey hey, little girl, you better be obedient to this uncle…”