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Chapter 27 Not A Ghost But A Beautiful Girl

“Where’s this evil spirit coming from, really scaring people!” Qin Chao was shocked; he saw the woman stood up and parted her loose hair to each side of her ears. When Qin Chao can clearly see her face, it turns out she is not a ghost but a beautiful, familiar face.

“Em, Director Su, how come you came running to this place?”

The girl, seeing Qin Chao’s face, also feel strange. She obviously saw a monster with green eyes, long red hair, with black scales covering the whole body just now, how in the blink of an eye it turn into the school’s security guard?

Moreover, this security looks very familiar.

That beauty didn’t speak, she just picked up her own flashlight and shone it on Qin Chao’s face.

“Yo, it’s you. It’s only been a few days, but your heart is already full with my sister!” This ‘Su Fei’ gave a shout, covering her mouth with her hand in surprise. Then she narrowed her eyes, showing a smile, “My sister, how come she arrange you to be a security guard.”

“Of course, I am a security guard here.” Qin Chao felt very strange, could it be that this school’s Director got amnesia? “This is the job that you arranged for me.”

“Idiot, already told that I’m not my sister, hehe…” The little miss suddenly laughed, “although we are both beautiful, we are not just one person!”

Then, the little miss circles around Qin Chao, sweeping him up and down with her flashlight, it’s like she wanted to dissect his body to learn about his anatomy.

“You are…Su Ji?” Qin Chao noticed the red color of this beauty’s hair, suddenly enlightened and touched his forehead.

“Correct, precisely this beauty! Thank you for the last time, although you saved me, you also have taken advantaged of this beauty, hmph.”

Qin Chao suddenly remembered that this little miss had called him her husband before. With this familiar look, Qin Chao’s heart suddenly felt warm. It would be really nice If he could have such woman as his girlfriend.

Afterward, he remembers Su Ji ultimate allure, which is her perfect thigh, his heart can not help but tremble.

“Go to hell, what were guys like you thinking about!” Su Ji saw Qin Chao wretched look, suddenly her fingers closed to form a tight fist and punched him in his chest.

“Beautiful Su Ji, this is the second time we meet, please treat me kindly.” Although this environment is not quite romantic, to be able to meet with this beauty again can also be called serendipity. Therefor, Qin Chao extends his hand like a gentleman.

“Smack!” Su Ji also extends her petite hand and playfully hit Qin Chao’s palm, laughed, “you big idiot, this is the third times we met.”

“Oh?” Qin Chao gawk, “besides that one time in Chaoyang park, where else have we met?”

“Stupid, you forget, you grabbed my phone.” The little miss pulled out her iPhone from her purse and shook it in front of Qin Chao.

“Ah! It’s you!” Qin Chao suddenly remembers, and then he quipped, “Hey, it seems that fate always brought us together.”

“Oh?” Qin Chao noticed the subtle difference between Su Ji’s look and her sister’s. Most of the time, Su Fei always have a deep and cold expression, while Su Ji’s eyes glittering with sly appearance.

“I’m curious about you…” Su Ji said, suddenly pulled out a box of electronic equipment from a package, then swept it on Qin Chao’s body.

That instrument suddenly sounded out a shrill alarm, in the meantime, when that instrument sweep Qin Chao’s body, the five red light on it were all lit up.

The little miss was stunned, blankly looked at Qin Chao, speechless.

“What is this thing?” Qin Chao expressed his curiosity after watching the instrument in Su Ji’s hand. At the same time, he noted that Su Ji did not wear her powerful Buddhist prayer beads today.

“EMF…” Su Ji seems to have been forced to talk, muttered to herself, “a piece of equipment that can detect ghost…”

Then Su Ji awoke and charmingly said, “It turns out you really are a ghost! Hah, watch my holy water!”

The little beauty screams and pulls out a bottle of mineral water from her purse, she quickly unscrewed the cap then splashed the water on Qin Chao’s head.

Qin Chao still didn’t understand what has happened; he was soaked with water from head to toe. This wet feeling is like a fish suddenly pulled out of its pond, like a rat suddenly drowned.

“You, what are you doing?” Qin Chao was dumbfounded; he blankly look at Su Ji.

“Oh, even holy water had no effect!” Su Ji was the first to woke up, she then pulls out a package of plastic bag printed with table salt symbol.

“Then taste this salt!” Like the previous method, she then sprinkles the salt all over Qin Chao’s body. Oh great, after just being drenched by water, he now being sprinkled with salt. Qin Chao felt his mouth is a little salty; he wanted to cry, but no tears would come out.

“Beauty, how about adding some black pepper, aren’t you trying to cook instant noodle?

“Strange…” Seeing that her two anti-ghost methods had no effect, Su Ji could not help but cutely sucking her thumb and blinking her eyes, said, “how is it that the things I learned from TV would have no effect.”

“What kind of TV that teach how to catch a ghost?”

“It’s a TV series about ghost hunter…” Su Ji adorably replied. Qin Chao was thoroughly speechless; he was completely defeated by this second miss of Su family. Rich people are tough to deal with,…just like Su Fei, Qin Chao also feels difficult to deal with this beauty, Su Ji.

Just as he was about to explain, Qin Chao’s eyes suddenly flashed with surprise.

“Look out!” The beauty becomes astonished as she watched Qin Chao’s left hand suddenly taken over her small waist while his right hand swept out his electric baton.

Su Ji’s eyes saw an extremely shocking sight. She saw a white figure rushed over to where the two of them stand, but Qin Chao wielded the electric baton in his hand and swept it into that white figure’s body.

