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Chapter 24 Campus Suicide Case

Hu Lili found out that Fang Wen seems to be a bit strange today. When they met on campus this morning, she comes out okay, but when they entered the classroom, her whole body language seems a bit weird, she completely ignored Hu Lili, not talking to her, just staring at her bag in a daze.

“Hey, watch where you’re going, stupid head.” In the classroom, the students finally arrive one by one, many have not yet cleared from their hangover, but the old professor is still calmly standing at the front of the classroom, unperturbed.

What people said is true, the older ones get, the more patient he becomes, this especially true for this old professor. Seeing Fang Wen still in a daze, Hu Lili couldn’t help but patted her shoulder.

“What brand…is this purse…” Fang Wen touched the purse, moved her cloudy eyes and stared at Hu Lili.

“Yizhibi (TL: one pen), a very common brand, you bought it for 200, you already forgot it, tsk.” Hu Lili rolled her eyes, reached out her hand and touched Fang Wen forehead. Her body temperature is normal, hmm, how’s this girl behaved as if she’s got a fever.

“So it turned out to be a bargain price purse…” Fang Wen seems to become aware, shook her head. Suddenly she drew a small scissor from her purse, with one hand holding the bag, the other hand holding the scissor, she started to cut her purse.

“What are you doing!” Hu Lili was shocked; she grabbed one of Fang Wen wrist, “Wenwen, are you crazy!”

“Don’t touch me!” Fang Wen laughed, waved her scissor and pushed back Hu Lili, her strength seems to be greatly enhanced, “lowly person like you is unworthy to talk to me, hahaha!”

“Schoolmate Fang Wen, why are you shouting in a class?” The old professor at the podium was shocked; the other students also become aware of the situation, he stared at Fang Wen, who is waving the scissor with her hand.

“Fang Hua…Fang Hua, I’m going to kill you!” Fang Wen condition is very strange, her eyes are cloudy, waving a scissor, she simply rushed out of the classroom.

“Quick, some of you boys go out to follow and catch her!” As soon as the old professor hear that she is going to kill someone, he became really alarmed. He felt his own voice is not enough to get the students attention so while shouting he also slapped his thigh.

This old man also pulled out his phone and made a call to the security office.

A few boys suddenly rushed out, with Hu Lili at the front. She really worried about her best friend, naturally wanted to go up to see what was the matter.

“She seems to run to the roof!” They followed Fang Wen to the top floor and found she was climbing on the fire control ladder leading to the rooftop platform.

Fang Wen is normally a delicate beauty, but today do not know how as if she was one of the circus troupe, her body is fast and agile. The fire control ladder is not easy for someone to climb on it, she actually almost fall several times, but keep climbing up.

“Quick, quickly follow her!” Everyone was scared, does this Fang Wen also take things too hard and wanted to commit suicide?

Hu Lili hands and feet is also flexible, she climb the ladder to the rooftop platform following Fang Wen, but when the autumn wind was suddenly blowing over, her scalp goes numb.

She saw Fang Wen is walking slowly along the floor, the way she walks is also really strange. Swings like a pendulum, seem like floating in the wind. Hu Lili’s heart starts to twitch; she could not help but begin to fear.

“Beauty, quickly get down!” Although the following boys really appreciate Hu Lili’s legs that are wrapped up in skinny jeans, they know that this is not the time to have such thought, so they just busily urged her to get down.

Hu Lili also awakes from her scared, climb up two-three stairs to reach the rooftop and shouted out at Fang Wen.

“Wenwen, what are you going to do?”

Several boys also climb up behind her; Fang Wen suddenly turned back this time, giving Hu Lili a very strange smile.

“This is life. Everyone could not escape this fate, as long as Fang Hua is still alive, other people will be buried along beside him.”

After that, she continues walking along the rooftop floor.

“Wenwen, what matters are making you take things too hard, tell me!” Hu Lili didn’t know if it because of the cold wind that is blowing or her being scared, but her face is pale, her hand tightly make a fist, her
fingernail directly pinched to her flesh.

Fang Wen ignored her, continue walked along the floor. Several boys immediately rushed up, trying to pull back this suicide-thinking beauty.

“Nobody come close!” Fang Wen’s face suddenly become somewhat twisted, turned around, and waved the scissor. Under the sunlight, this scissor is reflecting a sharp ray, scared back the boys.

“Don’t touch me with your dirty hands!” This Fang Wen has completely lost her normal self as if she has turned into another person. She was screaming hysterically like someone who is on the verge of lunacy.

This scene has made the surrounding students frightened, this Fang Wen was always a very gentle, very cute student, she had never been like this.

“Who, who is going to jump down!” When the situation is a stalemate, a figure dressed in blue uniform, suddenly jump up from the fire control ladder, like a shell, leaped onto the rooftop above.

“Qin Chao…” Seeing him come, Hu Lili wipe up her tears. She rushed, tightly held Qin Chao’s arm and plead.

“Qin Chao, quick, quickly save Wenwen. She, she was possessed by an evil spirit!”

“Possessed?” Qin Chao saw that Fang Wen is waving a scissor to force back the other student while she continues to move backward toward the edge of the building. Sh*t, what is this, a jumping competition?

