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Chapter 31 Give Me

“No!” Finished talking, like a small snake, Li Na tried to squish pass Qin Chao to enter his room, only to be blocked by a panic-stricken Qin Chao. Sh*t, If she were to see a girl sleeping in his bed, he would not know how to explain it.

“Little Nana, don’t play a joke. There is no power outage tonight, go back to your home and go to sleep.” Qin Chao hastily expel her out, this little girl cannot be trusted with a secret yet, if she were to spread his secret, then he would be finished!

“Qin Chao gege, don’t be so heartless okay.” Li Na pouted her mouth, pleaded him.

“This time, I really can’t let you in, it’s too late in the night for a man and a girl without relation to be in the same room together, when your mom found out, I’d be dead.” Qin Chao continuously shakes his head, firmly rejected.

“Why so heartless?” Li Na tried to push Qin Chao but found out that her opponent is like a huge mountain, cannot be moved at all. This little girl rolled her eyes and immediately said. “Speak, are you hiding a girl in your room? Hmph, I can smell her perfume!”

“Are you a dog?” Qin Chao was surprised in his heart, what is this woman’s nose is made of, can she really smell it? He did not know; this little girl was just bluffing him.

“Hah! You see the look on your face!” Li Na seems to have captured his fox tail, exclaimed in low voices, “you obviously have a guilty conscience! Let me in, I want to check out!”

“Check your own hairs!” Qin Chao subconsciously cursed, but immediately he found that word to be a little ambiguous, he cannot help but coughed and continued said, “I’m a bachelor living alone, where would there be a woman in my room?”

(TL: hairs or maomao, literally translated as hairy hairy, it can also be used as a pet name for a baby or small child)

“Hmph, don’t think you can lie to me because I’m a little girl who knows nothing!” Li Na retorted, “there are many such women in the train station, 50 yuan per one use.”

“Go go go!” Qin Chao sweats, “what do little smarty-pants like you knows, quickly go back to sleep!”

“Let me just go in so I can see for myself…” Li Na would not back down; she’s like the anti-Qin Chao, both of them stood in the dark corridor, trying to out-stares each other.

“Crash—bang!” At this time, a loud noise is suddenly coming out from his bedroom, scaring both of them. Li Na’s eyes immediately become excited, she waved her hand trying to rush inside.

Qin Chao had no option but to grabbed this chick and put her on his shoulders.

“Smack!” Qin Chao didn’t try to be polite anymore, he put out his hand and whack at her upturned ass. This sound is really crisp, and it continue to resound throughout the corridor.

“Naughty girl!” Qin Chao coughed, her ass feels really good, really flexible, making him want to smack again. But Li Na’s face cannot be seen from this dark corridor, without uttering a single word, she softly lean on Qin Chao’s back.

Qin Chao is carrying her to bring her back to her room.

“Just go to sleep, don’t you have a school tomorrow!” Before leaving, Qin Chao stared at this young juicy girl one more time and then closed her door.

Li Na felt her whole body become weak and hot. She curled up on the sofa with her bashful hot face that can cook an egg.

Without knowing that Li Na is currently antsy (TL: originally, heart like a frisky monkey, mind like a cantering horse), Qin Chao hurriedly returns to his room. When he turn on the light, he found out that Su Ji has been wandering randomly around his room with her eyes still closed.

The earlier sound came from Su Ji’s accidental kick on his water bottle. Fortunately, there is no water inside the bottle, but its cover were broken, its battered body lay horizontally on the ground.

Looking at his broken water bottle, Qin Chao wanted to cry, but no tears would come out. And Su Ji continues to wander around the room, without realizing the trail of destruction left by her.

Qin Chao was startled, could it be she is being possessed by a ghost again, that’s why her eyes are closed?

But then he realized, his uncle! Su Ji is sleepwalking!

Su Ji unsteadily went into the kitchen, then picked up a kitchen knife from the chopping board, with a loud noise, she chopped that chopping board, startled him.

Then she swayed to the refrigerator, pulled out two eggs and tomatoes. Afterward, the completely stunned Qin Chao saw this young girl, with eyes still closed and in the deep sleep condition, started to make a famous local dish…scrambled eggs with tomatoes.

“D*mn…unbelievable…” Qin Chao had a silly look, thinking, this Su Ji is famished, even in her dream she continue to prepare food!

Su Ji seems to be guided by a person from behind, skillfully turned on the electric stove, holding a pan, then fried the dish on it.

After doing her dishes, she took out the chopsticks to eat. Qin Chao didn’t realize that although this chick seems to be in a great shape, she actually can cook. In no time at all, that full plate of scrambled eggs and tomatoes is cooked by her.

When it’s time to eat, Qin Chao also took a pair of chopsticks, wanting to taste this chick’s cook. But Su Ji seems to know that someone want to snatch her food, so she protects her food with her chopsticks. When Qin Chao extended his chopstick, she frowned and used her own chopstick to opened Qin Chao’s chopstick.

After the meal, Su Ji threw the plate and the chopsticks on the table just like that, then wipe her mouth and leave. This makes Qin Chao depressed, thinking, I’ll be d*amn, finished eating, why don’t you remember to clean your plate and chopsticks. You wouldn’t let me eat a bite, yet you want me to clean this plate.

