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Chapter 23 Devil Woman’s Worries

“Since you are born with a natural devil body then you are not on our ghosts messengers job description.” Afterward the ghost messenger prepares to leave, while making salute toward Qin Chao, said, “but I hope you will take care of yourself, do not let that devil Luo De’s evil essence affect your heart. I, ghost messenger have works to take care of, goodbye.”

“Want to leave?” As the saying goes, life is full of twists and turns. Just when the ghost messenger thought that he is safe from danger, a black smoke suddenly appears in the air, then that smoke slowly condenses into a voluptuous figure of an enchanting woman, that woman turns out to be the devil woman, Rosy.

That Rosy fell on the side of Qin Chao, then with a wave of her hand, this ghost messenger seems to be moved by an invisible force, his body slammed above the collapsed section of the wall.

“You are…” After seeing Rosy, that ghost messenger faces become really pale with fright, “you are a devil from hell?”

“Hehe.” Rosy’s soft-as-snake body plastered at Qin Chao’s body. Seeing this scene, the ghost messenger become surprised.

“Human, you, you actually signed a contract with a devil?”

“Your voice is so annoying!” With a wave of her hand, the ghost messenger’s mouth immediately become sealed, can not be open at all. He can only stare at Qin Chao while making a whining sound.

“Why did you sealed his mouth, release him.” Hearing Qin Chao’s words, the ghost messenger is moved to tears. There are still good humans after all.

“My dear client Mr. Qin.” While touching Qin Chao’s chest with her hand, Rosy blinks her eyes and laugh, “this ghost messenger is really useful, you can absorb his soul, enhancing your strength to become even closer to the second level of devil’s cultivation practice. By that time, your power will become stabilize, and you can change into your devil form, at your will.”

This devil woman is displaying her special skill, by using enticing words from her mouth, while her hands are seductively touching his body, slowly influencing Qin Chao’s heart.

The ghost messenger knows that one of the abilities of a natural born devil body is to absorb soul, enhancing their own strength. So when he hears this devil woman’s word, his body couldn’t help but shiver.

Qin Chao’s body has the divine essence of that devil Luo De. Although Luo De’s spirit itself was shattered, there are still remnants of his memories. These memories have some influence on Qin Chao’s state of mind.

His mind now is full of a desire to kill. Qin Chao almost gives in to this desire, but finally, he simply bit his own tongue, the pain make him sober up.

“I don’t want to kill a person.” Qin Chao holds back this killing desire from his heart, shake his head. Since Luo De possessed his body, this killing and greed desire alway affect his mind. Most of the time Qin Chao feels that he is no longer the foolish university graduate like before.

“But he is not a ‘person,’” Rosy rolled her eyes at him while pointing at the ghost messenger and said, “he is just a lowly ghost whose position is the lowest among other ghost servants of hell, killing him would not make any disturbance at all.”

The greed desire in Qin Chao’s body was led out by Rosy, he felt his blood flow starts to accelerate. The ghost messenger in front of him seems to become a delicious dinner, ready for him to devour.

“No!” Qin Chao roared, stopping that desire once again. If he let this desire to control him, he will truly become a devil.

“Rosy, I don’t want to see you now, begone!” Qin Chao’s eyes exude green lights, and he swung a punch toward Rosy.

That devil woman chuckled, turned into smoke, flew out of Qin Chao’s fist, appeared on the nearby wall and sit there. Although her face is smiling but her laugh is unnatural.

“You are my client, whatever you want, I will oblige.” Rosy threw up her hands while swinging his two long legs and said, “I only want to help you, but instead, you hit me. You’re really troublesome, hateful…”

After that, this devil woman screamed out loud, making the glasses from the surrounding building all shattered. The nearby trash can also explode, all of its content was scattered on the ground.

Qin Chao ignores this devil woman angry tirade, he point to the ghost messenger and said.

“Release him.”

“Hmph!” Rosy pouted, without looking at Qin Chao, she just snapped her fingers.

With that snap, the invisible power that holds the ghost messenger suddenly vanish, he falls to the ground and only able to stand by receiving support from Qin Chao.

“Hurry up, leave.” Qin Chao is very happy because he was able to restrain his desire. He patted the shoulder of that ghost messenger and said, “next time don’t take over someone else’s bike.”

“Your mind is strong, upright and plainspoken, I really admire you.” That ghost messenger makes a salute gesture, giving thanks to Qin Chao.

“You flatter me, you flatter me!” Qin Chao replied the salutation gesture again and again while thinking that the two of them have no relationship whatsoever. He looked at his hand that is clutching the iron chain, smile and said, “this thing is really good, you take it back.”

“Since you like it then I give it to you.” That ghost messenger actually laugh, “you just entered the realm of cultivator, I’m afraid you don’t have a magic weapon yet. This soul binding lock, although not really a treasured weapon but if you want, you can use your elemental force to refine it, then it can have good magic power.”

