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Chapter 25 You Are a Swindler

“You mean this?” Su Fei lifted her wrist, with the dark colored beads shining above it, said, “this is a gift from my sister. She said it can eliminate evil spirit, avoid disaster, but I don’t know how effective is this thing.”

Effective, extremely effective! Even separated by a distance, Qin Chao can still feel the Buddhist force emanating from that prayer beads. A practitioner of evil way is really sensitive to this kind of Buddhist’s devices, like a cat that always know whenever a mouse is near.

Buddhist force is the natural enemy of devil way; their relationship is like fire and water. If the fire is strong, it can be used to restrain the water and vice versa.

Qin Chao could not suppress his sense of thrill, the one who put the spell on this prayer beads must have been an enlightened expert. How could Su Ji get her hand on such thing, hmm, this matter is getting weirder.

“Oh yeah, by the way, aren’t you also a fortune teller?” Su Fei suddenly folded her arms, groaned twice, looked carefully at Qin Chao, “look at my face, tell me, how is my fortune?”

“Hey-hey, this is not right…” Qin Chao lets out a nervous laugh, “my skill is too embarrassing to see, how could I be able to tell Director’s fortune.”

“Don’t want to tell my fortune?” Su Fei creased her eyebrows, with a hint of tease in her eyes, she glanced at Qin Chao, “That’s okay, I suddenly feel that your appointment as security director is a little too hasty. Chen Yingyang was a security leader for a long time, and I think he’s the one who should be promoted instead.”

“Don’t! Don’t do it!” Qin Chao suddenly shocked, sh*t, forcing people off their job. “Beauty, you must be the head of human trafficking ring, forcing girls to become a prostitute!”

“Drop dead!” Su Fei gives Qin Chao a stern look, “what forcing girls to become a prostitute, it’s you who don’t want to read my face to tell my fortune. If you really don’t want to read my face then just forget it!

Then she turned and started to leave.

“I’ll read; I’ll read your fortune!” Qin Chao quickly ran past Su Fei, stopped in front of her.

“Very good, now start reading my fortune, if I don’t like what I heard, I’ll deduct your salary.” Su Fei deserved to be the school’s Director, her talk is too powerful, silencing Qin Chao even before he manages a reply.

Qin Chao finally understand, this is how the office affairs initially started. The lowly female secretary always yields to the abusing demand of her superior male boss, the power gap is enormous, like being pressured by the heaven. Let alone he and Su Fei, the differences in their authority is like heaven and earth.

“Director, your fortune is really good, you have the face of a very wealthy person, making me really jealous!”

“You still need to say this?” Su Fei roll her eyes at him, “swindler!”

“Who, who is a swindler!” This ticked Qin Chao off, although he is not the fake fortune teller who swindle people off, but regarding this reading people’s fortune by looking at their facial appearance, he has many years of experience and never once he was mistaken in reading someone’s fortune.

He concentrated his qi, his qi began to converge, gathering above his eyes. This time, a dark green qi, suddenly flashed past above Su Fei’s beautiful face.

Evil spirit? Qin Chao was shocked, how could there be such a serious evil spirit! Su Fei is likely to get a disaster in the future. Moreover, this disaster seems to be very close.

“Director Su…your facial reading I actually already know, but I don’t know if I should say this or not.”

“If you had any words, just say it!” Su Fei rolled her eyes and said to him, “or are you one of those priests who actually don’t understand anything but instead said it’s a heaven secret that can not be divulged.”

“That would not have to.” Qin Chao shook his head, it can be said that he is now a cultivator, this is precisely the heaven secret. So, about divulging heaven secret, he did not quite mind.

Qin Chao turned around and saw that Hu Lili and the others are climbing the stairs, he said to Su Fei, “this is not a good place to talk, let’s go over there.”

Then he lead Su Fei to the corner of the hallway, after looking around and found out that nobody is nearby he felt at ease.

“Why so secretive.” Su Fei felt that being alone with another male is making her uncomfortable, so showed some discontent, “if I know you have any bad thought, you’re dead!”

“Ahem, beauty, what thought are you talking about.” Seeing Su Fei’s firm chest, Qin Chao inevitably has some evil thought. He coughed twice, reorganizing his thought, and said.

“Director Su, after seeing your facial appearance, I saw that there is a spirit that is following you. Moreover, this is an evil spirit. If it did not
properly managed, I’m afraid your life will be in danger.”

“This is just a prediction, why are you trying to scare people!” Su Fei knew from Qin Chao tone that he was not joking, quickly said, “well, you cannot scare me with that words, what I’m scared of is you would bring me bad luck.”

“Em…this has nothing to do with me.” Qin Chao said reluctantly, “Director Su, I didn’t just made up words. Moreover, the source of this evil spirits seemed not far away from you, it may be your close relatives.”

“Nonsense!” In the beginnings Su Fei was eagerly listening, she really likes to hear about her fortune. But upon hearing this words from Qin Chao, her face suddenly become cold, cooly said, “Qin Chao, if you talk nonsense again, don’t blame me for being impolite. Hmph, swindler, quickly go back to work! Told you, this security director position of yours is only temporary, if I ever found any slack in your job, I’ll kick you out of the door myself!”

