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Chapter 26 Red Clothed Evil Spirit

“Where else!” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulder, said, “by looking at each floor at each building one by one, I will find her eventually.”

“You think too simple.” Rosy seems to have no bones, and always love to plaster her body to Qin Chao, softly said, “If a ghost wants to hide, even a ghost messenger cannot find them. Let alone you, who are just an impulsive newbie cultivator.”

“Then what should I do, I can’t just sit here and helplessly watch Yu Qian’s soul continues to harm others.” Qin Chao struggled very hard to say that, “Moreover, if I let Liu Chuan know about Yu Qian’s condition now, he will certainly be sorrowful.”

“If he wants to be sad then let him be.” Rosy smiled tenderly and said, “as long as we are happy, isn’t that enough.”

Qin Chao pushed her away, said, “You’re a devil, how could you possibly understand our human feelings.”

“What good is to have many kinds of emotions.” Rosy pursed her lips, “you’re now a cultivator, must abandon all types of emotion. Otherwise, in your cultivation training, you are doomed to have difficulty in getting any achievement.”

“To love and not to love!” Qin Chao was looking at the starry skies, said, “in my understanding, cultivation is by definition, against the heaven, to break the limit of the natural law, become free and unfettered as the universe. If even emotions one cannot have, then what is the point of cultivating anything. Cultivation, hmph cultivate my *ss!”

“Moreover, I’m a practitioner of a devil path, to be a devil is exactly to comply with my heart’s desire. If I can’t even follow my own desire, then can I still be regarded as a devil?!”

This speech suddenly makes Rosy overawed. She stood there, reassess her judgment towards this natural devil body in front of her; she suddenly feels that she doesn’t understand this client of her.

To be able to say such things, it seems that even without her help, he can also accomplish significant achievements, making a name for himself.

Rosy was silent for a moment, suddenly said, “Maybe you can go and try to subdue the ghost that Hu Lili talked about. Chances are, she’ll know some news about Yu Qian. After all, she can be considered as a local bully here.”

“Aha, correct!” Qin Chao’s eyes suddenly lit up; he looked at Rosy with some appreciation, “indeed worthy to be called a devil, really cunning.”

“Can I consider this words as praise?” Rosy laughed. Had to admit that this devil woman’s laugh is very good.

“Up to you.” Qin Chao shrugged, he glanced at his phone, at this time, it’s already past 10 o’clock at night, all of the student dormitory building already been locked. But this cannot stop him because, as a security director, he has all the keys to the dormitory building. Ah, yes, that includes the female dormitory, but he doesn’t dare to go there.

“Rosy, do you want to come with me?” When he looked up again, Rosy has disappeared. This campus is surprisingly quiet, only the lights on both sides of the street that is still shining.

Qin Chao is really calm; he is used to Rosy’s bad habit of quietly come and go.

“Since you want to be lazy, then I’ll go by myself.” He shrugged his shoulders then turned to walk towards the fabled male dormitory second building. This male dormitory second building has been abandoned for a long time until it reopened a little while ago. Moreover, nobody lived on the first floor.

This school is very quiet at night, and this time, all dormitories already turn off their lights, the student that sleep early already gone to bed, the
student that want to go out at night already went out. That’s why Qin Chao did not worry that his plan to subdue a ghost will be found out by other people.

When he was passing through a small woods, he suddenly found two black shadows swaying back and forth in this woods. Qin Chao suddenly excited, thinking, there really is a ghost, not just one, but two ghosts!

He took out the standard security guard flashlights from behind him, with lightning speed, quickly rushed into the woods, he turned on the flashlights then his mouth loudly shouted. This loud shout makes the surrounding trees shook, it’s leaves and twigs shaking around each other.

“Let’s see where the both of are you going to run off!”

Who knows, when he approaches, the two shadows did not try to run at all, and when he arrives, it’s as if he was struck by lightning, he just stupidly standing there. He saw the ground here had been covered with a small bed sheet, with two people’s naked bodies rolling on top of it. This two people is a man and a woman, when he shine them with his flashlights, both were scared silly, they even forgot to put their pants on.

“Sh*t…..” Qin Chao has been starring at the two of them for quite a while, finally said something.

That two students also awaken, the girls started to scream and scrambled to wear her pant. The guy’s face is really unsightly; he repeatedly begged in a whisper to Qin Chao.

“Big brother, this is the first time we did this, please let us go, please don’t expel us!”

The woman also cried in low voices; this cry is really sad in particular if contrasted with the quiet night, it’s even sadder than when a ghost makes a crying sound. Qin Chao did not have the heart to punish these two, he turned off his flashlights and said.

“You both can continue, continue, don’t get cold.” With that, he leave the woods and continue walking toward the male dormitory second building.

The two students were left dumbfounded, the guy swallowed a mouthful of saliva, turned around and looked at the girl, slowly said, “Why don’t we continue where we left off?”

“Continue with your grandma!” The girl who just cried miserably before, now angrily pinch the guy’s ear, “this is all because of your sly idea of doing a romantic thing in this place! This old lady already lost her mood!”