After Su Ji fully satiated, Qin Chao was left surprised by her again. He saw her went to the bathroom, plug in the water heater and started stripping off her clothes piece by piece.

“Grandpa! Should I watch this or not!” Qin Chao is going crazy; sweats poured out of his face, but in the end, he closed the bathroom door on behalf of Su Ji.

After closing the door, this fellow did not forget to give his face a slap. Listening to the sound of flowing water coming from the bathroom in slow motion, this fellow feels like there are a thousand insects crawling back and forth on his body, making him incomparably itch. It seems like there is a little transparent hand, luring his desire.

Soon, this fellow is burning with desire, his animal blood boiling. He run to the kitchen, put his head under the faucet, opened it and yell in his head, forcing himself to calm down.

At this time, Su Ji also finished with her shower and directly walk out from the bathroom just wearing her underwear. Qin Chao looked at the pink embroidered small bear on a pink bra that was covering her breasts, only to feel pain in his nose, then a red liquid dripping out of it.

“F*ck me, even got a nosebleed!” Qin Chao quickly looked up, and then went to the bedroom to find a tissue and stuffed his nose. But that still left some nosebleed, it falls to the ground, leaving a strange contrasting color.

Su Ji also entered the bedroom at this time, her silky smooth white skin, making Qin Chao seems to have hit by a flash of light, and his eyes turned blind.

Especially Su Ji’s breasts, her bra appears to be too small, like it would jump out at any moment, directly making Qin Chao’s eyes happily goes blind.

Indeed worthy to be a gym teacher, this figure simply can take a man’s breath away.

Qin Chao is almost going crazy, that Su Ji comes up to bed near Qin Chao. Qin Chao can even feel Su Ji’s hot body temperature.

With a ‘splashing’ sound, Qin Chao sat down on the bed.

Su Ji also sat down and then lay on Qin Chao’s arms.

This small opening, although he really wants to seize it, but Qin Chao doesn’t want that desire. He stumbled rolls on the ground, with his hands and feet, he ran out of the room. This stimulation is too big, if he stays one-second longer, Qin Chao will turn into an animal and immediately throws himself at Su Ji’s body.

He fled to the living room, lying on the sofa, and began gasping for breath. This Su Ji’s habit of sleepwalking is indeed very exciting. Whoever is going to marry her will be tormented by her.

When Qin Chao still trying to calm himself down on the sofa, the bedroom door suddenly opened. He saw Su Ji twisted her extremely slender waist and slowly come out, still sleepwalking.

Oh My God! Qin Chao nearly rolled down from the sofa. It’s finished, really want to take my life.

Su Ji first went to the fridge, took out a bottle of coke, opened it and walked to the front of the TV. This TV included in the room by the landlord, presumably has been here for years, a 20-inch big black box.

To Qin Chao surprise, this chick’s beautiful leg seems to be very smart, it take the seat next to Qin Chao. She then picked up the remote from the sofa, turned on the TV and started to change the channel.

My Uncle! Qin Chao wanted to cry, but no tears would come out, thinking, when do you start making my room as your own! Also, turning on the TV, can you see it? You might as well just listen to the radio!

This little chick is drinking cola in front of the TV, changing its channel, but this time of night, almost all of the channel is just showing infomercial. Su Ji is obviously not happy, pouting her mouth, she waves her hand and fling the coke bottle on the TV screen.

“Oh, my uncle!” Qin Chao is really crying this time, if this TV were broken, he would have to repay it. This fellow quickly runs to check out the TV. Fortunately, the coke bottle has been emptied. Otherwise, its liquid would surely ruin the TV.

Founding out no good programs on the TV, this chick stood up, shaking her perfect body, with mouth humming a little rhythm, she started to dance. It seems that this is a hot dance, her thighs occasionally lifted from the ground, hips sometimes curls up, this chicks delicate body circle around rhythmically, without her realizing it, she let Qin Chao stares at her.

Hu Lili once said before, that Su Ji can dance really well, especially jazz dance. Previously, when Su Ji was wearing clothes on stage doing this dance, she could make the whole school went crazy. Now she wore a special dress, showing her performance in front of Qin Chao alone.

(TL: jazz dance example)

This makes Qin Chao have a feeling of having a dream; he pinched himself several times, for fearing that this is only a dream. He cried, this Su Ji was really kind, knowing that he saved her life, she repays itself with such method, hu hu hu…

This little chick seems to have so much energy, she dance in place for a long time, probably repeating the dance moves four or five times. After this, she went to the bathroom to take a shower again, and then back to the bedroom to sleep.

But Qin Chao apparently has not recovered from the shock of her temptations before. Only after Su Ji went back to the bedroom and sleep on the bed, he finally recovered.

Feeling the corner of his mouth wet, he quickly wipe it, it turned out to be saliva.

“Oh, my uncle!” Qin Chao is lying on the sofa, his eyes are glazed, muttering the sentence, “Oh God, you have to either kill me….Or, give this chick to me…”