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Chapter 18 Kongkong Appears

When Qin Chao arrive at the top of the building, he found Liu Chuan kneel on the ground, he seems to be in a very dark mood. Qin Chao saw that Liu Chuan hadn’t followed Yu Qian to jump down, thus making him greatly relieved.

“Liu Chuan…” Qin Chao did not know what to say to comfort this farmer’s college student. If the old one doesn’t go, the new won’t come?

D*mn, after having this idea, he suddenly wanted to slap himself.

“Qin ge…” at this time, Liu Chuan raised his head, his plump face, full of tears and snot. His face began to twitch; apparently his crying is out of

“Qian Qian she, Qian Qian she…” Liu Chuan couldn’t finish his sentence because of crying, while holding Qin Chao’s leg, his meatball-like body squirm, constantly trembling.

“Restrain your grief, accept the fate….” Qin Chao thinks for quite a while, although he is a Chinese literature graduate, after a lot of thinking and
reasoning, he can only come up with these words.

Later on, the police have also arrived, along with 120 ambulances. It’s just that, this person already dead and cannot be revived again, unless using Lao Jun immortality pill, if not, even if Hua Tuo to appear, still cannot bring back Yu Qian’s soul.

(Lao Jun: Taoist deity; Hua Tuo: famous doctor in three kingdom era)

Su Fei stood off to the side, her heart is freezing cold, this cold spread through her blood and quickly spread all over her whole body. She looked at Yu Qian’s body that was taken to the ambulance, while her hand, gripping the hand of Qin Ling. Both peoples hands are cold; there was no warmth at all.

The most shocking thing to her is not the dead of Yu Qian, but what happen to the security guard Qin Chao. She was very clear that Qin Chao, in order to save Yu Qian, had followed her in jumping down the building. But she doesn’t know why, Qin Chao got really lucky, a gust of wind managed to knock him back toward one of the classrooms on the 7th floor. Yu Qian, on the other hand, is not so lucky, she fell to the ground and went to the spirit world.

Police have taken over here, they began to disperse the crowd and put the police line around Yu Qian’s body. The reason for Yu Qian’s suicide is still a mystery to almost all of the people there.


Meanwhile, in the nearby underbrush, two female voices are having a light conversation.

“Elder Sister, someone dies! This person is a fool, unexpectedly commit suicide. Being alive is so good, free and unrestrained.”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Another slightly more mature voice stopped her immediately, “dead is a big thing.”

“What’s the big deal, many people die every day.” That sister spoke again, “we snake demon, practicing day and night, just to be able to prolong life so that one day can become immortal. Humans are stupid.”

At this moment, two snakes appear from that underbrush, they are the ones who were just talking. One of them is a white snake, and the other one is a flower snake.

“Jiaojiao, how do you still have this desire!” The mature woman’s voice snapped, “last night you went to kill humans, almost causing a disaster, was that not enough lessons!”

“Only being hit by thunder, it’s nothing!” The white snake voice seems to tremble, but she still tries to be brave and said, “I don’t believe that’s a heaven curse!”

“Jiaojiao, with this attitude how can you complete your cultivation training!” The flower snake is giving a lecture to her sister, said, “Your five hundred years of practice has made you near the cultivation threshold, if you fail to break through, you’re doomed to be just a small snake demon. Master also said that, the two of us go down the mountain this time, is destined to encounter a forced marriage. If you continue to be hostile to humans, I’m afraid that forced marriage will turn into forced death.

“That old goat master word, I don’t believe it!” Jiaojiao the snake’s body twist on the ground several times, suddenly, she pleasantly surprise and said, “Elder sister look, the person on the rooftop, OMG, a natural devil body!”

This Jiaojiao charming snake voice trembles, “Elder sister, if we could eat his devil essence, our power will surely enhance greatly! When the time comes, we weren’t a demon anymore, but an immortal!”

“Nonsense!” The flower snake swatted the white snake’s head with her tail, “that person is a human, if we eat his devil essence, we will harm him, probably die in the process. Heartless and hurting human beings, Jiaojiao, you will invite calamity!”

“I don’t believe it; I’ll eat his devil essence!” That Jiaojiao snake twisted a few times, suddenly said, “this dead woman, her skin is actually pretty good. Hehe, elder sister, if you’re not willing to step in, then your younger sister will fetch it for you!”

Then, a burst of white smoke rose up, and that white snake’s body suddenly becomes larger, then began to liquefy, slowly changed into a body of a woman – a beautiful naked woman. Her look, if Qin Chao and Liu Chuan could see, they will surely shout out, Yu Qian!

“Not good to being naked….” That white snake moves her hand, pointing at her discarded snake skin. Her snakeskin suddenly flew up, turned into a white dress, and wrapped around her graceful body.

“Sister, wait for me, hehe!” The flower snake was dumbfounded, having done all this, that Jiaojiao snake turned into a white light, and disappear from her line of sight.