Both of them quickly left by calling a taxi while Qin Chao himself just shaking his head thinking that he get off on the wrong path. Instead of catching a female ghost, he actually caught a pair of mandarin ducks who were doing field training (TL: mandarin duck = loving couple). This big autumn, just become a bit warm. There is a saying in the old days, a pair of mandarin ducks is more enviable than an immortal. Even on this cold autumn night, they still have time to do ‘field training’.

After walking for a while, Qin Chao finally arrived at the front of the male dormitory second building. This building seems to be very old, the upper part of its walls are mottled, many of its paint has fallen off, like having a skin disease. Although Guangyuan College was founded less than a decade ago, it is told that it acquired buildings from the previous university. After all this years, only this building that was left.

Qin Chao first walked around the first floor of this building, flashing its window one by one using his flashlight, glancing the inside. Almost all of its room is dark; Qin Chao did not know how long since the last time they were cleaned up, many beds are covered with cobwebs.

Qin Chao stepped on fallen leaves, making a crackling sound, which under the background of quiet night, sounds particularly harsh. After making one round around the building, he did not find anything abnormal. According to Fang Wen story, this is the time when a white shadow was jumping around from the second floor, but now, it did not appear.

“Strange…” Qin Chao muttered to himself, he put away his flashlight and walked to the front door of the building. This door is locked; there is nobody from the upper floor coming down to open it. The building administrator initially should live on the first floor, but because of its unkempt condition, he (the administrator) choose to live on the second floor.

Qin Chao took out the keys and opened the door lock. This building is like a ‘gōng’ character (工) (TL: horizontal ‘H’), there seems to be three separate building, with two building connected by one building at the center. Therefore, the inside of this building is like a mini maze, if entering for the first time, it is easy to get lost.

The access to the bedrooms on the first floor is through a large iron double door, which currently being locked, blocking the entry of outsiders. But this could not prevent Qin Chao, not only he is not an outsider, more importantly, he has many keys.

The bedrooms are quiet, this building mostly occupied by the third year student, most of them lived outside together with their girlfriend, so few people actually lives in this building.

While finding the key to unlocking the door, Qin Chao began to miss Rosy’s company. This strong man is also afraid of the dark.

“Rosy oh Rosy, when I needed you, you were nowhere to be seen. When I don’t want you, you’re everywhere.” He said with emotion as he select the key for this big iron lock.

When he picks up the lock, he was surprised to found out that this lock has been opened. He froze for a moment, then put out a hand to push that big iron door. The door emits a squeaking mockery-like sound, it opened on both sides.

Qin Chao began to lose his self-confidence, he took two deep breath, watching the dark corridor, started pump himself up, “you can do this….”. Although he is a tough as nails devil’s cultivator, in the end, Qin Chao, after all, is just a college graduate, naturally he has some fear in his heart.

“Here goes nothing!” Qin Chao bite the bullet, with one foot he entered this dark corridor.

Although he has a natural night vision, because of habit, Qin Chao still lit his flashlight, while his other hand pulled out an electric baton.
Accompanied by his own dull footsteps, one by one he checks this long abandoned bedrooms.

This is an old style bedroom building, so the front door of the bedroom are all coated with iron. Originally it’s a gray iron but after years of abuse and neglect, it already covered with red rust like patches of blood.

According to what Fang Wen said, the dead girl’s bedroom seems to be in this innermost room on the first floor. But who knows whether that female ghost likes to stroll around or not. Qin Chao only took out a bunch of keys, opens this old iron door, to look for clues inside.

He opened the first bedroom door; there are a lot of rotten smells and damp moisture inside the room. Qin Chao coughed twice and swept the inside with his flashlight. Other than the cold iron bed, there is nothing inside the room, except for a green mildew that is growing on one corner of the room.

“His mother! What year this building was built.” Qin Chao steps back, close off this 101 bedroom door. He turned around, flashed his flashlight at the end of the corridor, his whole body suddenly feel numb. He saw a white figure, leaning on the window at the end of the corridor. Her hair is very long, blocking her face. When Qin Chao sweeps his flashlight, this white figure suddenly dodge, disappeared from his line of sight.

“Sh*t!” At that moment, Qin Chao suddenly let out a curse, he really wanted to throw the flashlight, turn around and ran. But then he remembered, that he, himself, is a devil sect’s devil!

“Don’t run!” Qin Chao gives a loud shout; his voice is like thunder, reverberated in this empty corridor. Qin Chao’s hand is clutching the flashlight, the other hand clutching the electric baton, drumming up his courage, but subconsciously he entered the devil state, his eyes burning with green flames, looking towards the place where that female ghost previously disappeared.

Qin Chao quickly runs up to the end of the corridor. After he turned left, he suddenly slammed head on, crashes into someone’s body.

“Aw-aw!” That person suddenly knocked tumble to the ground; Qin Chao immediately flash his flashlight, he saw her body wrapped in a red robe, at the same time her red hair loosely drape over her face, his heart immediately skipped a beat.

Cr*p, this is an evil spirit!

“Ghost!” Who would have thought, that evil spirit was the first to called out, her sound is absolutely hundreds of decibels, it shook the entire corridor, almost shattering its glasses.