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Chapter 22 Little Snake Demon

This time, Qin Chao doesn’t have any special ability, any skill, he doesn’t even have any basic fighting method. All he have are, brute strength and

street fighting experience, he will use all that to beat this unreasonable ghost messenger.

“Get down!” Qin Chao shouted, using his strength to pull the chain; the ghost messenger immediately falls to the ground, looking very embarrassed.

“Damn Luo De, even if I’m scared, I must lock you back to hell!” The ghost messenger bounces up from the ground, with quick hand movements, the chain turn into three parts, and instantly wrapped around Qin Chao’s body, immobilizing him.

“Are you mad!” Qin Chao’s inner vigor is ready to explode, “I tried to reason with you, but you ignored it all, do you really want to kill me?”

“Hmph, stop your little charade!” The ghost messenger sneered, said, “this soul binding lock, is made from iron forged in hell, specifically made to bind ghosts and demons, unless you’re dead, otherwise you cannot escape from this chain. Hmph, old devil, this body is not yours, let’s see how you’re going to escape.”

The triumphant look of that ghost messenger, making Qin Chao feel quite helpless.

Suddenly his hair turns red, black scales appear on his face. Then, with a shout, both of his beastly hands make an outward move.

This ghost messenger completely believes that his chain cannot be broken, so he can only watch in shock as the chain helplessly torn apart.

“How, how is this possible….” The ghost messenger stares at Qin Chao with eyes wide, “could it be that you’re really a human?”

The ghost messenger was staring at Qin Chao for a long time, suddenly he realized something and said, “I know, I know! Turns out you were born with devil body! That old devil plan to possess you actually backfired on him, incredible, incredible!”

“Correct, he really is a natural devil body!” At that moment, a white shadow, suddenly jumped down from the nearby roof. When that shadow landed in front of Qin Chao, he saw a woman dressed in a white long gown, holding an ancient sword, stabbing at him.

But Qin Chao still stood there, helplessly watch the sword coming right at him.

“Yu Qian? You’re still alive?”

“Stop!” The moment the sword tip connects with Qin Chao’s body, a colorful sleeve suddenly appeared out of nowhere, wrapped around that Yu Qian’s body, and push her away.

Meanwhile, a woman wearing a long multicolored gown, slowly descend from the side, like a fairy, floating in the air, and fell beside Qin Chao, her body fragrance seeping into Qin Chao’s nose.

“Mister rest assured, Hua Niang definitely will not let Jiaojiao hurt you.”

Qin Chao saw this woman today at Guangyuan School, with lolita face, big breasts, and dressed in multicolored clothes. This woman named Hua Niang today said some very strange words at him.

“Jiaojiao?” Qin Chao blankly looks at the woman that has Yu Qian’s face, after looking carefully, although their appearance is similar, this woman’s temperament and bearing are completely different from Yu Qian.

Yu Qian’s character is timid, making people think that her personality is an introvert. But the woman in front of him, her temperament is normal, moreover, she also has quite a bit of charm. Especially her waist, soft as if boneless, making people couldn’t help but want to hug her in their arms and pinch it.

While Qin Chao is thinking about these two women’s identity, the ghost messenger suddenly said.

“Who would have thought, it turns out to be a pair of snake demon. Coming to the human’s world, aren’t you afraid of being hunted down by cultivator?”

“Hmph, this man is not one of your people, it doesn’t have anything to do with ghost like you!” The white snake demon suddenly frowned, tenderly scolds, her hand releases a strange white light. This white light, then turned into a dozen of white snakes, leaped out and wrapped up that ghost messenger.

Hua Niang complexion turned white, busily said, “Jiaojiao, how could you dare to make a move towards a ghost messenger!”

She was short of breath, multicolored sleeve flew out from her hand, it scattered all the snakes that wrapped up the ghost messenger. That ghost messenger becomes startled, back away a few steps and shouted.

“You two snake demon, dared to touch a ghost messenger, I’m going to report this to hell, let my superior capture and drag both of you back to hell!”

“Little ghost messenger, even dare to bluster!” Bai Jiaojiao was rude; she shoot out the ancient sword that was in her hand. This double edge ancient sword is a result of that white snake demon 500 years cultivation training, extremely powerful, unexpectedly it nailed the ghost messenger on the wall.

“Hmph, let me destroy you, this ugly ghost soul!” Bai Jiaojiao clearly intended to completely get rid of this ghost messenger, her fingers lightly move, pinching the sword handle, ready to launch that ancient sword magic spell.

“Jiaojiao, stop!” Hua Niang moved sideways to the front of that ghost messenger’s body, using two multicolored sleeves; she blocked Bai Jiaojiao’s attack.

“Sister, why you always acted against me!” Bai Jiaojiao angrily shouted.

“I don’t want to see you killing people, inviting disaster!” Hua Niang face is full of concern, her breasts rise up and down, making Qin Chao somewhat feel dizzy.

“Sister, you’re so stubborn!” Bai Jiaojiao shouts annoyingly, “as long as we kill this person with natural devil body, seize his devil essence; we can practice to become immortal, no need to care about those pesky cultivator again. At that time, the two of us can do whatever we want, why must we abide by this restriction.”