“Nonsense! Really nonsense!” Flower snake shivered, “no, I can’t watch Jiaojiao harm humans. However, where do I find someone to change my skin into……”

While she’s still in doubts, from the nearby dormitory, suddenly fall a picture of a naked little girl. This is an impressive picture of a just retired, but still famous, “little girl”, who is a favorite in the mind of many Otaku (Author: Ahem, who’s she exactly, I didn’t need to say it).

“Hey, this woman looks nice…”

Then, a burst of colorful smoke also rose up, that flower snake body also began to expand, become as big as a regular bucket. Afterward, a wisp of a beautiful woman stood up from the grass. She points her hand to her discarded snake skin, that snakeskin, in turn, changed into a multi-colored dress, and wrapped around her body,

When the flower snake changed her form, the owner of the picture, a male student wearing black rimmed glasses, with a fat body, is running out from the dormitory room.

“Where’s my picture?”

From the grass, the human form of flower snake enchantingly stood in front of that man with glasses.

This glasses man gasped, his mouth murmured, just saying two words.


“Apologize, making Mister scared.” This flower snake is giving her usual speech, “what happened today, Hua Niang hopes that Mister will forget it. Hua Niang doesn’t want to hurt someone using spells, so mister does not need to be afraid.”

“I…you…this…” This glasses man have been shocked, but his mind thought that something is amiss, how can she speak Chinese.

“Mister, I have something to do, we’ll depart here.” This snake demon named Hua Niang then turned into multicolored light, disappear from his sight.

“….” These glasses man became scared and collapsed to the ground; he drifted off, holding his eyes, muttered.

“It must be because of too much masturbating recently, having these hallucinations…Amitabha, Amitabha, it seems like masturbating is harmful to the body, I must control it…”


At this time, Qin Chao is helping Liu Chuan coming down from the Business Studies rooftop. Liu Chuan is in a daze this whole time, unable to walk on his own, he is fully supported by Qin Chao.

“Qin ge….” this Liu Chuan muttered, said, “Qianqian’s parents are 60 years old now, they already old. Moreover, her mom is not quite well. If they know that their only daughter is dead, what happens then….”

Qin Chao has been patting Liu Chuan’s shoulder the whole time, encouraging him to be strong.

At this time, the playground began to bustle. They saw a woman wearing a colorful dress, walking slowly toward them. The nearby student who saw her, all become stupefied, freeze in place.


“Shoot, I’m not dreaming am I, Kongkong come to our Guangyuan School?”

“It’s Kongkong! Perhaps our school ask Kongkong to be a spokesperson! Wow, a retired porn star…”

“Sister Kongkong, wifey, quickly look, it’s sister Kongkong!”

“Look your uncle! Kongkong is nothing; I’m more beautiful than her!”

Hua Niang does not know that her borrowed face, has caused such a big stir in the crowd. But when she saw that she was surrounded by a lot of people, with fingers pointing, she starts to feel something is not right.

“Excuse, excuse me, are you Kongkong?” A short male student excitedly rushed forward, accompanied by the booing sound from the crowd, standing in front of Hua Niang.

“I’m sorry, my name is Hua Niang, I’m not that Kongkong.” Hua Niang shook her head; she’s really clever, immediately understood that her borrowed face is actually a famous human celebrity. She also feels a little strange, why a celebrity doesn’t like to wear clothes?

“Kongkong, Kongkong!” The surrounding students suddenly started to shout-out, setting off a burst of sound waves.

“Kongkong, please sign this!”

“Kongkong, we want to take a group selfie with you!”

“Kongkong, do you need a man?”

The students start to riot, making Hua Niang scare. Seeing these crazy students, she was forced to use her last resort, she rolls up her sleeve, hold her right index and middle finger in the air, and starts to draw a colorful light in the air.


That light, then moves to the top of each student’s head, each and every one of them, then stood still, they can’t even move their eyelids. But this spell didn’t stop their mind from thinking, they all become alarmed. What is this, Harry Potter? Magic? Shoot, looks like this Kongkong is actually** a witch?

“Really sorry, Hua Niang was forced to use this spell on you. But Hua Niang will not hurt you, just want you to forget this matter.”

Then, Hua Niang fingers start to move again, draw a circle.Those nearby student body, suddenly being swept by a colorful wind. Subsequently, the students began to get confused. Although they still recognize Hua Niang face is similar to Kongkong, now they can distinguish that the two are an entirely different person.

“Hey, why am I here?” The student’s memory was washed away by the spell when they awake, and they are confused as to why they’re all standing there.

“Hey quickly look, there’s a person that looks exactly like Kongkong.”

“Not bad, you see her breasts is not as big as Kongkong.”

“Mm, but this woman’s dress is really strange, really ancient.”

“What do you know! Now is fashionable to dress like the ancient beauty!”

“Sorry, sorry, I’m out….”

Seeing these students gradually disperse, Hua Niang breath a sigh of relief. Humans, really terrible…