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Chapter 9 Alley Fights

“Finally got off work!” Qin Chao stood from the chair, making a big stretch, and exchange the security uniform to his own clothes.

Autumn at six or seven pm, it’s already dark outside. Suzhou City weather is like this, approaching winter the night came early.

“Oh, brother Qin Chao is going home?” Chen Yingyang immediately got up and approach Qin Chao said, “come on, stay with me doing the night shift. ”

“Halt!” Qin Chao quickly pushed that security leader, “I have to go home to sleep, you do whatever you’re going to do.”

“Don’t go, I have good things that I want to give you.”

“Why don’t you find that electric baton Wang.”

“Ai, your body is perfect, I like a muscular man.”

“Isn’t plump very cute?”

“Eating abalone for a long time, already tired of it, want to taste something different.”

“You go to hell.”

“Really heartless…..” Chen Yingyang eyes were red, directly ignored by Qin Chao. He was out of the security room, to take out his lucky old bike. This bike is one of a few artifacts that Qin Chao can’t bear to let go; it shouldn’t be used to ride to work but,…the thing is, public transportation fare is really expensive.

College students nightlife began at eight o’clock, so the school around this time is silent. The school’s location is not too close to the city, so there are a few cars passing by to make noise. Qin Chao now is physically superb, very easy to pedal his lucky old bike, while his mouth still humming a tune.

Qin Chao is a very optimistic person, even if he provoked the so-called Chen Si, he could still relax mentally. Chen Si is such a big character, how could he troubling himself with such a small character like him.

Qin Chao is comforting himself. He is such an optimistic person, unemployed after graduation; his ordeal was not small. Especially in his room without food, he can not even afford to pay the rent, already full of the landlord insult. In this regard, Qin Chao continually encourages himself, so that one day, making all who look down on him, to admire him.

His approach is to look into the mirror every morning, boost himself up. Qin Chao, you are the best! Perhaps one will say that this is narcissism, but in the West, this is a good psychological suggestion method.

Moreover, Qin Chao also never use his fortune telling ability to himself. Because the technique has five prohibitions, one of it is the prohibition to fortune telling oneself. The only time he listens about his fortune was when in his childhood he listened to his grandfather’s said, that his appearance was very complex, later in life will have great twists and turns. When his grandfather passed away, he left Qin Chao a few words.

Everything depends on one’s effort.

There is a reason why his grandfather taught him the art of Feng Shui; Qin Chao never thinks this is a superstition. There are some things you do not understand, does not mean that it does not exists.

Fortune teller and Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art, that existed for several thousand years, naturally has a reason for its existence. However, Qin Chao does not plan to carry forward his grandfather’s unfulfilled will, which is for him to become a fortune-teller. To put it bluntly, Qin Chao does not meet the requirements. In this day and age, if someone wants to become a fortune teller, and that someone is not a blind person, others will never believe him.

Qin Chao has been daydreaming while pedaling his bike. Suddenly when he pass a corner, several shadows rush out from the dark. One of them, holding an iron bar in his hand, hit Qin Chao on his back.

Qin Chao only felt a sharp burning pain on his back, then fell off his bike. His bike crashed and fell to the ground uttering a loud sound. Qin Chao flexibly made a roll and stood up from the ground.

Under the streetlight, Qin Chao saw before him around five or six hoodlums, each hair dyed with a different color, holding a rod in their hands.

Looking at this scene, Qin Chao suddenly understood the situation.

He took a breath; this Fang Hua is indeed ruthless, only provoked him during the day, already took revenge in the night.

“What do you want?” Those people came, surrounding Qin Chao. After Qin Chao just taking two steps back, he stepped on his bike. Behind him there’s a wall, he has nowhere to hide.

“Boy, you mess with the wrong people, do you really think there will be no repercussion?” The gang leader with a nose ring moves forward, squinting his already squinted eyes until one can not tell if he has any eyes while moving the iron bar, sneered.

“Instruction from above, want one of your leg, boy. Tell me, you want your right leg or your left leg?” This nose ring leader sneered, while hitting the iron bar on the wall next to Qin Chao, it emits a ding- dong sound.

“Aren’t there any laws exists in here?” Qin Chao heart grew some fear; he is also the first time to see such a fuss.

“The law?” The men laugh, their leader shout the loudest, until his iron bar almost loose from his hand. Suddenly he stopped smiling and said disdainfully to Qin Chao, “I tell you, on the street, I am the law.”

Then he takes a step forward, his hand waving the iron rods in front of Qin Chao’s face.

The street light is illuminating his face, showing his fierce look.

Preemptive strike! Qin Chao’s mind suddenly flashes this thought. He subconsciously makes a backflip with his leg. His leg is fast and powerful, directly hit the face of that nose ring leader, this kick even uprooted his nose ring, making his nose bleeding profusely.

