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Chapter 28 Grant You A Wish

“Good, it is done.” Qin Chao spat out a gasp. After the ghost’s soul was absorbed by him, it immediately turned into boundless qi and nourished his body. He also felt that he was able to comprehend her ability.

Stealth, if activated in his body, he can become invisible for about 10 seconds. Immediately an idea emerges, Qin Chao want to use it to go peeping woman’s bathroom.

“It seems not so difficult to do.” Tasting his first victory makes Qin Chao feels very satisfied, even a little conceited. Meanwhile, he starts to use his elemental force, which is the side effect of his soul absorption, to quench his soul binding lock.

His soul binding lock is floating in the mid-air, emitting green light. According to Li earlier (TL: Li = the name of the ghost messenger that gave him the chain), this soul binding lock’s grade is nine, which is the lowest among the other cultivator’s artifact. At this time, Qin Chao feels as if he is pouring water into a bottle, the soul binding lock is the bottle, while his elemental force is the water.

Right now, the bottle is tiny while he has a lot of water. Soon, the bottle is full with water; this soul binding lock is now refined for the first
time and has now evolved to become an 8th-grade artifact.

Qin Chao thought that he still has ample elemental force, so he continue to refine the soul binding lock twice more. The water bottle becomes larger and larger. The soul binding lock has now reached 6th grade.

This time, this soul binding lock capacity to absorb elemental force suddenly becomes a lot bigger; it needed much more elemental force to be able to refine again. But Qin Chao doesn’t have the necessary elemental force. As a result, he has no other choice than to stop.

However, he nevertheless found out that this 6th-grade soul binding lock has much more abilities than its previous 9th-grade.

“Looks like it has changed a lot.” Qin Chao muttered while touching this ever more shiny black chain.

“Of course, among the other cultivator’s artifact this chain is but a level 3, naturally it is a little different.”

A pretty voice was coming from above his head; Qin Chao quickly turns away. He saw this devil woman Rosy is sitting on top of the upper bedroom, shaking her shining white thigh back and forth, watching Qin Chao with a faint smile.

“Level 3?” Qin Chao froze for a moment, regarding this cultivation thing, he knew too little.

“Artifacts are divided into Human, Earth, and Heaven, three big level. Meanwhile, each of these three levels is further divided into nine grades. Each of these three levels has a clear division of strength. Originally you’re pretty lucky to have this level 3 crap, but to refine it until it becomes 6th grade is really wasting your elemental force.”

“I think not, it’s abilities has increased a lot.” Qin Chao said while happily touching his chain.

“You know fart!” Rosy rolled her eyes, “although this is a 6th-grade item, it is still garbage. Other people’s 6th-grade artifact is a hundred times stronger than this. Either its attack or defense, your garbage stuff is still garbage!”

“You cannot say words like that.” Qin Chao said with some dissatisfaction, “this is the first artifact that I have, I want to properly refine it. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to improve until it becomes the best quality artifact!”

“Even if it’s a 1st-grade heaven artifact, a garbage is still garbage.” Rosy is even more dissatisfied, “If you want to waste your elemental force, you’re free to waste it. Wait until you have a better artifact, Let see if you regret wasting your elemental force or not!”

Qin Chao did not eat Rosy’s bait, he curled his mouth and said, “my elemental force is my own, I can spend it however I want.”

“Hehe…” Rosy did not even get angry, suddenly laughed, her little feet kicked Qin Chao’s shoulder and said, “it’s okay if you want to continue to refine it, but your big beauty Su Ji can not wait any longer.”

“Right, Su Ji!” Being reminded by this devil woman, Qin Chao suddenly remembers there is a beautiful girl waiting for him outside. He put his chain inside his ring, change his appearance back into human form, run through the corridor then jump out of that big window.

Who knows, after he jumps out, he become dumbfounded.

He saw Su Ji’s treasured backpack lying on the ground while its owner were nowhere to be seen.

“Su Ji!” Qin Chao was shocked, where could this Su Ji run away to. Even if she were scared, she could not possibly drop her bag.

“No need to shout, she can not hear it. She is far away from here.” Rosy appeared behind Qin Chao, her feet off the ground, floating in the air. While her hands gently rest on Qin Chao’s shoulder, lying horizontally in the air, talked in his ear.

“What?” Qin Chao turned his head, stared at Rosy, “do you know where she went?”

“How should I know?!” Rosy pretended to be helpless, waved her hand, sighed and said, “I only saw Yu Qian came here and talked to her.”

“Yu Qian!” Qin Chao’s face become white, he held out his hand and grabbed Rosy’s wrist, coldly said, “you saw her in danger, unexpectedly you didn’t save her! If something happens to Su Ji, I will not let you go!”

“Your words, isn’t it a bit excessive.” Rosy suddenly angry, her eyes become cold, completely different from her past disposition. Her feet hit the ground, after that she move her hand. Immediately, a mysterious force pushed Qin Chao, his body flung back and slammed down on the cold ground.

“I am a devil from hell and you, Qin Chao, is only my, Ro-sī-yī-dé-qiàn’s (TL: Rosy’s full name) client. As for that someone named Su Ji or Su Fei, I don’t have a relation with her whatsoever.”

