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Chapter 30 Take The Beauty Back Home To Sleep

“Gousheng…” Hearing Qin Chao’s words, Yu Qian suddenly kneels down on the ground, completely burst into tears. But, the tears have been unable to save her life, cannot bring back her love.

“My dear Qin, this is the right time to finish her!” At this time, Rosy gently lay on Qin Chao’s shoulder, breathing softly in his ear, said, “take this pitiful female ghost, although her soul was not formidable, even a housefly still has meat.”

“That’s impossible.” Qin Chao turns around and stare at Rosy’s beautiful jade-green eyes, lightly said, “if I absorb her, she cannot be reincarnated. Thus, if Liu Chuan know, he will surely be stricken with pain.”

“A dead girl, a useless guy, so what if you absorb her, they can do nothing!” Rosy rolled her eyes and waved her hand, Yu Qian’s soul seems to be held by several invisible ropes, it pulls her floating to the front of Qin Chao.

“Hurry up, take her. Only by absorbing little soul like this, you can slowly become powerful.”

“Rosy.” Qin Chao suddenly grabbed Rosy’s hand that was performing the spell, her spell is disturbed, Yu Qian then fall back to the ground, “Thank you for helping me this evening….but, this matter does not concern you.”

“You, you want me to leave?” Her big beautiful eyes, staring at Qin Chao with hate. Suddenly she learned Qin Chao’s manner of speaking, shouted, “your uncle, you ungrateful brats, scolding the cook that feeds you, my eyes are really blind…”

“Lord Jesus Christ!” Qin Chao suddenly shouted out English words, Rosy’s beautiful face suddenly turned white with shock, she seems not be able to believe what Qin Chao just said. A round black door suddenly appears in the air, and there appears to be a powerful suction force coming from it, pulling Rosy, she turned into smoke and sucked into that door.

A moment ago Qin Chao shouted out the words Jesus Christ in English. It also means that God is with us, it is said it can drive off devils, throw them back to purgatory (TL: Rosy’s hell is purgatory, i.e., ‘western hell,’ the ghost messenger Li hell is ‘eastern hell’).

“Not bad, you use standard pronunciation.” When Rosy disappeared, a figure suddenly emerged.

“I did not expect, the incantation that you taught me to be this good.” Qin Chao frowned, watching this ghost police comrade from ghost realm.

That Li shrugged off his shoulders, said, “Sometimes, you have to admit, dealing with devils from purgatory (western hell), it is easier to use foreigners method.”

“I just hope you did not lie to me that this incantation won’t hurt Rosy.”

Li said, “Don’t worry, there is no incantation that can hurt those powerful creatures from Purgatory. This incantation only works to temporarily drive them away. If they are watching you, she will soon come back. Well, I have come as per your request, now I should go do my other important matters.”

Then, this ghost messenger went over to Yu Qian’s body, he put out his hand and pull up this pitiful soul.

“Come, forget your confusion, we should leave here.”

“Wait!” Qin Chao suddenly stops them; this surprises them, they then turn their heads and look at Qin Chao.

“The more time passes, the smaller her chances to be reincarnated,” Li warned him.

“I only want to ask one question.” Qin Chao stared at Yu Qian and slowly said, “Yu Qian, do you have any words for Liu Chuan?”

“Tell gousheng…” Yu Qian’s face carrying a trace of bitterness, said to Qin Chao, “I never loved him, when I was with him, it was only for money. Thank you…”

After that, while Qin Chao was still shocked, she went with Li, they entered the ghost world through a green door that suddenly appeared in the middle of the air.

Qin Chao felt a little foolish, but he quickly understand what Yu Qian’s real intention. She hoped that Liu Chuan can completely forget her so that he can quickly get out from her shadow and find his own happiness.

“Why people always like to torture themselves?” Qin Chao looked at the back of Yu Qian, who slowly disappeared into the ghost realm and sighed loudly. “Grandpa, I already forgot, I am a human too.”

He looked down at his own beast-like hands and could not help but bitterly smiled.

“Aw, aw,…it really hurts….” At this time, Chen Yingyang, who has been lying like a dead dog on the ground, finally woke up, grimacing in pain, unexpectedly he can still stand up, albeit shivering nonstop.

“I’ll be d*mn; you haven’t died yet?” Qin Chao has no choice but to admit this man unyielding vitality, truly admirable.

“Teacher Su…is she okay?” Chen Yingyang is afraid to touch his wound; he only felt it is burning with pain. He looked at the red beauty in Qin Chao’s arm and asked a question.

“She’s okay; it’s over now.”

“Haha, that’s good, I won’t lose my job then…my condition, can I apply this to work-related injuries?”

(TL: Qin Chao now is Chen Yingyang’s direct superior, so he basically ask for a bonus)

“You can…” Qin Chao could not bear to looked at Chen Yingyang anxious appearance, “this glorious wounds of your’s are the result of rescuing teacher Su Ji so that it can be counted as your merits, I’ll approve your report. It turns out you were afraid to lose your job, and I thought it’s because I threatened to rip off your ass with mace.”

“Hehe, Renjia always welcome whenever someone wants to tear of Renjia’s ass.”

(TL: Renjia, passive words of ‘I’ or ‘me’. The literal meaning is “that person” or “someone”, indirectly referring to oneself like “guess who” in English. It’s used by young girls/ladies to address themselves in a cute, innocent or flirtatious tone. It’s inappropriate for a male to use it on any occasion, even not for little boys, otherwise it’s considered extremely feminine in a bad way.)