He hides his eyes using his hand, while infusing it with his qi, his eyes suddenly emit green light. Through his devil’s green eyes, he saw beside Fang Wen body, roamed a transparent white shadow. This white shadow is another female student, her face coldly gazing at the other people from the back of Fang Wen, where she was posted.

“Yu Qian…” Qin Chao gasped, it really was her. This pitiful girl, still leaving a grievance after dying, has she already become a malicious ghost? This kind of ghost is the result of someone doing suicide, they usually attach to someone else’s body and repeat their suicide actions.

“Fang Wen, don’t take things too hard!” Qin Chao did not know how to exorcise spirit, the only thing he can do is try to save Fang Wen’s body from Yu Qian’s control.

“Nobody come! You dirty bastard!” Fang Wen was very agitated, waving her scissor, darted toward Qin Chao, who was trying to rush past her.

Even being possessed by a spirit, Fang Wen is still no match for Qin Chao. Qin Chao threw his leg, suddenly kick out the scissor from her hand. But at this time, Fang Wen actually has retreated several steps backward along the rooftop, sneered.

“This will continue to happen until Fang Hua is death!” Then she jumped, like a butterfly, fell down from that rooftop.

The moment she falls, Qin Chao saw that Yu Qian’s spirit flew out of Fang Wen’s body and immediately disappeared in the air. She left happy knowing that Fang Wen has been falling down from that seven story building.

“Aaa!” Hu Lili screamed, collapsed to the ground. Qin Chao did not hesitate and rushed along that rooftop, he reached out, bring out the soul binding lock chain from his ring and thrown it out at the falling body of Fang Wen.

This soul binding lock seems to have eyes, flexibly wrapped around Fang Wen’s waist, making her body hanging near the seven-floor windows, rocking back and forth like a pendulum.

The other section of the chain is in the hands of Qin Chao. He gives a loud shout, using his arms strength, pulling up Fang Wen’s body from below.

Fang Wen’s body is pulled up by the chains, Qin Chao then took her in his arms, back away a few steps and sat on that cold rooftop platform.

Looking at the unconscious beauty Fang Wen, that is lying in his arms, his body suddenly turned soft, breathed a long sigh of relief. Fortunately, he now has the soul binding lock chain. Otherwise, one colorful student life will disappear in front of him.

“Very good…” The few surrounding student felt relieved, sat on that rooftop platform. The previous scene, in which Fang Wen jumped down from the rooftop, has made them all scared, their heart seems to collapse, all their hands and feet were cold.

Only because of Qin Chao, the one security who showed up, without knowing when he bring out a chain, with his quick action, has saved Fang Wen from a certain death.

But nobody cares where this Qin Chao’s chain was coming from, everyone gathered beside Fang Wen.

After her consciousness return, Fang Wen slowly opened her eyes. Seeing so many people crowded around, she suddenly become startled.

“I, I, where is this place?”

“Huhuhu…” Before she knew it, a beautiful figure suddenly rushed, hugged her and cried, making Fang Wen’s coat wet with tears.

“You, you, why are you crying?” Fang Wen felt confused, today she only felt she had a fever and somewhat dizzy. She had no memories about what happened after that as if she has lost consciousness. When she wakes up, she has been lying here.

“Wenwen, you almost scared me to death!” Hu Lili tightly hugged her best friend, continue to cry, but beneath her cry lies a smiling face, relieved of her friend avoiding a tragic death, “you just jumped down from this rooftop, committing suicide, luckily Qin Chao was here to save you.”

“Suicide?” Fang Wen was shocked, pushed Hu Lili, asked, “how is it possible, my life is good, why would I commit suicide? This is strange, today is not April fools day, why would you all deceive me!?”

“It’s true!” One of the tall guys nearby immediately said, “you also took a scissors, waving it at us, wouldn’t let us approached you!”

“Is it true or false…” Fang Wen face become pale, looking at both of her hands with some scared, “but, but I don’t know any of it!”

“This is not your fault.” Qin Chao patted Fang Wen’s shoulder, said, “I will investigate this matter thoroughly, you quickly go back to class now.”

With that, he turn around and walk to the fire control ladder, this matter he must figure it out quickly. Moreover, he must find out the whereabout of Yu Qian’s soul. Otherwise, this suicide case, like Yu Qian said, will continue to happen.

“Thank, thank you!” Fang Wen, gathering her courage, shouted at Qin Chao’s back. She doesn’t know why, when she was held by this young security guard, she felt safe and warm for no reason.

Qin Chao didn’t look back, he just waved and left the rooftop. He just felt that Yu Qian’s soul already went into hiding, hmph, even if he doesn’t leave the school building this evening, he must find her no matter what.

“What’s going on!?” Under the ladder, Qin Chao immediately saw Su Fei come up panting. This beautiful Director has a very anxious look on her face; she seems to have left her high heels in order to climb up the ladder here.

“Princess, your crystal shoe has fallen!” Qin Chao picked up that exquisite shoe and handed over to Su Fei, smiled, “she has been rescued, it’s alright.”

“That’s good, that’s good…” Su Fei is gently patting her firm breasts, feeling relieved. Qin Chao suddenly saw the prayer beads on her wrist, he vaguely remembered that evening, Su Ji also wore the same type of prayer beads, it is precisely the thing that has saved his life. He could not help but ask.

“My beautiful principals, where did you get this prayer beads?”