With that, the devil woman seemed to get angry, turned into smoke, and disappeared into the night sky.

Qin Chao froze for a moment, but he quickly frowns and climb up from the ground.

“She is definitely going to jump from the rooftop of the Business building! F*ck!”

Qin Chao’s eyes flashes with green light, he looked at the rooftop of the Business building in the distance. Sure enough, a red figure standing dazed on the rooftop and slowly walked on its floor.

“Yu Qian, f*ck your uncle, f*ck you over and over!” Qin Chao suddenly furious, the place where he stand now is too far away from the Business building, he would not be able to arrive there in time to save Su Ji before she jumps unless he can fly! “If I’m Liu Chuan, I’ll spank your *ss until it swollen!”

Qin Chao did not know that this is just a little test by Su Ji for him.

He was furious at this time, but there is no alternative but screaming.

“Rosy! You devil woman, come out and help me!”

His roar was floating out in the night sky, bright moon light up this night sky, but nothing happened.

“D*mn it, whenever I needed you, how come you never showed up!”

“Comrade, are you in trouble?” At this time, a man dressed in green fatigues comes out from the corner of the nearby building like a gust of wind, riding a lucky old bike, he ringed the bike’s bell and stopped in front of Qin Chao.

“Em…you are?”

“Hello, I’m Lei Feng, specifically come to solve your problem!”


“His uncle, Rosy! Quickly help me!” Qin Chao wrinkled his nose; he know Rosy is playing COSPLAY again, screamed.

“Hehe, so annoying, you always quick to see through my disguise.”

That man’s body quickly turned into Rosy’s appearance, but still wearing the uniform. This uniform wearing devil woman really has its own charm.

“Recently, our hell is holding out a promotional activity!” Rosy held out both of her hands. A long scroll printed with hell’s big promotion suddenly appeared on her hands,

“I can grant you a free wish, but the effect is subtle, you want to try it?”

“Yes, I want it!” Qin Chao nodded repeatedly, he doesn’t really care about some promotion, said, “I wish to save Su Ji!”

“Very well, Mr., wait three seconds, your wish is being granted!” This devil woman charmingly laughed, put away her scroll. She leaned over her body and made a sweet kiss on Qin Chao’s lips.

Although this is not their first kiss, there is a feeling of electricity on Qin Chao, his whole body goes numb, blood flow started to move to his lower body part. When his animal desire almost took over, Rosy suddenly jump off. With a hint of blush, she smiled and put up her three fingers.

“Three, Two, One!”

When Rosy stops counting, Qin Chao’s phone suddenly rang. Qin Chao was shocked, who was bored enough to harass him in this middle of the night.

“Hello, who is this! If you want to fart, quickly talk! I want to save someone!” Qin Chao angrily answers the phone, his mouth cursed.

“Big brother…I also want to save someone…” Chen Yingyang’s voice unexpectedly comes out from the phone, “I saw teacher Su Ji on the surveillance monitor, suspiciously enters the Business building. I fear something bad would happen so I followed behind her. Oh god, she’s now on the rooftop, it seems she want to jump off the building.!”

“Then why are you making this phone call!” Qin Chao’s lung exploded with rage, “quickly stop her!”

“Huhuhu, I, I’m scared…”

“Scared your uncle!” Qin Chao can not wait to throw the phone, “Chen Yingyang, let me tell you, if anything happens to Su Ji, I’ll use a mace to rip off your ass!”

Qin Chao hung up the phone, grabbed the bike from Rosy’s hand, and sat on it. Rosy lightly fall on the back seat, although this devil woman has a good figure, she doesn’t even have a little weight, it’s as if her whole body is made from air.

“Your wish has been granted!” This devil woman smilingly said while her hands hold Qin Chao’s waist.

“Nonsense!” Qin Chao shout out while pedaling the bike with lightning speed, “obviously it’s that idiot Chen Yingyang who helped me, what does it have to do with your devil’s wish!”

“Don’t doubt our devil’s credibility!” Rosy complained from behind, “If it weren’t for me, your Chen Yingyang would still be in his office watching porn. I fried his computer, so he focused his attention back to the surveillance monitor.”

“D*mn…fried his computer…” Qin Chao burst out a hissing sound, “indeed a devil…”


We return to Chen Yingyang. He helplessly followed Su Ji to the rooftop platform. After he had put down the phone, he looked at Su Ji’s fluttering figure, his heart is even more afraid.

“Fang Hua…sooner or later it will be your turn…” Su Ji’s mouth whispered, her eyes looks empty, blankly stared at the floor.

Seeing Su Ji will soon jump, Chen Yingyang knows he can no longer hide. He rushed up from the place where he hides, using every strength he has, quickly run toward Su Ji.

“You cannot jump!” That Su Ji froze for a moment; apparently she did not know that she was being followed. Taking the chance while she still froze, Chen Yingyang grabbed her hand, desperately trying to pull her back.

After being possessed by Yu Qian, this Su Ji’s strength increased considerably. She fling her arm and throw off Chen Yingyang. Chen Yingyang simply closes his eyes, threw himself on the ground, and tightly hugged her right leg.

“No one can stop me!” Su Ji’s eyes become slightly red, she lifted up her high-heeled left leg and madly kick Chen Yingyang’s back.