“I salute you…in this whole country, you are my eldest brother, I completely lost to you. Quickly call 120 (TL: In Chinese 120 is
for first aid ambulance) for help. Otherwise, you’ll soon bleed to death.”

“Right, right! Aw aw, it really hurts…….come, Renjia want you to carry me.”

“Do you believe that I could drop you from this rooftop? After that, I’ll give you a certificate for heroic martyrdom?”

“Renjia was wrong…”

“F*ck your mother’s c*nt! Can’t you just use ‘I’, stop saying ‘Renjia’ anymore, it’s disgusting!”

“Renjia know…”



Qin Chao had worked really hard to save Su Ji, but unexpectedly this little beauty is now soundly asleep in his arms, she even snores a little. Qin Chao was speechless, did not dare to wake her up. In this middle of the night, where can he deliver her? Security Office? She should be okay there, but in this weather, she would likely freeze to death in the morning.

Call Su Fei? But he tragically found his phone just out of power, Chen Yingyang’s phone credit runs out after he calls the ambulance and Su Ji’s phone, well…it’s broken.

Qin Chao has no alternative but to hold this little beauty in his arms, bring out his lucky old artifact, and prepares to take her to his place to sleep there. Ahem, letting her sleep in his room for the night is a little evil, he will have to explain it when she woke up.

Riding on his newly refined old lucky into the city and seeing the uneven building is making Qin Chao’s blood pressure to surge.

“Hey hey, this elder brother also want to ride on top of the building like those movies!” After saying that, without caring that he is currently holding a beauty in his arm, he rides his old lucky under the cover of the night, sneaking along a tall building and with a ‘whooshing’ sound he rides his bike vertically along its wall. With his previous experience, Qin Chao did not blow by the wind this time. When the wind comes, he will change the direction of the bike, making the wind actually helping him.

In the whistling wind, Qin Chao rides under the moonlight, he quickly arrives at the top of this large commercial building. Unexpectedly, this 12 story building is easily climbed by Qin Chao, making him have a sense of accomplishment.

At this moment, feeling the cool night air and looking down at the crowd, a contented feeling suddenly surges from his heart, making him really want to vent his desire.

He drives his bike, dashes out from the roof, breaking through the wind, toward another building dozen meters away. This moment, feeling the chill and sound of the wind, Su Ji suddenly wake up, her eyes fluttering.

“How noisy…sister, Renjia really cold, hug me…” She blankly looked up, glanced at the ground, suddenly said, “am I flying on the plane?”

She rubbed her eyes, opened it again, only to discover that she is sitting on a bicycle, in front of a man that is staring at her.

“Ah!” Although Su Ji is not an average person, she has a fatal flaw….fear of height. Seeing the scene, she suddenly screamed and fainted. Qin Chao also shocked, how could this girl talked but not get up, is she only semi-awake? But if you said she already woke up, how could she quickly pass out again?

Qin Chao has no time to care about her, he controls his bike, rides the winds and floated to the edge of the building. Although it did not land on the roof, the bike only scratched the side of the building, but it immediately ride vertically along the wall.

Soon, the bike quickly arrived on the roof. Then, it continues to jump between building like that. After this lucky old bike become an artifact, it’s supernatural property is really great, it moves like a dragon roaming in the night, carrying Qin Chao and the beauty, quickly passing through the city, and soon arrives at the roof of his apartment building.

“Ah, finally arrived.” Qin Chao patted Su Ji’s arm, gazing at the dark ground underneath them, said, “teacher Su, we have arrived.”

After that, he pedals his bike, this bike immediately leap up and go downwards along the wall of this eight story building. It quickly arrives at the bottom, with a high pitched ‘whirring’ sound, it drifts beautifully on the ground and immediately stop.

“Come, beauty, we’re home.” Qin Chao did not park his bike but directly put it inside his storage ring, after that, holding Su Ji’s soft and delicate body, he walked into the building.

Besides holding her, Qin Chao can not do anything else. Although he really tempted by her incredible beauty, but he knows that she is his boss’s sister, he doesn’t dare to have such random thought.

Although the corridor is quite dark, it’s lightning is not good, fortunately, Qin Chao can see in the dark, he smoothly climb up to the third floor, and then he took out his keys to open the door.

Right now is the middle of the night, the corridor is silent. Qin Chao also enters his room quietly, while still holding Su Ji.

The heating in his apartment is not really good, so his room is slightly cold. But at least, his bed have an electric heater so Su Ji will not catch a cold.

Qin Chao is putting Su Ji on his bed, thinking whether or not he should help her take off her clothes. But in the end, for his own safety, he gave up this seductive impulse.

After covering Su Ji with a blanket, Qin Chao withdrew from his own bedroom and lay down on his sofa. After becoming a cultivator, Qin Chao’s body temperature has reached a balance, so he is not afraid of cold.

When he just lay down, a ‘thumping’ sound was heard, it seems like someone is knocking at his door.

Qin Chao had a scare, and he jumped up from the sofa. Thinking in his heart, d*mn, does this building also want to haunt me?

“Who is that? It’s over midnight!” Qin Chao went to the door and asked.

“Qin Chao gege, it’s me!” Unexpectedly it was Li Na’s voice. Qin Chao was shocked; he quickly opened the door.

“Are you crazy, how could you knock on the door so late in the night.”

“Renjia’s mom went out, and nobody cooked for me. I have knocked your door this evening, but you have not come yet, just now I heard you came in, so I came to check. Qin Chao gege, I’m scared, let me sleep in your room!”