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Chapter 16 Tractor’s power

The next day, Qin Chao take the little girl to her school, then go back to work at Guangyuan School.

Sure enough, as he expected, when he arrived at school, he immediately attracts the scolding from electric baton Wang. This is called adding insult to injuries; he obviously had asked for a leave yesterday because of feeling unwell, but this electric baton Wang didn’t even considered it, he still got a cut in attendance, causing his salary to be deducted 50 yuan.

Qin Chao is fuming with anger, but he don’t have a place or someone to vent it. He finally just strolls around the campus, asking the students about the haunted second-floor male dormitory building. But these students seemingly did not want to talk about it at all, when Qin Chao asked them, they only fell silent, or said that they don’t know all about it.

This makes Qin Chao, even more, annoyed, it seems like he needs to wait until his night shift duty, to learn about what happened.

“Qin ge, Qin ge!” Just when Qin Chao about to become frustrated, this overweight kid Liu Chuan found him, smiled and handed over a pack of cigarette, “here, Qin ge, smoke.”

“You kid won a lottery?” Qin Chao stared at him, push back his cigarette, “I don’t smoke, you keep it.”

“Hey hey, Qin ge, you don’t know, Yu Qian finally talked to me.” Liu Chuan was excited, and his plump face is smiling wide.

“What did she talked to you?” Qin Chao frowned, this Yu Qian isn’t she went with Fang Hua, how come she’s willing to talk back to this poor boy Liu Chuan?

“She asked me if I still love her.” Liu Chuan is smiling, said, “In fact, of course, I still love her, we grew up together since childhood, my feelings for her is really deep. But at that time, I was still upset, plus I want to save my face a little, you know how us man have to hold up a certain face. So, I got loose tongue and said no to her. As a result, her eyes were red, and she ran away. Qin ge, I know you are a good person, can you help me, help me apologize to her.”

Liu Chuan is holding his hand, making an obeisance gesture several times to Qin Chao. Qin Chao quickly took his hand, stopping him, and with an expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry, said, “You said you want to be with her, what face do you have to safe. What if what you said makes her sad, what if she’s inconsolable and do some things rash.”

“Impossible impossible!” Liu Chuan quickly waved his hand, “I know Yu Qian for a long time, she’s very timid, she can not do something rashly. Please help me out Qin ge, please please.”

Seeing Liu Chuan’s pleading look, Qin Chao could not help but relent down.

“Alright, I’ll help you this time, later on, you must pay attention when dealing with a woman, you have to use a persuade method, never use the saving one’s face method.”

“Yes, yes, Qin ge’s lessons, I’ll certainly apply it in the future.” Can attract Yu Qian back, Liu Chuan obviously jubilant. While both of them still speaking, from outside of school’s gate, suddenly comes a chugging voice, startling both of them.

The other students near the front gate also feel curious, they want to know where that sound is coming from.

Subsequently, the source of that noise finally shows up. It showed a middle-aged man wearing a blue jacket, cotton shoes, driving a red tractor, pulling a load of cabbage on its tailback, along with smoke and dust, stop in front of the school’s gate while it’s engine still chugging.

Because Guangyuan school location is close to the suburbs, it’s not far away from the surrounding farmland, so a tractor that passed by is nothing new.

But this middle-aged man, stops his tractor, sat on it, turned toward the stunned security guard that is guarding the gate, and starts to ask him.

“Tell me, big brother, do you know the second year Economic and trade student named Liu Chuan, where is his class?”

That security guard that is guarding the gate right now is the youngest security guard; he is only a 17-18 years of age. The few words that the middle-aged farmer asked him, suddenly make him confuse.

“I, I don’t know.” It is a common knowledge that, there are no permanent classes in university, there’s only permanent dorm room.

“Excuse me then, I’m going to call him.” That middle-aged farmer said, then took out the latest iPhone from his pocket, startling that young security guard. He thought, shoot, my salary is only four thousand a month, can’t afford such phone. This farmer’s situation, can’t be judged just by looking at his appearance.

Afterward, electric baton Wang comes out from the security room, shouting at that farmer.

“Hey, where do you come from, this is the school’s entrance, cars are not allowed stop here.”

“Dude, can’t just talk nonsense!” That middle-aged farmer touched his beloved mule, said, “this is my tractor, not a car.”

Electric baton Wang were speechless, after a long silence, he erupted.

“Forbidden, tractor also forbade! This is school’s gate, all kinds of vehicles can not park here!”

“Ah, I get it!” That middle-aged farmer nodded, “next time I come, I’ll bring my donkey here.”

This electric baton Wang immediately go away, it looks like he was made speechless by that farmer.

At this time, Liu Chuan runs outside of school, shouting at that farmer.

“Dad, why do you come here?

“You little bastard, why can’t I come!” After that middle-aged farmer saw Liu Chuan, although his face is full of joy, he still not forget to burst a curse, his mannerism opposite from before. “Your mom misses you so much, and she fears that you suffered hardships in school. So she told me to bring you your favorite food, roast potatoes, here take it! I have to go to the market, the cabbage price is good now, so I must sell all of this.”