“Ah! Ah!” This guy cried like a pig, clutching his bleeding nose, yells, “Fuck me, this kid even dare to fight back! Beat him, break his two legs to compensate for me! ”

The remaining people who are wielding iron bar immediately rushed over. This hoodlums attack is different from the student attack. Their attack is especially ruthless and sinister, directly aiming at Qin Chao’s vulnerable spots.

Qin Chao quickly stretched out his arms, bent down and cover his head and chest. The iron bar, with a whistling sound, consistently fell on his body, accompanied by the hoodlums shouts.

Smack smack ……These iron bar hits are making Qin Chao’s back and arms muscles burn with pain. Qin Chao’s awareness is acutely aware of this.

“Waste him, damn, it really hurts!” That nose-ringleader (perhaps should be called nosebleed leader now) carrying the iron bar, walking over to those that are currently beating Qin Chao to join them.

One of this hoodlums iron bar fell on the kneecaps of Qin Chao. Crack, a sound of bone breaking voices appears, Qin Chao only felt pain on his knee, and then without his control, it planted on the floor.

“His leg! break his leg for me!” That nose-ringleader is still shouting, with the iron bar in his hand, he frantically hits Qin Chao’s other leg.

Qin Chao’s anger is burning, he looked down and saw the bike under his body. He grabbed it and supported himself to stand with another leg.

This lucky bike is heavy, it’s an old-fashioned kind of bike. But in the hands of Qin Chao, it seems not to weight much, like a howling wind he wields it around, hitting a few hoodlums.

“Ah!” This few hoodlums, suddenly being hit by this lucky bike, fell awkwardly to the ground.

‘Kill them all, kill them all……!’ his body burning in pain, like being burned alive. This is undoubtedly inflamed Qin Chao’s anger; it’s as if there is a beast howling in his mind.

A very horrible scene unfolded in front of that nose ring leader’s eyes. He saw the severely beaten, half-death security guard, all of a sudden make two heavy breathing. Then his piece of the broken leg that still planted on the ground seemed to be all right. And his two arms, suddenly become thicker and longer, tearing his sleeve, it changes into two black claws with scales.

Then, that security starts to stand up. Two green lights seemed to be coming out from his eyes.

“Ghost, Ghosts ……” that nose ring leader heart is like being hit by a hammer become frozen in place. He subconsciously throws the iron bar on his hands toward Qin Chao, and with a wave, Qin Chao’s black scales claw hand, suddenly catch that thick iron bar mid-air, then broke it into two parts.

“Ghost…” now those hoodlums are scared silly, beneath that dim street lamps, a green light emitting from Qin Chao’s eyes, he become even scarier than the devil from hell. Throwing away their iron bar aside, they start to run away as fast as possible. This time, they hate their parents didn’t give them a couple more legs.

“Roar ……” Qin Chao did not go after them, but he suddenly looked up and growled toward the street. This sounds is like a group of C4 explosives being detonated; it reach those hoodlums that already went very far, broken their eardrum, blood coming out of their ear. And that nose ring leader is the most severe, he only heard a humming sound in his ears, fell directly on the ground, unconscious. Other hoodlums just escape while covering their ears, which only happened because they were spared.

“Pa!” A loud voices, the street lights suddenly shattered, it hissed and fell to the ground.

After that screaming voices, Qin Chao’s arm slowly restored to their original appearance, the green lights coming out from his eyes immediately dispersed.

After returning to his normal appearance, Qin Chao actually did not know what he just did. He only found himself not hurting anymore, his broken leg also good too. He looked around and found that the group of hoodlums has disappeared without a trace.

There is only his lucky bike on the ground, its rear tire slowly rolled.

“Perhaps they saw ghost….” Qin Chao whispered loudly, fearing the thing that has made those hoodlums disappear come out again, he quickly propped up his lucky bike and fiercely ride back home. Soon, he disappeared from this dark street.

When he disappeared, a tall, hot, beauty in leather pants, suddenly appeared out of the darkness, appears here.

“Not bad ……the magic already awaken……” She walked on a pair of red leather boots, on bumpy ground, she went to the corner where that nose ring leader’s body is lying, “This man already dead, it seems will become a problem……, but as my client, I will help you erase this issue….”

With that, she waved her hand in the air. Those nose ring leader’s body along with the bloodstain, suddenly disappear, as if they were never there.

“Qin Chao, you wait for me …… I’ll deal with this rude person first, and then I’ll lead you into the path of cultivator…… So, before this, take good care of yourself ok……”

After that, she disappeared into the darkness, and the lamps that have been destroyed by the sound wave before suddenly restored, it lit up again…..