“Jiaojiao, with such evil intention in your heart, this 500 years of practicing cultivation, you really think you can cross the threshold!” Hua Niang anxiously said, tried to persuade Bai Jiaojiao.

“What evil intention, sister, I see you’re the one who’s more stubborn!” Bai Jiaojiao said, white light flashing on her fingers, several of the white snakes flew toward Qin Chao to bite him.

Qin Chao got a shock, although he didn’t fear these snakes, seeing so many long and soft bodies come at him at once, with tongue spitting out, making his hair stand on its end. Those white snakes quickly climb from his legs, feeling these many snakes wrapped around the body, Qin Chao scalp feels numb.

“Sh*t, get off of me!” Qin Chao reaches out with his hand, grab a white snake. That white snake immediately opens its mouth, bite the back of Qin Chao’s hand. But Qin Chao doesn’t afraid the white snake’s bite because his hand was wrapped in black scales.

Sure enough, those white snake fangs are disintegrated, softly falls out from Qin Chao hand.

“Jiaojiao, you went too far!” Hua Niang immediately waved up her sleeves, these multicolored sleeves become like a canvas, swatting at Qin Chao body. Qin Chao didn’t feel the slightest pain, just smell a fragrance wind seeping up his nose. All of the white snakes that slither around his body then fell to the ground, still twisting their bodies.

“Sister, don’t stop me!” Bai Jiaojiao rushed toward Qin Chao, but Hua Niang immediately moves to block her. Two people fight, already exchanges a dozen moves. That Bai Jiaojiao breaths became short, loudly shout, “sister, why are you helping these people. Both of us have been sisters for over two hundred years, why sister did not help me!”

“Jiaojiao, I am trying to help you!” Hua Niang gathering cloud sleeves is a skill that comes from a very prestigious sect, extremely powerful. Moreover, her cultivation training is 300 years longer than Bai Jiaojiao; therefore, Bai Jiaojiao soon suffers defeat.

“Hmph!” Bai Jiaojiao uttered a cry; she suddenly jumps up to the top of the wall. “Since sister today insist on protecting this person with a natural devil body, then I will visit him at a later date. Let us see if sister can still protect him that time! Hmph!”

Then, her body turned into a white light, will leave soon.

At this time, Qin Chao suddenly makes a move, he picked up the soul binding lock chain that was scattered on the ground, then flung it toward that white light. This soul binding lock seems to have its own consciousness; it suddenly wrapped around that white light form.

“Ah!” A shrill cry, Bai Jiaojiao immediately return to her human form, the soul binding lock was wrapped around her waist, the chain was then pulled down by Qin Chao, her body slammed hard to the ground.

“Mister, what are you going to do?” Hua Niang becomes alarmed, although Bai Jiaojiao has enough cultivation power, but being chained by this soul binding lock, she cannot break free from it. She struggled for a while, but the soul binding lock becomes more and more tight, tightly wrapped around Bai Jiaojiao body, revealing her perfect demon body.

Bai Jiaojiao is writhing on the ground like a snake. Of course, she has always been a snake.

“I do not care if you are a snake demon or a cat demon.” Qin Chao pointed to Bai Jiaojiao body that was tied on the ground, coldly said, “but your current appearance must be changed! I cannot allow you to use Yu Qian appearance.”

“Why!” Bai Jiaojiao eyes openly stared, cried out, “I change my appearance to whomever I like, It’s none of your business!”

“Hmph!” Qin Chao coldly snorted, shaking his arm, with a whistling sound, Bai Jiaojiao body that was tied to the chain, flew up, and slammed into the wall, destroying a large chunk of wall.

“If you want to take my life, that is up to you!” Green light emit from Qin Chao eyes, making Bai Jiaojiao unexpectedly not dare to look, “but you must immediately replace your appearance!”

“Mister don’t be angry!” Bai Jiaojiao seems to want to refute that, but Hua Niang quickly shut her mouth using a spell and make a salute to Qin Chao, said, “Mister, please release my sister, I will comply with your request.”

After saying that, she reached out her hand and rubbed Bai Jiaojiao face. As if by magic, the formerly identical face of Bai Jiaojiao and Yu Qian, suddenly become different. Although there is still a striking resemblance, on the whole, people can differentiate between the two.

“Mister, this is acceptable right?” Hua Niang busily said.

“It is.” Qin Chao does not want to push too hard. Moreover, he thought that among these snake demon, this flower snake is really good, so he does not want to make her lose face, the soul binding lock then pulled away by him.

After being released, Bai Jiaojiao immediately shed her tears.

“Sister, you are actually helping outsiders, I hate you!” With that, this white snake turned into white light and disappeared in front of everybody’s eyes.

“Mister ghost messenger, apologize.” Hua Niang, with a forced smile on her face, cast a spell toward that stunned ghost messenger, put away that ancient sword that was nailing his body. She turned around to face Qin Chao and said, “Mister, this is embarrassing, I will go back to discipline my junior sister apprentice, goodbye.”

With that, she turned into multicolored light and went to chase that white snake.