After that, this beauty tucked her briefcase, stare at Qin Chao, then turned around and went down the stairs.

This turn of event, makes Qin Chao first confuse, scratched his head, then turned mad, clenched his teeth. “D*mnit, first you force me to read your fortune, said you don’t believe I have the ability. Later when I told you that you’re rich, you said I’m a swindler! Bah, I’m not a swindler, I’m a devil!”

Qin Chao went downstairs from the other side, but he didn’t know the reason why Su Fei was so angry is because his words directly stab her in her heart.

She remembers Su Ji has a so-called master monk that once told her some obscure words, but also told her to paid attention to her close relatives.

“Hmph, what fortune teller, isn’t it just some quackery!” Su Fei frowned, muttered, then kicked the trash can near her feet.

“D*mn that Qin Chao, making him talked nonsense, he really blabbering nonsense.” She continues to kick that trash can, imagining it to be the poor Qin Chao.

At this time, her cell phone suddenly rang.

“Hey, sister, I’m not coming home for dinner tonight ok!” Hearing a brisk and lively female voice coming out from the phone, Su Fei immediately laugh.

“Dead girl, what crazy thing did you encounter again today?”

“Sshh, sister don’t worry, don’t wait for me ok!” Then that female abruptly hangs up the phone. Su Fei’s gloomy face a moment ago suddenly melt away, she laugh at her cell phone.

“Dead girl, after coming back you never come to see me even once, let’s see how I’m going to deal with you later. That Qin Chao’s word, hmm,…could it possibly be true?”

Finished this sentence, Su Fei’s pretty face became sad again.

When Su Fei disappeared from the stairs, a white figure suddenly came out from the wall. She coldly look at Su Fei through her hanging hair and then went back into the wall again.


Autumn night always come early, the other security guards already went home, only Qin Chao and Chen Yingyang, two people remained.

This time, comrade Chen Yingyang seems excited about something, while tears were welled up in Qin Chao’s eyes.

“Qin Chao gege, you finally opened your eyes, wanted to stay to accompany me!”

“Accompany your uncle!” Qin Chao’s mood became dark, he remained on duty at school, not to accompany this gay Chen Yingyang, but to deal with this Yu Qian’s problem.

If this continues, there will be more suicide in this school. Qin Chao is not a superhuman, he may have saved the first suicide attempt, but with this many building in school, he may not necessarily be able to save the second or the third.

“Qin Chao gege, don’t be so heartless…” Chen Yingyang tore off the button from his coat shirt, revealing his thin ribs inside, shouted, “come, I already open my shirt, come on!”

“I date your uncle!” Qin Chao could not hold back anymore, he punched Chen Yingyang and knocked him down to the sofa.

“Ah, Qin Chao gege actually likes this kind of thing…” Chen Yingyang is clutching his black eye, suddenly laughed, pulled off his trousers belt, whipped it on his body, “come on, Qin Chao gege, hit me harder, I liked it!”

“I………” Qin Chao finally thoroughly defeated, he raised up his thumb, “you’re invincible!”

He knew that he cannot be on the same room as Chen Yingyang. He finally simply open the front door and slipped outside.

This school is so big, where would he hide! This office is off limit, hmm, what if I go to the Director’s office, perhaps this Qin Ling girl is still on
duty, if he could be alone together with her inside the office, what could have happen, hey-hey….

Fantasizing it is one thing, but to put that fantasy into action, Qin Chao did not have that courage.

“Qin Chao gege, come on, I will certainly make you satisfied…” At this time, Chen Yingyang voice rang out from behind Qin Chao.

“Believe it or not, I’ll beat you up!” Anger burning inside of him, when he turned around, he saw Chen Yingyang coquettish pose, suddenly his brows jumped up, his nose wrinkled twice.

“Rosy? F*ck me, why would you make your appearance similar to that guy!”

“Hehe…” Chen Yingyang’s face became blurred, quickly turned into the face of a beautiful devil woman. This beautiful woman dressed in security guard uniform, her chest is tightly wrapped, really stood out, making anybody’s eyes who see her bulged out.

She smiles tenderly twice, then came around Qin Chao’s waist and attached herself to his neck, whispered.

“I thought you were afraid of this man, so I borrowed his appearance. But I did not expect you quickly see through it, really boring. Would you like to use this body to satisfy you, hmm?”

“Go to hell, next time don’t use such disgusting method!” Qin Chao is a little disgusted, put out his hand on her curl-upward-buttock and slapped her hard. Besides, this feeling is really good, Rosy’s body is great.

“So Qin Chao gege actually likes violence, continue to hit me then, I really like it.” There is not the slightest resentment on Rosy. Instead, she twisted her waist, plastered herself on Qin Chao, continue to imitate that Chen Yingyang behavior, pretending to have an S&M tendency.

This trick of her, the lethality cannot be compared to an ordinary trick. A big chested, beautiful and passionate girl, wearing a security guard uniform, making some fires inside Qin Chao could not help but burn up.

“Stop it, I still have things to do.” Qin Chao resisted the fire inside of him and pushed back this devil woman.

Rosy quickly see through Qin Chao’s thought, said, “This school is so big, where would you look for this female ghost?”