Smoke is suddenly rising on that electric baton, and then a shrill wail ensued, that is the moment the electric baton struck that white figure, and then it disappeared in the air again.

“Strange, electric baton actually has this effect?” Qin Chao was shocked, he saw the water droplets and the white salt stain on the electric baton, his heart moved, is this the effect of the so-called holy water and table salt?

Perhaps for Su Ji, these two anti-ghost things are precious, but it would be of no use for Qin Chao.

“Su Ji, get out of here, fast!” Qin Chao cannot allow Su Ji to remain here, it would be too dangerous, that evil spirit is obviously really old, an ordinary human could not get too close.

“Crash!” At this time, that far away big iron door suddenly closed itself. Then a ‘click’ sound was heard; the door lock has been sealed by an invisible hand.

“Oh no!” Su Ji seems to have become somewhat petrified. Qin Chao was surprised, but a strange expression suddenly flashed past his eyes.

“It seems that this ghost was very lonely, so she is looking for someone to accompany her.” When Su Ji’s body was tightly pressed against Qin Chao, he suddenly felt all his fear disappeared without a trace. He can even speak these tease calmly, “how about letting this handsome guy accompany you!”

Then, Qin Chao took a step backward, leaning against one of the pale windows on the wall.

“Close your eyes.” He reach out his hand to make Su Ji’s face closer to him then whispered in her ears.

“What?” Su Ji did not understand the meaning of this words but, this time, Qin Chao suddenly jump up, his shoulder hit that window. Then a crashing sound was heard, the glass in the window was shattered. Qin Chao while holding Su Ji arrived at the outside of the building. Being outside under the moonlight and illuminated by the street lights is infinitely better than being on the inside of that dark corridor.

“Wait here!” Qin Chao put down Su Ji from his bosom. Although the feeling of hugging this perfectly molded beauty body is so good that his mind can not help but be distracted and unable to let go. But this is not the time to have such lascivious thought, so he put Su Ji down, grabbed a piece of glass and jump into the corridor.

“Hey!” Su Ji was shocked, but she do not dare to approach that dark window.

“Make a circle of salt around you, don’t go anywhere!” Qin Chao’s voice flew out from that window; then she heard his footsteps slowly walked away.

“I, I have no more salt….” Su Ji was afraid and sat on the ground as if she scared to take a step. When Qin Chao was completely gone, this little miss that lay on the ground suddenly laughed.

“Sure enough, this guy is also a cultivator.” At this time, her brows suddenly jumped, she extracted a string of golden Buddhist beads from her purse, then glanced behind her.


A white shadow suddenly appeared in front of her, but under the golden lights of the Buddhist beads in her hand, this white shadow did not dare to move forward.

“Hmm, so this school does not only have just one ghost….” Su Ji fully turned around, her mouth suddenly floats up a little smile, “let me see, as a devil
practitioner, what kind of skill do you have.”

Then she put away the prayer beads and thrown the purse on the ground.

Without the protection from the golden beads, that ghost loudly howled and quickly entered Su Ji’s body.

Su Ji original bright eyes, suddenly become very muddy. She slowly stood up from the ground, and then step by step slowly walked toward the general direction of the school’s Business building.

Su Ji’s abnormal condition was unknown to Qin Chao, who currently in the devil state, his pair of green eyes staring back and forth on the first floor of that male dormitory second building.

No longer opened the door with the key, he directly kicked open the door that was closed, searching for the hidden ghost.

“Come on, you were dead for so long, it must be very lonely, I have come to comfort you!” Qin Chao clutched his soul binding lock chain, searching for clues in this pitch black corridor.

The ghost that suddenly appears a moment ago made him furious; this ghost is clearly trying to kill him and Su Ji. This type of evil spirit, he must resolutely eradicate!

“Bang!” Qin Chao has kicked a bedroom door; there was nothing but a bed inside it.

“D*mn, where is she!” The moment he turned around, from the corner of his eyes, he saw a white shadow floating out from the corner of the bedroom.

This white shadow is a black haired female ghost, her hair loosely scattered in front of her face, revealing only a bottomless black eyes.

Qin Chao feels his scalp must have exploded, but he realized he is now not only a Luo Cha sect’s big devil, but he is also a cultivator. This allowed Qin Chao, after stricken with panic, produced a trace of strange murderous aura.

“Roar!” His mouth unexpectedly gives out a roar that an ordinary man unable to gives out, it’s as if a clap of thunder explode, it shook this entire corridor.

That ghost’s**body, could not help but also shook back and forth a couple of times, delaying her escape. But Qin Chao had turned around, this time, facing that female ghost, he then throws the soul binding lock toward that ghost.

This soul binding lock is made from iron forged in hell; it is especially used against all kinds of demon and ghost, the most feared thing by all the ghosts. This female ghost already felt bad when the soul binding lock was thrown out, she screamed and started to run away.

But how could Qin Chao let go something that could cause a problem in the future, his soul binding lock is like a smart snake, it twisted in the air, moved to the other direction and tied down that female ghost around the middle.

“Get over here!” Qin Chao flicked his chain, this female ghost’s body flew and dragged to the front of him.

“Ah!” That female ghost shrieked, suddenly stretched out her ghost claws; she wanted to grasp Qin Chao.

“Never been punished!” Qin Chao glared his eyes; he put out his other black-scales-hand horizontally, with a single move, he swatted away both of her ghost claws, and then he pierced inside her soul.

“Rest in Peace!” This female ghost hollow eyes, finally showing a trace of fear. Qin Chao launched his ability; this ghost soul suddenly turned into a white light then quickly fold into his hands.