After that, that middle-aged man took out a burlap bag full of roast potatoes from inside his tractor, then put it on Liu Chuan’s hands. Just when Liu Chuan took over the burlap bag, his sweat suddenly pouring out, the bag almost fell out of his hand, smashing his feet.

“You little bastard, you even don’t have the strength to hold this bag!” His dad was furious, he single handily pick up the bag full of potatoes and let Liu Chuan hug it.

“I’ll help, hehe.” Qin Chao also comes over, with only one hand he quickly take over the bag from Liu Chuan and lightly hold it in his hand.

“Wow, young man, your strength is not bad.” Liu Chuan’s father patted Qin Chao’s shoulder, “many thanks.”

Then he turn his head and ask Liu Chuan, “already make up with that Yu family’s daughter? Aren’t you apologize to her yet?”

“She’s still in class, in class.” Liu Chuan is sweating profusely, quickly replied.

“You see, other people’s daughter went to class, diligently learn. Compares to you, this kid, just play outside, skipping class, next time I know you skipped classes, I’ll break your leg!” This middle-aged farmer couldn’t help himself not to burst foul language, but he quickly continue with a frank talk, “Brat, I’ll tell you. That girl’s father is a war veteran, not until he’s 40 years old did he have a child, so this girl is very precious to him. If I know you don’t treat this Yu family’s daughter good, I’ll break both your legs!”

Then, after thanking the security guard once again, he board his trusty red tractor and go away.

“Your dad is fascinating!” Qin Chao standing beside Liu Chuan and patting his shoulder, then he raises the bag in his hand, ”your cigarette, I don’t want, these potatoes, I’ll take a few of it. I also come from the rural area, likes to eat this too.”

“Hey, if Qin ge wants it, why don’t you take all of it.”

“That can’t be; this is a give from your mother.” Qin Chao took out about four or five potatoes, then give the bag back to Liu Chuan, “look at you, what your dad said is true, such a big body, unexpectedly the strength is lacking.”

This potatoes are still warm, Qin Chao remembers his childhood, in the countryside, his grandfather used to make potatoes like this for him, especially if it roasted directly over the charcoal, the little bit charcoal taste makes it really delicious.

“Em…” Liu Chuan immediately becomes distressed, although he grew up in the farmhouse, his mother always spoils him, never let him did farm work. This bag of potatoes is really going to kill him.

“Liu Chuan next time tell your father, he can’t park his vehicles or his animals in front of school’s gate!” After making sure that the tractor already went far away, that electric baton Wang quickly shouts at Liu Chuan.

“Yes, yes director Wang, I understand.” Liu Chuan couldn’t afford to antagonize this security director, nods again and again.

Electric baton Wang grunted, then turned back to the security room. Qin Chao looked at his back, smile faintly.

At this time, the campus is suddenly bustling with noise. A lot of people ran to the Business Studies classroom building, seems like they’re trying to see something.

“Hey you, student, what is happening here?” Qin Chao becomes curious, quickly asked.

“A woman wants to jump from the top of Business Studies classroom building; I must hurry to see it. Otherwise, if I miss this, I’ll never be able to see someone jump from the top of the building, I’ll regret it for my entire life.” This student heartlessly said, and then he quickly run away.

“Jumping?” Qin Chao had a scare, because when he went to college, he never saw anything like this. Northerner’s child’s mind are strong, no matter what troubles them, they would never resort to this jumping from the top of the building thing.

“Cut, jumping from the high building, who’s going to believe it!” Liu Chuan laughs, “in this school, whose family is lacking money, they all guaranteed to live a comfortable life, who’s willing to jump from the high building!”

The two of them surprisingly agrees on something, suddenly the security room’s door burst open, electric baton Wang and many other security guards run towards that Business Studies building in panic.

Chen Yingyang is the last one to come out, seeing Qin Chao, he suddenly shout.

“Oh, my handsome man, why are you still standing here. Quickly go to the Business Studies building, there’s a female student from School of Commerce on top of it. If she jumps down, she’ll die happy, but our monthly bonuses will be scrapped!”

Then, he run out with Liu Xing, swiftly disappear from Qin Chao’s eyes.

“Shoot! Someone is really trying to jump down!” The two of them believe now, Qin Chao grabbed the potatoes bag from Liu Chuan’s hand and hurriedly put it in the security room, and said, “Go, we must take a look, mustn’t let any accident happen!”

The two of them run all the way to the Business Studies building, sure enough, there, on the roof of the seven-story building, a woman with long black hair, is standing straight. With Qin Chao’s amazing eyesights, he saw the woman is wearing a designer clothes, carrying an LV bag in her hand. The woman looks quite pretty, although not on the beautiful level, but in this school, there must be quite a lot of men that pursued her. Qin Chao really did not understand, why a woman with such a good condition, want to end her life.

“Qin Chao, you’re coming too?” Hu Lili and Fang Wen, two little girls side by side, enchantingly stood in front of Qin Chao.

“Yes, such a big matter happen here, I cannot not come! Who’s the girl on the top, do you know her?

“I don’t know.” Hu Lili shook her head, then said, “but I heard that she’s from Business Studies Faculty, Logistic Class, a second-year student, named Yu Qian!”