“Elemental Force? Refine?” Qin Chao’s mind become fuzzy.

“You don’t know this?” The ghost messenger paused for a moment, he glanced at the dangling legs of the devil woman, all of a sudden enlightened, “it seems that there are a lot of things aren’t being told by this devil woman. This elemental force is the product of your qi circulation, the stronger you are, the more the elemental force that is produced in your body. This is unique among the people with natural devil body, using this elemental power, you can refine your magic weapon, and improve their grades. You see, my soul binding lock chain is grade 9, it’s the lowest grade among other magical weapon. But if it’s slowly refined, it can become eight, more if it’s refined further. ”

“If you give this to me, when you back to hell, how are you going to report it?” Qin Chao really like this soul binding lock, he feel this weapon is quite easy to use.

“It’s okay, this chain is like a handcuff for the police officer in your human world, we, ghost messenger often lost it. If I don’t have it, I can just go back and apply for a new one, simple as that.” The ghost messenger smiled, but with his unclear face, this smile is not really easy to look at, “this humble self is called Li, although I’m only a small ghost messenger, but mister have spared my lowly life, in the future I will certainly return this favor.”

With that, he suddenly moved closer to Qin Chao’s ear, whispered, “Beware of this devil woman, they are the most special creature in hell’s world. If you make a deal with them, you will pay it with your soul….”

“What?” Qin Chao surprised, he looked up and saw that Rosy is still sitting on the wall. He saw this beauty sitting on the wall, eyes on the sky, her two dangling legs shaking. Is she a friend or a foe, it seems that all the things that she did are in his favor.

“Li, can you make one thing clear to me?” Qin Chao turned his head but didn’t find even half a ghost, only smelly garbage.

Rosy come down lightly from the top and stand across Qin Chao. “Stop looking, he already returns to the ghost world. Also, this broken chain is not good, no need to waste your elemental force to upgrade its level. When your devil stage is higher, I will send a good weapon for you to use.”

“Hehe.” Qin Chao clutched the chain in his hand, said, “I still think this thing is pretty good.”

“Hmph, suit yourself!” Rosy rolled her eyes, folded her arm, she seems to not paid attention to Qin Chao.

But Qin Chao is studying this soul binding lock chain, he tried to wrapped it around his arm, but he feels it’s too flashy. He attempted to wrap it around his waist twice, but it make him feel like a fat person.

Qin Chao scratches his head, holding this soul binding lock, he doesn’t know where to put it.

“Take this!” Rosy wanted to laugh, but she bit her tongue, coldly threw a ring to Qin Chao. This ring is quite plain, not much different than an ordinary silver ring. But when Qin Chao catch it with his hand, he actually felt a little warm coming out of it.

“What is this?” Qin Chao did not suspect anything, put the ring on his hand and look at it, “this is a good metal.”

“Fart!” Rosy couldn’t help but burst out a foul word, truly a rare sight to see her did this, “this is an essential thing for a cultivator, a storage ring. Don’t look at its small size, it actually has ten square meters of space within it. You can use this to store your weapon. When you need to use your weapon, you can take it out again, it’s very convenient.”

“Really!” Qin Chao clutched the ring, his eyes become green with excitement, thinking about how useful this ring is if it used for smuggling drugs! “How, how to use this thing?”

Qin Chao rubbed the ring twice, to see if there is a genie that would emerge out of it.

“Stupid!” Rosy roll her eyes again, “use your qi to open it, infuse it with your qi!”

Qi is the key for cultivation training, the stronger the qi, the more powerful the cultivator. The reason for that is, when the cultivator’s qi become stronger, he can learn higher level spells and wields higher grade weapon.

Qin Chao nodded, he tried to open the ring by infusing it with his qi. The ring emitted a faint yellow light, the soul binding lock amazingly slowly decreased its size, and then flew into the ring, disappeared.

“Sh*t! really amazing!” Qin Chao touched the ring, he seems to be excited about something, “Rosy, do you have any more of such thing, let me take a look at it!”

Who knew, when he turned his head, this devil woman is already gone, after both the devil and the ghost disappear, the surrounding place fell into silence.

“Oh well, she seems really angry with me.” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulders, “this is the first time she leaves without making a sound.”

After joking a few words to himself, he pick up his lucky old bike from the ground among the trash, clean it a bit, mount it, while muttering to himself.

“Old lucky oh old lucky, wait for me to succeed in my cultivation training, I will use my elemental force to refine you into a real artifact, allowing you to travel 30000 miles in a single day, surpass Mercedes-Benz, overtook BMW!”

Then, riding this rickety future artifact, he vanished from this gloomy dark alley.


After he disappeared, the devil woman figure gradually reappears. She sat on the wall that is directly facing the way in which Qin Chao disappear, looking somewhat lost.

“Oh, having such client, am I lucky or unlucky?”